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Project Type: Application Project Project Title: Milestone(Human Resource Management System) Introduction:

Efficient and effective management of "Human Capital" has progressed to an increasingly imperative and complex process. The HR function consists of tracking existing employee data hich traditionally includes personal histories! skills! capa"ilities! accomplishments salary! attendance and leave information. #uccessful employee management and leadership promote employee engagement! employee motivation! employee development! and employee retention.

The existing system leads to many errors like data redundancy! data inconsistency! and also much more paper ork that astes valua"le time and money. $eeping this in mind e are developing a soft are named as %&'(E#T)*E+HR&#,- hich is very user
friendly and helps to make research a real chore. !isting System: 'n the current system! an attendance register is maintained at the and employees enter their in and out times. The HR department does the attendance and leave calculation manually at the end of each month. This increases the paper ork and makes the record maintenance tedious. "ISA"#AN$A% S /, &aintenance of attendance is complicated and its time consuming. 0, The files and shelves occupy a lot of physical space. 1, 't includes lot of paper ork. 2, 3ocuments may "e misplaced and lost. 4, 3ata is manually collected and processed to produce any report. 5, #earching and maintaining employee record is complicated and slo .

Proposed system:
The Proposed system solves pro"lems related to data accessing pro"lems! "ecause it helps the user to add details of the employee to the firm data"ase easily !improving data recovery speed! easy searching and also provide editing of data6s in the data"ase The most important feature of the project is )*('*E 7TTE*37*CE #8#TE& help of )*('*E 7TTE*37*CE a employee can put his attendance online . (eave #ystem +HR&#, maintains the leave details of employees. Employees record their attendance in the system at the "eginning and end of each orking day. The system calculates the num"er of orking days and the num"er of a"sent days and provides inputs to the payroll department. (eave applications are reconciled ith the attendance records and the exceptions are highlighted. #ystem caters to multiple types of leave +casual! privilege! sick etc., and provides orkflo for approval of leave applications. Employees can check their o n leave and attendance records online. The soft are features #&# #ER9'CE! at the end of the month hen a final salary is provided an #&# ill "e sent to employees from the company. . ith the

A"#AN$A% S O& PROPOS " SYS$ M 9ery simple and easy to implement Protection of data ensure data accuracy 7dministrator discretion and control over the entire system online facilities Reduces manual data entry :reater efficiency ;ser friendly and interactive (ess time consuming

Implementation Strategy: The Proposed system has t o main modules Employee 7dmin +HR,

mployee Module
Employee (og in and log out

Employees record their in and out times at the "eginning and the end of each day. 7ny exceptions or time.out record not present for the previous day, are highlighted hen employee logs in on the next day. Employee can enter a justification for the exception and it is for arded to supervisor for approval. Compensatory off

<hen an employee orks on a holiday or orks overtime on a orking day! he=she can apply for a compensatory off. The duration of ill depend on the extra time orked "y the employee and is su"ject to approval "y supervisor. The comp off time can "e "anked for a maximum of 1> days. (eave 7pplication

?ased on the availa"ility of leave! employee can apply for leave online. #everal categories of leave are supported and the follo ing "usiness rules govern each type of leave. Casual leave@ Can not "e availed for more than one day at a time. ;nused leave expires at the end of leave year.

Privilege leave@ #hould "e for a minimum of t o days. ;pto 4 days of privilege leave can "e carried into next year. #ick leave@ Can not "e applied for a future date. ;pto 4 days of sick leave can "e carried into next year. Compensatory off@ Can "e taken only if "alance is availa"le. 7ll leaves and comp offs ill reAuire supervisor6s approval. 9ie (eave ?alance

Employee can vie their eligi"ility and leave "alance against each type of leave. 3etails of the leave utiliBed in the current leave year can also "e enAuired upon.

online 7ttendance

Employees can enter their attendance through online. Employee can Auery on their attendance for a given period. Admin Module This module handles the administrative functions of the system and is used "y the HR department. (eave Eligi"ility

HR ill enter the leave eligi"ility of each employee! for each type of leave! at the "eginning of each leave year. The leave eligi"ility ill "e calculated "ased on the annual entitlement and the carry for ard from prior year. &onthly 7ttendance

HR can generate a monthly attendance report of all employees in the organiBation. 3aily 7"sent Report

7dmin can vie the total num"er of a"sentees of a particular department for a given day. They can also enAuire on the attendance history of an individual employee in a particular month. #alary maintenance 7dmin can calculate salary according to companies rules and regulations. They are even permitted to update employee salaries.

HAR"'AR AN" SO&$'AR R ()IR M N$S )perating #ystem@ <indo s 0>>>=CP=9ista Dront End@ 9?.*ET!C #H7RP ?ack End@ #E( (anguages ;sed@ CF!9?.*ET!#E( HAR"'AR SP *I&I*A$ION Processor@ xG5 compati"le processor R7&@ 4/0 &? or greater Hard 3isk@ 0> :? or greater &onitor@ 9:7=#9:7 $ey"oard@ />2 keys standard &ouse@ 0=1 "utton. )ptical= &echanical. )S R *HARA*$ RIS$I*S Every user @ #hould "e comforta"le ith "asic orking of the computer &ust have "asic kno ledge of English &ust carry a login '3 and pass ord used for authentication *ONS$RAIN$S The :;' is restricted to English (ogin '3 and pass ord used for identification of user=administrator. There is no facility for a guest login

*onclusion: This project MI+ S$ON (H)MAN R SO)R* MANA% M N$ SYS$ M) deals ith the &em"er addition process! Edit! delete! search process for employee and salary details. This project is successful in meeting the goals of this concern! here the manual system as not at their full satisfaction. ?y computeriBing ! the accuracy of the data recording has increased. This system provides precise enlistment of employee6s information. 3ata can "e retrieved as and hen reAuired. This system also provides online attendance and #&# features. Thus this project can "e served in many companies ith its amaBing features.