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With anti-armor and air-to-air capability, the Bell AH-1Z engages and defeats the broadest array of threats, at standoff ranges that defy imagination.

OVERVIEW Delivering unmatched multi-mission exibility, threats are dispatched while employing advanced counter measure technologies, making it the ultimate attack helicopter. The Bell AH-1Z and the Bell UH-1Y have 84% identicality and commonality of major components. Shared dynamics, avionics and survivability suites vastly reduce the logistical tail, procurement and training costs required to support a large eet of mixed type aircraft.


Fully integrated, night vision goggle (NVG) compatible glass cockpit Advanced Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) suite and ballistically hardened components offer protection from a broad range of modern threat weapons Energy attenuating seats and airframe construction provide outstanding crew protection

WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SERVICES THE WORLD OVER Every Bell Helicopter is backed by around-the-clock, award winning customer support. Bell Helicopters comprehensive, global service network is rated #1 in the industry. On every continent, in every region, we stand behind each aircraft with the expertise, parts and service needed to meet your mission requirements.


Max Speed, KIAS Cruise Speed, KTAS Sideward/Rearward Flight, KIAS Max Autorotation Speed, KIAS Combat Radius, nm Maneuverability

200 139 45 120 131 nm -0.5 to +2.5 g 18,500 5,764 412.5 T700-GE-401C 1800 shp 2

Max Gross Weight, Pounds Max Useful Load, Pounds

The Bell AH-1Z is purpose built to meet the stringent performance and readiness requirements of the USMC. The most technically advanced Helmet Mounted Sight and Display system available, the Optimized TopOwl delivers mission critical data while reducing cockpit workload.

Fuel Capacity, Gallons


Model Output, Uninstalled, Each Engine



Target identication is crucial in the modern battleeld. The Bell AH-1Zs Target Sight System provides the longest range and highest accuracy of any helicopter sight in the world.

With virtually identical front and rear glass cockpits, fully integrated weapons, avionics and communications systems, the Bell AH-1Z ies with the most advanced aircraft weapons and survivability equipment in the world.



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