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Eddie Greer

I'm Still Alive

After Serving 25 years in Prison for a Crime I didn't Do

Personal Statistics:

Mr. Eddie Greer, Age 52, Date of birth 5-12-50, Height 5' 7", Weight 180 pounds solid.

Service Record:

US Army, 10-20-67 to 2-6-70, one tour of duty - 13 months South East Asia.


My home town, Cairo, IL. My father passed away 7-13-99. My mother lives alone, I have eight sisters and
two brothers. I have two sons ages 26 and 29, never married, both sons have different mothers.

The Crime:

On 11-1-77, two young white females were kidnapped and raped. At the time of the crime I was at a Fish
Fry. I had several alibi witnesses who would have testified to this truth, especially my good friends Gidget
Clevinger and Deborah Murray.

The Trial:

My Attorney:

My trial attorney told my friend Gidget Clevinger to go home and not testify at my trial after I had called her
and asked her to testify in my behalf. He told her that she looked very upset and nervous and that she did
not want to get involved. Not at one point did my court appointed attorney subpoena any of my alibi

The Evidence:

There was biological and physical evidence. Both victims were examined at two hospitals and clear evidence
was found of physical trauma, assault and rape. Semen in each vagina supposedly from five to six men. No
DNA testing was done because it was not yet known about. Tan slacks from a suspect had the victim’s blood
on them but there was no indication who owned the slacks. They surely were not mine.

A palm print was found but it had confusing details.

The victims were unable to identify me until after being hypnotized. The police had to rig the line-up, in
order to get a positive ID/ both victims were shown thirteen photographs of suspects, out of the thirteen
photos four were of me.

It was a terrible thing that happened to those poor girls. As soon as they could get to a hospital they were
examined by doctors and the doctors agreed that the girls were raped but it wasn't by me.

I was falsely charged and wrongfully convicted of two counts of kidnapping, two counts of rape, two counts
of sodomy and two counts of armed criminal action to run consecutively, adding up to a total of 620 years. I
have served 25 years of my life unlawfully in this prison system. 25 years ago I was at the age of 27 and now
I am at the tender age of 52 cloth in my right frame of mind..

What was introduced as evidence, according to the doctor Frank H. Ma, who testified under oath that on 11-
2-77, while working in the emergency department at St. Lukes Hospital in Kansas City, MO he recovered
samples of moving sperm. The record entered into evidence for state exhibit(27) and state exhibit(28).

Scientific testing:

None that would or could connect me to this case other then normal observation . There was no hair, saliva,
sperm or blood samples taken from me.

Born Again:

On 2-17-87 I was born again of my heart and of my spirit but in this physical rim I was born on 5/12/50 but
in the spiritual rim I was miraculously supernaturally blessed and changed for the better. Let me put it this
way, before my miraculous blessing I carried myself as a tough guy, doing lots of drugs and alcohol, smoking
cigarettes. I brought all of my bad violent ways into prison with me. There wasn't a door that went by that I
didn't go in, that the Devil opened for me. I was a bad person.

On 2-16-87 I was shooting cocaine and heroin, I was speed balling, as the say, by shooting both drugs at the
same time by mixing them together and then after shooting the drugs into my veins I had a feeling like never
before. I was real light headed and then I started to get breathless as to the point that I could hardly breathe.
I truly felt that the Grim Reaper was knocking at deaths door for my life. I was dying, there's no doubt
about that, I had ODed but before I went out I remembered pleading with God that if he let me live I would
never use drugs or alcohol again.

On 2-17-87 I woke up and discovered I was still alive. I had such a bad trip that I should have died but God
spared my life again by giving me a second chance.

My mother was born again into the Spiritual Rim way back in 1963 when I was about 13 years old and at that
time, so I've heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My mom tried to instill the Gospel into my head and in
my heart but I was a young and wild teenager and the good news that my mom was trying to share with my
sisters, brothers and me and I did not want to hear about no God. Now since that day, 2-17-87, I gave my
life to the Lord Jesus Christ and ever since then I've had more desire for drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. God
even cleansed my mouth, I no longer use these filthy words any more, no bad words, God has taken all of
that bad stuff out of my life.

If you look at my arms now you won't see any more veins collapsed where there used to be nothing but
needle tracks where I had injected drugs. Why Hex's, I was ashamed to wear short sleeved shirts. God made
me a new man, all of those evil desires and bad habits are gone. I've been reborn and I am full of God's
peace and joy, even though I'm locked up in this prison system. A man made hell hole. I'm still content with
myself, oh, I might not be so much content with my surroundings but very content with myself.

Road of incarceration:

Had I not come down this Road of Incarceration, I probably would be dead because I was living such a fast
life but I thank God for having mercy on me, God's word states that he would heal a Repentant Sinner. I'm
so gratefully blessed. I've come to the conclusion; instead of being arrested 25 years ago I was rescued from
my self destruction. The Bible says over in the book of Psalms 103, bless the Lord of my soul and forget not
all of His benefits, who forgivith all thin inequities, who healeth all thy diseases. Who redeemeth thy life
from destruction, who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies? Who satisfieth thy mouth
with good things so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles/ for the: Lord executeth righteousness and
judgment for all that are oppressed.

My favorite Bible Verses:

Mathew.6:9, 13, Which is the Lord's Prayer. Since God has forgiven me my sins, I'll forgive those who have
sinned against me.

Another passage of scripture I like, Psalms , 23: especially here in the valley of the shadow of death. I used
to read the Ps,23:
a lot when I was in Viet Nam.

A fool was I:

I acted a fool for the first 10 years in this prison system from 1977 to 1987 and all of my adult life before
that ("been there, done that") but now the Lord has created me a clean heart and renewed His Righteous
Spirit within me. Ps,51:10, but now, going on 15 years I've been walking the walk and not just talking the
talk and I know that once I am released from this prison system I'll be happy and live a productive life for
the Lord but right now, I'll live for the Lord right here in this prison system. Witnessing to new comers and to
those who need God's comfort..

My Hobbies:

Exercising, staying in shape, body building, swimming, jogging, tennis, football, boxing, basketball, pool and
above all I love to read, especially my Holy Bible.

My Occupation:

I am a licensed barber and hair stylist.


I am a very open minded and understanding person and truth, honesty, sincerity and a touch of class are all
key words toward me.
Eddie Greer #46241

Southeast Correctional Center

300 East Pedro Simmons Drive

Charleston, MO 63834