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Crystal Bukenya AS Film AS Film Studies- production planning: Location report For my AS Level Film Studies portfolio, I have

developed my planning following the textual analysis of two contemporary Sci Fi Action films; Attack the Block(2011- UK) and Super 8(2011- US). For both films I have explored how the directors (Joe Cornish and J.J.Abrams) represent the protagonists through the micro elements; mise-en-scene, editing, cinematography and sound. I have based my location on the main ideas and themes concluded from my textual analysis, reflecting a similar setting to the films, and meeting the codes and conventions of the Sci Fi Action genres. As an outcome, I plan to have an artefact of 9 key frames reflecting the urban culture and characters in Attack the Block. For this, I intend to create an environment where I can reflect similar themes such as bravery, danger and crime, portrayed through 5 images of internal and external frames of my location, as well as appropriate props and still shots to support the idea. Additionally, I will make a screen test, to give an insight of what each cast member had to offer in the sequence, and why they were chosen from the auditions. The location I have chosen is local to my school, and easily accessible. There was required permission by the local council to use the estate, and specifically asked that only the chosen actors would be filmed in the sequence. Location 1- Oaks Lane Estate

The location I have chosen is local to Oaks Park High School, therefore easily accessible for me and my actors, who all attend the school. My first shot will be taken from the outside building of Oaks Lane Estate. I plan to first use an establishing shot, as it will give an idea of the setting the characters

Crystal Bukenya AS Film are in, which is helpful to our viewers as they will be viewing the ending sequence of the film . The mise-en-scene in the frame will represent the characters to be quite young because of the typical estate setting, which targets my audience well for the ages of 15+, similar to the setting in Attack the Block. This will also include their costumes of hooded jumpers and high top trainers, linking to the urban culture. In this ending sequence I plan to present the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist, using diegetic and non diegetic dialogue, and various score music. Location 2- Ground floor inside flat building -Inside lift

This is my second location, based on the inside of the flat building in the hallway. The lift will play a key part in my film, because it is where the final action will take place. It relates well to the film Attack the Block, where multiple key scenes take place inside the lift. For example, Hi-Hatz is stuck in the lift with 2 Aliens and manages to kill them both by himself, reflective of my protagonist that is overpowering the antagonist . I intend to use a long shot of the characters in the lift, so that the characters can be see in the setting, and my protagonist can be seen defeating the antagonist who is staged on the left side of the lift, allowing the audience to view the confrontational moment. She will be holding a gun to his head with both hands, whilst he kneels down beneath her. She will be staged on the right side of the lift, and her left foot will be blocking the lift doors from shutting. There will

Crystal Bukenya AS Film be non diegetic score music gradually increasing in volume, in a lower key of octaves to create suspense before either character begins their dialogue. The next shot will be a low angled close up of her face, so that we can see she is raging, and no longer afraid. The gun prop will clearly reflect the Action Crime genre of my sequence, and the defeat of the antagonist will be shown through the angle of the shot, as the subject will be made to look bigger and therefore more powerful. This frame will portray her heroic outcome from once a victim, to now a brave fighter, as she chooses not to shoot. This is similar to the protagonists from both textual analysis, because we see them in a positive light towards the end when they both deter the Aliens away. Location 3: Ground floor inside flat building- outside of lift

In this third location outside the lift, the protagonist attempts to leave the antagonist and never have to deal with him again. There will be dim lighting coming from the lift in the frame to symbolise that something bad may happen, so we know as an audience that the end has not come yet. As she leaves the lift, there will be a long shot of her walking out of the lift with her back to the antagonist, so that we can still see him in the shot, behind her on the floor, however his angry facial expressions

Crystal Bukenya AS Film will make it clear that he does not want to accept defeat. In a medium shot we see him frown, with synchronised non diegetic score music of low drumming to build suspense, following a cut- in shot where we see him reaching for the gun in her hand. The score music will stop, following the new positioning of the characters where she is placed just outside of the lift, but still holding the weapon. Following there will be a close up of the protagonists face to enhance the intensity of her monologue, so we can sense her threat. The next close up shot is of our antagonists expression of fear, just before where she hits him with her gun in a medium shot, knocking him out. At this point the camera will be placed behind her so we can see her looking down at him from an over the shoulder view. This will mirror the final defeat of the antagonist, the same way Moses made sure his battle ended when he blew up all the creatures. To support the certainty of his defeat there will be non diegetic score music of soft violin playing, inspired by Super 8 score instrumentals, reflecting the ending sequence. Location 4: Inside flat building hallway

Following the scene outside the lift, the next location will be the hallway located on the outside of the lift. The shots used in the hallway will present the victorious moment where the protagonist is exiting the building. I intend to use a long shot in the frame, where her back will be to the camera as she walks down the hallway. The positioning of the character centred and in line with the yellow tape with indicate she is the main subject in the frame, clearly portraying her as the protagonist. This is another key moment because it will highlight her victory with the gun in her hand and her confident stride shown through her posture. The light in the hallway, which will not be as dim as the lift, will symbolically reflect the peace that awaits her as the sequence ends. I will also edit the

Crystal Bukenya AS Film lighting, using higher contrasts and brighter shades in this shot to enhance the symbolic meaning. The atmosphere created will put the audience at ease, and prepare them for the final minutes of the sequence. The subject will walk to the end of the hall, marking her importance because she is where the shot ends before leaving the inside location. There will still be non deiegetic score music of various violin tones, in the higher octaves and there will be an increase in volume as she exits the door. Location 5: An external shot- outside flat building

The final key frame will be based on the outside of the flat building, by the pathway. I intended to start and finish my sequence outside the estate building, similarly to the Director Joe Cornish. This scene will show the protagonist comforting her friend, and helping her up. This is likely to surprise our audience because there is no indication of a third character until the very end. There will be a medium shot of the two characters, positioned in front of the flat, and the costume of the third character will be a dirty hooded jumper and messy hair, indicating she was also a victim of the antagonist . This frame will be used to suggest that there was more of a problem than what it seemed , and that the antagonist may have been more dangerous than what we expected, and that the protagonist was braver than what we may have concluded . This will create mystery for the audience, and leave them to wonder what type of suffering he may have caused for them. The theme of bravery is highlighted in my film, as it was one of the main conclusions I found in the representations of the protagonists in Attack The Block and Super 8.

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