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HANG 1 HOC HE Till NG041 NCarTIVNG WONG CAP HQ H1(TA tilltiNG CHAU Au cito KilOt h1920

I. Dc thi: g6m 3 bai I. Hai thi d9c va viet: 90 philt: Diem: 60 diem/ 100 diem a) Due: 4 plain /30 can hal (35 diem) - Phan 15 eau hoi t 15 diem). 15 cau dOc kip moi eau rO mOt tit/ cum tit be trong. Own I dap an &mg (clang trac ng hiem ABCD) de dien vino chZ trong. - Phan 2: 5 cau hoe (5 client). doe 5 bin going cdo, bang Wm hieu sau do chyn men cau tint 101 dung trong 4 eau cho sin (clang tree nghiem ABCD): - Plain 3: 5 cau hoi f5 diem). D9r mOt hai khoang 200 - 250 tit/ hoac 2 bai ngan 120 tir shun car cau era 1oi Dimg hoar Sai hoc lua chyn cau tra li7i dung trong 4 klui nang A. B. C, D. - Phan 4: 10 cau hoi (10 client). Lam bai doe dien tir (Ooze test). Bai dye nay dai khoang 150 tir trong dci co 10 tie be trong. Chen trong so IS tit cho sin cac tir phis hop de dien vao ch6 trong. Yet/ cats chung: (lac vier theo ngeitt ngii. dun githn, cu NJ rye ro rang: 2) Cher de quen thuCtc, lien quon tai deri song Aram nay


b) Vik 2 phin (25 dint) - PhAn 1: 5 cart hoi . Cho san 5 eau. via lei cac can do vOi nhiing each diim dat khar eta dt.r9r g9i y bAng 1-2 tit sao cho y nghia car can dci khOng that' Cu true de khai thac theo chung trinh: 1. Pre perfect: I started working. --> I ha Used: Ile has given up ... > Ile used ...
./too ve (worked- been working...)

> We don't have ...

.2. Quantifiers: We have' too little.. (enough...) 3. Active --- > Passive 4. Comparisons: adj/ ad 5. Conditionals: 1, 2, 3

about it. > Unless If you come, we can talk I don't have enough qualification, so I can't apply for the job. >

fI I

t the opportunity... We ditht't come and we los clause: although... 6. Full/ reduced adverb Because'... > Because of se, >

> If we > Despite


-Phan 2:

5 cat,

. Dkrng 5 eau

Oleo car cau tilX trungphan


2. Bai (hi nghe hiCti Thiyi plait: 35 phut: dit:In I Id

a) MIN I: 5 cdu hal (10 diem). Co the lua chyn nghc S dish diu vao 5 birc tranh/ hinh anh &mg. hoc nghe m6t chon 5 au Dung hale Saii voi n6i dung. (MIA (iV to chon 104i ba - b) Phin 2: 10 cdu hal Dian vio 10 chi tiet be trong Yeu celu chung: I) Thi sinh co &or nghc moi be i 1 loin, vita nghe vita ir khong qud 15 phut (ke Ca gian din trung binh; chu ddei CP the. song thuemg ngity: 5) lin,-mg tit mai 3. Bii thi not thi nOi Om 3 phin, thdi gian rho moi thi to 1t, - 12 ph6t Diem: 20 dienv IOU diem Thi sinh bcictharn 1 trong so 6 chi do nOi Your family Describing people (close friend, family member, etc.) Your job Your living place Your childhood Your habit Your future plan a) Phin 1 (2 den 3 phut): Glad de dinh gia khi ming giao tip xa hOi b) PItin 2 c) Phi'a yin dcac va dtra ra 1:: le de ba4) 11. Dinh gii 1. Tong diem 2. yeu sinh bEtkau Lt 1UU
111. I I

cua chi sinh.


.cht1 di di bec

quan Litzrr
U in-

Pitt( READING Reading I.

1. (itse the beif an% iver to I thnt A tio.. 14
Il ti 1 101' N41111CIN,L11 ef

1 14 1

IN %i

t 1.

A. Arc scrcannng 3. Waiter! there




roil,. on this table

amt: A. are not some isn't ;111, if L, not 4. I have a test tomorrow, so I.. sit tip late lonw.lit to stud\ . ha\ r 1) tA. will have to 11. can hair to a tiewried I 1.110 5. An island on p,:optc 111e 11 peoplc lit A. rni, people lived B. no peoples 10. c to pa) tot the broken %,,,,,,ht, 6. We wondered who ' have wiiuld A. is going B. was going 7, I.inda tic her shoes %%hen she was only 3 years old C. could to I1 ina) vB. knew how to A. knew to

his car. 8. John said that no other car could go C. tiist than D. as raStly as 1B. as last as A. so last like caused lw ttrtnik )i. A number of accidents in the last 2 years 1) ate A. were C. have U. have been tourists in their country 10 Perhaps people don't like I) a C. so many A. so much It too much

,h l+,


2. identify the one underlined word ventence to be


or phrasr that onuNt he changed in order for th

iabetes and is secured chiefly from the pancreas of cattle [MORA is used to treig d It A and hogs. mass allow ' 1 oc:q0,1 in the cranial cavity in the skull, the brain It is the larger

in the human body.

t yellow. orange. anti wt1 Ica` Infilmren. brillian A Ginn """""'"I It Svkcel

tree and the Maple

1 he surface or Man is very complex and wnsists of a illilate A


!asks has more active g

laciers 66

rrio4ion and gayity.

and I)
dt! ' e! ) re 'l
,cr ; tr.


Draft houses ore the tallest. rrgr-pt

.r! abciut 1969.

,A control insect pe5ts

Reading 2. Choose the best interpretation for eac h


Libpiry Hours

OPen 90.111 WI 5.30p.m weekdas 9.30 cm till 1.00 p.m Saturday

A. I he entrance to the hank is through the librar:

Brighton's Travel Agency

Our new entrance is between the bank and the library

Ii. The travel agency is no longer open. C the library is no'. a tra% el agency. D. The travel agency has moved its entrance.

Did tiou see an accident here an Saturday 4th

A. Pcopic who sa a !,,1,!

car Uri% e into another car

October? Please call 8480 731111.

Practice tests for 111-CEFP4T1sil1a,2011


tie siervIrie.
\\11, .00,1 ;tic
t It k .1.,tt to Olt' 1;1 101. S'As'il 100 !I, 1c \:11.1.1

Pay r or yiHer *oil whew y.fts rsivr.

Reading 3. Reed tke paage and then arther the

A t,1 401; Itk As 1101/31tlill and a matemnatt? Or i4 ptai14 as i4 lAtilskl lit XI III\ \V

Water 11Clir .N1111114 .201


13. He started experimenting with electricity in mid I8th century. _C. His invention of a lightning rod was earlier than that au stove D. His invention of a lightning rod was helpful for high buildings. 8. The word "which" in paragraph 4 refers to A. electricity H. a stove C. buildings ,D. a lightning rod Reading 4. complete the following passage by choosing one of the words from the box to fill each blank.


an l'

whOre that

has with




L,to;:o'e pro.nrie;

A family, a basic social group united through marriage, is present in all societies Ideally. the fenny ( " its members with protection. companionship, security, and socialization. The structure (2).,...,.. the family, and the needs (3) from society unit in some the family full-ills vary society. The nuclear familytwo adults and their children is the main others, it is a subordinate part of an extended family. thy .......... also other relatives. A third family unit is the

consists of grandparents which children live (9)4r.!1? an unmarried, divorced, or widowed mother or (10) WRITING
Writing 1. Rewrite the sentence without changing its original meaning.

Pity/ My parents think jazz than thistles, music.

My partims earl only go sw

On weekcIlys, my

imming at the we end


go swimming.


^r -7,4* finish my nonwrwort.

I can t go out at

my WINE does.

I don't watch TV
5 caroms

V riling 2. Bu
A dear '41r 1

dd up sentence froJrn


Pirmiltior te

sts Los 51 -LEF111Thilia.1011

Thank you also/ invite me.' come' interview/ next Tuesday, 3. Unfortunately/ I' not he able/ attend/ that day. . 4. He possible :arrange / interview / Wednesday? 5. I can be i office / 8.30 / morning.

6. I / be grateful / you can contact / confirm nine.



7. 1 i look forward hear / you / mixt / you

B. Dear Julia, be sorry/ it take/ so long' reply,' your letter.


You/ be pleased' know,' I come London/ next weekend.

3. It / seem! long time/ we meet.

4. You/ like/ go/ see a film/ a pl,ty.!

5. There bet new Harrison Ford

:it: Odeon.

6. Perhaps/ wet go/ meal/ drink/ afterwards. r 1,J thing. 7. Give / ring / later/ let/ know! every 5 Sec you soon, Martin

111.CTICIE 11.14.i'r 2
REA1)ING heading I.
1. Choose the best answer to complete the
i I of learning how A. am thinking My car's old but it never . A. breaks down 13. break down sentence.

to fly a plane now. 13. think '. C. thought

D. have thought

9. Look A. after 10. A. mean

C. get down D. gets down grown in Holland. . A. is , B. are C. have D. has . room is used meetings. rlioarr B. by (2. 10 D. as My mother is a little now 7. 1A. spots loves God and art but,, B. wrinkled wrinkle D. wrinkles 6. Sister Wendy not only also ggoodood food and wine. A. hates B. dislikes C. enjoys 1). prefers what you mean. A. am not understanding C. didn't understand \13. don't understand 0. haven't understood in that factory. 8. About one thousand people are B. (% orked C. lost their job D. redundant % A. employed
Lots of tulips

that strange man over there! What's he doing? D. up .C. at B, for people don't think of other people. C. tolerant vl.t. seltish
word or phrase that must

D. generous
be changed in order for t he

2. Identify the one underlined sentence to be correct.

Much psychologists

do not assoc

iate themselves with B C a p

artieulax D .-


Each of the chemical elements have its own standard symbol. C ' 0.


3 4.

B t with a large ;minter f xygen in Lta atmosphe only plane o 13 o C D A sed. it is clean, economical, and no%: rtisg. Ivettt though that car is_u
The earth is the I) A p a r ! , , ... o Automobiles begun t


be 4A


round 19 eyslipped v.. ith built-in radios a C B ory and the par ate: of! both the the C t o mus B
"e A ily consists pointy of parents and ehilsto but also A


An extended as


relatives. such

grandparents and unmarried auras and tin


mand and

ho ruled in the tijik-en and sixteenth t-cnturics, hel w pD A It


create the boundaries of modern-ay Spain. D 9. Only about 3% of oil wells actualk do a A 1.1 C 10. He took many fangua_gescourseN
A 13



Reading 2. Choose the best interpretation fur each sign/ picture.


3. PARKING Customers only in this area.

A. Do not touch the fruit before paying %Al Choose your fruit and then pay for it. C. Damaged fruit must be paid for. D. Self-service fruit is cheaper.

,z A. This car park i who use the shop. B. No parking here. C Anyone can park

Lift out of order

Please ask a member of staff if you need e assistance with th stairs


tests for B 1-CEF. NTImila-201 1 Practicemi l


A. Only use this entrance in an emergency. Do not park in front of this entrance. C. Permission is needed to park here. D. Always keep this door open.

Reading 3. Read the passage and then answer the questions below. Paper is made from tiny fibers from plants. Long ago, most papermakers fibers in cotton and linen rags. Today, most paper is made from wood most important trees used for making paper are softwood trees. The long fibers in softwoods are ideal for making many kinds of paper. After paper is used, it can be reused, or recycled, to make new paper.

Paper is made in two stages. The first stage is to remove the fibers from the wood. Thii is done by grinding the wood or cutting it into chips that are softened with chemicals. The wood fibers are then mixed with water to make a souplike substance called The second stage is to spread out the pulp, press it flat, and dry This makes the fl together in thin sheets. Some paper is still made by hand. But most paper is made by at factories called paper mills. Different kinds of pulp make different kinds of paper. Pulp made by grinding is c groundwood pulp. It's inexpensive to make, but the grinding breaks the wood fibers into ve short pieces. Groundwood pulp is used to make cheap papers. such as newsprint. Pulp made using chemicals is called chemical pulp. The chemicals separate the fibers from each other but do not break them. Chemical pulp is used to make stronger, longer-lastin paper for use in fine books and magazines.
w s EXCEPT I . Paper has been made from all of the tollo ing B. used paper A. fibers in cotton and linen rags D. wood fibers C. fibers in softwood trees 2. Fibers in are perfect for making different kinds of paper. C. softwoods A. cotton B. important trees D. new paper 3. The word h 1 means "recycled- in paragrap A. forgotten B. reused C. saved D. used 4. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? B. I low tib as are tumed into pulp. A. How fibers are removed from the wood. D. How paper is generally made. C. How paper is made by hand. 5. Fibers are removed from the wood trees A. by grinding the wood B. by cutting D. softening with chemicals C. in both stages of making paper 6. B. wood fibers arc mixed with water Pulp is made when _ s D. paper is made by hand A. wood is cut into chip C. fibers are removed from wood 7. The word aragraph 2 refers to B. pressing the pulp flat "this" in p A. spreading out the pulp
Para Practice tes ts for 111-CEF-NThitia 2011

D. all of the above acts 8. What does the word "mills" in paragraph 2 mean'? A. machines B. factories C. sheets D. kinds 9. The passage mentions _ _kinds of pulp. A. one 8. two C. three a four 10. Newsprint is made from , A. groundwood pulp B. chemical pulp C. long-lasting paper a paper for use in magazines

C. drying the pulp

fill each blank.Reading 4. Complete the following passage by choosing one of the words from the box to

to be

in and

written that

However with

by run

structures must

languages provides

Programming Language, in computer science, is art artificial language used to write a sequence of instructions (a computer program) that can he (I) '_ by a computer. Similar to natural (2) , such as English, programming languages have a vocabulary, grammar, and syntax (3). , natural languages are not suited for programming computers because their vocabulary and grammatical structure may be interpreted (4) multiple ways. The languages used to program computers must have simple and logical (5) and the rules for their grammar. spelling, and punctuation (6) . be precise. greatly in their sophistication and in their degree o Programming languages (7) (8) to address a particular kind versatility. Some programming languages are r system such as Fortran computing problem or for use on a particular model of compute used by one COBOL. Other languages, such as machine languages, are designed (9) . (10) ........ one specific computer in certain specific model of computer system, or even research applications.

Writing 1. Rewrite the sente

nce without changing its original meaning.

xpensive than last year. than they are now.

tickets are more e

Last year, theatre tickets n engaged. phone the booking office.

The booking office te lephone is ofte It is often

Peter said, 'Why don't you go to the booking office yourself?' .... to the booking office yourself?' w Peter said, 'Ho Many theatres a ccept credit cards. ... credit card.

At many theatres you ..................... 5 You can Smokin re.

in the theat

in the


sts for RI CEF NThilta-20 11 Practice te

Dear Sir,Writing 2. Build up sentences from the prompts given. I. I / write / apply post / tilm editor I company.

2. I / be % born I August I 8
3. I / study

! languages university / New York/ and 1 leave / two years ago. 4.1 / work / tutor / English / two children / last year.

414 like it lot.

6. 1 i speak / English and French / Iluently.

7. 1 / be / able / get / with / different kinds / people.

8. My hobbies .% photography / watch / TV. 9. 1 / attend / interview 1 any time. 10. 1 look forward / hear you. Yours faithfully, B. Dear Sally, 1. 1 ; he / happy / get / letter / this morning 2. 1 / have /very clear / memo
3. Congratulations. 1 hope / b

ry / Richard. Ile / seem I such / nice boy.

you / be / happy together.

4. Unfortunately / I i not e able come / wedding.

_ give / you /

wedding pres


6. My thoughts / be /with you both / big day.

7. Not forget / send / me / photographs / piece wedding cake.

With love,
Practic e tests for Bl-CEE NThilia201
Ng(' 10

Reading I.

ST 3

I. Choose the best answer to complete the sen. tTehney cedidn't tell the policeman ................................... A. if B that they had taken the money C. whether 2. Last summer, my family a four day holiday on Sam on beach. A. spent B. went C. had gone D. had spent 3. Agatha Christie didn't go to school but ......... A. taught B. educated .. .. at home by her mother. C. was educated D. learnt. 4. Picasso showed his truly exceptional talent ................. A. in B. from ...... a very young age. C. at D. during 5. His father was amazed that he the picture of their pigeons. A. completed B. was com pleting C. was completed D. had completed 6. After his mother died, Scott home to seek his fortune in St. Louis. A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. has left 7. She didn't stop writing She was suffering from a nervous breakdown. A. for B. because C. while D. during 8. When I was in Paris, I a lot of friends. A. took B. made C. was taking D. was making 9. His father was really angry with him he had failed the exam. A. although B. while C. because D. for 10. Picasso didn't like going to school unless he to take one pigeon with him. A. was allowed B. allowed C. wanted D. had 2. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. I. On nights when i the sky clear and the air is calm, the Earth's surface rapidly A B C

radiates heat into the atmosphere.



Only after her mother died, did she knew loneliness. A B C D

Neither my cousins nor my aunt were able to explain her behav iour. D C A B

at, They cannot go camping right now because they are taking care of a thfre-!1;Irs-old_ hgLin.A 13 C illiam Jennings Bryan was IP Although witss defeated for the ppreresidency three times. W A B tates. a major influence in the United S C D American scientist. he was born in 6. Benjamin Franklin. a famous A

IB709 and lived to C

the age of eighty-four. It , by the time Co

lumbus arrived to America in 1492. other Europeans had

o 11 iticEFtiniiiia-2

Pow 11

already maghgd the New World. D II' '8. Zucchini is p vegetable who can be grown in many parts A 8 9. Natural gas was probably fgrigt from Owes and animals A B C 10. As a generally rule. people arc not era good judges of their own A Reading 2. Choose the best interpretation for each sign/ picture. A. Return }our

P lea se sh o w the librarian all books w h e n yo u le a ve t h e library

the library.


C ( learlinp. o.):,t arc ost., 'Ali! 1) (...lcitrunv L

;1.t!. tax


Prattles setts for 131 -CO-Nrsias- 201 1

A. The water fitness classes who swim ten times in a month, IV lite swimming
you use the

PeoP ho

Classes and

or itiorveo

Read the p age rind them an%wer the que.tion below.

can be
tec I Icss iout Vetting an animal Thcv can stolid guard [lc police use

make peop

cause problems. too. logs dig in the garden. Thee rniture, Both cats and dogs can make a bite people. Cats like to scratch fu the tug. Some people hoe

chew up household o


But the biggest prob delis give birth to mo

why Ws-important to consider

having your pet neutcrt

dome Animals. are itnimals kept

can do all of th
e follomiugs F.XCEPT 13, 1.1te.y can seatvh lot bombs

Advantages and disadvantages of rfig. liberation why people should keep a pet. t. How to tame animals as pots. D. What we should avoid when keeping a pet.

ibeedlog 4 Complege the following passme by choosing one of the words from the box
ift welt ant& use to be
are computers cannot onli orgarnzat ions 71u).








Many governments. hi

hale /AD- '

WRITING riting 1. Rewrite the sentence without

Example: This novel is Dy Joan Bracy

Joan Brady is PG irmorthor ,7! this novel.

My sister has boncnved tie novel tram me my sister the novel.

She hasr-'1 read a no by Joan Brady before

This is _

Brady s

_ novel by .loom Brady Ihal she has otner tv,loks


The novel is longer than Joan

this orm-

other books am not as does the novel cost? 1111141 66 1 t tle novel?

bee* Ike soma so on.

Nerrye yrry _ _



Writing 2. Build up sentences from the prompts given. A. Dear Bill. I. It / ages / I/hear / you.

2. 1 / hope / everything / go / well.

write ask 4. NI> sister ou look / a jo my suer.

18 years old / want / spend / yeat I-

5. She / go / university / next year / study English. 6. She i not mind / look / children / and / do / housework. 7. I / look / forward / hear /you Stephan B. Dear Peter,

1 2. It he /a 1ong time since I.


feel happy get letter atter such long time. iie.ii .

i i l l , i t Mile"

You like come stir

4. You all be welco
\\ me

hat about / come e


Ile \t month .'

b. You

I not think


11 C


\\ i 1.014: .

PraLti te tests Tor 111 -CE1' N r



2. Ideafify the one underlined word or phrase that mast be change to be correct.

d in order for the

ooper. k published the erica's best-known novelist. James Fenimore C , cking the I t and mosi idyllic of the five -Leathersto 2. amp:4 has boys than girls are socialized to shown that in North American society. less seek ickLill itlb they can bells S;4 3. If one plans Lo hike in the badtcountry. von should prepare fa the oo of

encountering a bear. 4. all buil contains fiber: an gillros, six and a banana four. bat

5. The

isualizing. and brain, well as imagining. of g ssociated !al the right half of the brain. dreansiag, bath a es about ths American Solidi. was best skices WOW novels and stori 6. Flowery O`Coonot, functions


and reBpasflostici


1. Medical studans must O ng both the theory and the practice of mg:dicing. A B C D 8. Mount Hood in Oregon is t! center for alpine sports such as skiff g. climbing, and A B C 9. Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia LI one of the mitt safe harbours in the world. A B C D 1U Each of the chemical elements have its own standard symbol A B C D Reading 2. Choose the hest interpretation pr each sign/ picture.

Students who do not sign up ht.,P.,% lunchtime...


Please sign up for next week's afternoon activities before Friday lunchtime. If you don't do this, we will select activities for you.

a. will not be able to do afterni-yon activities next week. b. won't be able to choose their afternoon activities next week c. will have to work in the alteniooni next .0*.

regularly. b. Cheaper tiften tickets are available for people



Weekly Saver ticket can help all

A. We must accept all goods on offer D.B, This shop will make an offer on anything Wfe or casn discuss the price of anything her e This shop will accept all offers on its goods.


You Must Show Your Discount Card In Order To Get A Discount On Goods

A. We must see your discount card before we reduce the price on goods B. We can only give a discount on certain goods C. We are selling cards at reduced prices D. We can sell you a discount card here.

Reading 3. Read the passage and then answer the questions below. A habitat is a place where a plant or animal normally lives. There are many kinds of habitats. Some habitats are along seashores. Some are high up in mountains or on flat prairies. Others' are in dense forests, in sandy deserts, or in the deep sea. Different kinds of plants and animals live in different kinds of habitat For example, fish e on in water. Other animals live on land. Cattle, antelopes, and buffaloes are animals that liv grasslands. Camels and kangaroo rats like the blazing hot ts. Bats, temperature of deser gorillas, and elephants thrive in lush, moist rain forests. Pine trees can live in cold, snowy habitats. Cactuses can live in hot, dry desert habitats. Water lilies live in freshwater habitats,
liabitats arc being destroyed around the world. As humans move into new areas, they clear the land to build on. They cut down trees for building materials and fuel. They dry swamps for must ada the changes or move farmland. They dam rivers . The animals in the habitat for electricity elsewhere. If they cannot, they die. Many plants die, too. 1. What arc the examples of different habitats mentioned in paragraph 1? 2. Where do buffaloes live? 3. Camels and cactuses live in the same habitats. 4. Gorillas. elephants, and pine trees live in rain fOresta 5. Water lilies share the same habitats with fish. 6. Who arc destroying habitats all over the world? 7. Why do people cut down 8. What happens if animals and plants cannot adapt to The changes-


Reading 4. Complete the following passage by choosing one of the words from the by each blank to of getting has places built Maly hove on the .sun celebrations knows
is as sure

k b.


Stonehenge is Britain's most famous prehistoric monument, on Salisbury Plain England. It consists (I) two circles of large standing stones, one inside the other. Stonehenge was (2). built between 3000 and 1500 1W. Nobody (3) ........., why it, built, but many people think it was to the stars and planets or to worship ( because a line through its centre would point directly to the position of the rising sun ( Midsummer's Day. Since the 19805 young people, including many hippies and New Age Travellers, been going there for their own midsummer (8).. .., but the police usually prevent them from (9).
in 1986.

near the stones. Stonehenge (10)

made a World I kritage Site

Writing I. Rewrite

the sentence without changing its original meaning.

Example: Yesterday it snowed all day. It didn't OSPFITY2110.19. yesterday. 1 Last year wasn't as cold as this year.

hTis year is 2 How much is it to go sk iing? What 3 DO you know who these Do you know ..
4 James can ski well skis belong to?

last year was.

to go skiing?


these skis are?

James Is 5 Driving in heavy snow isn't easy Heavy snow makes it Writing 2. Build A.

. skiing.



up sentences from the prompts given.

Dear Mary, 1. 1 / arrive / hom

.5 'it ( ,111

e / last night / after I long flight.



arsts for 111-0E-NThin

a.zOt t

READING Reading 1.
4 V



I. Choose the best answer to eompkte the sentence. 1. He came first in the competition for Robot Creation, so he

A. can't 2. He

B. must

C. might

D. must not

be an alcoholic because I saw many empty whisky bottles under his bed. A. is B. mustn't C. might D. should 3. It can't have been Bill you met at the party last night. He China. A. has been to 13. was in C. will be D. has gone 4. Some of them so much since we left the army. A. changed B. did C. had changed D. have changed 5. Is it important to you to in your career. A. successful B. success C. succeed D. be good 6, Many scientists are sure life on other planets. A. there was B. there had been C. there are D. there is 7. They didn't lend me the money, though they ............ that they would. A. promised B. say C. told that D. are sure does the management. E. The trade unions do not want a strike, and B. so C. neither D. also A. either 9. The students have to come hack before dark, D. haven't the A. have they B. do they C. don't they rooms with a sea view? 10. Is it possible D. to having C. to have B. have A. having
2. Identify the one underlined word or sentence to be correct.
I. No cactus has flowers most beautiful or

phrase that must be changed in order for the

fragrant than those of the night-blooming cercus.

C D A B can penetrate most solids as easily as light passes through glass. 2. X-rays arc too powerful that they C 13 B A 3. [he coastline of Maine ked by thousand of islands and inlets. is mar C A [3 D eceptablc in formal us e. is notable l'or its liveliness, humor, and 4 4. Stang, which is not generally p exag.6Pe.rates. 5. 91 the five social classes. mostAmer

icans fall into either the middle class agsl the working class.
B C. .0

6. On March 30,198 1. President Regan

A 7. The US Congre

was shot us his was leaving a Washington II C I) ss consists of both the Senate or the flouse of R epresentatives.

CD edy. A It s. was csuthlish on March I. 1961 by President John F.Ken 8. Theeg_riec: kwl' A U C D 9. Uranus is the seventh plartejA from the Sun.

Practior trm s for L



10. The legal system has much safeguards toproteet the right of asicfendant to an impartial jury. A B C D 46. The Viking spacecraft bus landed on Mars in July of 1976. A B C D

Reading 2. Choose the best Interpretation for each sign/ picture. 1.

Return fares are not available on this bus


A. Return tickets must always be shown B. A return ticket will save you money on this bus C. You can only buy tickets at the bus station D. You can only buy single tickets on this bus.



A. You cannot enter this area. B. You cannot walk around here. C. You can only pass here once. D. You can only enter if you have a ticket.

A. Everyone can park here. . B. Only disabled people can park here. ple. C. You can park here if you pay to disabled peo D. No one can park here.


he hooks you read. A. You have to pay for t B. You must return all the books here. C. You must return all the books you have read. D. You must read all the hooks before returning
Please return all books when you have finished


using them

Page 22 Practice tests for il1-CEF-NTItitla,201 1


In case of fire
DONOT use the lift Use the stairs
A. Use the stairs when there is a fire. B. Do not use the lift. It's out of order. C. Use the stairs when the lift is not in use.' D. Use the lift when there is a fire.

Reading 3. Read the passage and then answer the questions below. Louis Pasteur was born in France in As a professor of chemistry. he 1822. He studied physics and chemistry in Paris worked on problems that affected French industry. The winemaking industry in France was in trouble during the mid-1800s because much of the n ine was spoiling. Pasteur discovered that germs were getting into the wine and turning it sour. He found that heat killed these germs and prevented the wine from spoiling. Pasteur later a pplied his discovery to milk. His way of heating foods to kill bacteria is now called pasteurization. Pasteur then discovered how to make vaccines to protect people and animals against disease. One of Pasteur's most important discoveries was a vaccine against rabies. People can get this deadly disease if they are bitten by an animal infected with rabies. In 1885, a mother begged Pasteur to treat her young son who had been badly bitten by a dog with rabies. The vaccine worked, and the boy lived. Pasteur then became an even greater national hero. in 1888. the Pasteur Institute in Paris was founded in his honor. Pasteur became its director. He worked there until he died in 1895. 1. Louis Pasteur was born, studied, and worked in the same country until he died. T/F? 2. His discovery in chemistry helped to cover French industry in the 19th century Ti, 3. Pasteurization originated from his discovery of spoilt wine. T'F? 1. 4. His discovery of a vaccine against rabies was his most important one. (F? 5. His vaccine against rabies was successfully applied in late 19' century. T/F? TT? 6. He established the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1888. 7. The word "spoiling- in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to D. becoming red A. becoming good C. becoming less 13. becoming bad 8. The verb to treat" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to A. to cure C. to persuade 13. to advise
Reading 4. Complete the following passage by fill each blank.
11 la

D_ to encourae

choosing one of the words from the box to called gnat's



other Banks

messages as to solve ta cause People mom.

products and dirk wnys. Stores use compute s to keep track of People use computers in (1) use computers to send oney ll over the world. m a (3) They help students do you out at the cash register. (2)., Computers help teachers keep track of lessons and computers hooked networks (many research and learn. Computers let you hook up (4) hey let you hook up to a worldwide network (5) . Engineersthe use Internet. computers to make together). T Scientists use computers (6) research problems buildings. cars, trucks, and airplanes. Architects use computers to design houses and ce use computers to track down criminals. The military, uses computers to make read The poli coded (8) ...................
Pa=r 23 cc tests f
or HI.CEF-NThlHa2011

Computers are not just desktops (9)

laptops. Computers arc everywhere around your home. There are tiny computers inside microwave ovens, television sets. and videocassette recorders (VCRs) or digital video disc (DVD) players. There are ( I (i) tiny computer; in cars to help them run better. WRITING Writing I. Rewrite the sentence without changing its original meaning. Example: Feeding the animals is not allowed .
You must not fe0 the animals. 1 A family ticket costs El& The cost of a family ticket 2 Entrance at weekends is more expensive than on weekdays. Entrance on weekdays is 3 You don't have to pay to visit the zoo on Thursdays. You can visit the zoo 4 There aren't any elephants at the zoo now , paying on Thursdays. than at weekends. 10.

The zoo doesn't

5 The new

any more.

zoo restaurant has been open tor a week . last week.

The new zoo restaurant Writing 2. Build up sentences from the p 1. I ' be I vet," surprised / get letter
rompts given.

not : know i your arrive back / Lond

3. You / have i good time t'o iYotrk?



look forward / hear


i all about it.

hank you

invite. me dinner

next %%eekend.

6. 1 be afraid n

ot able curnc Sundal.

.1 free t following


8. Why t you / not

call / me r: fle xt fcw days?

Page 24

Practice tests f

or 131-CIF-HrtglHa-2011

14EADIN(; Rending t. ( imme the hew answer ti, eunquele the vent,

s TIT. I can't stand people .... her. A v. ith lt' like C. as D. the same 2. I've known John kir years. Ile went to the she school 1 did IAyas B. like Oii when C. with 3. Nlly did 1 agree ................... with you? A. work H. IA orking C.Ao work D. 4. ,i/would like our holiday on the beach spend 11,4 to spend C. spending D. to spending 5. I want more careful with your homework in future. A. you be B. you to he ' C.ithat you arc 1). you will be 6. I wasn't allowed out unless my parents knew where I was going. Ai to go (1Lgoing C. go D. to going ll 7. ghe usually makes her children to bed early. 13. to going C going (D. go A. to go 8. We don't doing the washing. . B. need ,:,C: mind t v ,..j w A. have to 9. We don't like living in towns ., 1)... busy. B. capital ''excited A. young 10. The food which is in vitamins is really good for our skins. C. tasteful 1). disgusted (A. irich B. healthy 11. ., a famous American writer, won the Nobel Prize in 1954. 13:Hemingway 11111111111A. It is Hemingway

I. She really :mos


D. Hemingway was C. It was Hemingway overtunent. 12. 1776 that the I I.S got its independence from the 13ritish G D. When it was C. When was tk B. Being most peoplr speak worldwide 3. English is an intemptional language I). which arc A. which is C. that is .13. which


14. It is believed ...... .. ..... occur very often in many areas in Japan. B. earthquakes which A. to he earthquakes earthquakes that that earthquakes much money. they worked so hard, ty couldn't cam D Because of C. If they ,Although B. Since being lug 2. Choose the best Interp
retation far each sign/ picture.

A Do net term your tucycto toki window.

civng toe



Mace hay the exact f -or
:-kerrL 614iego tr A it




irarbk,,et kecorcis paorsec

The CD you ordered arrived today, but someone sold it They're really sorry! They've reordered avaifabk next Monday or the !vest. Jon

.. .I

M. . I .1M.


' r-4.




ad list Als cum' then answer Me

kiln. ?le ardo produced a retati,e1) %mai; ;inner of p.1114:11:14.i titled. But he had origin41 ideJi the inti

st-irte Plit after his


M ost of his stud. ma: taui,./r.

C. 1 it didn't it 1)
3 Ile m ctit to

school as Trniell OW my ht, ht.cit,ttc.1; i'13% st) L.%

Ile mocked a.

C cl

d SreAkei Anti 3

spraker and :I

A AI,! .1,!" .1 ;`,1111t:I And A St- tc11;,'. Notre ths'Itt

4 Nr p. nted

so morn p ure that he

5 Ilis s:tenntic thought.. made


:".71,:nbato Li th mt.-4 tmlxvinnt painting

tilit Alt kno thsa bevame his most R


!Amon. imintIng I+ :List's! In ttic.tning to 0


t h e m o r d - s h a r p " i n p : 1 1"t141;1 important H r.tpli " ) the word "jot sterious


in parug

A. u n de r s t a n da bl e 10 the pus A. icon Leornardo's cduc

IV inwountabic


cute 4_)11 'he orterdt rem t he Mx to fill

Writing I. Rewrite the sentence without changing its original meaning. 1. In spite of taking a taxi Bill still arrived late for the concert. ) A lthough...o.Lis..

2. Although he didn't speak Dutch. Bob decided to settle i --) 3. Some English 4ords arree .too di Some English words

niCult to rementher
1.1 b

ct t,t.t


4. The lesson wasiso boringWfw-e fell asleep. I 5. Sara failed the exam because she was very lazy. --) Because of
L 4:

Writing 2. Build up sentences from the prompts given. I. Mike used play computer games/ all night.; but/ he/ stop, now. 2. David be one most successful,' computer programmer comparr.. I Pupils too oune understand NA hat riahi H t.i


hours no, practicing the piano 7;-.A--77 --7 " % hen I - take off sunglasses I reiihie -

LISTENING PART I: Listen and deride whether the stat A. 1. Paul's older brother is a student in Pa7iN no%,

ements are true or fakt

acha and has r

etired ItH

6.bioL114 D

es in the co-uritr. with h is mother

p.,,K 1

wen anll compiege

h. I I 1 '1/4CI

the hone moisuge.


1N I

I ['SSA(

From Pini inic Please brunt!. I ler phone 111.111iber: 114 1-Kt-15:17) Hello I hi, is the South Seas Travel Agency. I'm sorry, no one can _ JI) to you right now. the South Seas Travel Agency has ___ (2) to another part of town. We also have a new phone number. Please ring us on (3). Our new address is 98 Wzirtioa Road, that's W-A-R-N-O-C-K. It's easy to find - it's near the (4). at the end of the road, opposite the _ _ _ .(5). We will he open for business at our new office on _ _(6) May. We hope to see you soon at our new address. We have many exciting holidays at special A7). And we have a present for anyone who spends 1: _(8) or more on a holiday. If your holiday costs OM we will give you a travel (9). This beautiful bag can carry everything you need on a plane hag absolutely (IQ). And it can be yours free. Thank you for calling the South Seas Travel
Ai eli"



tests for 1111.1


0 11 11

READING Reading 1. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. I. We have been good friends we were at university.


A. as B. when C. while Li): since 2. Flow do you manags the noise m your neighbours? A. stand $C. to stand up C. to put up with D. put up with 3. It It me a long time to the operation. 'A,,, get off Y-"?'"i . get over 10, it..c C. get up ,l.' ,.^,=t 3 D. get on with 4. hearty 30 pg3ple in the earthquake this morning. jr . have been injured B. were injured C. have injured injured 5. Nannying has been socially for a longtime. (4. accepted B. agreed changed D. made '. 6. I really look forward you again. A. meet B. meeting de fl. C. to meet _ (b. to meeting 7. Where have you .) You're so brown! *:),. ,(0,:- (-46 vi X, been gone C. stayed 13. lived J8. e number of people out of work to nearly 3 million. A. has been risen ( B. has risen C. rise D. was risen io resign. +J (Lt. u 9. The President ., 1,, ..-t B. is forced , C, has been forced D. has forced. A. forced LAO. I first met my husband 1995 D. since B. ago t. in A. for cousin who is visiting us from France. \;11. That attractive man my Z.. is D. is he A. who is B. he is 112. Would you please tell us C. when comes the next bus. (A. when the next bus comes D. when the next bus does come B. when does the next bus come 13 is indispensable to the economy of that region. C. It is copper mining That copper mining Copper mining B. Although copper mining her blacTc jacket. 14. She cannot remember where yearly Adid she ve B she did have "C. she left D. left she n ncluding details about the 15. An almanac contains much informatio i movements of the sun and the moon. h A. which is a book whic C. a book which B. is which
Reading 2. Choose the best interpretatio

n for each sign/ picture.

wants to see

PLAYERS WANTED for Friday's basketball match e - can against Barton Colleg to YOU help the teem? Come the gyrn at 3 p.m. today. whatever your level.

team only *11. experienced The basketball players. R

There aren't enough team members available on Frtday. The Barton College team win will the gym later today-

Page 6

Practice tests for HI/NThllia/2011

(A. All Sunday tsvoilinu licltsts


are already

must book tickets tut Sun


A ticket is not necessary for Sunday I evening.

,vhs mud taow yaw tuiptu .ides Ow) pkk you

Ws sidle ram awddav la haleing a aumeas sr ern Ake - sany.

A Lliacomo will be obie to early tomorrow morning.


see Charlotte

Charlotte needs to arrive In erne lot Giscomo's meeting tomorrow

C Giacomo can collect Charlotte from the


rport tomorrow afternoon.



A You must show a receipt it you want to remove luggage.


When you remove your luggage you are given a receipt leave your luggage here
without change

C YOu can



For the festival, Anna should bring A hot ticket. (e a blanket

C the programme

tfwesva. Mr row auggeot. saltine Suns.'

(de" Wwul) Pas swear Da key FlOrlIONIMO new h1/411 awes you as Pi belted enesena arta your rAohot,

Reading I. Read the passage and then answer the



ust hrralhe oUt a waste gas Celled

AU animals must
carbon dioxide,



JliNc Iticy

out of air. Cattle, dogs. CA Soars wheals becathe through Lungs. Lungs take uxy people, and other mammals breathe through lungs-. low. Lebo mace take stir from water. $alits. wit lortp time blAIIIIKIWassthe dim* tusiga ikix can slay underwater a

M whaled.

3. Our university has trained thousands of masters of science. ->Thousands of masters of science 4. If you don't let me alone, I will call the police. -> Unless 5. They startid digging the hole at 7 o'clock. They have (. Writing 2. Build up sentences from the prompts given. 1. Because/ bad weather/ they/ not/ go out/ picnic/ last weekend. 146-,L /4j..

tk ',col Lk 'e etift ( 1





2. Many buildings/ build/ this arca/ recently.,



a \en Ae.e e,04.1j 4,4

3. I / want / know / where / %ten / I / ablc/ attc d/ interview. 4144 kwkt. 11-the.:t ittl -4"J=1 nhee c,iol 4. Seldom / secretary / make/ such mistakes. c.1; (6E) IOC ke. tht y. hn A.,c 01..dr. Ice 5. If / John/ worked/ hard/ he/ he / well-paid. .4)t LISTENING PART I: Listen and decide whether the statements are true or false. t1 A. (17-K1-05:56) .tke cck kc'j4 1,1.c Lkov.0 %Amax


iLk 14i

I . They are going to paint the same color for the dining moll and the television room. r 2. The bedroonlionlmfloor will be painted dark green. 4,---f1`c (06-% ,/k ,k; to. cya.a.% 3. The 26d floor bedrooms will be painted ark blue. Lt 4. They will paint the office jirey. 5. Red is Michaelfavourite color. B. (11-K1.09:55) I. Sarah usually starts work at 8.30 am.



k. rev.

2. In the new job, she can cam mop than 1300 a month. 3. Sarah has lunch in a caf. t r 4. In the new job, Jane can have 3 weeks' holiday. 5. The manager's name is Fawsett. ttLi PART 11: Listen and complete the phone message. A. (T2-KI.14:27)

T ?

International Lanxuag Name of school: yr Next course begins' t tvo ,4.." t .r %Li rl-r o ,i Day: 1 tia..4.P.11._ Date: 3rd Classes begin at: 9 Address: Adf London Road Near: 44,:i __

e School


Pogo 9 Maks toots for 01 /NThIlia/2011

B.(Tl-K I-17:5S)

Good morning and welcome to Scotland. I hope you had a good _ tired this morning. My name is Jim and 1 am here to (21you. things which you might rim! ect-;--rk--14- (3). Firstly, the banks. They're open from (4) in the trimpy afternoon. That's nine thirty until four. They're open everyday -1

Sunday you can change money in the hotel. Next, the e the hotel to the city centre. It's the number ! (7). There are buses every fi so you won't have to ..1f, (8) long. You'll find the bus stop just outside ,ttv, 4c (9) to the city centre costs sixty pence. Finally. tonight ALA-,, (10) for you in the Restaurant I hope I'll see you all there. Thank you SPEAKING Describing a person

tit four o'clock (5) Sunday. But on ). you can take a bus from


Hobbies Characteristics listeniig ro murk, dancing. - Positive: gri. watching TV. reading books, friendly. socsal4; c help ent husiastic .^41P.: playing sports (football immix volkyball) swimming (a
lfouting. uollung4Oggiug arm

chatting. colketing sm

-Eyes: big. small. % ire' -ithr' dark brows


'111- /1101

- Rev rentsw1. square. oval Odors: attractive. goadkokkg, pretty. be kesssisome. arfeL yaws
got fair hoe and blie ors Hr awes u short sena Oa slim She has MPAUMP, gale etive wig Inter friendly saarir. aW arot She bobs eetre eciple in my weigisboarimod as her n. She assuotly r h drnsikodp sissikor is a Riot woma rfes ~;anew sows Hi' ads etra,s dose. ,.o ;K reading manic books a besaber bobbies are wry and` pbAgfroebsit a




Reactlag t. Choose the best ,:.;, ,

1. This dish ts
A. wry IL know 3. t .. . dehs. .., :, B. quite
(.. ::*k. 1. re! / le.

ref t c.C.

2 1 give you a ring when I . B. am know in:: . the national lottery . I 1 on A. win 4% 4. We live in the city. We IA ish use . A. are living 5. If 1 A. can 6. I'm really A_ are 8. lithe teacher B. live

.1!:: :LIVIC k.): Itii: train.

..... in the C. have

trav round the world. I would go to Hawaii vAzt'Wq3: could C. may exhausted_atler a hard day. B. very B. become C. rather IC. to be D lets -Pc ti -0 D. quite'

7. There are many stories about people w hosan't learn how me extra homework tonight

Cli. gists C helps A. makes fire? 9. What would you do if the building t caught catch A. get (. 10_ Umbr 1 speak English fluently. tikee, -7 Q, could 11. A. 12. fact that the ' ofe&us, B. aui - C. will /7

- D. may wildlife presen ationists. -Bar is bi.i.,orninsLeim_iicil '4' C. tdisturbing noodinDg.. dis -\1 . disturbs

D "ere I 4Le ne.te-ti,l e-1 _..


4:4 i

predicted rain, no one expected serious S., What B. Which agaizine publishes are very scholarly 1,31 TheZtts ----- the_in B. of C. and Akhougb I_b: i t r a b i e s A. B. ACM' occurred. t

D. Because D.

I Imid expected it viol bad expecied


C. that r had expwed i

g I had expected _in IBM is my steer's

t i lie l M1101,

W ill t he last pe r s o n to leave please switch off the lights


.17. " ... -7 1

Hiss avow sass sty disAlf toot it off Wore saltitito. Ara rows* from sty - kw inssemet Moose its Wet !Ito,





ellanged 11,11 This shop


even late oecau$e




=sets is empty


the tame

e 1*11, Tame one tablet even" Pay finishes

!ivy are

C Take three tablets after meats unei rash test better.

Itiat asaggints A meet";

, , . r4 ' 5. -. .. p -. . t ..r

9.40 looltat


... e



.. l. t---._

. C.:C . or

.t ............ 6 , . .

...tat tr.s.:

; 1N ; .;

Reading 1. Read the passage and Men'er the gates-lions belt" The rust ianguattc learn to speak is k:alls..1 nato.r your parents or other peoplespcalsing and then imitated the be born with an abilit. to iCarn the language the. hear
tiat 01 0: 0 1s:0 !,'



ge them in the right ,+rticr Native speakers learn as children to use the right sorits and arran hat ktiots au!ornatrcaity t e Language without even titiokitt; about it- If English is vote nativ 'at going bed' is woos. but I am going to bed" is right Wyatt n sect'nd Plitt Misr to Itto-norttr its n-cis snd ?earn its FUk5 rhei /e " a language. o

.1 !




C,Imptete the each blank

Reading 4.

pas ,ry,


Raittk.:s. clock zet, -

that lets ou TAITIC What ou URIC 3 n _

'Ai kJ

;;.ratili44 UG


t i re& Mett

turn the


-t!'!..n 'Urn


Writing 2. Build up sentences from the prompts given.

- ..0' be co .. I 1. Because, traffic jam v w e ..' will /soon /have / stay /exactly where we are. u. A ca. etke) krcl kec jam g v a tia. I I VW tL iqA -C. -k- 1.46I' 'I( "- ILI tr. Mien .. people ;older/ they /often /prefer / peace / fret air / co}kb., ,,,, -, untryside. .1.. taA..0. t.,.,c' pence. ev,,ci k . ku_ l , vit i t ,' such excitilT holiday: we / take i t Ti,. ut,et...$ S,.cf.. ct,, exc+01 / picture/ last weekend. i 0- t - a 4,:w:cteLy 41,-.1.fgirfro--k... 4..(ei ei. f';'-ti-ekt.t; L,.o,- ,/., i 4 Leeds,' most successful university UK / with teaching; research. /international reputation/ high standard Lad; e, ,fkr- rN.,.:5+ ; L..c.C.e, SS j,... C ll...11 IA), "i tr'..1 L..;- u_iii,_ ifs t:nic , -cz,'A enta. :i.. Ac itch:thy, e .. 4ta ( - . K 0,c4 Ci. .4,t til...tict 1 el,' ,.. fcct / C. , ,-i 5 Our children grandchildren / suffer / if/ we / not protect / planet /well. ctrl C,__ , isi- ; i n " i ' 4l ark,: Q4 (1 Lt C. ,;LLfrik I. a r I d crt-,ei eil-ael. La- a<.40 74._:*/ ipk1:f-EC f t r': ''`' 11 LISTENING Lg. /

A.PART I: Listen and decide whether the statements are true or false.(T3k106:55) 1. jiavin wants to drink some orange juice. 1= 2, reBarba B ra wants to have a sandwich Ir-A esx " "` ""` 3. Paul wants some cl'haq:e and an ice-cream. I -1. P lava isn't hungrY, but she wants some milk. T 5. Jim and Julie want to drink some tea. B. (T3-K I-10:12) F 1. The plane to Buenos Aires leaves at 2pm. 2. The bus station is in Mill Street. l :- -It-' 3. The journey to the airport takes 90 minutes. ,Ict.L lu,0, 4Litt x.f I- vi 4. i he man's ticket to Buenos Aires costs 300. (-1c0--'' 5. The coach costs 30.50. .4?) PART II: Listen and fill in the missing information. A. (T3-K I -14:40) Ton is had an accident He's hurt his: leg Nameof hospital: TY't le!;41-#r.L Room: Floor: 1 Visiting hours: 4 pm to it, every day 1-- t" Please take: /IV; ti, :.!ti.Cn'3 B.(1'3-1: 1-17:50)

L /7?


,,,RiF? ve

f? ai fi_. T


This weekend 1 % hy not visit Park Farm. in the lovely (1) N illuge of Newhampton. ee t e farm for a day in the country that the whole family will enjoy! Come and S h -,,,,,a15 nd take the children to the _a ..;tanC - ,(2). go for a walk across the i-cEi.d i'43) a lf-p`'` (a) or a drink mini zoo. Afterwards, you can look around the Gift Shop or have a , in the Black Cat Tea Room. From the Tea Room. you can whirs, (5) your children playing outside. 1 Park Farm is open every day from 1.- 7.;_, (6) in the morning to five o 'clock in((t8h7:;: evening. An adult ticket costs six pounds and children between three and 4r. pay costs i-q; four pounds. But you can save money with a family ticket which g at home! ,'-f Dogs are not allowed on the farm so please _ 6.4.141,___A (9) your do r the lage. The farm is very nea To find Park Farm. follow the ei; re,; (10) in the vil river. We look forward to seeing you Soon at Park Farm! Practice tests for B1 /14Thiflai 2011
page 14

mutt-mu ircsir 9
READING Reading I. Choose the best answer to complete the 1. John didn't come to work yesterday. He ,. A. must be *B. must have been C. cant be , le M) mother can notice other people's feelings. She's A_ moody : B. reliable fl -, / C.,, sensitive.: . 3. 1 .wet find n17 Ceak. 1 , it on e bus. i , -': .. , A. ran have left B. can leave C. leave 4. She sings very badly. She a member in the club. . A. is not B. can't be C. can't have been



D mustn't be people usually think the future will be good. A. ambitions:, B. generous C. patient 6. Yesterday they stayed at home all the time. They -7' A. can't have met D. mustn't have met B. can't meet D. mustn't meet 7. She weight. She must have been on a .4 A. will lose 0 13. lose lost D. I 8. OnlY when he took off the sunglasses, im. A. could 1 realize C. will I realize B. I could realize 9. 1 like animals don't make a me1s);1\will realize 11111 - A. who B. which C. they I). IQ. Sometimes I find it difficult to meet new people. I am rather A. easy going.. . 13. cheerful 1 1.1 had to drive to the factory to pick A. who his B. who 1111k21 .1 read a book about Picasso, A. is a Spanish painter C. a Spanish painter symbols B. who a Spanish painter is D. that is a Spanish painter le to understand the and 13. abbreviations When a dictionary, you need to be ab it contains.


(- A. having used

B. ibe

C. to13-se

s, we're noi%lonage g cons dering " Sk'iing I/41' IA- , extremely bad weather in the mountain n i ct that D. Due to the fa C. Since A' Due to . . ,lt B. Because ......1 .she knows ation can impivve her life. tit a good educ 15. Emily is motivated to study D. so 7 A. Therefore B. because of . C. because/

Reading 2. Choose the best in

FREE SOFAt itharea ci

terpretation for

cock sign/ pkorre.

Must have transport oning collect from John any ev this week. Phone 152611 to arrange
8 suitable a

A Join can cleaver the soft 0 Ow time is oonvenient 'v-El Anyone waning this sofa mot pidt it up that weak
C caY JON we FANC on mcf" rue can

transport Pus seta


'site 15 Practice tests for E1/NTMHa/2011


hire charge covers all the costs

A Inc:W iry fuel and Insurance B except insurance.

/C 'pan from fool


A Tell the doctor if you need to part(




Orly the doctor working today can park

IM )


Park in this space only in an emergency

A Held will start her new job in September fOluth wants Heidi to het) her find
on the nrw

.employment ' C Ruth


you dunk they'd take

,t as well? Lake

you. 1:m

reelable utast September. !A M you tell them about me

has offered In talk to Heidrs boss about her.


A Cameras Wading. 11
You must look after your

near this cameras here. owwwee.

iyhle building is

guarded by

estiont helow.(Read pd-r344
reed this taxi?
o In the text? '12 Why would sonitsbOdy

Reading 3. Read the pottage and Men unmet- the qu


wrier trying to d


to find o

ut about the weather


alma bad winter delving infOritialan about *Viler weather optima drawing In winter rder SOAK people about side cittAns in vA

driving teci9ons B for Information art OW downy C b Wen about W 0 to when to frivol *Ode


reall 16

Practice testa for 111/NTI 1tta/ 2011

Whist done the wider Nora-, c' A P17011110 I8 010[114 event llidV01$4.1 MI the snow 1)tivetti should exited ;Nubian' in winter. C t w inte MYR lati last in winter is
Which r,,,/i%

fAWhy doe, the Wrest flak ahem cup el whet? a b to expiate) the importance or smooth m ovements C mer,euee he thinks telnmenionta are ithpun 0 oose ter wen% drivers lo to more i to snow how it can be nth

D Winter drivers should use their brakes loss

1.101 *howl MS Main d 04 the iemr, t1






Winter Driving
Winti71 is ilativtous hectiose. it's so difficult to know w is going to happen and act- ii lents I itkv place so eAsily, hog cim be waiting to meet you over the top of it hill. Ice miktlit be hidiug beneath the inching snow, waiting to send you off the toad The cm cowing towards you may suddenly slide acrois the road ., Rule Number One for 411 i v tor on icy roads is to drive smoothly Uneven movements can make a cut suddenly very difficult to contori. So every time you either turn the wheel, touch the brakes or increase your spe.ed, you must be as gentle and slow as possible. Imagine you are driving with a full cup of hot coffee on the scat twat to you. Drive so that you wouldn't spill it, Rule Number Two is to pay attention to what might happen. The more ice there is. the further down the rood you have to look Test how long it takes to mop by gently braking. Remember that you may he driving more quickly than you think. in general, allow double your normal stopping distance when the road is wet, three times this distance on snow, and even more on ire. Try to stay in control of your car at all times and you will avoid trouble. Reading 4. each Hank. ('unpins the fallowing passage by chinning ;.4 one 0 I- the words from she No- w
ti.V1411.1 i g Plih


.1\ahuity arance,,A,

Other sought


301417d i

something commtm,i'ate




bees dance they are "apealking" bees_ nut Have you ever vouldicti hone) Scienlio3 have ( 1) shoal where their food is don't . have a language. other using a wide variety or (3)Chimpanzees communicate with each and to communicate with humans wind hand even (4) chimpanzees to use
4 PAP 17

Procure testa fur II

computer. (6)

animals also have forms of language. But they do not have the (7j.. put together sentences or to say (8) that has never been said (9) Experts h human beings. language is a skill unique (10)

Writing 1. Rewrite the sentence without changing its original meaning. 1. Despite having a car, Jeremy doesn't often drive it. Although Jcrcmy. 2. Mathew didn't set the alarm clock, he overslept . 4 If Mathew had 3. I'm completely pnf( 7kip I can not run a marathon. -alt is .(1. 1- 4. Never phone Me at work if it is not a real emergency. Unless it is 5. Patty is so hard working that she is sure to get on well 4 Patty is such , Lard..ato.'r.1 Writing 2. Build up senteftfelfrom I he prompts given. cierto Litt, 1. To improve/ knowledgeftsubject / research students / be/ req "r 2. They not afford/ large house/ because /it / too expensive.
r 11,

in her job.

attend / all lecture courses.

3. Whenever /we(have{ party / people/gather //drinks / kitchen //noisiest room,-house 4. Only when / last tree/ died /and / last fish /been /caught =it we/ realiz5kwey opt cat money

5. I / not have/ enough /qualification / so/ I /not' apply " job." company.

LISTENING PART I: Listen and decide whether the statemen

(T4-K14:00) 1. Teresa

ts arc true or false.

will buy Kevin a book for Christmas.

2. A football shirt is a Christmas present for Jon. n Christmas. 3. Paul's sister will get a ticket to sec a film o

4. Paul's parents like classical music. stmas. 5. Paul likes going out for a meal on Chri

1c_r B.


2. Carlos will have to pa' fifteen curt 3. Carlos will get he wants to take the books out. three tickets if at 10.30 am 4. On Saturdays the library operas 5. The library is in Murdock street. r is
Practice tests for 8 1/14ThiHa/Z011

1. Carlos

will take okient cavil !Q 91$ to join the library.


1-.F1 'TT?

F --4

Tir? r

par 18

A.(T41(1PART II: Listen and fill in the missing information.14:53) / Jackson's Garage Customer's name: Trouble with car: Office address: 31 Customer's phone number: Time of appointment: Color of car:

Mary Wilson _ Road

4 )


And now, in this part of the programme we try to put people in ( I) with their old school friends. So, if you remember any of these people and you want to i: (2) them again, then listen carefully. Right, now the first (3) this morning is Janet Craig. That's (4) C-RA-I-G and I'll give you her telephone number in a was at Green Park School in _(5) or so. Janet said she (6) London for six happy years, and she wants to meet all her old friends again. She started at the school in (7) and she was very '. ,T 71,:4 sorry when she left to get a job in So, if you were at / (9) School between those dates, then please phone Janetr

She's waiting to hear from you and her number is 587 634, that's 587 634. I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about! SPEAKING Talk about your job years ago. I have been 1 graduated from Hanoi National University of Education / university in working as a teacher of high school / college at for years. uite busy with my job. I have I teach to children / students of grade 10/11/12. 1 am q from 10 to 15 class hours every week. I usually have to stay up late to prepare lesson plans for my class. 1 sometimes attend some training workshops to improve my knowledge. For me, being a teacher is very interesting. In our country, teaching career is one of the most respectable jobs. Moreover, I have a good chance to meet different kinds of people. In addition, I especially enjoy working with children. They are wry active and lovely. Finally, as a teacher. I have a long summer holiday with my family. Talk about your living place
use)in the city centre/ in the suburb of the city/ in a small town/ I live in a small (large) flat (ho . My flat (house) is very near the shopping centre/ a school/ a hospital/ village in bank/ river... My neighbours are very kind and helpful. rooms in my flat/house. They are living room, 2 bedrooms. a study ram a lant some rose There are s. etables In veg small kitchen. There is also a small garden in my house. We p the garden. I /house because of the fresh air / the convenience. I like being at mv sweet enjoy living in my flat home very much. especially at weekends. We sometimes have a warm party with our

relatives/ friends then.

Practice tests for 131 /N Thilia/2011

Page 19



Reading I. I. I

Choose Use be answer to complete the sentence.

your car. I'm terribly :-A. have been crashing\lik have crashed C. crashed 1) ,A, as 2. 1 for you for ages. Where have you been? vA... have been waiting B. have waited C. 3. She met her first husband she was studying at university. A. for B. since ,,C. while 4. The situation was Nobody could do anything to A hopefulF1.4topeless C. hopy I). unlhipie 5. You have to pass a . .. to get your driving licence. A. exam driving B. driving exam ,C. driving test D test driving 6. You can receive my letter in 4 hours because it has been sent by .. A. air conditioning B. air line C. airport 41. airmail 7. lie gets lung cancer now because he for nearly all his life. B. has smoking C. smoked D. was smoking VA. has been smoking li. Someone my books. It isn't here. C. has been taking D. has B. has taken A. took 9 Vi'lly is your hair wet? I C. swam D. v+ .i . .:11,-... A have been swimming B. have swum yet 10. Peter has been ill for a week. Has he received any A. birthday cards B. business cards C. credit cards p. get-well cards we can find a '. 1 1 Sam and I will meet you at the restaurant tonight C. otherwise I). if N Although B. unless 12 It
13. loyks


they're going to succeed B. because of

their present difficulties. C. even though D. y et

e A tOevite

D. on to finish on finishing B. finishing C. about finishing went up last night. 14. It was important that they ..... .before the curtain ed C ..irriNed . D had atTlv A arm*: 11 li.o. e arrived nth century 15. 4,13ti flat was belie% ed t. in ,Ist reilrie in the fi I tee
,, A

Our ..,ucce...s depends

the project by December

1 he I arth

B I hat the I arth

C. As the I arth

I) A hcther the I arth

Reading 2. Choose the b

est interpretation for each sign' picture.

whom should H

okum most Me where


thairtnr dee

A at re ea* ID

Mown sales/ hero the pM opposte. Y coons S

O warjoi e

el the Ma Me

O t f dorm se she Ore orb% Join shor ./C


I Ohm Whim s "ow SNR4




A We offer a choice of Hatt

B This is the best area to find a flat.

C Flats in this area do not cost a lot.

A Elena and Tim have discovered annther What a fantastic city. We found the reetaurant rou recommended but it was *hurl Menu look. good value. eo weft definitely go before we leave Elena and Tim

good restaurant.

Elena and Tim think the restaurant's prices are reasonable.

C Elena and Tim will have to try the restaurant on their next visit.

Company Security
Office staff must have their identity cards with them at all times.

A The company Insists office workers carry an identity card. B Show your Identity card when asked to do so. C Staff identity cards are available at the office

A Swimming le not permitted where people are diving.


into the pool whore 01 You must not dive the water 13 shalow. C The water is no deep pool tor you to
ave. t

enough in Ws

seer the questions beh)w.tReadp4-13-P-') Reading 3. Read the passage and then WO rpose in writing this text? What is the writer's main pu A lo toll the realm her y Cite stor e reach), .a IC Introduce her dean lo th poneos monde C to explain how Inownolonsi com ht up a family D to tell the reader how she !Noug
Pair 41

Platy...Le tr,ti lot 81


When I opened the first 'Body Shop' in 1976 my only object was to earn r:vriyh to feed my Lbildren. Today -The Body Shop' is an international coy.; , growing all around the world. In the years since we began I have married a lot. Much of whist I have learned will be found in this book, fur I believe that we. as a company, have something worth saying about how to run a successful ho!,:nr!.. without giving up
what we really believe in.

It's riot a normal business book, nor is it just about my life. The 113106111p is that Cf. litICCet.d in business you have to be different liubmess can be tun, a business can be yself. run with love and it can du good. In business, as in life. I need to enjoy m to p d. I have always have a feeling of family and to feel excited by the unex ecte modihg people who weds fur 'The Body Shop' to feel the same way. th sends these ideas of mine out into the world. makes ou Public. mily'. no limits to *hat can be done. I'd like to think there are no limits to our 'fa , too. I find dial l ing dill i tuPe you do
passage by choosing one of she words from Or box to

Rending 4. aga Mast

( 'intsplete the following

fill each blank. tai

lige,sii'cil wrote 0

from until ;

invert/ion cheap poitilor before

alli.ient invetted

per about 2,000 years ago. Chinese paperniakers used fibers 500 ancient Chinese invented Pa per-making spread out from Chins about rags. The art of pa 1)4KM' tree hark and old (2)rt. to.. It finally arriv d in Europe about 900 years ago e PAP 42

' Uri.* tr`-l" The (3) of the printing press in the 1400s made books (4) , and the demand increased. All paper was handmade (5)LX.. 1798. That's when a Frenchman named Ni Robert (6)iik.-4.4A papermaking machine that could make paper (7) ....... continuous rolls. Before the invention of paper, ancient people (8)P".1 many different surfaces for writing.' They (9p10.e.on clay, wood, stone, and metals. More than 4,500 years ago, the (10) Egyptians made a paperlike material from a plant called papyrus.
leR I T I N G

riling I. Rewrite the sentence without changing its original meaning.

1. 1 have never seen such an amusing film as jl)at one. 4 'That's the..W.i.t c... M i. 'f ik.1 ..k A' 1 2. Helen regrets not telling ljer brother the truth. 4 Helen wishes .44 ...... 3;21.4. * 4 . .1s.i.' V '3. Everybody says that Florence is the most romantic city in Italy. 4 Florence is said ',:" ..... bk.".L.:.:;1:...L . a-..c.,:...;..:1-.7;4.. --" ,.4 it. " Why don't we go to the theatre for a change ?"A' said Fiona. -, Fiona suggested ..., ' #f- -}; ', ,. .1 couldn't hear them becauw they spoke too softly, , , i, If they. it,. ' '.i - ict.,..ceit.,.). .g44. "

Writing 2. Build up sentences from the prompts given. 1.There used//be /lot /trees /both sides / this road. 'caw_ 4.0 4.1-, 2. boy / so intelligent / he /do /every exercise / course-book. It
. If /you/ tact/ you /not/ have
U. Yqucue


/ You / go straight in.
r lett/ t.



Nowadays/ cigarette smoking / be / ban / many places /especially / th


e U. S. A. ( go

%a/ W.41/4 t re,04/1.(1 If/ 1/ be / younger II/ join / danciniclub.

h4ltt-ted c L AS

LISTENING true or false. (Pot12-T1-P3) PART I: Listen and decide whether the statements are I. The Railway Princess is on TV from 9.00 to 10.30 ch. 2. There is a music program for teenagers before lun 3. You can see a football match between Brazil and Ireland. 4. If the weather is bad. there will be no skiing. 5. In the quiz program, teams have to guess the person. PART Listen and fill in the missing information.
(Psr1 311-r3)

:171? !?



Man: ..and finally Mary James has been visiting the you tell us about it, Mary?
Practice tests for 81 CEF WINIfta-2011

new Sea life Centre at Plymouth. What can

page 43

Mary: Well it's an extremely exciting place

,1.114141.4.4.Lt I 1 as well as educational. It . There are su many things to see and everything is over -sixiies and school costs 3.70 for adults, L2 for children and less for ( ). 26th of December. It's open every day of the year except the 25th and aSpecial attractions for children include a qui. alit hourly feeding times for all the differ nimals and ent fish, starting at .:. ', ireonormousofsea to the smallest.. ___(3). You can see everything here from the most ._... ,,,__

Every morning from 10.00 there are slide and video .......

_(4) for children in the sea life theatre, and someone is always there to answer questions about what you've seen. If yyou are in a group of six or more people , they can give you a : ,L (5) guide tour of the centre. But you need to arrange this at the information desk when you arrive. The latest .1!'LL___,. L _(6) at the centre is a big glass tunnel you can walk through; all around you, you will see enormous lish swimming - sometimes even over your ((7), 7) You certainly have the clearest possible view of the world beneath the waves. hildren love it and it's really 10 z,t4,, , (8) for adults too! When you get hungry, there is a relaxed familS' dining area j)ir__A!. + (9) snacks, cold drinks and ice creams. Near the main entrance there is an excellent booksliti; and there's also a (10) shop selling all kinds of things connected with the sea. -_-C,,,&1Lytir 1 warmly recommend this visit; fiir more infonnation phone 01743 564219. SPEAKING Talk about your childhood What did you do?.. When did you do that? Where did you do that? low feel? -

go fishing. swim, fly a kite, pick up fruits/ wild flowers, sing, dance, cook, have a party, study in rows._

in the early morning. afternoon, evening, at weekend, during summer holiday, during/ on Tel holiday, in free time...

an the grassland. in happy. excited the fields, in the funny, enjoyable, mountains, in the frightened, eager... river, strewn, along p the beach, in the ark, in the zoo...
_ (year). I grew UP in a big

in village / town / city in _____ I was born small s .amily with in myagrandparents, parents, my brothers and sisters. "rely childhood was very enjoyable with my friends_ When I was young. I used to play game with other f the same age in my neighbour in the glIernoon. We usually went children o cked up fruits and wild flowers in the field together. We sometimes fishing, flew kites, and pi a small party in my house. Each of us in the group brought practiced cooking and had winthing to a meal and we had fun together.


Talk about your future plan.

S + be goin

g to + V or S + will + V How? om? With wh rs, brothe friends. day by :asters. by: practicing


Iglliet married, have y more children. stud more. study abroad look for a new job build a house, s tart ness my own busi

to " colleagues k to loo more "W chances. to for more have experience ..


to earn

day, working harder, working with printers, dvertisements, reading a asking friendir. relatives

Practiev tests for H I CEF-NThi lial 70 11


for hriP-

r,isr 44




'4 -11 k
1 ,,
I 1 1

uwrifirpg los Ioricos/Nilpilla 2011


*Alihoingli ) tspit / In spite of ,, 1, I is nearly SO vrais t-.1111

I. Althoityli Despite.. 2. Althon h

D C V O('

1 , , , " .

Ill Itl r 1)110

IR v. they can


3. She e'er y well, hot Nile Cain (1:1111C. Although 4. My mother is very thin .11thinii1ii ear. a lot. Despite ..... , 5 We word iota althi was ye! In spite 6 l siine limning very last. he didn't catch the bus . A It II( awl' 7 Despite having a lot of money. I lefty wasn't happy. Although K, hi spite of having a go4x1 salary, my father doesn't like the company Although 9. Despite the had weather, they went to the beach, Although, loin spite of the fact that the film was interesting, few pei iple saw II. Although..


too -3 v000gh



Orli, 0,--Lot
'1+11 4 "A

4 P le Mtj


2. rnik test is iit) difficult for us i This test isn't...-. 3. lite child is too short to reach the ceiling. child isn't ' 4. ibis shirt is too large for'tne to wear. This shi hTe 31.1Ennsive for us to buy. car is ittivo.murc babies. 6. She is She isn' 7. it is too it isn't . low for the traffic to travel 8. The bridge is too The bridge isn't .......... y son. are too Ion for m

I. 'Ilie room is too small lot I() /Hi plc llte rtM0111 isn't.


The jeans are .... 10.The film is too boring to see. The film isn't
111. su ...... that 4 such ... that

The weather is so cold that we can't go out. It

is such ...........

2. The book is so interesting that she read it many times. It is such..:,,. 3. The room was so small that we couldn't put all the furniture into it. h was such ......... 4. The football match was so exciting that they didn't go to bed last night. It 5. The garden is so big that there are so many kinds of flowers are planted there. 6. The dress is so nice that she wears it three times a week. 7. The holiday was so expensive that we couldn't afford. It. 8. Milk is so hot that the child can't drink. It 9. The meat was so bad that we threw it away. It lane food was so delicious that we ate it all.



1. My car is faster than your ear/ yours.

4 Your ear is ' t in the city 2. Life in the country is cheaper than tha 4 Life in the city is. 3. Canada is larger than the U.S.A.
4 The U.S.A is 4. My mother is younger than s our mo ths r. 4 Your mother is.. 5. English is easier than Russian. ; 4 Russian is .1u,4. 6. Life in the city is noisier than that in the country. 4 Life in the country is. 7. Today is hotter than yesterday. 4 Yesterday was an our house. 8. My house is farther from sk,hool th

4 Your house is .........

9. Our eyes arc more impoi tam than ow 4 Our ears are. lo. oranges arc mow ex polls' vt. thAn 4 Apples are_ . I I . Football is moll. ipul i Ilion pull. -30 Gulf is 12.11e is more intelliycnt than his trot 4 llis brothel is 13. Paris is more interesting than Melt 4 Melbourne is ..... 14. Men are usually wore gene us ihan women. 4 Women arc 15. New York is more ninduin than Oxford. -3 Oxford is Superlative Russia is the bigrest country in the world. 4 No other country in the world .............. 2. Mount Everest is the IligheSt In untinti in the %via hi. 4 No other !maintain. 3. The Nile is the longest live, in the world. 4 No oilier river ............. world. 4. The Amazon is the largest river in the 4 No other river.,, S. Mexico City is the biggest city in the world. 4 No other city 6. Oxford is the oldest ersity in Europe.

4 No other university t animal 7. Cheetah is the fastes 4 No other animal

K. Tom

is the younges 4 No one else telligent student in lily group. 9. Peter is the most in 4 No one else r is the most beautiful person in my family. 10. My mothe 4No one else....................... ppiest girl in her group. No I. Mary is the ha one else ..................
V. Started V-Ing have been V-ing
I.% al l

t boy in my class,

d playing I. They starte They ave..1,1i- (.. 1 t ,

hour a


Ile has

SidliIt'll 11.`3111illg ..1/4


0.11 ago

I 11.IN't' .` 4. NVe bcgoll


licti 1



1%'.11 t. 01.1

s hcyaii cookiiir ut twin My moilii 0. We slatted the no\ el 1.1q Smith). We have 7. It how s Ago. It has 8. Sic I 11111r, V1/4111.11 .In' -' 1 C.11 s She I m 9, We scatted haVilig 1.111111e1 .11 11111. We have, VI,

have never...1)011e I lhoc

This is the firs1 (line...,


IIll I. Illl III \I 11114 11.0 c I " ci _1 Fin. IS Ina IHilt

Ow.. 111111 hcloik,

3. thN
his iN Ilse files 11111e She has never been .11,1 is Is They have 11CV11111C1 This is the..'.:' ).hi



111,14 II

h. This is the first huh. 1.1h. lie d .111 eV. 11111r 10.1111,111 1 have 7. "I"hh, i% the hist lime Ile ha: 141tIllet1 lie has 8. This is the lit time they Iiii c It' !It 'NI t it Thty have t1 ic.111 110411., I' c c> 11. This is the I've iievcrrAgl,1 Intl ail I've 4..,0 10:11iis is ikair lidoilecni m I've never... t e Ilat1 I I:1111% is the hottest day of the We've never. we'%e eVl It :11111e 12.111i% is the must difficult f t I WC' VC DCVO


4 I Juless .....................
RirwrItInu sonfuncos/Nrhilla 2011

4 If you arc so tired, you can stop working. 2. II' they don't get up early, they will be late for the meeting.4 Unless 3. The children will be very happy if they know you're visiting Mem this aftvrnimiii. 4 Unless 4. We won't gel the good salary if we don't work hanky. 4 Unless
5. If the earth gets wanner. the sea will get warmer. Unless 6. If you stop smoking, you'll feel better. 4 Unless 7. You will be able to pass the exam if you study much harder.

4 Unless 8. If there isn't any fod, I'll get a pizza.

4 Unless 9. He'll be very surprised if you tell him the truth. 9 Unless 10. If my sister doesn't get married this year, she'll go abroad for further siudy. -3 Unless

I. My husband has given up working in that company. My husband 2. They have given up chatting with each other for hours. They used bed. 3. My sister has given up eating sweets before going to My

sister used . 4. Ile has stopped going fishing in Mat area.

He used oney. 5. We have given up playing cards for m We used too much about the same things. 6. My mother has given up talking My mother used 7. I have given up cycling to school. I used 8. 'they have stopped going out too late at night. They used .................. 9. We don't eat chocolate any more.
f 1;

We used ..... r any Imam. 10. They don't love each othe


They used ...... IX. :VII (V-ed) 4 Ad] (V-in ) 1. They are very bored with the story. Tlw story is

41111 ewritl


2. The children are very interested in the lesson. 4 The lesson is 3. We are amazed at his behaviour. 4 His behaviour is 4. Peter is really shocked at the news. 4 The news is 5. 1 was very tired of the journey. 4 The journey was 6. They are very worried about the exam. 4 The exam is 7. We were excited about last summer holiday. 4 Last summer holiday 8. My family is very fascinated with this programme. 4 This programme is 9. My brother is really annoyed with the result of his football match. 4 The result of 10.We were very interested in the art museum. 4 The art museum
X. Passive voice

d. 1. They make Roll Royce cars in Englan 4 Roll Royce cars 2. People grow rice in the south of Vietnam. 4 Rice , he supermarket. 3. They sell a lot of fresh food in t
Dalat. 4. People grow many roses in f 4 Many roses.. ?." 5. The postman delivers my post every day. 4 My 6. Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
r ne 4 The 7. Theytelepho built this school ten years ago. 4 This school

4 A lot of

8. Thieves stole two pictures from the museum last night.

I. She doesn't understand how much suffering she has caused Little

2,11er grief was so great that she almost fainted. So great .

3. "If



you want to save your eyesight, we must operate immediately." C1441 Only by , 4. Cheques should only be accepted with proof of identity. Never ..;!.. 5. I only realized my mistake when they told me about it later. Only when ., 6. You won't find a more dedicated worker anywhere than Mrs. Jones. t Nowhere :44 7. I only recognized him when he came into light. Not until ..t. 8. He didn't return to his native village until the war ended. -

,M.riu 4

1r .1r

Not until 9. You won't find a school anywhere whose pupils get such good results. Nowhere .4 -.10. Our neighbour has never invited us into his house. Not once has I . 64

tub w

o w" .4

I Everyone started complaining as soon as the announcement was made. No sooner Ay., walk. No 12. He got down to writing the letter as soon as he returned from his sooner ' fe. 1 3. Tear gas was released as soon as the thief touched the sa No soonefr..k.J. A AA:I...I.... 1A X
tfV"A 4. ;4- ;

Si fl S V--

14. Just after solving one problem. I was faced wit

Hardly 15. She had hardly begun to sp Hardly eak when people started

h another.

nterrupting her


I. Ilc's
Ile must 2. 1



n the Grand Hotel. 6.41



quit e s ur e t hat s

he didn't st e al t he ne c kla ce

Sentence rewriting for Ill/N7'hili



tux tri.

She can't . 3. She most certainly wasn't in London on the 26th. She can't 4. Perhaps Brian went home early. Brian may i

5.1 am sure Allen made the announcement. I recognized his voice. It must ., 6. I wasn't in the office yesterday, so it was possible that you spoke to in) assistant. You could 7. Is there a possibility that you left the key in the door?" "Could you ; 8. "Is it possible for you to attend the conference?" "Will you IA, 9. There's no possibility for him to come. He's busy with his assignment. Ile will not 10.11e appears to be running away from your fierce dog. Ii It looks as if.1. .....e.d.ttx

f: I I. It's my impression that she's enjoying the party a great deal. She looks as if ..--.; ,. He walks as if ..4.4 ..... t...1.4.:: 1.a...4..

12. Look at the way he walks. I do think that he has a wooden leg. 13. Everyone shares a feeling that he considers us all idiots. Ile treats us as if ...L...( .....


14. Michelle makes an air of addressing a public meeting whenever Michelle always talks as if ...1.:. lie talks as if . fit. 4 D., - L -a .....; ;
1.:...L. ' ...0

he talks.

he work himself.
..., ' .1. - -

15. He creates a leans, among our colleagues that he did all t

ALL SENTENCE STRUCTURES h this exercise. 1. If he doesn't help me, I won't be able to finis 4 mpagne. 2. Whisky is more expensive than cha 4 Champagne " still young in her spirit. 3. Although she is 75 years old, she is 4 Despite
4. They invented television in the early 196 century.
Sentence rewriting for BI/N7 k 1,11tv201 2

4 5. Perhaps she will get a good job soon. 4 She..14..1 ..... ;. 6. My grandfather has given up fishing in that lake. 4 My grandfather 7. Our students are wearing jeans because they want t > In order to 8. The holiday is too expensive for me to hook. 4 The holiday isn't . 9. They started working in the factory 5 years ago. 4 They have 10. We have never seen this movie before. 4 This is the first time 11.The novel is so interesting that I have read it twice. 4 It is such ....... 12. Despite having a good salary, Dennis doesn't feel happy. 4 Although 13. "Would you like to go to the cinema tonight?" Peter asked me. 4 Peter invited me 14. My brother will repair the bicycle tomorrow. 4 The bicycle 15. Mary has given up working as a nurse in the hospital. 4 Mary used 16. My mother started cooking at 6pm. 4 My mother has xt few days. 17. The patient might feel better in the ne 4 Perhaps the patient 18. The task is too difficult for us to finish. 4 The task isn't 19. They will be very happy if they get good marks in the exam. 4 Unless 20. They are eating a lot because they want to put on weight. 4 In order to bed for a few days.. the doctor said. 21. "You should stay in 4 The doctor advised me 22. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. 4 No other ocean 23. My children have never played this game before. 4 This is the first time

Sentence rewriting

for 111/NThilia/201 I

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24. The old teaching method is boring to the students. The students.. utt4 ...... ts:.1....,4 ..4. i.. " ' .:.. ;.-...25. Despite having a car, my brother can't drive. Although 26. They are trying to get a visa because the want toiso to So as to 27. We won't be able to see the film if the pow Unless


28. The cat is so lovely that my daughter sometimes shares the

It is such

29. Your aunt is too old to wear j Your aunt isn't 30. Dogs are lovelier than cats. Cats 31. I have given up riding a bicycle to work. I. 32. Perhaps they will be late for class because of the heavy traffic. They 33. The government will solve the problem of traffic jamc, The problem of.. it. -A 34. It started snowing here some minutes ago. It has 35. Despite eating a lot, I'm still very thin. Although 36. Russia is the largest country in the world. No other country 37. I'm not rich. I don't own a car. If 38. The music is so loud that I can't hear your voice. It is such 39. David has given up going to night clubs. David used t to wake the children UP. 40. We left the room quietly because we don't wan So as .C1.1 41. "Don't shout like that." She asked us to us. 42. His sudden disappearance was surprising We 43. This is the first time I have ridden a horse.