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line 1 (of Affiliation): dept. name of organization line : name of organization! a"ronyms a""eptable line #: $ity! $ountry line %: e&mail address if desired
AbstractThis electronic document is a live template. The various components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in this document. (Abstract) Keywords-component; formatting; style; styling; insert (key words)

Authors Name/s per nd Affiliation (Author)

line 1 (of Affiliation): dept. name of organization line : name of organization! a"ronyms a""eptable line #: $ity! $ountry line %: e&mail address if desired '''. P(=PA(= ?)+( PAP=( @=7)(= ST?A'NB


'NT()*+$T')N (HEADING 1)

@efore you begin to format your paper! first 9rite and sa/e the "ontent as a separate te<t file. Ceep your te<t and graphi" files separate until after the te<t has been formatted and styled. *o not use hard tabs! and limit use of hard returns to only one return at the end of a paragraph. *o not add any Dind of pagination any9here in the paper. *o not number te<t heads& the template 9ill do that for you. 7inally! "omplete "ontent and organizational editing before formatting. Please taDe note of the follo9ing items 9hen proofreading spelling and grammar: A. Abbre%iations an Acron$ms *efine abbre/iations and a"ronyms the first time they are used in the te<t! e/en after they ha/e been defined in the abstra"t. Abbre/iations su"h as '===! S'! ,CS! $BS! s"! d"! and rms do not ha/e to be defined. *o not use abbre/iations in the title or heads unless they are una/oidable. ". &nits +se either S' (,CS) or $BS as primary units. (S' units are en"ouraged.) =nglish units may be used as se"ondary units (in parentheses). An e<"eption 9ould be the use of =nglish units as identifiers in trade! su"h as 0#.5&in"h disD dri/e8. A/oid "ombining S' and $BS units! su"h as "urrent in amperes and magneti" field in oersteds. This often leads to "onfusion be"ause e:uations do not balan"e dimensionally. 'f you must use mi<ed units! "learly state the units for ea"h :uantity that you use in an e:uation. *o not mi< "omplete spellings and abbre/iations of units: 0-b/m 8 or 09ebers per s:uare meter8! not 09ebers/m 8. Spell out units 9hen they appear in te<t: 0. . . a fe9 henries8! not 0. . . a fe9 E8. +se a zero before de"imal points: 0.. 58! not 0. 58. +se 0"m#8! not 0""8. (bullet list)

This template! modified in ,S -ord ..# and sa/ed as 0-ord 12& ..# 3 4../15 6 (T78 for the P$! pro/ides authors 9ith most of the formatting spe"ifi"ations needed for preparing ele"troni" /ersions of their papers. All standard paper "omponents ha/e been spe"ified for three reasons: (1) ease of use 9hen formatting indi/idual papers! ( ) automati" "omplian"e to ele"troni" re:uirements that fa"ilitate the "on"urrent or later produ"tion of ele"troni" produ"ts! and (#) "onformity of style throughout a "onferen"e pro"eedings. ,argins! "olumn 9idths! line spa"ing! and type styles are built& in; e<amples of the type styles are pro/ided throughout this do"ument and are identified in itali" type! 9ithin parentheses! follo9ing the e<ample. Some "omponents! su"h as multi& le/eled e:uations! graphi"s! and tables are not pres"ribed! although the /arious table te<t styles are pro/ided. The formatter 9ill need to "reate these "omponents! in"orporating the appli"able "riteria that follo9. ''. =AS= )7 +S=

A. Selecting a Template (Hea ing !) 7irst! "onfirm that you ha/e the "orre"t template for your paper size. This template has been tailored for output on the +S&letter paper size. 'f you are using A%&sized paper! please "lose this file and do9nload the file for 0,S->A%>format8. ". #aintaining the Integrit$ of the Specifications The template is used to format your paper and style the te<t. All margins! "olumn 9idths! line spa"es! and te<t fonts are pres"ribed; please do not alter them. ?ou may note pe"uliarities. 7or e<ample! the head margin in this template measures proportionately more than is "ustomary. This measurement and others are deliberate! using spe"ifi"ations that anti"ipate your paper as one part of the entire pro"eedings! and not as an independent do"ument. Please do not re/ise any of the "urrent designations.
'dentify appli"able sponsor/s here. (sponsors)

'. E(uations The e:uations are an e<"eption to the pres"ribed spe"ifi"ations of this template. ?ou 9ill need to determine 9hether or not your e:uation should be typed using either the

Times Ne9 (oman or the Symbol font (please no other font). To "reate multile/eled e:uations! it may be ne"essary to treat the e:uation as a graphi" and insert it into the te<t after your paper is styled. Number e:uations "onse"uti/ely. =:uation numbers! 9ithin parentheses! are to position flush right! as in (1)! using a right tab stop. To maDe your e:uations more "ompa"t! you may use the solidus ( / )! the e<p fun"tion! or appropriate e<ponents. 'tali"ize (oman symbols for :uantities and /ariables! but not BreeD symbols. +se a long dash rather than a hyphen for a minus sign. Pun"tuate e:uations 9ith "ommas or periods 9hen they are part of a senten"e! as in + = . (1)

There is no period after the 0et8 in the Aatin abbre/iation 0et al.8. The abbre/iation 0i.e.8 means 0that is8! and the abbre/iation 0e.g.8 means 0for e<ample8.

An e<"ellent style manual for s"ien"e 9riters is G2H. 'I. +S'NB TE= T=,PAAT=

Note that the e:uation is "entered using a "enter tab stop. @e sure that the symbols in your e:uation ha/e been defined before or immediately follo9ing the e:uation. +se 0(1)8! not 0=:. (1)8 or 0e:uation (1)8! e<"ept at the beginning of a senten"e: 0=:uation (1) is . . .8 D. Some 'ommon #ista)es The 9ord 0data8 is plural! not singular. The subs"ript for the permeability of /a"uum .! and other "ommon s"ientifi" "onstants! is zero 9ith subs"ript formatting! not a lo9er"ase letter 0o8. 'n Ameri"an =nglish! "ommas! semi&/"olons! periods! :uestion and e<"lamation marDs are lo"ated 9ithin :uotation marDs only 9hen a "omplete thought or name is "ited! su"h as a title or full :uotation. -hen :uotation marDs are used! instead of a bold or itali" typefa"e! to highlight a 9ord or phrase! pun"tuation should appear outside of the :uotation marDs. A parentheti"al phrase or statement at the end of a senten"e is pun"tuated outside of the "losing parenthesis (liDe this). (A parentheti"al senten"e is pun"tuated 9ithin the parentheses.) A graph 9ithin a graph is an 0inset8! not an 0insert8. The 9ord alternati/ely is preferred to the 9ord 0alternately8 (unless you really mean something that alternates). *o not use the 9ord 0essentially8 0appro<imately8 or 0effe"ti/ely8. to mean

After the te<t edit has been "ompleted! the paper is ready for the template. *upli"ate the template file by using the Sa/e As "ommand! and use the naming "on/ention pres"ribed by your "onferen"e for the name of your paper. 'n this ne9ly "reated file! highlight all of the "ontents and import your prepared te<t file. ?ou are no9 ready to style your paper; use the s"roll do9n 9indo9 on the left of the ,S -ord 7ormatting toolbar. A. Authors an Affiliations The template is designed so that author affiliations are not repeated ea"h time for multiple authors of the same affiliation. Please Deep your affiliations as su""in"t as possible (for e<ample! do not differentiate among departments of the same organization). This template 9as designed for t9o affiliations. 1) *or author+s of onl$ one affiliation (Hea ing ,)- To "hange the default! adFust the template as follo9s. a) Selection (Hea ing .)- Eighlight all author and affiliation lines. b) 'hange number of columns- Sele"t the $olumns i"on from the ,S -ord Standard toolbar and then sele"t 01 $olumn8 from the sele"tion palette. c) Deletion- *elete the author and affiliation lines for the se"ond affiliation. ) *or author+s of more than t/o affiliations- To "hange the default! adFust the template as follo9s. e) Selection- Eighlight all author and affiliation lines. f) 'hange number of columns- Sele"t the 0$olumns8 i"on from the ,S -ord Standard toolbar and then sele"t 01 $olumn8 from the sele"tion palette. g) Highlight author an affiliation lines of affiliation 1 an cop$ this selection. h) *ormatting- 'nsert one hard return immediately after the last "hara"ter of the last affiliation line. Then paste do9n the "opy of affiliation 1. (epeat as ne"essary for ea"h additional affiliation. i) 0eassign number of columns- Pla"e your "ursor to the right of the last "hara"ter of the last affiliation line of an e/en numbered affiliation (e.g.! if there are fi/e affiliations! pla"e your "ursor at end of fourth affiliation). *rag the "ursor up to highlight all of the abo/e author and affiliation lines. Bo to $olumn i"on and sele"t 0 $olumns8. 'f you ha/e an odd number of affiliations! the final affiliation 9ill be "entered on the page; all pre/ious 9ill be in t9o "olumns.

'n your paper title! if the 9ords 0that uses8 "an a""urately repla"e the 9ord 0using8! "apitalize the 0u8; if not! Deep using lo9er&"ased. @e a9are of the different meanings of the homophones 0affe"t8 and 0effe"t8! 0"omplement8 and 0"ompliment8! 0dis"reet8 and 0dis"rete8! 0prin"ipal8 and 0prin"iple8. *o not "onfuse 0imply8 and 0infer8. The prefi< 0non8 is not a 9ord; it should be Foined to the 9ord it modifies! usually 9ithout a hyphen.

". I entif$ the Hea ings Eeadings! or heads! are organizational de/i"es that guide the reader through your paper. There are t9o types: "omponent heads and te<t heads. $omponent heads identify the different "omponents of your paper and are not topi"ally subordinate to ea"h other. =<amples in"lude A"Dno9ledgments and (eferen"es and! for these! the "orre"t style to use is 0Eeading 58. +se 0figure "aption8 for your 7igure "aptions! and 0table head8 for your table title. (un& in heads! su"h as 0Abstra"t8! 9ill re:uire you to apply a style (in this "ase! itali") in addition to the style pro/ided by the drop do9n menu to differentiate the head from the te<t. Te<t heads organize the topi"s on a relational! hierar"hi"al basis. 7or e<ample! the paper title is the primary te<t head be"ause all subse:uent material relates and elaborates on this one topi". 'f there are t9o or more sub&topi"s! the ne<t le/el head (upper"ase (oman numerals) should be used and! "on/ersely! if there are not at least t9o sub&topi"s! then no subheads should be introdu"ed. Styles named 0Eeading 18! 0Eeading 8! 0Eeading #8! and 0Eeading %8 are pres"ribed. '. *igures an Tables 1) 1ositioning *igures an Tables- Pla"e figures and tables at the top and bottom of "olumns. A/oid pla"ing them in the middle of "olumns. Aarge figures and tables may span a"ross both "olumns. 7igure "aptions should be belo9 the figures; table heads should appear abo/e the tables. 'nsert figures and tables after they are "ited in the te<t. +se the abbre/iation 07ig. 18! e/en at the beginning of a senten"e.
TA@A= '. Table Head "opy TA@A= T?P= ST?A=S Table olumn Head
Table column subhead Subhead Subhead

0,agnetization! ,8! not Fust 0,8. 'f in"luding units in the label! present them 9ithin parentheses. *o not label a<es only 9ith units. 'n the e<ample! 9rite 0,agnetization (A/m)8 or 0,agnetization LAGm(1)HM8! not Fust 0A/m8. *o not label a<es 9ith a ratio of :uantities and units. 7or e<ample! 9rite 0Temperature (C)8! not 0Temperature/C8. A$CN)-A=*B,=NT (HEADING 2) The preferred spelling of the 9ord 0a"Dno9ledgment8 in Ameri"a is 9ithout an 0e8 after the 0g8. A/oid the stilted e<pression! 0)ne of us ((. @. B.) thanDs . . .8 'nstead! try 0(. @. B. thanDs8. Put sponsor a"Dno9ledgments in the unnum& bered footnote on the first page. (=7=(=N$=S The template 9ill number "itations "onse"uti/ely 9ithin bra"Dets G1H. The senten"e pun"tuation follo9s the bra"Det G H. (efer simply to the referen"e number! as in G#HNdo not use 0(ef. G#H8 or 0referen"e G#H8 e<"ept at the beginning of a senten"e: 0(eferen"e G#H 9as the first . . .8 Number footnotes separately in supers"ripts. Pla"e the a"tual footnote at the bottom of the "olumn in 9hi"h it 9as "ited. *o not put footnotes in the referen"e list. +se letters for table footnotes. +nless there are si< authors or more gi/e all authorsO names; do not use 0et al.8. Papers that ha/e not been published! e/en if they ha/e been submitted for publi"ation! should be "ited as 0unpublished8 G%H. Papers that ha/e been a""epted for publi"ation should be "ited as 0in press8 G5H. $apitalize only the first 9ord in a paper title! e<"ept for proper nouns and element symbols. 7or papers published in translation Fournals! please gi/e the =nglish "itation first! follo9ed by the original foreign&language "itation G4H.
G1H B. =ason! @. Noble! and '. N. Sneddon! 0)n "ertain integrals of Aips"hitz&EanDel type in/ol/ing produ"ts of @essel fun"tions!8 Phil. Trans. (oy. So". Aondon! /ol. A %2! pp. 5 16551! April 1155. (references) P. $lerD ,a<9ell! A Treatise on =le"tri"ity and ,agnetism! #rd ed.! /ol. . )<ford: $larendon! 1K1 ! pp.4K62#. '. S. Pa"obs and $. P. @ean! 07ine parti"les! thin films and e<"hange anisotropy!8 in ,agnetism! /ol. '''! B. T. (ado and E. Suhl! =ds. Ne9 ?orD: A"ademi"! 114#! pp. 216#5.. C. =lissa! 0Title of paper if Dno9n!8 unpublished. (. Ni"ole! 0Title of paper 9ith only first 9ord "apitalized!8 P. Name Stand. Abbre/.! in press. ?. ?orozu! ,. Eirano! C. )Da! and ?. Taga9a! 0=le"tron spe"tros"opy studies on magneto&opti"al media and plasti" substrate interfa"e!8 '=== Transl. P. ,agn. Papan! /ol. ! pp. 2%.62%1! August 11K2 G*igests 1th Annual $onf. ,agneti"s Papan! p. #.1! 11K H. ,. ?oung! The Te"hni"al -riterOs EandbooD. ,ill Ialley! $A: +ni/ersity S"ien"e! 11K1.

,ore table "opya

a. Sample of a Table footnote. (Table footnote)

-e suggest that you use a te<t bo< to insert a graphi" (9hi"h is ideally a #.. dpi T'77 or =PS file! 9ith all fonts embedded) be"ause! in an ,S- do"ument! this method is some9hat more stable than dire"tly inserting a pi"ture. To ha/e non&/isible rules on your frame! use the ,S-ord 07ormat8 pull&do9n menu! sele"t Te<t @o< J $olors and Aines to "hoose No 7ill and No Aine.
7igure 1. =<ample of a figure "aption. (figure caption)



7igure Aabels: +se K point Times Ne9 (oman for 7igure labels. +se 9ords rather than symbols or abbre/iations 9hen 9riting 7igure a<is labels to a/oid "onfusing the reader. As an e<ample! 9rite the :uantity 0,agnetization8! or