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Topic : Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra: Matrix algebra, system of linear equations, Eigen values and eigen vectors.
1. The [ a) One c) Three 2. rank of ] is b) Two d) None of the above ] 7. b) (0,1) d) (1,-1) the matrix A= 6. If matrix A is m x n and B is n x p, the number of multiplication operations and addition operations needed to calculate the matrix AB respectively are a) Mn2p,mpn c) mpn, mpn b) mpn, mp(n-1) d) mn2p, (m+p)n

The eigen vectors of the matrix [ is (are) a) (1,0) c)(1,1)

Let A be an invertible matrix and suppose that the inverse of 7A is [ matrix A is ] , the


The inverse of matrix A= [ a) [ ] b)[

] is ]

a) [

b) [

c) [


c)[ 4.



The solution(s) to the equations 2x+3y=1, x-y=4, 4x-y= will exiss if is equal to a) -33 b) 0 c) 9 d)

If A and B are square matrixes of sizes n x n, then which of the following statement is not true. a) det(AB)=detA.detB b) det(kA)=kn.det(A) c) det(A+B)=detA+debt d) det A =1/det(A )
T -1


The matrix B=AT where A is any matrix is a) Skew Symmetric b) Symmetric about the secondary

diagonal c) Always Symmetric ] is d) Another general matrix 10. If AT=A-1, where A is a real matrix, then A is a) Normal b)Symmetric


The rank of matrix [ a) 2 b) 1 c) 3

d) None of the above


Sub: Mathematics
c) Hermitian d) Orthogonal

Topic : Linear Algebra

c) Skew Symmtric d) Sometimes Symmetric 17. In matrix algebra AS=AT (A, S, T are appropriate order) implies S=T only if a) A is Symmetric b) A is Singular c) A is non-Singular d) A is Skew Symmetric

11. If A and B are non-zero Square matrices, then AB=0 implies a) A and B are Orthogonal b) A and B are Singular c) B is Singular d) A is Singular

12. The eigen values of a Square matrix (Symmetric) are a) alwaysPositive b) real and imaginary c) Negative d) real 18. If A is any n x n matrix and k is a Scalar, |kA| = |A|, where is a) Kn c) kn b) nk d)

19. Number of terms in the expansion of 13. If A and B are two matrices and if AB exists, then BA exists a) Only if A has as many rows as B has columns. b) Only if both A and B are Square matrices. c) Only if A and B are Skew matrices. d) Only if both A and B are Symmetric. general determinant of order n is a) n2 c) n b) n! d) (n+1)2

20. If A, B, C are Square matrices of some order, (ABC)-1 is equal to a) C-1A-1B-1 c) A-1B-1C-1 b) C-1B-1A-1 d) A-1C-1B-1

21. Determinant of the following matrix is [ a) -76 ] b)-28 d) 72

14. If the determinant of matrix [

is 26, then the determinant of matrix [ a) -26 ] is

c) 28

22. The product of [P][Q]T of the following b) 26 c) 0 d) 52 two matrices [P] and [Q] is [P] = [ [Q] = [ a) [ a) [ ] b) [ ] c) [ ] ] ] b) [ d) [ ] ] ] are ],

15. Inverse of matrix [

] is

c) [

d) [


23. The eigen values of the matrix [ a) 5.13, 9.42 b) 3.85, 2.93 d) 10.16, 3.84

16. If A is a real Square matrix, then AA is a) unSymmetric b) always Symmetric

c) 9.00, 5.00


Sub: Mathematics
24. Consider the following two statements I. The maximum number of linearly independent column vectors of a matrix A is called the rank of A. II. If A is an nxn Square matrix, it will be non-Singular if rank A=n. With reference to the above statements, which of the following applies? a) Both Statements are false b) Both Statements are true c) I is true but II is false d) I is false but II is true 25. Eigen values of the following matrix are: [ ] b) -3 and 5 d) 3 and 5 ] , the

Topic : Linear Algebra

28. The eigen values of the matrix [ a) Are 1 and 4 c) are 0 and 5 b) are -1 and 2 d)cannot determined. ]

29. Consider the matrices X4x3, Y4x3 and P2x3. The order of [P(XTY)-1PT]T will be a) 2x2 c) 4x3 b) 3x3 d) 3x4

30. Consider a non-homogeneous system of linear equations an representing aver-determined


system. Such a system will be a) Consistent having a unique solution. b) consistent having many solutions. c) inconsistent having unique solution. d) inconsistent having no solution.

a) 3 and -5 c) -3 and -5

31. Consider the system of equations Anxn Xnxt = lnxt where l is a scalar. Let (li,xi) be an eigen pair of an eigen value and its corresponding eigen vector for real matrix A. Let I be a (nxn) unit matrix. Which one of the following statement is not correct?

26. Given matrix [A]= [ rank of the matrix is a) 4 c)2 b)3 d)1

27. Real matrices [A]3x1 , [B]3x3 , [C]3x5 , [D]5x3 , [E]5x5 and [F]5x1 are given. Matrices [B] and [E] are Symmetric. Following statements are made with respect to these matrices. 1. 2. Matrix product FTCTBCF is a scalar Matrix product DTFD is always Symmetric With reference to the above statements which of the following applies? a) Statemet I is true but II is false b) I is false but II is true c) Both are true d) Both are false 32. Solution for the system defined by the set of equations 4y+3z=8, 2x-z=2 and a) For a homogeneous nxn system of linear equations (A-lI)x=0 having a nontrivial solution, the rank of |A-lI| is less than n b) For matrix Am, m being positive integer (lmi, xmi) will be the eigen pair for all i c) If AT=A-1 , then | li |=1 for all i d) AT=A, then li is real for all i

3x+2y=5 is a) X=0, y=1, z=4/3 b) x=0, y=1/2, z=2 c) x=1, y=1/2, z=2 d) not exist


Sub: Mathematics
b) 1/12 [ c) 1/14 [ d) 1/14 [ b) 3, -5 d) 3, 5

Topic : Linear Algebra

] ] ]

33. For a given matrix A = [

] ,

one of the eigen value is 3. The other two eigen values are a) 2, -5 c)2, 5

41. [A] is a square matrix which is neither symmetric nor skew symmetric and [A]T is its transpose. The sum and difference of these matrices

34. The minimum and maximum eigen values of the matrix [ ] are -2 and 6

are and



[S]=[A]+[A] respectively. What is the other eigen value? a) 5 c) 1 b)3 d) -1 ] is ] ]


respectively. Which of the following statement is true? a)Both [S] and [D] are symmetric b)Both [S]& [D] are skew-symmetric c)[S] is skew symmetric & [D] is symmetric d)[S] is symmetric & [D]is skew-

35. The inverse of the 2X2 matrix [ a) 1/3 [ c) 1/3 [ ] ] b) 1/3 [ d) 1/3 [

symmetric 42. The eigen value of matrix [ ] are

36. The product of matrices (PQ)-1P is a) P-1 c) P-1Q-1P b) Q-1 d) PQP-1

a) -2.41 and 6.58 b) 3.45 and 13.53 c) 4.7 and 6.86 d) 6.86 and 9.50

37. The eigen values of the matrix [P] = [ ] are b) -6 and 5 d) 1 and 2

43. What






multiplications involved in computing the matrix product PQR? Matrix P has 4 rows and 2 columns, matrix Q has 2 rows and 4 columns, and matrix R has 4 rows and 1 column._____________________

a) -7 and 8 c) 3 and 4

38. A square matrix B is skew symmetric if a) BT=-B c) =B b) BT=B d) =BT

44. If A=[

] , then eigen values of A-1

are________________ 45. Matrix [ ] is singular for

39. The following simultaneous equations: x+y=z=3, x+2y+3z=4, x+4y+kz=6 will not have a unique solution for k equal to a) 0 c) 6 40. 40. [ a) 1/12 [ The b) 5 d) 7 inverse ] is ] of the matrix

x=__________________________ 46. The product of the eigen values of matrix equal to_________________________ 47. The quadratic form corresponding to the symmetric matrix [ ] is__________

48. If A is a square matrix such that AAT=I then ATA is (a)A2 (b)I


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(c)A-1 49. If A=[ a) [ b) [ c)[ d) [ ( ( ) ] ) ] ] (d)none ] then An is ]

Topic : Linear Algebra

50. The maximum value of the rank of a 4x5 matrix is_____________________