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PERIOD: N/A (MBAE) LECTURER SETTING ASSESSMENT: Dr UMA MOHAN DATE ASSESSMENT SET AND LOADED ON TO STUDENT PORTAL: TBC DATE ASSESSMENT TO BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED: TBC SUBMISSION METHOD/MODE: Online via turnitin, in person A!!e!!men" T#$e: Individual assignment Ind%c&"%'e A!!e!!men" Re()%remen"! for "he Mod)le: Individual assignment, 4000 ords in total!

M&*%m)m +ord L%m%" &nd A!!e!!men" ,e%-h"%n- for e&ch &!$ec" ,%"h%n "he &!!e!!men": Individual assessment (an individual set o" supporting do#umentation "rom ea#$ student e%uivalent to 4000 ords a&solute ma'imum)( Assessment )eig$ting *00+

De!cr%$"%on of A!!e!!men" Re()%remen"! Ind%'%d)&l A!!%-nmen":

E*$l&%n "he .e# role! "o /e $erformed %n Inform&"%on S#!"em! M&n&-emen" &nd "hen o)"l%ne "he .e# !"&-e! %n "he De'elo$men" 0 Im$lemen"&"%on of & M&n&-emen" Inform&"%on S#!"em1 Acco)n" for ,h# 2no,led-e M&n&-emen" h&! /een !o %m$or"&n" "o &ch%e'e %n l&r-e or-&n%!&"%on! &nd #e" d%ff%c)l"%e! &re !"%ll /e%n- f&ced %n %"! %m$lemen"&"%on1
Each student is required to provide documentation within a stipulated word limit of 4000 words. The required content of the documentation produced by each student also is required to be within the following maximum word lengths (in brackets and to cover the specific categories listed. . !. "rovide an executive summary of their personal and individual research and work undertaken for the topic set# required in Executive $eport standard format% (400 words !0 marks &. 'ndicate and identify the key areas of research and sources which the student has had to identify and undertake and their key sources of research(references(literature search sources related to the topic set (correctly referenced please as an appendix ) (*00 words &&.+ marks ,. - summary of key theoretical positions from the evidence identified by the individual student related the topic set) (*00 words &&.+ marks 4. -n indication of the individual key conclusions and findings related to the theoretical positions and the practical issues related to the topic set) (.00 words !+ marks +. The key critical observations and commentary identified by the individual student within the module topic/sub0ect set) (.00 words !+ marks .. 'dentification of the key topic(sub0ect issues(conclusions which the student has learned as a result of undertaking the assignment on the topic set) (.00 words !+ marks The assessment weighting for this aspect is !001.

The above requirements are indicated as the required areas of focus for you to articulate your individual responses. The submission of your work for assessment should be organised2 clearly structured in the order outlined in ! to . above.