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Delhi Technological University Scheme of Examination And Course of Reading For Proposed Sylla us !

" Tech" #Automo ile Engineering$ Semester % Semester %% Examination Examination &ovem er' +ay' &ovem er' +ay' &ovem er' +ay' &ovem er' +ay' ()*) ()** ()** ()*( ()*( ()*()*()*.

Semester %%% Examination Semester %, Examination Semester , Examination

Semester ,% Examination Semester ,%% Examination Semester ,%%% Examination

Sylla us applica le to the students see/ing admission to the !" Tech" #Automo ile$ course in the academic year ()*)"

DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY NEW SCHEME OF EXAMINATION *" There shall e the follo0ing four year Degree courses under the Faculty of Technology" i" ii" iii" iv" v" vi" vii" viii" ix" x" xi" xii" xiii" xiv" (" !achelor of Technology #Electronics 1 Communication$ !achelor of Technology #Computer$ !achelor of Technology #Electrical$ !achelor of Technology #+echanical$ !achelor of Technology #Production 1 %ndustrial$ !achelor of Technology #Civil$ !achelor of Technology #Environmental$ !achelor of Technology #Polymer Science 1 Chemical Technology$ !achelor of Technology #%nformation Technology$ !achelor of Technology #!io Technology$ !achelor of Technology #Soft0are Engineering$ !achelor of Technology #Electrical 1 Electronics$ !achelor of Technology #Automo ile Engg$ !achelor of Technology #Engineering Physics$

in addition to the conditions laid do0n in 2rdinance %' a candidate see/ing admission to any of the a ove Courses of study for the !achelor3s Degree should satisfy the follo0ing conditions" (a) Educationa !ua i"ication#$ A candidate passing any one of the follo0ing examinations and securing 4) percent or more mar/s in the aggregate of Physics' chemistry and +athematics shall e eligi le for admission to the first Semester of !achelor of Technology Course provided he5she has passed in each su 6ect separately 7

i" ii" iii" iv"

Senior Schools Certificate Examination #*( year course$ of the Central !oard of Secondary Education #C"!"S"E"$' &e0 Delhi" %ndian School Certificate Examination #*( 8ear course$ of the Council for %ndian School Certificate Examination' &e0 Delhi" !"Sc" #9en"$ 9roup :A3 final Examination of the University of Delhi or e;uivalent examination" !"Sc" #<ons"$ Examination in Physics' chemistry and +athematics of the University of Delhi 0ith com ination of Physics' Chemistry' +athematics and e;ual 0eightage to the su sidiary su 6ects or e;uivalent examination" Any other examination recogni=ed as e;uivalent to the Senior School Certificate Examination of the C"!"S"E y the University of Delhi" A candidate must additionally have passed English as a su 6ect of study at the *( th class level #core or elective$ (


NOTE > There shall e no direct admission to any level of the Courses a ove the %st Semester" -" Under each !"Tech" Degree course certain su 6ects are offered 0hich can e classified as Theory5 Practical5 Dra0ing5 Design5 Pro6ect5 Practical Training" Further classification is ased on the relationship of the su 6ects 0ith the degree courses admitted to' namely <umanities and Social Science5 !asic Sciences5 Allied engineering' Departmental' core' etc" in addition to the a ove' a su 6ect could e classified as a compulsory one or as one of the pre?re;uisite for another su 6ect" The Committee of courses and Studies of the concerned Department shall do this classification" ." A student 0ho 6oins the first semester 0ill e automatically' deemed to have registered for the su 6ects 0hich are listed under the first Semester of the SU99ESTED SC<E+E 2F @EAR&%&9" Every student is re;uired to register for the su 6ects to e taught in the second and su se;uent semesters" This process of registration shall start 6ust efore the start of next semester" The student 0ill also indicate during registration of su 6ect5 su 6ects of earlier Semester#s$ in 0hich he5 she desire to appear' if other0ise eligi le" Such a student 0ill e allo0ed to appear in the End Semester Examination and his5 her mar/s of mid terms activities 0ill remain unaltered since attendance is compulsory' a student 0ill e permitted to register for course5 courses 0hich he can attend" The num er of theory su 6ects permitted 0ill not e more than six" The total duration of contact period should not ordinarily exceed thirty t0o hours per 0ee/" !"Tech Degree shall e a0arded if a student has earned a minimum of ((B credits as specified in each degree program su 6ect to rea/ up and compulsory credit as mentioned there in" <o0ever' a student may register in su 6ects leading to a maximum of (.) credits in the entire course" A student should /eep a 0atch on his progress and register in those papers in 0hich he must earn the credit to satisfy the a ove re;uirement of the particular degree" %f a student earns more than a specified minimum credit for degree the est mar/s in the minimum credits #satisfying the a ove conditions$ 0ill e considered for the purposes of classification of result" %& E'a uation and R('i() The committee of Courses 1 Studies in each Department shall specify the follo0ing for the degree course>? #a$ # $ Suggested Scheme of @earning" +inimum credits needed for the degree course and rea/ up in terms of classification of courses i"e" a" " <umanities and Social Sciences !asic Sciences -


c" d" e" f" g"

Allied Engineering Departmental Core Practical Training Unspecified5 Elective and Pro6ect"

The committee of courses 1 Studies in each Department shall appoint one or more Evaluation?cum? Revie0 Committees each dealing 0ith group of su 6ects" This E"R"C consist of the teachers 0ho are li/ely to teach su 6ects in the group" The E"R"C" has the follo0ing functions> i" to recommend appointment of paper setters5 examiners of various examinations at the start of each Semester" ii" to get prepared ;ui==es' assignments' test papers etc" for the mid?term and the end semester examination and to get them evaluated" &ormally each concerned teacher' 0ho is also a mem er of E"R"C"' 0ill do this 6o for his class" <o0ever' in exceptional circumstances any part the 0or/ 0ill e entrusted to some other mem er of E"R" C" iii" The mode of evaluation of the mid?term activities 0hose 0eightage shall e -)C and the end of term examination 0hose 0eightages shall e D)C #The mid?term activities 0ill e one midterm test or ()C 0eightage 0hich 0ill e supplemented y assignments' ;ui==es etc" for a theory course 0ith 0eightage of *)C$" For a practical course' -)C 0eightage e given for internal evaluation and D)C for End Semester Examination" At the end of the Semester' the E"R"C" Chairman 0ill send to the University the consolidated mar/s for the mid?term activities and the End Semester in separate column for ta ulation and for declaration of results" iv" to consider the individual representation of students a out evaluation and ta/e the remedial action if needed" After scrutini=ing the E"R"C may alter the mar/s a0arded up0ard5 do0n0ard" The decision of the ERC shall e final" The candidate shall apply for the same on a prescri ed Proforma along 0ith the evaluation fee prescri ed the University from time to time only for the end Semester Examination 0ithin seven days from the date of declaration of result" v" to moderate the ;ui=5 assignment test papers given y each concerned teacher in class 0ith a vie0 to maintain uniformity of standards and course coverage amongst various classes and to attain stipulated level of learning" vi" to revie0 and moderate the midterm and end term results of each class 0ith a vie0 to maintain uniformity of standards and course coverage amongst various classes and to attain stipulated level of learning" vii" to lay guidelines for teaching a su 6ect"


C a##i"ication o" R(#u t$ A student has to secure .)C or more mar/s in a su 6ect evaluation to earn the credits assigned to the su 6ect" A student after having secured the minimum credit as needed for the degree course 0ill e eligi le for the a0ard of degree" The final result 0ill e evaluated as elo0> Each su 6ect 0ill carry *)) mar/s"

average mar/s =

#Credits +ar/s Secured$ # Credits$

#See clause A for est grades in the minimum credits$

The final result 0ill e classified ased on the average mar/s as follo0s" First Class 0ith Distinction DAC or more First Class 4)C or more ut less than DAC Second Class A)C or more ut less than 4)C Pass Class .)C or more ut less than A)C B" A student has to put in a minimum of DAC attendance separately in each su 6ect for 0hich he has registered" A relaxation up to a maximum of (AC may e given on the production of satisfactory evidence that> #a$ # $ The student 0as usy in authori=ed activities" The student 0as ill"

&ote>? #i$ A student should su mit the evidence to the a ove fact 0ithin three 0or/ing days of resuming the studies" Certificates su mitted later 0ill not e considered" #ii$ &o relaxation in attendance eyond (AC is permitted in any case" #iii$ The registration of a student stands cancelled if his attendance re;uirements are not satisfied in the su 6ect" E" The duration of the course is not less than B Semesters and the span is not more than *. semesters" A student 0ho earn *A credits or less at the end of the first semester 0ill receive a 0arning for his5her poor performance' if he fails to earn at least (A credits at the end of the second semester' he has to leave the course and institution" in case a student has not earned a minimum of *)) credits at the end of eight semester' his admission to the course and the institution stands cancelled" The admission stands cancelled at the end of *. semester in any case" *)" The %nstitution 5University may cancel the registration of all the su 6ects in a given semester if> *" (" **" The student has not cleared the dues to the institution 5hostel" A punishment is a0arded leading to the cancellation"

At discretion of the institution the result may e 0ithheld even if the registration of the student stands" There shall e a Central Advisory Committee consisting of the follo0ing> #a$ Dean' Faculty of Technology' #Chairman of the Committee$ A

# $ #c$ #i$ #ii$ *("

<eads' of the %nstitutions" <eads of the Departments in the Faculty of Technology"

This Committee shall have the follo0ing functions> @ay guidelines for the process of registration" 9ive an interpretation of the rules in case of difference of opinion 0hich shall e inding on all" Under very exceptional conditions minor relaxations in rules may e allo0ed and implemented y the Central Advisory Committee" <o0ever' same relaxation in rules can not e granted in a su se;uent semester" in case the conditions 0arrant such a relaxation again' the rules shall have to amended" For all Theory Papers #Code>T<$ there is one min?semester test of -) mar/s #()F*) Assignments$ and an end?semester exam" of - hours duration for D) mar/s" The total mar/s for the Theory Papers is thus *))" For all Practical Papers #Code> PR$ there is semester assessment of -) mar/s and an end semester exam of - hours or . hours duration for D) mar/s" The total mar/s for the Practical paper is thus *))" For all valuation of Sessional #Code7 ,S$ there is semester assessment of *)) mar/s" There is no end? semester exam for these courses" Credit of ,S are not included in the total credits of semester" <o0ever' it is mandatory to pass the ,S course" At ,%% and ,%%% semester levels there is assessment of Practical Training Reports y a duly constituted !oard" The report is to e su mitted y summer 50inter rea/s" The total mar/s associated 0ith each Practical Training Report is *)) mar/s of 0hich -) mar/s are a0arded y the department on the asis of supervision of %ndustrial Training" At ,%%% semester level there is assessment of Pro6ect Report y a duly constituted !oard" The report is to e su mitted y the student of the pro6ect 0or/ performed at the ,%% and ,%%% semester levels" The total mar/s associated 0ith the pro6ect report is *)) mar/s of 0hich -) mar/s are a0arded y the department on the asis of guidance of Pro6ect Gor/" The total credits in all scheme of examination to !"Tech" Courses upto ,%%% semester 0ill e (.) and the denominator for calculation of average mar/s for final result 0ill e ((B" the pro6ect and the Practical Training after , 1 ,% Semester are mandatory" Candidates securing (-4 to (.) credits are declared to have passed !"Tech" Final examination" Candidates securing ((E to (-A credits are declared to have passed !"Tech" Final examination provided they s/ip5 fail in not more than . credits in C2RE" Candidates securing exactly ((B credits are declared to have passed !"Tech" Final examination' provided they s/ip5 fail in not more than . credits in core' not more than . credits in Applied Engineering' and not more than . credits in Applied Sciences 1 <umanities"

G(n(+a Not(#$ *"

(" -"



4" D" B" E" *)"

AUTOMO,ILE ENGINEERING DE-ARTMENT Su..a+/ o" R('i#(d Scheme of Examination Total Credits for !"Tech" Degree> (.) Semester 0ise> %?-)' %%?-)' %%%?-)' %,?-)' ,?-)' ,%?-)' ,%%?-)' ,%%%?-) Distri ution of credits> Su 6ects % %% %%% %, , ,% ,%% ,%%% Total Credits (.) < *E *. )B )) ). )) )) )) 45 A ** )D )4 )D )4 ))B )B 56 C )) )E *4 (() (D (( (( 139 57.91 T2TA@ CRED%TS -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) (.) *))C +

18.75 23.33 Percentage Contents of <' A' C < <umanities' Social Studies and !asic Sciences A C + Allied Engineering

Core #include ma6or pro6ect and practical training also$ +andatory Core

Indu#t+ia t+ainin0 o" %12 )((3# du+ation du+in0 #u..(+ 'acation# a"t(+ %t4 #(.(#t(+ and 5 )((3# a"t(+ 6t4 #(.(#t(+& ,S #Evaluation of sessional courses have een converted in the form of regular theory or practical course 0ith End Semester Examination$

SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR BTech. FIRST SEMESTER #Common to all ranches$ S.No Course Subject LTP Evaluat o! . T<* T<( T<T<. T<A T<4 PR* PR( PRPR. No. +A *)* <U *)( P< *)C< *). EE *)A %T *)4 P< *)D C< *)B EE *)E %T **) +athematics?* Communication s/ills Applied Physics Applied Chemistry Electrical sciences Fundamentals of %nformation Technology Applied Physics @a Applied Chemistry @a Electrical Sciences @a %nformation Technology -*) (*) -*) -*) -*) (*) ))( ))( ))( ))( 78 4+# Sessional -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) End D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D)

Total Mar"s *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) 9888

Cre# t T$%e .< -< .< .< .A -A (< (< (A (A 78

@a TOTAL -+actic(

SUGGESTED SCHEME FOR BTech. SECOND SEMESTER (Co..on to a :+anc4(#) S.No . T<* T<( T<T<. T<A T<4 PR* PR( PRPR. Course Subject LTP -*) ()) .)) .)) -*) ()) ))))( ))( ))78 4+# LT-*) -*8 -*) -*) Evaluat o! Sessional -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) End D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) Total Mar"s *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) 9888 TOTAL MAR< *)) 988 *)) *)) Cre# t T$%e .< (A .< .< .C (A -A (C (A -C 78 CREDI T .C .< .C .< B

No. +A *** +athematics?%% E& **( Environmental Science AS **Applied Physics?%% AS **. Engineering +aterials +E **A !asic +echanical Engineering C2E**4 Programming Fundamentals +E **D Engineering 9raphics C2E**B Programming @a P< **E Applied Physics @a PE *() Gor/shop Practice TOTAL -+actic( B.Tech Th r# Se&ester '(uto&ob le ) S& NO& T<* T<( T<-H T< . COURSE SU,;ECT NO& AE? ?()* Ther&o#$!a& cs AE? ?()( NUMERICAL TECHNI!UES AE? ?()- E!* !eer !* Mecha! cs AE? ?(). !uantitati'( T(c4ni=u(#

EVALUAT ION -) D) 78 *8 -) D) -) D)

ThA Th4 Pr* PR ( PR -

AE?? ()A AE?? ()4

M(ta u+0/ -+inci> (# o" Manu"actu+in0 S/#t(.# AE?? ()D -+inci> (# o" Manu"actu+in0 S/#t(.# La:?Wo+3#4o> AE?? ()B (uto&ob le E!* !eer !* Dra+ !* AE??()E Ther&o#$!a& cs, E!* !eer !* Mecha! cs Lab AE (*) Sel- Stu#$ T2TA@

-)) -)) ))( ))))( ))* -) <RS LT-*) -)) -*) -)) -*) -*) ))))( ))(

-) -) -) -) 78 -)

D) D) D) D) *8 D)

*)) *)) *)) *)) 988 *)) 9888

-C -A (A -C (C *A 78

B.Tech Fourth Se&ester '(uto&ob le ) S& COURS SU,;ECT NO& E NO& Th* Th( T<Th. ThA Th4 Pr* Pr( PrPr. AE? (** AE? (*( AE?(*AE (*. AE (*A AE (*4 AE (*D AE (*B AE (*E AE (() Tota H(at T+an#"(+ @ Auto.oti'( Ai+ Conditionin0 -+oduction T(c4no o0/ M(c4anic# o" So id# A t(+nati'( Fu( # and En(+0/ S/#t(.# IC En0in(# T4(o+/ o" Mac4in(# H(at T+an#"(+ @ Auto.oti'( Ai+ Conditionin0 ?IC En0in(# La: T4(o+/ o" Mac4in(#?M(c4anic# o" So id# a: -+oduction T(c4no o0/19 La: ? A t(+nati'( Fu( # and En(+0/ S/#t(.# S( " Stud/

EVALUATION -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) -) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) D)

TOTAL CREDIT MAR< *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) 9888 .C -A .C -C .C .C -C (C (A *A 78

))* -) 784+#

B.Tech F -th Se&ester '(uto&ob le E!* !eer !*)


Th* Th( Th-

AE -)* AE -)( AE -)-

M(a#u+(.(nt @ In#t+u.(ntation Auto.oti'( E (ct+ica and E (ct+onic# ,a#ic Auto.o:i ( S/#t(.#

-*) .)) -*)

Ses -) -) -)

End D) D) D)

*)) *)) *))

.C .A .C E

Th. ThA Pr* Pr( PrPr.

AE-). AE-)A AE -)4 AE -)D AE -)B

F uid M(c4anic# @ H/d+au ic Mac4in(# En0in((+in0 Econo.ic# @ Accountanc/ M(a#u+(.(nt @In#t+u.(ntation La: F uid M(c4anic# @ H/d Mac4in(# ? E (.(nt# o" Auto.o:i ( La: Auto.oti'( E (ct+ica S/#t(.# E (ct+onic# La: Mino+ -+oA(ct1I

-*) -*) ))( ))( ))(

-) -) -) -) -)

D) D) D) D) D)

*)) *)) *)) *)) *))

.C .< (C (C (A

AE-)E )). -) D) ()) .C Tota 78 H+# 9888 78 th . %ndustrial Training I% #Durations . Gee/s in Ginter ,acation At the End of , Semester$

B.Tech S /th Se&ester '(uto&ob le E!* !eer !*)


COURSE NO& AE ?-** AE -*( AE?-*AE -*. AE-*A AE?-*4 AE -*D

SU,;ECT D(#i0n o" M?C E (.(nt# Tu+:o .ac4in(+/ @ Ga# D/na.ic# Pro#uct o! a!# O%erat o!s Ma!a*e&e!t 19 VEHICLE MAINTENANCE AND TRI,OLOGY -o)(+ Unit# and T+an#.i##ion Tu+:o.ac4in(+/ @ Tr bolo*$ Lab D(#i0n o" M?C E (.(nt# La:

LT-)) -*) -)) -)) -*) ))( ))-


TOTAL MAR< *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *))


Th* Th( ThTh. ThA Pr* Pr(

-) -) -) -) -) -) -)

D) D) D) D) D) D) D)

-C .C -A -C .C (C -C


PrPr. PrA

AE ?-*B AE-*E AE ?-() Tota

-o)(+ Unit# and T+an#.i##ion Lab Mino+ -+oA(ct1II Indu#t+ia T+ainin01I

))( )). ))( 78 H+#

-) -) -)

D) D) D)

*)) *)) *)) 9888

(C .C (C 78

%ndustrial Training I%% #Durations 4?B 0ee/s in summer vacation at the end of ,%th semester$

S.No. Th* Th( ThTh. ThA Pr* Pr( PrPrPr.

B.Tech Seve!th Se&ester '(uto&ob le E!* !eer !*)

Course No. AE .)* AE.)( AE .)AE ?.). AE .)A AE .)4 AE .)D AE.)B AE? .)E AE?.*) Total Subject D(#i0n o" Auto.o:i ( Co.>on(nt# -+oduction and O>(+ation# Mana0(.(nt1 B E (cti'(19 O>(n E (cti'( I CFD O>(n E (cti'(19? E (cti'( I La: D(#i0n o" Auto.o:i ( Co.>on(nt# La: CFD MaAo+ -+oA(ct (-a+t1I) Indu#t+ia T+ainin01II LTP -)) -)) -*) .)) -*) ))( ))))( ))))( -) <rs Evaluat o! -) -) -) -) -) -) -) E) -) D) D) D) D) D) D) D) (*) D) Total Mar"s *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) *))) Cre# t T$%e -C -C .C .A .A (A -C (A -C (C -)

B.Tech E *hth Se&ester '(uto&ob le E!* !eer !*)


S.No . Th* Th( ThPr* Pr( PrPr.

Course No.


LTP -*) -*) -*) ))( )). ))*) ))( -) <rs

Evaluat o! Sessional End -) -) -) -) -) *() -) D) D) D) D) D) (B) D)

AE .** V(4ic ( Sa"(t/ En0in((+in0 AE .*( E (cti'(1 II AE .*- O>(n E (cti'(1 II AE .*. V(4ic ( Sa"(t/ En0in((+in0 a: AE .*A O>(n E (cti'(1 II? E (cti'(1 II La: AE .*4 MaAo+ -+oA(ct (-a+t1II) AE .*D S(.ina+ ? R(>o+t Total

Total Mar" s *)) *)) *)) *)) *)) .)) *)) *)))

Cre# t T$%e .C .C .< (C .< *)C (C -)


E (cti'( I #Any one From the Follo0ing$ *" AE1587a1 TRACTORS AND FARM E!UI-MENT AND OFF ROAD VEHICLES B& AE1 587: Co.>ut(+ Si.u ation o" I&C& En0in( -+oc(## 7& AE1587c COM-OSIT MATERIALS FOR AUTOMO,ILES ." AE1 587d Mod(+n V(4ic ( T(c4no o0/ 6& AE1 587( Auto.oti'( A(+od/na.ic# @ CFD 4" AE1587" Co.>ut(+ Aid(d V(4ic ( D(#i0n and Sa"(t/ D" AE1 5870 O-ERATION RESEARCH 2& AE1 5874 F ((t Mana0(.(nt C& (E0 123 FUEL CELLS 98& AE 1587A R(n()a: ( Sou+c(# o" En(+0/ 99& AE15873 T/+( T(c4no o0/ " E (cti'( II (Any one From the Follo0ing$ 9& AE 59Ba Co.>ut(+ Int(0+at(d Manu"actu+in0 S/#t(.# B& AE 59B: Tota Li"( C/c ( Mana0(.(nt 7& AE 597 c Vi:+ation Ana /#i# 5& AE 59Bd 1 Ad'anc(# in I&C& En0in(# 6& AE 59B ( M(c4at+onic# %& AE 59B" H(at EDc4an0(+# *& AE 59B 0 Finit( E (.(nt M(t4od# and A>> ication# 2& AE59B 4 GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY C& AE 59B A T+an#>o+t Mana0(.(nt @ Auto.o:i ( Indu#t+/ 98& AE159B 3 Co.:u#tion G(n(+at(d -o ution


AE1 B891 T4(+.od/na.ic#

@ T P Credits - * ) .C

Unit 9$ ,a#ic Conc(>t#$ +acroscopic and microscopic approaches' thermodynamic systems' surrounding and oundary' thermodynamic property I intensive and extensive' thermodynamic e;uili rium' state' path' process and cycle' ;uasi?static' reversi le and irreversi le processes' 0or/ing su stance" Concept of thermodynamic 0or/ and heat' e;uality of temperature' temperature scale' =eroth la0 of thermodynamics" Unit B$ -u+( Su:#tanc($ Pure Su stance and %ts Properties' Phase and Phase Transformation' ,apori=ation' Evaporation and !oiling' Saturated and Superheat Steam' T?,' P?, and P?T Plots During Steam Formation' Properties of Dry' Get and Superheated Steam' Property Changes During Steam Processes' Temperature I Entropy #T?S$ and Enthalpy I Entropy #<?S$ Diagrams' Throttling and +easurement of Dryness Fraction of Steam" Unit 7$ Fi+#t La) o" T4(+.od/na.ic#$ Energy and its Forms' Energy and *st @a0 of Thermodynamics' %nternal Energy and Enthalpy' P?, Plot for Different Processes' Steady Flo0 Energy E;uation' *st @a0 Applied to &on? Flo0 Process' Steady Flo0 Process and Transient Flo0 Process' Throttling Process and Free Expansion Process" Unit 5$ S(cond La) o" T4(+.od/na.ic# and A'ai a:i it/$ @imitations of First @a0' Thermal Reservoirs' <eat Engine' Jelvin? Planc/ and Clausius Statements and Their E;uivalence' Carnot Cycle' Carnot Theorem and %ts Corollaries' Entropy' Clausius %ne;uality' Principle of Entropy %ncrease' Entropy Change in Different Processes' Thermodynamic Relation" <igh and @o0 9rade Energy' Availa ility and Unavaila le Energy' @oss of Availa le Energy Due to <eat Transfer Through A Finite Temperature Difference' Dead State of A System' Availa ility of A &on?Flo0 and Steady Flo0 System' <elmholt= and 9i 3s Functions" Unit 6$ Fu( # and Co.:u#tion> Classification of Fuels? Solid' @i;uid 1 9aseous Fuels' Com ustion E;uations' Stochiometric Air?Fuel Ratio' Excess Air' Exhaust 9as Analysis' 2rsat Apparatus" Enthalpy and %nternal Energy of Com ustion' Enthalpy of Formation' Adia atic Flame Temperature' Calorific ,alues of Fuel" First 1 second la0 analysis of com ustion systems" Unit %$ Id(a and R(a Ga#(#$ Concept of An %deal 9as' !asic 9as @a0s' Characteristic 9as E;uation' Avogadro3s @a0 and Universal 9as Constant' P?,?T Surface of An %deal 9as" ,ander Gaal3s E;uation of State' Reduced Co?2rdinates' Compressi ility Factor and @a0 of Corresponding States" +ixture of 9ases' +ass' +ole and ,olume Fraction' 9i son Dalton3s @a0' 9as Constant and Specific <eats'" T(Dt ,oo3#$ *" Thermodynamics I Kones and Dugan' P<%' &e0 Delhi" (" Fundamentals of Thermodynamics I E" Radha/rishnan' Phi' &e0 Delhi" -" Thermal Science 1 ' D"S"Jumar' SJ Jataria 1 Sons ." Thermodynamics ? R' 8adav' CP< Allaha ad 5. Thermodynamics C P Arora, Tata Mcgraw Hill 6. Thermodynamics P K Nag, Tata Mcgraw Hill Re-ere!ce Boo"s4 5. Theory Problems o Thermodynamics !. ".C. #ao, $iley %astern &td., New 'elhi. %ngineering Thermodynamics () ord *ni+. ,ress ("Chatopadhya y -.Thermodynamics. Cengel and /oles Tata Mcgraw Hill *.

."Engineering Thermodynamics 2n/ar Singh' &e0 Age %nternational AE1B8B NUMERICAL TECHNI!UES L T- 9 8 C+(dit# 5

UNIT I (So ution o" A 0(:+aic and T+an#c(nd(nta E=uation#) !isection method' RegulaFalsi method' Secant methods' &e0ton?Raphson method' Rate of convergence' Fixed?point method" UNIT II (S/#t(. o" Lin(a+ A 0(:+aic E=uation#) 9auss elimination method' Crout3s method' 9auss?Seidel method" UNIT III (Int(+>o ation) Finite and various difference operators' %nterpolation formulae #&e0ton3s for0ard and ac/0ard' Stirling' !essel3s and Everett3s$"' UNIT IV (Int(+>o ation and Cu+'( "ittin0 and Nu.(+ica Di""(+(ntiation ) @agrange3s interpolation formula" %nterpolation 0ith a cu ic spline' Curve fitting y @east s;uare method'&umerical differentiation" UNIT V (Nu.(+ica Int(0+ation) (* &e0ton?Cotes integration formula' Trape=oidal rule' Simpson3s *5-rd rule and error estimation' Rom erg3s %ntegration" UNIT VI (Nu.(+ica So ution o" O+dina+/ Di""(+(ntia E=uation#) Picard3s method' Taylor series method' Euler and +odified Euler method' Runge?Jutta Fourth order methods' +ilne3s method' Adams?+oulton method"

Su00(#t(d +(adin0#$ *" Applied &umerical Analysis> Curtis F" 9erald and Patric/ 9" Gheatley? Pearson' Education @td" (" &umerical +ethod> E" !alagurusamy T"+"<" -" &umerical +ethods for Scientific and Engg" Computations> +"J"Kain' S"R"J" %yenger and R"J" Kain? Giley Eastern @td" ." %ntroductory +ethods of &umerical Analysis> S"S"Sastry' P"<"%" A" Advance Engineering +athematics' ,ol (' <"C" Tane6a ' %"J" %nternational


AE11B87 ME1B86 ENGINEERING MECHANICS @ T P Credits - * ) .C Static# UNIT I %ntroduction %mportant ,ector ;uantities of +echanics' Force> E;uivalent System of Forces" +oment of a force> ,arignon3s Theorem" Couple> E;uivalent Couples' E;uili rium of Rigid !odies> Free !ody Diagram' Conditions of Rigid !odies" #Solution of the pro lems y ,ector method also"$First +oment #centre of gravity$ 1 Second +oment #moment of inertia$ of Curvilinear' Plane and Solid !odies" UNIT II Truss> Types' Solution of Simple plane trusses y analytical and graphical methods" UNIT III Friction> @a0s of dry friction' Friction Cone' Angle of Repose' Engineering Applications of friction e"g" Gedge' !elt 1 Pulley and Scre0 Kac/ etc" Shear Forces and !ending +oments in Different !eams" St+(n0t4 o" .at(+ia # UNIT IV Simple stresses and strains> Concept of stress and strain7 stress and strain diagram' <oo/eLs la0' 8oungLs modulus' Poison ratio' stress at a point' stress and strains in ars su 6ected to axial loading" +odulus of elasticity' stress produced in compound ars su 6ect to axial loading" Temperature stress and strain calculations due to applications of axial loads and variation of temperature in single and compound 0alls" Strain Energy> Strain Energy under due to axial loads' stresses due to sudden and impact loads UNIT V Compound stress and strains> the t0o dimensional system7 stress at a point on a plane' principal stresses and principal planes7 +ohrLs circle of stresses" !ending> ending theory' derivation of ending formula> its application to eam of rectangular' circular and channel sections" UNIT VI Torsion> Derivation of torsion e;uation and its assumptions" Applications of the e;uation of the hollo0 and solid circular shafts' torsional rigidity" Principal stresses and maximum shear stresses under com ined loading of ending and torsion" Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$ 9&+echanics for Engineers> Statics' !eer and Kohnson'Tata +cgra0 hill Pu lishing Company @imited" B& Engineeering +echanics> Statics 1 Dynamics7 %r0ing <"Shames Prentice <all of %ndia" 7& Engineering +echanicsM' Timoshen/o and 8oung7 +c9ra0<ill" 5& Engineering +echanics y S"S"!havi/atti 'M&e0 age %nternational pu licationsM *4

6& %& *& 6. 7. AE1B85

NEngg +echanics' U"C"Kindal' 9algotia Pu lications %ngineering Mechanics0 . /as1deb /hattacharyya0 () ord *ni+ersity Press %ngineering Mechanics0. /ha+i2atti, 3.30. New Age 4nternational P1blishers %ngineering Mechanics0. "ela M1rali0. () ord *ni+ersity Press %ngineering Mechanics #2 /ansal &a)mi P1blication !uantitati'( T(c4ni=u(# L T7 8 8 C+(dit# 7

Unit19$ Int+oduction to #tati#tic# &ature and role of statistics in management' +easures of central tendency and dispersion' Jurtosis" Unit1B$ Int+oduction to >+o:a:i it/ t4(o+/ Pro a ility theory' distri utions ? continuous and discrete7 Sampling distri utions" Unit17$ H/>ot4(#i# T(#tin0 Estimation and hypothesis testing7 Parametric tests7 t?test7 A&2,A7 &on?parametric tests7 Chi?s;uare test' Correlation and regression analysis' logistic regression analysis' Applications of statistical pac/ages" Unit15$ Lin(a+ -+o0+a..in0 Pro lem? formulation and applications' solution through graphical method and Simplex methods'" Unit16$ T+an#>o+tation Mod( # Transportation and transshipment pro lems' assignment and se;uences models" Unit1%$ D(ci#ion T4(o+/ Decision Tree' 9ame Theory?+inimax and +aximin' Dominance Principle and use of 2R soft0are pac/ages" Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$ 1. Ouantitative +ethods y K J Sharma' +ac+illan Pu lishers" 2. Ouantitative +ethods for !usiness y Anderson' Cengage @earning 3. !usiness statistics y !a6pai' Pearson %ndia


AE1B86 METALLURGY L T - C+(dit# 7 8 8 7C UNIT I Natu+( and >+o>(+ti(# o" .at(+ia # > lennard?6ones potential' cohesive energy' short and long?range order' examples of materials highlighting structure?processing?property?performance relations' *. space lattices' unit cells' cu ic and hcp structures' miller indices' interstitials' different ceramic structures' noncrystalline5nanocrystalline material definitions' concept of glass transition temperature' local order' different polymer structures" UNIT II Structure determination using x?ray diffraction# ragg3s diffraction and structure factor for cu ic lattices$' point defects' edge and scre0 dislocations' energy of a dislocation' stac/ing fault' grains and grain oundaries' ul/ defects" UNIT III -4a#( ('o ution$ definition of diffusivity' concept of activation energy' examples of diffusion process7 definition of a phase' phase rule' unary and inary #eutectic' eutectic 0ith terminal solid solutions$ systems 0ith examples' phase diagram of important metals and ceramic systems' iron?car on e;uili rium diagram' nucleation and gro0th #homogeneous and heterogeneous$' ttt curves' heat treatment of plain car on steels' annealing' normali=ing' hardening' tempering and case?hardening' precipitation hardening of aluminum alloys"

UNIT IV M(c4anica :(4a'iou+$ measurement of mechanical response' and true stress strain response' concept of yield point and elastic modulus' visco?elasticity' Fracture toughness' stress intensity factor' fracture energy' comparison of these properties for different materials7 deformation of single and polycrystalline materials' slip systems' critical resolved shear stress' mechanism of slip and t0inning7 fatigue and creep properties of materials 0ith suita le examples' strengthening mechanisms' fracture in ductile and rittle materials' 9riffith3s theory' ductile to rittle transition" UNIT V Mat(+ia #$ plain car on steels' effect of alloying elements' properties' uses and heat treatment of tools' stainless' spring and 0ear?resisting steels7 production' composition' properties and use of non?ferrous alloys' e"g"' rasses' ron=es' duralumin' die?casting and earing alloys" UNIT VI -o)d(+ .(ta u+0/ > principles' techni;ues' application and advantages' surface treatment" *B

Su**este# Rea# !*s4 5.Callister6s Material 3cience and, $iley 4ndia %dition. 7.Mechanical Metall1rgy by 'eiter, Mcgraw Hill -.Materials 3cience and8 A 9irst Co1rse, 5th %dition,, #agha+an,Phi Pri+ate &td, :. Materials8 Pro,erties and 3election, ;th %d., /1dins2i < /1dins2i. 5.%lements o Material 3cience < , "an "lac2, Pearson %d1cation. AE1 B8% -RINCI-LES OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS @ T P

-A UNIT E I Ca#tin0 -+oc(##(#$ Principles of metal casting> pattern materials' types and allo0ance7 study of moulding' sand +oulding' tools' moulding materials' classification of moulds' core' elements of gating and rising system' Casting defects' description and operation of cupola> special casting processes e"g" die?casting' Permanent mould casting' centrifugal casting' investment casting" UNIT E II W( din0 Classification of Gelding Processes ? Principles and E;uipment Used in the Follo0ing Processes ? 9as Gelding ?Arc Gelding ? Resistance Gelding ? Thermit Gelding I Soldering' !ra=ing" Standard 0elding sym ols' UNIT E III M(ta ;oinin0$ Gelding Principles' Classification of Gelding Techni;ues7 2xyacetylene 9as Gelding' E;uipment And Field of Application' Arc?Gelding' +etal Arc' Car on Arc' Su merged Arc and Atomic <ydrogen Gelding' Electric Resistance Gelding> Spot' Seam' !utt' Percussion Gelding7 Flux> Composition' Properties and Function7 Electrodes' Types of Koints and Edge Preparation' !ra=ing And Soldering" UNIT E IV S4((t M(ta Wo+3$ Common Processes' Tools and E;uipments7 +etals Used for sheets' Standard Specification For Sheets' Spinning' !ending' Em ossing and Coining" UNIT1 V M(ta Fo+.in0 and -o)d(+ M(ta u+0/ !asic Concepts and Classification of Forming Processes ? Principles ? E;uipment Used and Application of Follo0ing Processes ? Forging' Rolling' Extrusion' Gire Dra0ing' Spinning" UNIT VI Po0der +etallurgy Steps %nvolved' and applications" TE8T BOO9S4 5. Man1 act1ring Process by #agh1+anshi. 5. Man1 act1ring Technology by P.N.#ao =TMH P1blications> #%9%#%NC% /((K8 5. $or2sho, Technology by Ha?ra.Chowdhary 7. Prod1ction %ngineering by #.K.@ain -. $or2sho, Technology by Cha,man

Credits - * )


AE1 B8* -+inci> (# o" Manu"actu+in0 S/#t(.# La: AE1 B82 Automo ile Engineering Dra0ing

@ T P Credits ) ) ( (A

@ T P Credits ) ) -C CONTENTS *" ;oint# -u (/# Universal Koint' Slip Koint'? Stepped or Cone Pulley' ,?!elt Pulley (" En0in( ,(a+in0# ? !ush !earing'? Split !earing'? Thrust !earing'? !all !earing? Roller !earing I Straight and &eedle -" En0in( Co.>on(nt# ? Four Stro/e Petrol Engine Piston ? T0o Stro/e Petrol Engine Piston ? Four Stro/e Diesel Engine Piston ? Connecting Rod ? Cran/ Shaft of . Cylinder Engines ? Cran/ Shaft of Single Cylinder Engines ." G(a+# Dra0ing of 9ear Tooth Profile for Spur 9ear' &omenclature and Profiles Approximate and Un0in3s +ethod A" Ca. -+o"i ( ? Different Types of Cams and Follo0ers ? Types of +otion of Follo0er ? Uniform ,elocity +otion ? Simple <armonic +otion ? Uniformly Accelerated and Retarded +otion ? Dra0ing of Cam Profiles for the A ove +otions &ote> (AC of Dra0ings to !e +ade Using AutoCAD RECOMMENDED ,OO<S *" Engineering Dra0ing y R! 9upta7 Satya Par/as an' &e0 Delhi (" +achine Dra0ing y PS 9ill7 !D Jataria and Sons' @udhiana -" +achine Dra0ing y @a/shminarayan7 Kain !rothers' &e0 Delhi AE1 B8C T4(+.od/na.ic# ?MECHANICS LA,& @ T P Credits ) ) ( (C ()



UNIT I Introduction and Conduction: Various modes of heat transfer, Fourier's, Newton's and Stefan Boltzmanns Law, combined modes of heat transfer, thermal diffusivity, and overall heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity of solids, liquids and ases, factors influencin conductivity, measurement, eneral differential equation of conduction, one dimensional steady state conduction, linear heat flow throu h a !lane and com!osite wall, tube and s!here, critical thic"ness of insulation, effect of variable thermal conductivity, conduction with heat sources, heat transfer from e#tended surfaces, fin !erformances, conce!t of corrected fin len th$ error in tem!erature measurement by thermometer well, transient heat conduction% lum!ed system analysis, transient tem!erature charts &'eisler and (rober charts), transient heat conduction in multidimensional systems* UNIT II Convection (Forced) +ntroduction, laminar boundary layer equations for internal and e#ternal flows, laminar forced convention on a flat !late and in a tube, -eynolds%.olburn analo y$/imensional analysis and !hysical si nificance of the dimensionless !arameters Convection (Natural) /imensional analysis of natural convection, em!irical relationshi! for natural convection, convection with !hase chan e, descri!tion of condensin flow, theoretical model of condensin flow, introduction to heat !i!e, re imes of boilin heat transfer, em!irical relationshi!s for convection with !hase chan e* UNIT III Thermal Radiation: +ntroduction, absor!tion and reflection of radiant ener y, emission, radiosity and irradiation, blac" and non blac" bodies, 0irchhoffs law, intensity of radiation, radiation e#chan e between blac" surface, eometric confi uration factor, rey body radiation e#chan e between surfaces of unit confi uration factors, radiation shields, electrical analo y to sim!le !roblems, non%luminous as radiation, errors in tem!erature measurement due to radiation* UNIT IV Heat !chan"er# /ifferent ty!es of heat e#chan ers, desi n of heat e#chan ers, L12/ and N23 methods, foulin factor and correction factor, +ntroduction to com!act and !late heat e#chan ers* (*

UNIT V $a## Tran#%er 1ass and mole concentrations, molecular diffusion, Fic"'s law, eddy diffusion, molecular diffusion from an eva!oratin fluid surfaces, introduction to mass transfer in laminar and turbulent convection, dimensional less !arameters in convective mass transfer, combined heat and mass transfer* UNIT VI$ Auto.oti'( Ai+1conditionin0$ Refrigeration' ton of Refrigeration' ,arious +ethods of Producing Refrigeration' Applications' <eat Pump' Reversed Carnot Cycle and %ts @imitations' ,apour Compression Cycle' Su cooling' Superheating' @i;uid ,apour <eat Exchanger' Effect of Changes in Evaporator Condenser Temperatures' Deviations From %deal Cycle" Refrigerants and Their Properties' Alternative Refrigerants" Psychrometric> Air?Conditioning' Psychometrics Properties' Psychometric Chart and ,arious Processes and Their Analysis' Summer and Ginter Air?Conditioning' Comfort Air?Conditioning" Cooling and <eating @oad Estimation" !asic Air Conditioning System ? @ocation of Air Conditioning Components in A Car ? Schematic @ayout of A Refrigeration System" Refrigeration and Air?Conditioning Controls in Automotive AC" Re-ere!ces4 5. 91ndamentals o Heat and Mass Trans er by 9.P.4ncro,era '.P.'ewitt, :th %d., @ohn $iley < 3ons. 7. %lements o Heat < Mass Trans er by "iAay B1,ta, New Age 4nternational P1blishers. 4* Fundamental# o% n"ineerin" Heat and $a## Tran#%er by -*.*Sachdeva, New 5 e +nternational 6ublishers* 7* Fundamental# o% Heat and $a## Tran#%er by 6 Fran"* +ncro!era and /avid 6* /e8itt, 9ohn 8iley and Sons* :* Heat Tran#%er by 5* Be;an, 9ohn 8iley and Sons* <* Heat Tran#%er by 1*N* =zisi", 1c (raw 'ill Boo" .o* >* Heat Tran#%er & 'ractical &((roach by 5*.ene el ?unus, 2ata 1c(raw 'ill* @* Heat and $a## Tran#%er by 9*6 'olman, 2ata 1c(raw 'ill* A* Fundamental# o% $omentum) Heat and $a## Tran#%er by 9ames -*8elty, 9ohn 8iley B Sons &6vt)* Ltd*


AE11B9B -RODUCTION TECHNOLOGY LT 7 98 C+(dit# 5A UNIT 1I Con'(ntiona Mac4inin0 9eneral Principles # Gith Schematic Diagrams only $ of Gor/ing' Types and Commonly Performed 2perations in the Follo0ing +achines ? @athe' Shaper' Planer' +illing +achine' Drilling +achine' 9rinding +achine' 9ear Cutting ? !asic of C&C +achine" UNIT1 II Uncon'(ntiona Mac4inin0 -+oc(##(# &eed for Unconventional +achining Processes ? &on conventional machining> Studies on asic principle' 0or/ing and effects of process parameters of the follo0ing processes> Ultrasonic machining #US+$' A rasive 6et machining #AK+$' Electro?discharge machining #ED+$' Electro?chemical machining #EC+$' Electron eam machining #E!+$' Plasma arc machining #PA+$ and @aser eam machining #@!+$" %on !eam +achining #%!+$' !iochemical +achining

UNIT1 III Theory of +etal Cutting> +echanics of metal cutting? 2rthogonal and o li;ue cutting' Chip formation' Types of chips' Chip control' +erchants theory of cutting forces at tool point' @imitations and modifications of +erchants theory' Plo0ing forces and the :Si=e effect3' <eat generation in metal cutting' Cutting fluids and their physical action' Tool 0ear' Tool life and +achina ility' &omenclature of cutting tools and Cutting tool materials' Economics of machining' Analysis of milling and grinding processes" UNIT 1IV Design Features of +achine Tools> Design re;uirements of machine tools' Jinematic drives of machine tools' Types of machine tool drives' Design of machine tool spindle" UNIT1 V Kigs 1 Fixtures> %mportant considerations in 6igs and fixture design" +ain principles of designing of 6igs 1 fixtures" Different devices and methods of locations" Different types of clamps used in 6igs 1 fixtures" UNIT 1 VI +etrology> %ntroduction to +etrology and its relevance' @inear and angular measurements" Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$ Te)t /oo2s8 5. HaAra Cho1d1ry, C%lements o $or2sho, Technology D,"ol. 4 and"ol. 44, Asia P1blishing Ho1se, 5EE6. 5. Prod1ction Technology / 3 #agh1wanshi "ol. 5,7 (" Prod1ction Technology by P N #ao 5. #ao P.N., CMan1 act1ring TechnologyF,"ol.5, Tata Mcgraw Hill, 7GG-. -. 3harma P.C., CA Te)t /oo2 o Prod1ction %ngineeringF, "ol.5, 3. Chand P1blication,New 'elhi, 7GG5. :. 91ndamentals o Machining < Machine Tools by Beo rey /oothroyd < $inston A. Knight, Marcel < 'e22er P1blications. 5. 91ndamentals o Metal C1tting < Machine Tools by /.&.@1neAa, B.3.3e2hon < Nitin 3eth, New Age 4nternational P1blications 6. Man1 act1ring Technology by P.N.#ao, Tata McBraw Hill P1blications



Prod1ction %ngineering 3ciences by P.C. Pandey < C.K. 3ingh, 3tandard


Re-ere!ce Boo"s8 5. @ain P.&., CPrinci,les o 9o1ndry TechnologyF, Tata Mcgraw Hill, New 'elhi, 5EE;. 7. #amana #ao T."., CMetal Casting Princi,les < PracticesF, New Age 4nt, New 'elhi,7GG-. -. Heine < #osenthal, CPrinci,le o Metal CastingF, Tata Mcgraw Hills, New 'elhi, 7GG-. :. &ittle #ichard &, C$elding < $elding TechnologyF, Tata Mcgraw Hill, New 'elhi,7GG-. 5. #agh1wanshi /.3., C$or2sho, Technology F,"ol.5, 'han,at #ai P1blication, N.'elhi,7GG-. 6. Ha?ra Cha1dhari, C%lements o $or2sho, TechnologyF, Media Promoter P1blication,New 'elhi, 5EE;. H. @ain, #.K., CProd1ction TechnologyF, Khanna P1blishers, 7GG5. E. &indberg #.A., CProcesses < Materials o Man1 act1reF, Prentice Hall P1blication, 5EE;. 5G. @ain #.K. and B1,ta 3.C., D Prod1ction Technology D, Khanna P1blishers, 5EEH. 55.Man1 act1ring 3cience by Bosh and Mali2 *(+anufacturing Science and Technology y J",araprasadrao' &e0 Age %nternational


MECHANICS OF SOLIDS L T - C+(dit# 7 9 8 5C

UNIT I$ Stress and strain tensors" State of stress at a point' Principal stresses' Three stress invariants' +ohr3s circle' Strain tensors' Constitutive la0s' Theories of failure" UNIT II$ St+ain En(+0/ M(t4od# St+ain (n(+0/ in to+#ion and :(ndin0F MaD)( G# +(ci>+oca t4(o+(.F Ca#ti ianoG#F # o>( and d("( (ctionF #in3in0 o" #u>>o+t#& UNIT III$ ,(ndin0 @ To+#ion A#/..(t+ic :(ndin0 o" #t+ai04t :a+#F :(ndin0 o" cu+'(d :a+#F #t+(## in c+an(14oo3#F T and I1#(ction#& To+#ion o" t4in1)a (d non1ci+cu a+ tu:(#& UNIT IV$ ADi1#/..(t+ic >+o: (.# T4in and t4ic3 c/ ind(+# und(+ int(+na " uid >+(##u+(F )i+( )indin0 o" t4in c/ ind(+#F #t+(##(# in #4+in31 "it4ud and #4a"t& Rotatin0 di#c# o" uni"o+. t4ic3n(##F di#c o" 'a+ia: ( t4ic3n(##F +otatin0 #4a"t# and c/ ind(+#& UNIT V$ Co u.n# E a#tic in#ta:i it/F t4(o+/ o" on0 co u.n#F (nd condition#F +an3in( Go+don "o+.u a and ot4(+ (.>i+ica +( ation#& Unit VI$ S>+in0# H( ica F S>i+a and (a" #>+in0#& Te/t Boo"s4 5. # 31bramanian C3trength o MaterialsF, () ord 1ni+ersity Press 7. #yder B.H., C3trength o MaterialsF, Macmillan, 'elhi, 7GG-. -. #.K. /ansal, C3trength o MaterialsF, &a)mi P1blication, New 'elhi, 7GG5. :.Timoshen2o 3.P., C%lements o 3trength o MaterialsF, %ast.$est A iliated, New 'elhi, 7GGG. 5.Hibbler #.C., CMechanics o MaterialsF, Prentice Hall, New 'elhi, 5EE:. 6.Po,o+ %ger P., C%ngg. Mechanics o 3olidsF, Prentice Hall, New 'elhi, 5EE;. (.

H.9enner, #oger.T, CMechanics o 3olidsF, *.K. /.C. P1blication, New 'elhi, 5EEG. ;. 3adh1 3ingh, C3trength o MaterialsF, Khanna P1blishers, New 'elhi, 7GGG AE11B95 ALTERNATIVE FUELS AND ENERGY SYSTEMS @ T P Credits - ) ) -C UNIT I Int+oduction Estimation of petroleum reserves ? need for alternative fuels ? availa ility and suita ility to piston engines' Concept of conventional fuels' potential alternative fuels ? ethanol' methanol' DEE5D+E ? hydrogen' @P9' &atural gas' producer gas' io gas and vegeta le oils ? use in C% engines?merits and demerits of various fuels" UNIT II A co4o Fu( # Properties as engine fuels ? performance in S% engines ? lends 0ith gasoline and diesel ? flexi le fuel vehicle ? Reformed alcohols ? use in C% engines ? emulsions UNIT III Dual fuel systems ?spar/ assisted diesel engines ISurface ignition engines ? ignition accelerators ? com ustion and emission characteristics in engines ? emission characteristics" UNIT IV Ga#(ou# Fu( # <ydrogen ? properties ? use in C% engines ? use in S% engines ? storage methods ? safety precautions" Producer 9as and iogas ? ra0 materials ? gasification ? properties ? cleaning up the gas ? use in S% and C% engines' @P9 1 C&9 ? properties ? use in S% and C% engines" UNIT V V(0(ta: ( Oi # Conversion of vegeta le oils as iodiesel Iproduction techni;ues ? standards and properties ? performance and Emission characteristics' additives" UNIT VI E (ct+ic and #o a+ >o)(+(d '(4ic (# @ayout of an electric vehicle ? advantage and limitations ? specifications ? system component" Electronic Control system ? high energy and po0er density atteries ? hy rid vehicle ? solar po0ered vehicles" Re-ere!ce Boo"s4 5. (sam1 Hirao and #ichard K. Pe ley, Present and 91t1re A1tomoti+e 91els, @ohn $iley and 3ons, 5E;;. 7. Keith (wen and Tre+or %oley, A1tomoti+e 91els Handboo2, 3A%. P1blications, 5EEG. -. #ichard &./echtold, A1tomoti+e 91els B1ide /oo2, 3A%. P1blications, 5EEH" ." Bod rey /oyle, C#enewable %nergyF, () ord *ni+ersity Press, 7GG: AE1 B96 INTERNAL COM,USTION ENGINES LT C+(dit# (A

7 9 8 5C U&%T % Co.:u#tion >4(no.(non in SI (n0in(#$ principles of com ustion in S% engine' effect of engines and operating varia les on ignition lag 1 flame propagation' cycle to cycle variation' a normal com ustion' theory of detonation' effect of engine and operating varia les on detonation' surface ignition' adia atic flame temperature" U&%T %% Co.:u#tion >4(no.(non in CI (n0in(#$ principles of com ustion in C% engine' delay period' varia les affecting delay period' diesel /noc/' methods of controlling diesel /noc/' com ustion process 1 com ustion cham ers for si 1 ci engines design of com ustion cham er" U&%T %%% Fu( #/#t(. and .iDtu+( +(=ui+(.(nt in SI and CI (n0in( $ car uretion? 0or/ing principles' chemically correct air?fuel ratio and load variation' car uretors 1 modern air fuel systems' compensating devices' venture and 6et dimension calculation' fuel in6ection> common rail direct in6ection' ignition' electronics ignition system" +ulti point fuel in6ection system Su>(+c4a+0in0$ supercharging limits of S% 1 C% engines methods of supercharging' superchargers' tur o charging" U&%T %, En0in( u:+ication and coo in0 E lu rication principles' function of lu ricating system' properties of lu ricating oil' additives' cooling system' air cooling' 0ater cooling" U&%T , Int+oduction to a t(+nat(# "u( # and (.i##ion#$ >etroleum ased fuels' gasoline 1 diesel fuel and their properties' /noc/ rating of engine fuels' io?diesel and alcohols' lending' UNIT VI %ntroduction to engine emissions' pollutant formation and control" Te/t Boo"s4 5. 4.C %ngines and Air Poll1tion by (bert. 7. 4.C %ngines by 91ng1son. -. 91ndamentals o 4.C %ngines by @./ Heywood. :. 4.C %ngines by Mathew < 3harma


THEORY OF MACHINES @ T P Credits - * ) .C

Unit 9$ <in(.atic# "unda.(nta #$ +echanisms and machines' /inematics and /inetics" Degrees of freedom' types of motion ' elements of /inematic chain' determination of degrees of freedom' paradoxes' isomers' lin/age transformation' intermittent motion mechanism' inversion' grashof3s criterion' straight line generating mechanisms" Unit B$ Acc( (+ation ana /#i#> (4

9raphical and vector solution> Position of any point on lin/age' transmission angles' velocity y velocity polygon and instantaneous centre method' acceleration7 corriolis acceleration" Analytical solution for four? ar' slider?cran/ mechanism" Freudenstein3s e;uation' velocity of slip" Computer aided analysis of position' velocity and acceleration" Unit 7$ <in(.atic #/nt4(#i# o" .(c4ani#.#$ Functioning and path generation' Che yshev spacing of precision points' three position synthesis> Cam profile analysis> +otion of the follo0er' cam profile constructions' analysis of cams 0ith specified contours" Unit 5$ <in(.atic ana /#i# o" 0(a+#$ &omenclature and classification' la0 of gearing' path of contact' arc of contact' interference for spur gears" 9ear trains> Simple' compound' reverted' epicyclical gear trains> compound epicyclic' epicyclic 0ith evel 9ears' sun and planet gear" Unit 6$ D/na.ic# ana /#i# and :a ancin0$ S id(+1c+an3 .(c4ani#.F tu+nin0 .o.(nt co.>utation# and " /)4(( & G/+o#co>(#$ G/+o#co>ic a)F (""(ct o" 0/+o#co>ic cou> ( an auto.o:i (#F #4i># and ai+c+a"t#& ,a ancin0$ Static and d/na.ic :a ancin0F :a ancin0 o" +('o 'in0 and +(ci>+ocatin0 .a##(#F #in0 ( and .u ti1c/ ind(+ (n0in(#F V1(n0in(#& Unit %$ Vi:+ation# Vi:+ation ana /#i# o" SDOF #/#t(.#F natu+a F da.>(dF "o+c(d 'i:+ation#F t+an#.i##i:i it/ +atioF 'i:+ation i#o ation and 'i:+ation o" .a## #u>>o+t(d on "oundation# #u:A(ct o" 'i:+ation#F )4i+ in0 o" #4a"t#& Re-ere!ces4 5. Theory o Machines and Mechanisms by @.@.3higley, Pennoc2 @.@.*ic2er, () ord *ni+. Press 7. Theory o Machines by 3.3.#attan, TMH.5EE-. 'esign o Machinery by #.&.Norton, , Mcgrawhill :. Theory Machines by #.K./ansal , &a)mi P1blications 5. Mechanism and Machine Theory by @.3.#ao and #.".'122i,ati, New Age 4nternational.5EE7 AE1 B9* HEAT TRANSFER AND AUTOMOTIVE AIR CONDITIONING ?IC ENGINES LA, @ T P Credits ) ) ( (C AE1 B92 MECHANICS OF SOLID? THEORY OF MACHINE LA, @ T P Credits ) ) ( (C AE1 B9C -RODUCTION TECHNOLOGY EI?ALTERNATIVE FUELS @ ENERGY SYSTEMS LA, @ T P Credits ) ) ( (A


AE1 789 $


@ T P Credits - * ) .A U&%T %> !asic concepts' 9enerali=ed +easurement System> definition of terms' cali ration' standards and errors' static and dynamic performance characteristics7 analysis of experimental data Unit %%> %nstrumentation for measurement of Position and displacement' force' Strain' pressure' temperature' proximity and range" Concept of feed ac/7 U&%T %%%> open and close loop systems' @oop control systems' transducers and devices for applications' digital readouts' data Ac;uisition and processing" Unit %,> +etrology> introduction' measuring instruments' measuring range' sensitivity' repeata ility' precision and accuracy" Standards> definitions of line standard' end standard and 0avelength standard' su divisions of Standards" Slip gauges" +easurement of angles > introduction' evel venire protractor' sine ar' angel gauges' spirit level' Autocollimator' angle de//or' rotary ta les' precision polygon' cali ration of polygons" +easurement of internal and external tapers" U&%T ,> +easurement of threads> introduction' scre0 thread terminology' pitch error' angle error' measurement of ma6or and minor diameter' measurement of effective diameter y one 0ire' t0o 0ire and three 0ire +ethod" !est si=e 0ire" +easurement of surface finish> introduction' surface texture' surface roughness terminologies' methods of measuring surface finish' stylus pro e instruments' taylor?ho son talysurf' sample length or cutoff @ength' analysis of surface traces" U&%T ,%> 9ear measurements> introduction' terminology of gear tooth' errors in manufacturing gears' rolling Test' measurement of tooth thic/ness' Par/inson gear tester" %nspection of straightness' flatness and alignment' interferometry and use of optical flats" +easurement of coordinates using coordinate measuring machine" Te)t boo2s8 5. Mechanical meas1rements by t. B. /ec2with, n. &. /1c2 and r. '. Marangoni, -rd ed, narosa P1blishing ho1se.5EE7. Metrology by #. K. @ain 2hanna ,1b. 7GG7 :. 91ndamentals o dimensional metrology by c. 'otson, r. Harlow and r. Thomson. P1b. 7GG5. 4nstr1mentation, meas1rement and analysis by b. C. Na2ra and 2. K. Cha1dhari, tmh, 5E;5 6. Meas1rement system. a,,lication and design by e. (. 'oeblin, :th ed, tmh, 5EEG H. 4nstr1mentation or %ngineers and 3cientists by T1rner and Hill, () ord 1ni+ersity Press (B

AE1178B$ AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL @ ELECTRONICS @ T P Credits . ) ) .A Part?A Unit 9$ Auto.oti'( E (ct+ica S/#t(.$ Classification of Automotive Electrical Systems I 9eneration' Storage' Distri ution' Starting' %gnition' @ighting' Accessories I Electrical System I Earth 1 %nsulated Return System I Positive 1 &egative Earthing" Auto.oti'( E (ct+ica S/#t(. @ ,att(+i(#$ Principles and Construction of @ead Acid !attery' Characteristics of !attery' Rating' Capacity and Efficiency of !atteries' &on?2ver Filling Devices' ,arious Tests on !atteries' %nternal Resistance of !attery' +aintenance and Charging' Charging Sulphated !atteries' Care of !atteries in Stoc/' !attery Failures' @ong @ife !attery' Al/aline !attery' %ts Advantages 2ver @ead Acid' &ic/el I%ron !attery' &ic/el Cadmium !attery' ,enner Silver I Pinc !attery' Fuel Cells' Trou le Shouting of @ead I Acid !attery" Unit B$ Sta+tin0 S/#t(. @ C4a+0in0 S/#t(.$ Condition At Starting' !ehaviour of Starter During Starting' Simple +otor' Tor;ue Terms' Series +otor and %ts Characteristics' Principle and Construction of Starter +otor' Gor/ing of Different Start Drive Units' Care and +aintenances of Starter +otor' Starter S0itches' Trou le Shooting" 9eneration of Direct Current Simple' 9enerator' Type of D"C" 9enerators' Shunt 9enerator Characteristics' Commutation' Commutator Construction' Armature Reaction' Third !rush Regulation 1 %ts @imitation' System of Connecting Fields' Cutout' Types of ,oltage and Current Regulators' Compensated ,oltage Regulator' Alternators Principle and Constructional Aspects and !ridge Rectifiers' &e0 Developments' Trou le Shooting of 9enerator Alternator" Unit 7$ Funda.(nta # o" Auto.oti'( E (ct+onic S/#t(.$ Current Trends in Automotive Electronic Engine +anagement System' Electro +agnetic %nterference Suppression' Electromagnetic Compati ility' Electronic Dash oard %nstruments' on oard Diagnostic System' Security and Garning System" Type of Sensors' Sensor for Speed' Throttle Position' Exhaust 2xygen @evel' +anifold Pressure' Cran/shaft Position' Coolant Temperature' Exhaust Temperature' Air +ass Flo0 for Engine Application' Solenoids' Stepper +otors' Relay" Programma le @ogic Controls' Relay @ogic Control' +otion Control" I0nition S/#t(.$ Composition of %gnition System' Types of %gnition Systems' +agneto %gnition' +agnetos I %gnition Coil and %ts Construction' +utual 1 Self %nduction' Condenser' Distri utor 1 Types I Spar/ Plug 1 %ts Construction' Spar/ Plug +aterials' Spar/ Plug @ife' Special Plugs' <eat Ranges' Plug Fouling' Cam Angle 1 Contact Point 9ap I Rotor Arm I Spar/ Plug Advance +echanism I Centrifugal Advance I %nlet +anifold ,acuum Advance' Fully ,acuum Advance' @imitation of Coil %gnition System' Special %gnition System 1 Devices' 9as?Tur ine %gniters' %gnition System Trou le Shooting" (E

Unit 5$ Li04tin0 S/#t(.$ @ights Sources' Energy Demand' <ead?@ights 1 %ts Construction' <ead @ight !eam' <eadlight Da==le' Anti? Da==le Devices' !ul s 1 Gattages' <eadlight Ad6ustments' Fog @amps' Side 1 Tail @ight' !ra/e Garning @ights' @ed @ighting System' <orn' Giper System' Trafficator' Electrical S0itches' %ndicating 1 Giring Devices' Electrical Pumps' <eater 1 Defrosters' @atest Trends' Giring 1 %nstallation' Auto Ca les' Ca le Colors' Ca le Connectors' Giring <arnesses' Circuit !rea/ers' Fuses' Printed Circuits' Plastic Fi reoptics' Trou le Shooting Telemetric I !luetooth Technology for Communication' Consumer Electronics in Automo iles" -a+t , Unit 6$ A+c4it(ctu+( 9eneral B !it +icropocessor and %ts Architecture B)BA' P?B) and +c 4B)) +pu and %ts Pin Function ? Architecture ? Function of Different Sections" In#t+uction S(t %nstruction Format ? Addressing +odes ? %nstruction Set of B)BA +pu?T?State ? +achine Cycle and %nstruction Cycles ? Timing Diagrams ? Different +achine Cycles ? Fetch and Execute 2perations ? Estimation of Execution Times" Unit % A##(.: / Lan0ua0( - annin0 Construct of the @anguage Programming ? Assem ly Format of B)BA ? Assem ly Directive ? +ultiple Precision Addition and Su traction I !CD to !inary and !inary to !CD' +ultiplication' Division' Code Conversion Using @oo/ Up Ta les ? Stac/ and Su routines" Data T+an#"(+ Sc4(.(# %nterrupt Structure ? Programmed %52 ? %nterrupt Driven %52' Dma ? Serial %52" Int(+"acin0 D('ic(# Types of %nterfacing Devices ? %nput 5 2utput Ports B(*(' B(AA' B(A*' B(DE" 2ctal @atches and Tristate !uffers ? A5D and5A Converters ? S0itches' @edLs Rom and Ram %nterfacing" A>> ication# Data Ac;uisitions ? Temperature Control ? Stepper +otor Control ? Automotive Applications Engine Control' Suspension System Control' Driver %nformation Systems$' Development of A <igh Speed' <igh Precision @earning Control System for the Engine Control" T(Dt ,oo3$ *" Ramesh' 9oan/ar"S"' Q +icroprocessor Architecture Programming and Applications Q' Te/t Boo"s4 5. A1tomoti+e %lectrical %I1i,ment by !o1ng A.P. < Bri iths. &., %lbs < New Press 5EEE. 7. *nderstanding A1tomoti+e %lectronics by $illiam /. #iddens, 5th %dition /1tter $orth Heinemann $ob1rn, 5EE;. -. A1tomoti+e %lectrical %I1i,ment by Kohli P.&., Tata Mcgraw Hill Co., &td., New 'elhi, :. *nderstanding A1tomoti+e %lectronics by /echhold, 3A%., 5EE;. 5. A1tomobile %lectrical %I1i,ment by Cro1se, $.H., Mcgraw Hill /oo2 Co., 4nc., New !or2, -rd %dition. 6. Modern %lectrical %I1i,ment o A1tomobiles by @1dge A.$, Cha,man < Hall, &ondon, 5EE7. H. A1tomoti+e Hand /oo2 by #obert /osch, 3A%. =5th %dition>, 7GGG. R("(+(nc(#$ B" Aditya"P"+athur' Q %ntroduction to +icroprocessors Q' %%% Edition' Tata +cgra0?<ill -)

Pu lishing Co @td"' &e0 Delhi' *EBE" Ahson"S"%" Q +icroprocessors Gith Applications in Process Control Q' Tata +cgra0?<ill' &e0 Delhi' *EB4" *)" Ka e= Dhinagar"S"' Q +icroprocessor Application in Automo lies Q" E"




Unit I$ Int+oduction$ Classification of automo iles according to no" of 0heels' propulsion systems' transmission drives' type of fuels' application 1 capacity' study of main specifications" Components of an automo ile ? functions 1 layout' I frames' axles' frameless construction' steering system' suspension system' ra/ing system' po0er train 1 drives' clutch' gear ox' final drive' propeller shaft' u?6oints' vehicle ody' 0heels' tyres 1 tu es" Unit II$ -o)(+ -+oduction$ Selection of engine for t0o 0heeler' three 0heeler 1 four 0heeler vehicles7 constructional 1 0or/ing details of t0o stro/es 1 four sto/e petrol 1 diesel engines' fuel system' ignition system' starting system' charging system' lighting system' cooling system' lu rication system' com ustion 1 com ustion cham ers" Unit III$ St((+in0 S/#t(. and Su#>(n#ion S/#t(.$ Steering system re;uirements' front axle details 1 geometry' castor' cam er' toe in' toe out' steering geometry' steering lin/ages' different types of steering gear oxes' their constructional 1 0or/ing details" Concept and 0or/ing of energy a sor ing and po0er steering Unit IV$ Su#>(n#ion #/#t(.$ &eed and types of suspension systems' constructional details 1 characteristics of laminated and' coil springs" %ntroduction to independent suspension' front 1 rear suspension systems of the vehicle' shoc/ a sor ers" Unit V$ ,+a3in0 S/#t(.$ &eed and classification of ra/es' drum ra/es and disc ra/es' constructional 1 0or/ing details' introduction to hydraulic ra/e 1 par/ing ra/e' vacuum assisted hydraulic ra/es' compressed air assisted hydraulic ra/es' compressed air assisted ra/es' leading 1 trailing ra/e shoes' self energerising ra/es 1 A!S' 0or/ing of master cylinder' 0heel cylinders' tandem master cylinder' characteristics of ra/e fluid' Unit VI$ W4(( # @ T/+(#$ Gheel re;uirements' types of 0heels' their constructional 1 0or/ing details' rims 1 tyres' types of tyres' tyre selection' ordinary' radial tyres tu eless tyres' their constructional details' comparison 1 application' 0heel alancing" T(Dt ,oo3#$
1. 2. 3.

Automotive Technology y Sethi' Tmh' &e0 Delhi Automo ile y J"J" Ramalingam' Scitech Pu lication' Chennai Automotive Chassis 1 !ody y P"@" Johli' Tmh' &e0 Delhi

R("(+(nc( ,oo3#$ 1. +otor ,ehicles y &e0ton Steeds and 9arrot' !utter0orths' @ondon" 2. +echanism of the Car y Kudge A"G' Chapman and <alls @td"' @ondon" 3. Automotive Chassis and !ody y Crouse G"<' +cgra0 I<ill' &e0 8or/" 4. Automo ile Engg" y J"J" Kain' R"!" Asthana' Tmh" 5. Automo ile Engg #,ol?*$ y Dr" Jripal Singh' Standard Pu lisher Distri utors -(

AE1 785 F uid M(c4anic# and H/d+au ic Mac4in(# @ T P Credits - * ) .C -a+t1A Unit 9$ ,a#ic Conc(>t @ -+o>(+ti(#$ Fluid I Definition' Distinction !et0een Solid and Fluid I Units and Dimensions I Properties of Fluids I Density' Specific Geight' Specific ,olume' Specific 9ravity' Temperature' ,iscosity' Compressi ility' ,apour Pressure' Capillary and Surface Tension I Fluid Statics> Concept of Fluid Static Pressure' A solute and 9auge Pressure +easurements y +anometers and Pressure 9auges" Unit B$ F uid <in(.atic# and F uid D/na.ic#$ Fluid Jinematics ? Flo0 ,isuali=ation I @ines of Flo0 I Types of Flo0 I,elocity Field and Acceleration I Continuity E;uation #one and Three Dimensional Differential Forms$? E;uation of Streamline I Stream Function I ,elocity Potential Function I Circulation I Flo0 &et" Unit 7$ F uid D/na.ic#> E;uations of +otion? Euler3s E;uation Along A Streamline I !ernoulli3s E;uation I Applications I ,enturimeter' 2rifice +eter' 2ther Flo0 +easurement %nstruments' Pilot Tu e" Dimensional Analysis Dimensional &um ers' Their Application" I !uc/ingham3s Theorem I Applications I Similarity @a0s and +odels" -a+t1, Unit 5$ Inco.>+(##i: ( F uid F o)$ ,iscous Flo0 I &avier I Sto/e3s E;uation #Statement only$ I Shear Stress' Pressure 9radient Relationship @aminar Flo0 !et0een Parallel Plates I @aminar Flo0 Through Circular Tu es #<agen Poiseulle3s$ I <ydraulic and Energy 9radient I Flo0 Through Pipes I Darcy I Geis ac/3s E;uation I Pipe Roughness I Friction Factor I +ody3s Diagram I +inor @osses ? Flo0 Through Pipes in Series and in Parallel I Po0er Transmission I !oundary @ayer Flo0s' !oundary @ayer Thic/ness' !oundary @ayer Separation I Drag and @ift Coefficients" Unit 6$ H/d+au ic Tu+:in(#$ %mpact of Ket on Flat' Curved 1 +oving Plates IFluid +achines> Definition and Classification I Exchange of Energy I Euler3s E;uation for Tur o +achines I Construction of ,elocity ,ector Diagram3s I <ead and Specific Gor/ I Component of Energy Transfer I Degree of Reaction" Unit %$ H/d+au ic -u.># Co.>+(##o+ @ Fan#$ Pumps> Definition and Classifications I Centrifugal Pump> Classifications' Gor/ing Principles' ,elocity Triangles' Specific Speed' Efficiency and Performance Curves I Reciprocating Pump> Classification' Gor/ing Principles' %ndicator Diagram' Gor/ Saved y Air ,essels and Performance Curves I Cavitations in Pumps --

Rotary Pumps> Gor/ing Principles of 9ear and ,ane Pumps" Definition I Classification Difference' Efficiency' and Performance Curves Special Application in Auto +o ile %ndustries" Te/t Boo"s4 5.9l1id Mechanics and Hydra1lics Machines =5th %dition> by /ansal, #.K., &a)mi P1blications =P> &td., New 'elhi, 5EE5. 7. 9l1id Mechanics by 3treeter, ".&. and $ylie, %./, Mcgraw.Hill, 5E;-. Hydra1lic Machines. Theory and 'esign by "asandani, ".P., Khanna P1blishers, 5EE7 :. 9l1id Mechanics and %l1id Machinery by (?a, /erndtsson,, () ord *ni+ersity Press43/N EH;G5E56EE6-G Re-ere!ce Boo"s4 5. 9l1id Mechanics < Machines, by '.3. K1mar, Kataria P1b. 7. 9l1id Mechanics by $hite, 9.M., Tata Mcgraw.Hill, 5th %dition, New 'elhi, 7GG-. 4ntrod1ction to 9l1id Mechanics and 9l1id Machines by 3om, 3.K. and /iswas, B., Tata Mcgraw Hill, 7nd %dition, 7GG:. :. 9l1id Mechanics Cengel, !o1n1s Tata Mc Braw Hill 5. 9l1id Mechanics 4 H 3hames AE11786 ENGINEERING ECONOMICS AND ACCOUNTANCY L T - C+(dit# 7 9 8 5H Unit19$ Int+oduction to En0in((+in0 Econo.ic# Concept of engineering economics I Engineering efficiency7 Demand Analysis' @a0 of Demand' Determinants of demand' Elasticity of demand?Price' %ncome and cross elasticity" Uses of concepts of elasticity of demand in managerial decision' introduction to micro and macro?economics" Unit1B$ D(.and Fo+(ca#tin0 and Co#t E#ti.ation +eaning' significance and methods of demand forecasting' production function' @a0s of returns to scale 1 @a0 of Diminishing returns scale" An overvie0 of Short and @ong run cost curves I fixed cost' varia le cost' average cost' marginal cost' 2pportunity cost' !rea/?Even?Analysis" Unit17$ Ti.( Va u( o" Mon(/ Present 0orth' annual 0orth' Future 0orth' internal rate of return' External rate of return" Unit15$ Co.>a+i#on a.on0 a t(+nati'(# Present 0orth method #Revenue dominated cash flo0 diagram$' Future 0orth method #Revenue dominated cash flo0 diagram' cost dominated cash flo0 diagram$' Annual e;uivalent method #Revenue dominated cash flo0 diagram' cost dominated cash flo0 diagram$' rate of return method' Examples in all the methods"
Unit-5: Depreciation and Taxes Depreciation- Introduction, Classical Methods !trai"ht line #ethod o$ depreciation, declinin" %alance #ethod o$ depreciation-!u# o$ the &ears di"its #ethod o$ depreciation, sin'in" $und #ethod o$ depreciation( )nnuit& #ethod o$ depreciation, Modi$ied accelerated cost reco*er& s&ste#, +a, concepts and a$ter ta, econo#ic co#parison.

Unit1%$ ,oo3 <((>in0 Principles of dou le entry system> consignment account"

an/ reconciliation statement' single entry system> 6oint venture and


Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$
*" Engineering Economy' Sullivan' Gic/s' and Joelling' Pearson %nternational (" +acroeconomics> Understanding the Gealth of &ations y David +iles and Andre0 Scott' Giley

AE1178% M(a#u+(.(nt @ In#t+u.(ntation La: AE1178* FMHM ? -o)(+ Unit# @ T+an#.i##ion La: AE11782 Auto.oti'( E (ct+ica S/#t(. ? E (ct+onic# La: AE1178C Mino+ -+oA(ct1I88B

88B 88B 88B 885


AE11799 DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS @ T P Credits - * ) .C UNIT I$ %ntroduction to mechanical engineering design' design process' interaction et0een design process elements' design?economics' uncertainty' stress and strength' factors of safety' relia ility' pro a ilistic approach to design" UNIT II$ Selection of materials? the asics' selection strategy' engineering materials? ferrous and non? ferrous metals' heat treatment of metals' designation of steels as per %S> *AD)?*EDB' AST+ standards"' computer aided selection" +anufacturing considerations in design' interchangea ility' limits' fits' and tolerances as per %ndian std" system' surface roughness" UNIT III$ Failures resulting from static loading' static strength' and stress concentration"Failures resulting from varia le loading' introduction to fatigue to metals' Strain life relationship' stress life relationship" Endurance limit modifying factors' stress concentration and notch sensitivity' Cumulative fatigue damage' design factors in fatigue" UNIT IV$ !asics of finite element analysis and its application to the design of machine components" FEA? 0eighted residual approach and variational approach' simple applications using *D and (D elements" Design of spur gears using @e0is e;uation and A9+A design e;uations" UNIT V$ -A

Design of scre0s' design of olted' 0elded and riveted 6oints? under direct and eccentric loads' design of pipes and pipe 6oints" UNIT VI Design of shafts' /eys' couplings #rigid and flexi le$' design of po0er scre0s' closed coil helical and leaf springs #laminated$ for static and fatigue loading" Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$ *" Shigley' K" E"' +isch/e' C" R" and !udynas' R" 9"' +echanical Engineering Design' +c9ra0 <ill' Dth Edition' ())." %nternational" (" Kuvinall' R" C"' and +arshe/' J" +"' Fundamental of +achine Component Design' Kohn Giley and Sons' ()))" -" <amroc/' !" K"' Kaco son' !" Schmidt' S" R"' Fundamentals of +achine Elements" +c9ra0 <ill' *EEE" ." &orton' R" @"' +achine Design> An %ntegrated Approach' Pearson Education' %ndian Reprint?())*" 5. 'esign o Machine %lements by M.9.3,otts, Prentice Hall.5EE; 'esign o Machine %lements by ". /. /handari, Tata Mcgraw Hill P1b.5EE: AE1179B TUR,OMACHINERY AND GAS DYNAMICS @ T P Credits - * ) .C UNIT1I Tur omachinery Principles' Energy transfer et0een fluid and rotor' classification of fluid machinery' dimensionless parameters' specific speed' applications' stage velocity triangles' 0or/ and efficiency for compressors and tur ines" UNIT1II CENTRIFUGAL FANS AND ,LOWERS Types' stage and design parameters' flo0 analysis in impeller lades' volute and diffusers' losses' Characteristics curves and selection' fan drives and fan noise" UNIT1III CENTRIFUGAL AND AXIAL FLOW COM-RESSORS Construction details' types' impeller flo0 losses' slip factor' diffuser analysis' losses and performance curves" Stage velocity triangles' enthalpy?entropy diagrams' stage losses and efficiency' 0or/ done factor' simple Stage design pro lems and performance characteristics" UNIT1IV AXIAL AND RADIAL FLOW TUR,INES Stage velocity diagrams' reaction stages' losses and coefficients lade design principles' testing and Performance characteristics" UNIT1V Ga# D/na.ic#>? Continuity E;uation' +omentum E;uation' Energy E;uation' Stagnation Properties7 %sentropic Flo0 Gith ,aria le Area' Gave +otion7 Flo0 Gith &ormal Shoc/ Gaves' 2 li;ue Shoc/ Gaves' Flo0 in Constant Area Duct Gith Friction and Gith <eat Transfer' +easurement of Fluid Properties' Anemometer' Flo0 ,isuali=ation" UNIT VI ;(t -+o>u #ion>? Aircraft Propulsion Theory' Ram6et Engine' Pulse6et Engine7 Roc/et Propulsion' @i;uid Propellant' Solid Propellant' Roc/et Propulsion Theory' Roc/et Applications' Space Flights"


Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$ *" S"+" 8ahya' Q Fundamentals of Compressi le Flo0 Q' &e0 Age %nternational #P$@imited' &e0 Delhi' *EE4" (" P"<ill and C" Peterson' Q +echanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion Q' Addison ? Gesley Pu lishing Company' *EE(" -" &"K" Pucro0' Q Aircraft and +issile Propulsion' ,ol" % 1 %% Q' Kohn Giley ' *EDA" ." &"K" Pucro0' Q Principles of Ket Propulsion and 9as Tur ines Q' Kohn Giley' &e0 8or/' *ED)" A" <"Cohen' 9"E"C"Rogers and Saravanamuttoo' Q 9as Tur ine Theory Q' @ongman 9roup @td"' *EB)" 4" 9"P"Sutton' Q Roc/et Propulsion Elements Q' Kohn Giley' *EB4' &e0 8or/" D" A"<"Shapiro' Q Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressi le Fluid Flo0 ,ol"Jl Q' Kohn Giley ' *EA-' &e0 8or/" B" ,"9anesan' Q 9as Tur ines Q' Tata +cgra0 <ill Pu lishing Co"' &e0 Delhi' *EEE. AE1797 -RODUCTION @ O-ERATIONS MANAGEMENT 19 L T C+(dit#

7 8 8 7A Unit19$ O>(+ation# #t+at(0/ and co.>(titi'(n(## %ntroduction to P2+' 2perations strategy' strategy design process' corporate and operations strategies' 2perations competitive dimensions" Unit1B$ -+oduct and -+oc(## D(#i0n Product design and development processes' product life cycle' Process flo0 chart' Types of processes' Process performance' @earning curve" Unit17$ Faci it/ ocation and La/out Factors affecting the location decisions' methods of facility location? factor rating systems' centroid method' and profit volume analysis7 Types of layout' !loc/ diagram and Assem ly @ine !alancing" Unit15$ D(.and Fo+(ca#tin0 Oualitative and ;uantitative forecasting' Time series and regression models' +easures of forecasting errors" Unit16$ In'(nto+/ .od( %mportance of inventory' understoc/ing and overstoc/ing' Fixed order ;uantity models and fixed time period models #E2O models$' Selective inventory management? A!C' ,ED' and FS& analysis" Unit1%$ L(an Manu"actu+in0 K%T manufacturing system' Toyota production systems? JA&!A& model' and elimination of 0aste" Text !oo/ *" 2perations +anagement' Kay <ei=er' !arry Render7 Pearson learning (" 2perations management for competitive advantage7 Chase' Kaco ' and A;uilano7 T+< -" +odern Production52perations +anagement' !uffa and Serin' Kohn Geily %ndia"


AE??-*. VEHICLE MAINTENANCE F TRI,OLOGY @ LU,RICATION @ T P Credits - ) ) -C UNIT1I M(anin0 @ n((d "o+ #a"(t/" Relationship of safety 0ith plant design' e;uipment Design and 0or/ environment" %ndustrial accidents' their nature' types and causes" Assessment of accident costs7 prevention of accidents" %ndustrial ha=ards' ha=ard %dentification techni;ues' accident investigation' reporting and analysis" - annin0 "o+ #a"(t/> definition' purpose' nature' scope and procedure" Range of Planning' variety of plans" Policy formulation and implementation of safety policies" Sa"(t/ .(a#u+(# in a .anu"actu+in0 o+0aniHation' safety and economics' safety And productivity" Employees participation in safety" Safety standards and legislation UNIT1 II Maint(nanc( o" +(co+d# and #c4(du (# %mportance of maintenance' preventive #scheduled$ and rea/do0n #unscheduled$ +aintenance' re;uirements of maintenance' preparation of chec/ lists" %nspection Schedule' maintenance of records' log sheets and other forms' safety precautions in +aintenance" UNIT1 III En0in( .aint(nanc( E +(>ai+ and o'(+4au in0 Dismantling of engine components and cleaning' cleaning methods' visual and Dimensional inspections' minor and ma6or reconditioning of various components' Reconditioning methods' engine assem ly' special tools used for maintenance 2verhauling' engine tune up" Performance evaluation for maintenance" UNIT1 IV C4a##i# .aint(nanc( 1 +(>ai+ and o'(+4au in0 +echanical and automo ile clutch and gear ox' servicing and maintenance' +aintenance servicing of propeller shaft and differential system" +aintenance 1servicing of suspension systems" !ra/e systems' types and servicing techni;ues" Steering Systems' overhauling and maintenance" Gheel alignment' computeri=ed alignment and Gheel alancing" UNIT1 V Maint(nanc( o" auto.oti'( ( (ct+ica #/#t(. #(+'icin0 and +(>ai+# Testing methods for chec/ing electrical components' chec/ing attery' starter motor' Charging systems' dc generator and alternator' ignitions system' lighting systems" Fault Diagnosis and maintenance of modern electronic controls' chec/ing and servicing of Dash oard instruments" UNIT1 VI Maint(nanc( o" "u( #/#t(.F coo in0 #/#t(.#F u:+ication #/#t(. and '(4ic ( ,od/ -B

Servicing and maintenance of fuel system of different types of vehicles' cali ration and Tuning of engine for optimum fuel supply" Cooling systems' 0ater pump' radiator' Thermostat' anticorrosion and antifree=e additives" @u rication maintenance' lu ricating 2il changing' greasing of parts" ,ehicle ody maintenance' minor and ma6or repairs" Door loc/s and 0indo0 glass actuating system maintenance" Text !oo/ *" Kohn Do/e NFleet +anagementM' +c9ra0?<ill Co" *EB. (" Fra=e'prving N Automotive +aintenance 1 Trou leshootingM" +ir Pu lishers' +osco0*ED4" REFERA&CES *" Kames D <alderman I Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis I P<% I *EEB" (" Service +anuals from Different ,ehicle +anufacturers" -" Audel I 9as Engine +anual I D"!" Taraporevala pu lishers' !om ay" AE1 796 $ -OWER UNIT AND TRANSMISSION @ T P Credits - * ) .C UNIT1I Transmission> %ntroduction' re;uirements of automo ile propulsion and transmission system' Discussion on tractive effort and other performance parameters" U&%T?%% Clutch> &eed of clutch' types of clutches' construction of clutch systems and clutch plates' operation and tor;ue transmission characteristics" C,T' diaphragm and centrifugal clutch and fluid fly0heel" U&%T?%%% 9ear ox> Re;uirements of gear ox' different types of gear oxes vi= sliding 'constant mesh and Synchromesh' construction details of gear oxes" U&%T?%, <ydro?dynamic drive> Fluid coupling' principle and operation tor;ue capacity performance characteristic' tor;ue converter construction' principle of operation' tor;ue capacity' multistage tor;ue converter performance" U&%T?, Automatic transmission> Construction and operating principle' three for0ard and reverse' four for0ard and reverse" 2ver drive unit need and its operation" <ydrostatic drive> construction and operation" Electric drive Gard @eonard control system' construction and operation' advantages and disadvantages" Unit ,% Drive line and Differential> &eed and construction of drive line components' universal 6oints" &eed and re;uirement of differential' principle of operation and construction" @imitations of ordinary differential and concept of limited slip differential" Te/t boo"s 4 5. Cro1se $ and Anglin ', A1tomoti+e Mechanics, Tata Mcgraw Hill P1blication ltd 5Gthedition 7GG: 7. Na2ra C P, /asic A1tomobile, 'han,at #ai P1blication Co. &td Hth %dition7GG5 -. @ose,e Heitner A1tomoti+e Mechanics Princi,le and Practice, %ast $est Press 7nd edition 5EEE. :. Motor "ehicle by Newton, Berre and 3teeds, /H ,1blications. 5.P 3 Bill, A1tomobile %ngineering, 3K Kataria < 3ons AE?-*4 Tu+:o.ac4in(+/ ? T+i: o o0/ @a ) ) ( (C -E

AE -*DD(#i0n o" M?C E (.(nt# La: AE -*BELEMENTS


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AE -*EMino+ -+oA(ct EII AE -() Indu#t+ia T+ainin0

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7 9 8 5C

UNIT I$ D(#i0n o" "+iction c utc4(#> common friction materials' single plate' multi plate and centrifugal clutches and their characteristics and design of friction clutches" UNIT1 II$ M(c4anica 0(a+#> .)

Design of <elical' !evel and Gorm 9ears' !elt and Chain drives and Automotive 9ear ox assem ly" UNIT III$ ,+a3(#$ Common friction materials' shoe' and' cone and disc ra/es their characteristics and design of ra/e assem ly" UNIT III$ D(#i0n o" ,(a+in0#$ Ro in0 contact :(a+in0$ types of rolling contact earings' static and dynamic load capacities' Stri ec/3s e;uation' e;uivalent earing load' load life relationship' earing life' load factor' selection of earings from manufacturers catalogue" @u rication and mountings' dismounting and preloading of earings' oil seals and pac/ing" # idin0 contact :(a+in0#$ earing material and their properties' earing types' and their constructional details' hydrodynamic lu rication? asic theory' design consideration in hydrodynamic earings' Raimondi and !oyd method relating earing varia les" UNIT V$ D(#i0n o" En0in( -a+t#> Piston' Engine ,alves' Cylinder' Connecting Rod' Cran/ Shaft for C% and S% engines" Unit EVI Int+oduction to t4( d(#i0n o" auto.o:i ( c4a##i#$ a(+od/na.ic "o+.u ation# Te/t Boo"s4 5. Malee+e Hartman and (.P. Bro+er, CMachine 'esignF, C/3 P1blication < P1blishers. 7. "./ /handari, CMachine 'esignF, Tata Mcgraw Hill. -. P.C. 3harma and '.K Aggarwal., CMachine 'esignF, 3.K. Kataria < 3ons. Re-ere!ce Boo"4 5. Mahade+an, C'esign 'ata /oo2F, C/3 P1blication < P1blishers 7. Mechanical Assemblies by 'aniel % $hitney, () ord *ni+. Press


AE1 58B


Unit I$ Int+oduction %ntroduction' Definition and o 6ectives of %ndustrial Engineering' Scope of %ndustrial Engineering' Production systems and their classifications7 Productivity?Total and partial productivity' Reasons and remedy for poor productivity" Unit II$ ;o: ana /#i# and Wo+3 M(a#u+(.(nt S/#t(.# Gor/ System Design> Taylor3s scientific management' 9il reth3s contri utions7 method study' micro?motion study' principles of motion economy7 0or/ measurement ? stop 0atch time study' micro motion and memo motion' 0or/ sampling' standard data' P+TS7 ergonomics7 6o evaluation' merit rating' incentive schemes' and 0age administration7 usiness process reengineering" Unit III$ -+oduction - annin0 and Cont+o Types and characteristics of production systems 2 6ective and functions of Production' Planning 1 Control' Routing' Scheduling and 2perations scheduling' production scheduling' 6o shop scheduling pro lems' se;uencing pro lems' scheduling tools and techni;ues' @oading' Dispatching and its sheets 1 9antt charts" Unit IV$ !ua it/ En0in((+in0 Ouality concept and costs7 statistical ;uality control' Concept of specification limits' statistical control limits' process capa ility' Process control and control charts for oth attri utes and varia le data" Acceptance Sampling? Single and dou le sampling" Unit V$ R( ia:i it/ and Maint(nanc( Relia ility' availa ility and maintaina ility7 distri ution of failure and repair times7 determination of +T!F and +TTR' relia ility models7 system relia ility determination7 +aintenance management and its o 6ectives' ,arious types of +aintenance Planning' <ouse Jeeping' AS concepts" Unit VI$ Mat(+ia Hand in0 Principles' functions' and o 6ectives of +aterial <andling7 Selection and classification of +aterial <andling E;uipments7 Relation of material handling 0ith plant layout" TEXT ,OO<
1. Industrial Engineering and Management; B. Kumar, Khanna Publication. 2. Introduction to work Stud ; !"#ord and IB$ %ublishing &o. P't. (td, )ew *elhi



5 8 8 5C

9eneral Design of Tractors > Classification of Tractors?+ain Components of Tractor?Safety Rules" Control of the Tractor and Fundamentals of Engine 2peration> Tractor Controls and the Starting of the Tractor Engines?!asic &otions and Definition?Engine Cycles?2peration of +ulticylinder Engines?9eneral Engine Design ? !asic Engine Performance Characteristics" Engine Frame Gor/ and ,alve +echanism of Tractor> Cylinder and Pistons?Connecting Rods And Cran/shafts Engine !alancing I Construction and 2peration of the ,alve +echanism?,alve +echanism Components I ,alve +echanism Trou les" Cooling System' @u rication System and Fuel System of A Tractor> Cooling System I Classification I @i;uid Cooling System I Components' @u ricating System Servicing and Trou les I Air Cleaner and Tur o Charger I Fuel Tan/s and Filters IFuel Pumps" Farm E;uipments> Gor/ing Attachment of Tractors?Farm E;uipment I Classification I Auxiliary E;uipment I Trailers and !ody Tipping +echanism" %ntroduction of off Road ,ehicles> Classification of off Road ,ehicles and Their Application Excavator> Different Types of Shovel and Dragline' Their Construction ' 2perating Principles' 2perating Cycles " Production Capacity and Cost of Production Transport E;uipment> ,arious Types of Dumpers' +ain System' Components and Carrying Capacity of Dumper Road +a/ing and +aintenance +achines> Different Types of Do=er' 9rader' and Their Construction" 2perating Principles' Production Capacity and Application +echanism" 2ther E;uipment> Scraper and Front End @oader' Their Construction and 2peration +aintenance> +aintenance Aspect of off Road ,ehicles" Referrences > *" A rosimov' J" !ran !erg' A and Jatayer' J" Road +a/ing +achinery' + % R" Pu lishers +osco0" *ED* (" De' A" @atest Development of <eavy Earth +oving +achinery' Annapurna Pu lishers' Dhan ad *EEA -" &ichols' <er er @ #Kr"$' +oving the Earth' 9algotia Pu lishing <ouse' &e0 Delhi' *E4(" ." Rudnev' ," J" ' Digging of Soils y Earthmover Gith Po0er Parts' 2xanian Press Pvt" @td"' &e0 Delhi' *EBA References> *" Rodichev and 9"Rodicheva' Tractor and Automo iles' +ir Pu lishers' *EBD (" Jolchin" A"' and ,"Demidov Design of Automotive Engines for Tractor' +ir Pu lishers' *ED(


AE 587: Co.>ut(+ Si.u ation o" I&C En0in( -+oc(## @ T P Credits - * ) . %ntroduction %ntroduction ? <eat of Reaction ? +easurement of URP ? +easurement of <RP ? Adia atic Flame Temperature> Complete Com ustion in C5<525& Systems' Constant ,olume Adia atic Com ustion' Constant Pressure Adia atic Com ustion" Calculation of Adia atic Flame Temperature ? %sentropic Changes of State" Si Engine Simulation Gith Air As Gor/ing +edium Deviation !et0een Actual and %deal Cycle ? Pro lems' S% Engine Simulation Gith Adia atic Com ustion' Temperature Drop Due to Fuel ,apourisation' Full Throttle 2peration ? Efficiency Calculation' Part?Throttle 2peration' Super Charged 2peration" Progressive Com ustion S% Engines Simulation Gith Progressive Com ustion Gith 9as Exchange Process' <eat Transfer Process' Friction Calculation' Compression of Simulated ,alues' ,alidation of the Computer Code' Engine Performance Simulation' Pressure Cran/ Angle Diagram and another Engine Performance" Simulation of (? Stro/e S% Engines" Diesel Engine Simulation +ulti Pone +odel for Com ustion' Different <eat Transfer +odels' E;uili rium Calculations' Simulation of Engine Performance' Simulation for Pollution Estimation" References> *" 9anesan"," Q Computer Simulation of Spar/ %gnition Engine Process Q' Universities Press #%$ @td' <yder ad' *EE4" (" Ramoss"A"@"' Q +odelling of %nternal Com ustion Engines Processes Q' +cgra0 <ill Pu lishing Co"' *EE(" -" Ashley Camp el' Q Thermodynamic Analysis of Com ustion Engines Q' Kohn Giley 1 Sons' &e0 8or/' *EB4" ." !enson"R"S"' Ghitehouse"&"D"' Q %nternal Com ustion Engines Q' Pergamon Press' 2xford' *EDE


Int+oduction to Co.>o#it(# 9eneral %ntroduction and Concept' <istorical Development' Concept of Composite +aterials' +aterial Properties That Can !e %mproved y Forming A Composite +aterial1 %ts Engineering Potential ,a#ic D("inition# and C a##i"ication o" Co.>o#it(# ..

!asic Definitions' ,arious Types of Composites' Classification !ased on +atrix +aterial> 2rganic +atrix Composites Polymer +atrix Composites #P+C$' Car on +atrix Composites 2r Car on?Car on Composites' +etal +atrix Composites #++C$' Ceramic +atrix Composites #C+C$7 Classification !ased on Reinforcements> Fi er Reinforced Composites' Fi er Reinforced Polymer #FRP$ Composites' @aminar Composites' Particulate Composites Ad'anta0(# o" Co.>o#it(# Mat(+ia # Comparison Gith +etals' Advantages 1 @imitations of Composites ,a#ic Con#titu(nt# Mat(+ia # in Co.>o#it(#$ T/>(# o" R(in"o+c(.(nt#?Fi:(+# Role and Selection 2r Reinforcement +aterials' Types of Fi ers' 9lass Fi ers' Car on Fi ers' Aramid Fi ers ' +etal Fi ers' Alumina Fi ers' !oron Fi ers' Silicon Car ide Fi ers' Ouart= and Silica Fi ers' +ultiphase Fi ers' Ghis/ers' Fla/es Etc"' +echanical Properties of Fi ers" Mat+iD Mat(+ia # Functions of A +atrix' Desired Properties of A +atrix' Polymer +atrix #Thermosets and Thermoplastics$' +etal +atrix' Ceramic +atrix' Car on +atrix' 9lass +atrix Etc Fi:(+# R(in"o+c(.(nt Co.>o#it( Mat(+ia # (9 Hou+) Fi er Reinforced Polymer #FRP$ @aminated Composites @amina 1 @aminate @ay?Up" Ph?2rientation Definition ,(4a'iou+ o" A La.inat(1I$ I#ot+o>ic E a#ticit/@ - an( St+(## Conc(>t in 71D @inear Elastic Stress?Strain Characteristics of FRP Composites' Stress and Strain Components in -?D' 9enerali=ed <oo/e3s @a0 in -?D' Stress?Strain Relations in -?D for %sotropic Case" Ani#ot+o>ic?O+t4ot+o>ic E a#ticit/ Stress?Strain Relations for %sotropic and 2rthotropic Cases To+#iona @ Mat+iD Notation# Concept of Cartesian Tensor' %ndicial &otation and Torsional Representations in Elasticity' ,oigt3s &otations ,(4a'iou+ o" A La.inat(1II$ M(c4anic# o" Load1T+an#"(+ in La.inat( +echanics of @oad?Transfer in A @aminate Prediction of Engineering Property in A @aminate La.inat(?- / St+(##1St+ain R( ation# @amina Stress?Strain A Relation in +aterial Coordinates' Transformation Relations' @amina Stress?Strain Relations in Structure 9lo al Coordinates La.inat(d Co.>o#it(#1I M(c4anic# o" - at(#?<i+c44o""G# - at( T4(o+/ Conc(>t o" La.inat( @aminate Strain?Displacement Relationship !ased on Jirchhoff3s <ypothesis M(c4anica ,(4a'iou+ o" Unidi+(ctiona F C+o##1- / and An0 (1- / St+uctu+a M(c4anic# o" La.inat(# La.inat(d Co.>o#it(#1II St+uctu+a M(c4anic# o" La.inat(# @aminate Stiffness ?+atrices S>(cia C a##i"ication o" La.inat(# Symmetric "Anti?Symmetric and &on?Symmetric @aminates St+(n0t4 and Fai u+( Conc(>t# St+(n0t4 o" La.inat(# Fai u+( M(c4anic# o" Co.>o#it(# Mac+o1M(c4anica Fai u+( T4(o+i(# +aximum Stress Theory' +aximum Strain Theory' Tsai?<ill Theory' Tsai?Gu Theory .A

Co.>a+i#on o" Fai u+( T4(o+i(# D(#i0n Conc(>t#$ D(#i0n I##u(# T/>ica St+uctu+a Co.>on(nt D(#i0n -+oc(## La.inat( Ana /#i#?D(#i0n So"t)a+( Co.>o#it( Cod(# @ Standa+d# Manu"actu+in0 -+oc(##(# -+oc(##in0 o" Co.>o#it( Mat(+ia # 2verall Considerations' Autoclave Curing' 2ther +anufacturing Processes Fi er?only Performs' Com ined Fi er?+atrix Performs" Manu"actu+in0 T(c4ni=u(#$ Tooling and Specialty +aterials' Release Agents' Peel Plies' Release Films and Fa rics' !leeder and !reather Plies' !agging Films S>(cia To>ic# $ T(#tin0 o" Co.>o#it(# (ENGN5699) +echanical Testing of Composites' Tensile Testing' Compressive Testing' %ntra?@aminar Shear Testing' %nter? @aminar Shear Testing' Fracture Testing Etc En'i+on.(nta E""(ct# on Co.>o#it(# Mic+o.(c4anic# o" La.ina( En0in((+in0 A>> ication# G(n(+a En0in((+in0 A>> ication# o" FR- Co.>o#it(# Applications Related to Aerospace' Automo ile' !ridge and 2ther Civil Engineering Structures' Case Studies" AE1 587d Mod(+n V(4ic ( T(c4no o0/$ @ T P Credits - * ) . Trends in Po0er Plants <y rid ,ehicles ? Stratified Charged 5 @earn !urn Engines ? <ydrogen Engines ? !attery ,ehicles I Electric Propulsion Gith Ca les ? +agnetic Trac/ ,ehicles" Suspension !ra/es and Safety Air Suspension ? Closed @oop Suspension ? Antis/id !ra/ing System' Retarders' Regenerative !ra/ing Safety Cage ? Air !ags ? Crash Resistance ? Passenger Comfort" &oise 1 Pollution Reduction of &oise ? %nternal 1 External Pollution Control Through Alternate Fuels5Po0er Plants I Catalytic Converters and Filters for Particulate Emission" ,ehicle 2peration and Control Computer Control for Pollution and &oise Control and for Fuel Economy ? Transducers and Actuators ? %nformation Technology for Receiving Proper %nformation and 2peration of the ,ehicle @i/e 2ptimum Speed and Direction" ,ehicle Automated Trac/s Preparation and +aintenance of Proper Road &et0or/ ? &ational <igh0ay &et0or/ Gith Automated Roads and ,ehicles ? Satellite Control of ,ehicle 2peration for Safe and Fast Travel" #e erences8 .4

5. /erane2.&.&. D Noise #ed1ction D, Mcgraw.Hill /oo2 Co., 4nc, New !or2, 5EE-. 7. D /osch Hand /oo2 D, -rd %dition, 3A%., 5EE-. AE1 587( Auto.oti'( A(+od/na.ic# @ CFD *" A(+od/na.ic# "o+ Auto.o:i (# 1 Fluid Properties' Fluid Statics' +easurement of Pressure' Fluid Jinematics' Fluid Dynamics' Euler and !ernoulli E;uations' &s E;uations' Dimensional Analysis And Similitude' ,iscous Flo0' Flo0 2ver %mmersed !odies' !oundary @ayer' Production of @ift and Drag' Effect of AE?Rodynamic Forces on Sta ility of the ,ehicle -" Co.>utationa F uid D/na.ic# 1 Fundamentals of CFD !asics of Finite Difference and Finite ,olume +ethods' !oundary Conditions' %nitial Conditions' Choice of Tur ulence +odels' +erits And @imitations of Commercial CFD Tools ." A(+od/na.ic St/ in0 o" V(4ic (# 1 Effect of Shape and Si=e of ,arious Exterior Parts of the ,ehicle on the Drag Force' Details of Effect of Shape on AE?Rodynamics of ,arious ,ehicles> Passenger Car' Suv' Utility ,an' +ini !us' !us' Cargo' Truc/ and To0ing ,ehicle A(+od/na.ic# o" Rac( Ca+# 1 AE?Rodynamic Features of Race Cars' +easures to Create &egative @ift' Front and Rear Gings' Sta ility Consideration' Fluid Flo0 2ver !ra/es A" T4(+.a Mana0(.(nt in V(4ic (# 1 Engine Cooling Re;uirements' Underhood Cooling' +echanism of Drag Production y the Cooling System" 4" ED>(+i.(nta -+oc(du+( and Faci iti(# 1 !asics of Gind Tunnels' Types of Gind Tunnels' %nstrumentation for Gind Tunnels> Pressure +easurement' ,elocity +easurement' Force and +oment +easurement Devices' Flo0 ,isuali=ation' Case Studies of Different Gind Tunnels Used for ,ehicle Aerodynamics Experimentation" ,oo3# *" !ruce R" +unson' Donald F" 8oung' Theodore <" 2/ishi' 91ndamentals o 9l1id Mechanics' .th Edition' Kohn Giley andSons %nc' ())( (" Kohn F" Doughlas' Kanus= +" 9asiore/' Kohn A" S0affield' ' 9l1id Mechanics, Ath Edition' Prentice <all' ())4" -" <ucho G" <"' A%.#odynamics o #oad "ehicles' .th Edition' SAE? %nternational' *EEB ." Koseph Jat=' #ace Car A%.#odynamics' Ro ert !entley Pu lishers' Cam ridge' +a' *EEA A" !arnard R"<"' #oad "ehicle A%.#odynamic 'esign8 An 4ntrod1ction, @ongman' *EE4 4" Ke0el !" !arlo0' Gillium <" RAE?' Alan Pope' &ow 3,eed $ind T1nnel Testing, -rd Edition' Giley %nterscience' *EEE D" <olman K"P"' Heat Trans er, Bth Edition' +c 9ra0 <ill Company' U/' ())*" B" Steven Daly' A1tomoti+e Air.Conditioning and Climate Control 3ystems, !utter0orth?<einemann' Elsevier' +a' ())4 AE1587" Co.>ut(+ Aid(d V(4ic ( D(#i0n and Sa"(t/ @ T P Credits - * ) . -a+t1A Unit 9$ Int+oduction$ .D

Study and Selection of ,ehicle Specifications I Choice of Cycle' Fuel' Speed' Cylinder Arrangement' &um er of Cylinders' +ethod of Cooling' +aterial' Design ,aria les and 2perating ,aria les Affecting Performance and Emission" Unit B$ V(4ic ( ,od/ D(tai #$ Types> Saloon' Converti les' @imousine' Estate Car' Racing and Sports Car" ,isi ility> Regulations' Driver3s ,isi ility' Test for ,isi ility' +ethods of %mproving ,isi ility and Space in Cars" Safety Design' Safety E;uipments for Cars" Car !ody Construction7 Design Criteria' Prototype +a/ing' %nitial Tests' Crash Tests on Full Scale +odel' Dummies and %nstrumentation" Unit 7$ V(4ic ( AE1Rod/na.ic#$ 2 6ectives" ,ehicle Drag and Types> ,arious Types of Forces and +oments' Effects of Forces and +oments' Side Gind Effects on Forces and +oments' ,arious !ody 2ptimi=ation Techni;ues for +inimum Drag' Gind Tunnel Testing> Flo0 ,isuali=ation Techni;ues' Scale +odel Testing' Component !alance to +easure Forces and +oments" 9ear Ratios Determination of 9ear Ratios' Acceleration and 9rada ility" -a+t1, Unit 5$ -(+"o+.anc( Cu+'(#$ Residence' Po0er and Tor;ue Curve' Driving Force Against ,ehicle Speed?Acceleration and 9rada ility in Different 9ears for A Typical Car 2r Truc/ Plotted From Specifications" Unit 6$ En0in( D(#i0n$ Pressure ,olume Diagram' Frictional +ean Effective Pressure' Engine Capacity' Calculation of !ore and Stro/e @ength' ,elocity and Acceleration' 9as Force' %nertia and Resultant Force At ,arious Cran/ Angles I Side Thrust on Cylinder Galls" Unit %$ ,od/ Mat(+ia #F T+i. and M(c4ani#.#$ Steel Sheet' Tim er' Plastic' 9rp' Properties of +aterials7 Corrosion' Anticorrosion +ethods" Selection of Paint and Painting Process" !ody Trim %tems" !ody +echanisms" T(Dt ,oo3#$ *" Automo ile +echanics y 9iri" &"J"' Jhanna Pu lishers I &e0 Delhi I ())( (" <igh Speed Com ustion Engine y <eldt" P"+"' 2xford 1 % h Pu lishing Co"' Calcutta *EBE" -" ,ehicle !ody y K" Po0los/i' !usiness !oo/s @td' @ondon I *EBE R("(+(nc( ,oo3#$ *" (" -" ." %c Engines y @ichty' Joga/usha Co"' @td" To/yo' *EE*" !ody Construction and Design y 9iles" K"C"' @iiffe !oo/s !utter0orth 1 Co" ,ehicle !ody @ayout and Analysis y Kohn FentonI+echanical Engg" Pu lication @td"' @ondon" ,ehicle !ody !uilding and Dra0ing y !raith0aite"K"!"I<einemann Educational !oo/s @td"' @ondon"

AE 587 0 O-ERATION RESEARCH @ T P Credits - * ) . Unit19$ Int+oduction .B

&ature' Scope and <istorical developments' @inear programming? +odel formulation' 9raphical and simplex methods' Duality' Degeneracy' sensitivity analysis" Unit1B$ T+an#>o+tation &orth?Gest corner rule' @east cost method' ,A+' +ethods to chec/ the optimality' Assignment? <ungarian method and Se;uencing models> Kohnson Rule for n? 6o t0o? machine' n? 6o m? machine" Unit17$ !u(uin0 t4(o+/ Assumptions and applications of 0aiting line theory' +5+5*> 5FCFS' +5+5J> 5FCFS' +5+5J Unit15$ Ga.( t4(o+/ and it# a>> ication# Pure and mixed strategy' dominance principle' Alge raic' arithmetic' and graphical methods to solve 9T pro lems" Unit16$ R(> ac(.(nt .od( # Replacement policy for the items that deteriorate over time' replacement policy for the items that deteriorate over time 0hen time value of money is declining' replacement policy for the items that fails suddenly" Unit1%$ N(t)o+3 - annin0 PERT' CP+' Pro6ect crashing' Shortest?path pro lem' +aximum flo0 pro lem' +inimum spanning tree pro lem' minimum cost flo0 pro lem' Resource leveling" Su00(#t(d R(adin0#$ *" (" -" ." 2perations Research> Theory and Applications y K J Sharma' +acmillan 2perations Research> An introduction y < A Taha' Pearson Education 2perations Research> Concepts and cases y F S <iller and 9 K @ie ermaan' T+< Ouantitative Techni;ue in +anagement y & D ,ohra' T+<

AE 587 4 F ((t Mana0(.(nt @ T P Credits - * ) . Unit *" +anagement Training and 2perations !asic Principles of Supervising" 2rgani=ing Time and People" Ko %nstruction Training ? Training Devices and Techni;ues ? Driver and +echanic <iring ? Driver Chec/list ? @ists for Driver and +echanic ? Trip @easing ? ,ehicle 2peration and Types of 2perations" Unit (" ,ehicle +aintenance Scheduled and Unscheduled +aintenance ? Planning and Scope ? Evaluation of Pmi Programmed ? Gor/ Scheduling ? 2vertime ? !rea/do0n Analysis ? Control of Repair !ac/logs ? Cost of 2ptions" .E

Unit -" ,ehicle Parts' Supply +anagement and !udget Cost of %nventory ? !alancing %nventory Cost Against Do0ntime ? Parts Control ? !in Tag Systems ? Time +anagement ? Time Record Jeeping ? !udget Activity ? Capital Expenditures ? Classification of ,ehicle Expenses ? Fleet +anagement and Data Processing ? Data Processing Systems ? Soft0are" +odel ? Computer Controlling of Fleet Activity ? Energy +anagement" Unit ." Scheduling and Fare Structure Route Planning ? Scheduling of Transport ,ehicles ? Preparation of Timeta le' Costs' Fare Structure ? +ethods of Fare Collection ? Preparation of Fare Ta le" Unit A" +otor ,ehicle Act Schedules and Sections ? Registration of +otor ,ehicles ? @icensing of Drivers ? Control of Permits ? @imits of Speed ? Traffic Signs ? Constructional Regulations ? Description of 9oods Carrier' Delivery +an' Tan/er' Tipper' +unicipal' Fire Fighting and !rea/ Do0n Service ,ehicle" Te)t /oo28 5. @ohn 'ol1, D 9leet Management D, Mcgraw.Hill Co., 5E;:. #e erences8 5. Bo+erment P1blication, D The Motor "ehicle Act D, 5E;E. 7. Kitchin.&.'., D /1s (,eration D, &lli e and3ons &td., &ondon, 444 %dition, 5EE7. -. Kadiyali.&.#., D Tra ic and Trans,ort Planning D. A% :G- i FUEL CEELS @ T P Credits - * ) . Int+oduction and T4(+.od/na.ic# Int+oduction$ !asic 2perating Principles I <istorical <ighlights I Classification" T4(+.od/na.ic#$ Electrochemical Energy Conversion I Theoretical Efficiency I Electrochemical Energy Conversion I Factors Affecting Electrochemical Energy Conversion E (ct+od( <in(tic# Electrode Dou le @ayer I Electrolyte Dou le @ayer I Dou le @ayer +odels #<elmolt= +odel' 9ouy?Chapman +odel' Stern +odel' 9rahame +odel I !oc/ris' Devenathan and +uller +odel' and Chemical +odels$ I Solid +etallic Electrode I Semiconductor Electrode I Specific Adsorption I Pero Potential" A 3a in( Fu( C( # @ -4o#>4o+ic Acid Fu( C( # A 3a in( Fu( C( #$ Gor/ing Principle I Components I +odules and Stac/s I Performance Characteristics #Po0er Density' Space Applications' Atmospheric Pressure Cells$ I @imitations and R1D Challenges I System %ssues I Ammonia As Fuel" -4o#>4o+ic Acid Fu( C( #$ Cell Reactions I Electrodes #Sta ility of Catalysts' Electrode Fa rication I Fuel Cell Performance$ I Stac/s and Systems" So id ODid( Fu( C( # @ Mo t(n Ca+:onat( Fu( C( # A)

So id ODid( Fu( C( $ Principle of 2peration ? !enefits and @imitations I Cell Components #Electrolytes' Pirconia Systems' Ceria !ased Electrolytes' Perovs/ite?!ased Systems$ I Cathode +aterials I Anode +aterials %nterconnects I Fuel Reactions IConfigurations and Performance #Tu ular' +onolithic' Planar$ I Environmental %mpact I Applications" Mo t(n Ca+:onat( Fu( C( $ 9eneral Principle I Components #Electrolyte and +atrix' Cathode and Anode +aterials$ I Electrode Reactions I @ife Time Di+(ct M(t4ano Fu( C( # @ -+oton EDc4an0( M(.:+an( Fu( C( # Di+(ct M(t4ano Fu( C( #$ 2perating Principle I &o le +etal %ssue I Electro?2xidation of +ethanol #Catalysts' 2xygen Electro?Reduction' Electrolyte' &on?Catalytic Aspects$ ? +ethanol Crossover I Catalyst 2ptimi=ation I ,apor Feed ,ersus @i;uid Feed Cells" -+oton EDc4an0( M(.:+an( Fu( C( #$ 2perating Principle #+em ranes' Electrodes and Electrolysis' 2ptimi=ation of +em rane and Electrode Assem ly' %mpurities$ I Technology Development #Single Cell and Stac/s' Composite Plates$ I Fuel Processing I +odeling Studies #+em rane' Electrode' +em rane?Electrode Assem ly' Fuel Cell' Stac/ and System$ I Technology Development and Applications" T(Dt ,oo3# *" ,is0anathan' !" and Aulice Sci ioh' +"' 91el Cells Princi,les and A,,lications, Universities Press #%ndia$ Pvt" @td"' <ydera ad' ())4" *" <oogers' 9"' Edr"' 91el Cell Technology Handboo2, Crc Press' Gashington D" C"' ())-" (" R("(+(nc( ,oo3# *" @arminie' K" andDic/s' A"' 91el Cell 3ystems %),lained, Kohn Giley 1 Sons' @td"' &e0 8or/' ())*" AE 587 A R(n()a: ( Sou+c(# o" En(+0/ @ T P Credits - * ) . Unit 9$ So a+ En(+0/ Conversion of Solar Energy to Electrical Energy ? Availa ility ? Advantages and @imitations I Po0er Systems" Unit B$ Wind En(+0/ Gind +apping ? @ocation of Gind 9enerators ? Types of Gind +ills and 9enerators ? %nduction and Synchronous Systems" Unit 7$ ,io1"u( # Sources of !io?+ass Energy ? Good and Agricultural Gaste ? +unicipal Gaste ? Animal Gaste I Energy Conversion Systems ? !iogas 9eneration From Animal Gaste ? Good 9asification ? Do0ndraft andFluidised !ed Systems ? Alcohol Fuels" Properties as engine fuel' alcohols lending 0ith diesel and gasoline' their performance and emissions characteristics' D+E' DEE properties and performance and emissions characteristics" V(0(ta: ( Oi # Conversion of vegeta le oils as iodiesel Iproduction techni;ues ? standards and properties ? performance and Emission characteristics' additives" Unit 5 A co4o Fu( # Properties as engine fuels ? performance in S% engines ? lending 0ith gasoline ? Reformed alcohols I Use in C% engines ? emulsions ? dual fuel systems ?spar/ assisted diesel engines ? com ustion and emission characteristics A*

Unit 6$ Ot4(+ Sou+c(# Gave Energy ? Scope and Simple Systems for Po0er 9eneration ? Tidal Po0er ? Scope and Applications" 2tec Scope Fundamental Principles and 2perating Systems for Po0er 9eneration" 9eo Thermal Energy ? Principle and Simple Systems for Po0er 9eneration" Unit %I Auto.oti'( A>> ication# Electric Car 2peration Gith Energy Stored in !attery ? Energy Converted to <ydrogen Engine 2peration I <ydrogen Conversion and Storage System ? Relative +erits ? Direct 2peration of ,ehicle y !iomass Fuels @i/e Good Chips' Rice <us/ and Alcohol" #e erences8 5. 9.3.3eiler., D Alternate %nergy "ehicle 4n ormation D, $ind /oo2 4nc. 7. Bod rey /oyle, C#enewable %nergyF, () ord *ni+ersity Press 7. T.NeAat "e?iroyIl1., D Alternati+e %nergy 3o1rces . 444 D Hemis,here P1blishing Co. -. /arbara Keiler., D %nergy Alternati+es D, &1scent /oo2s, 5EEG. :. 'a+id Ha emeister, Henry Kelly, /arbara B.&e+i, American 4nstit1te o Physics" AE1587 3 T/(+ T(c4no o0/ Unit I $ Int+oduction %mportance of tyers' history' current status' functions of pneumatic tyers' applications' types of tyers' desira le tyre properties' classification of tyres ased on carcass' tyre profile' geometry' si=ing 1 designation' tyre components' principle of pneumatic tyre' re;uirements of pnumetic tyres" Unit II$ T/+( D(#i0n 9eneral' motion forces' heat uild up' types of onding' set of service conditions' tyre si=e re;uirements' safety re;uirements> Tread design' general' role of foot print area and factors affecting tread life' various types of tread pattern" Carcass design' role of fot print area and factors affecting tread life' various types of tread pattern" Carcass design' role of various fi ers used in carcass' estimation of num er of piles' !ead design' single ead' multiple eads' and various configurations of 0ires in ead assem ly" Unit III$ Co.>ound D(#i0n 9eneral introduction' role of various mixing ingredients' various recipes" Unit IV$ Manu"actu+( T(c4no o0/ Compound mixing' mixing' mixing e;uipments' extrusion of components' tyre cord' 0ire cord manfacture' calendaring tyre manufacture' mold procurement' component preparation' green tyre uilding' pre curing' curing and post curing operations5treatments" Unit ,> Tyre testing5 Evalution +ethods 9eneral safty standards' carcass strength' resistance to ead unseating' machine simulation test' indoor la oratory testing' field?test on roa' proving ground' lates testing techni;ues" Suggested Readings> *" Tyre Technology' S"&" Cha/ravarty' %ndian Ru er %nstitute (" Tires' Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology' Jir/ 1 2thmer -" Pneumatic Tyre Design' E"C" Good' Cam ridge ." Tire Engineering' Jovac 1 Rodgers' 9oodyear Tire Ru er Co"' 2hio A(

A" <and oo/ of Ru

er Technology' R" Schuster' Giley %nterscience Credits . Credits .

AE1 585 O>(n E (cti'(111 to :( c4o#(n "+o. ( (cti'( i#t o" ot4(+ d(>a+t.(nt#& @ T P . ) ) AE 586 CFD AE1 58% E (cti'(1I La: @ T P Credits ( ) ) ( AE1 58* D(#i0n o" Auto.oti'( Co.>on(nt La:& @ T P Credits ) ) - AE1 582 CFD @a @ T P Credits ) ) ( ( @ T P Credits ) ) - Credits ( AE1 582 Indu#t+ia T+ainin0 @ T P - * )

AE 158C -+oA(ct (-a+t1I)

AE .** V(4ic ( Sa"(t/ En0in((+in0 7 98 Unit1 9$ Auto.oti'( '(4ic ( t(#tin0 "o+ Sa"(t/$ Int+oduction to acti'( @ >a##i'( #/#t(.# Unit1B$ ,+a3in0 t(#t (a# >(+ IS 9926B1B889)F A,S >(+"o+.anc( t(#tF F+onta c+a#4 t(#tF #(at :( t anc4o+a0( t(#tin0F .i++o+F 4o+nF i04tin0 in#ta ation t(#t and t4(i+ #i.u ation& Unit17$ Co a>#i: ( #t((+in0 co u.n t(#tin0F #(at anc4o+a0( t(#tF #id( doo+ int+u#ionF int(+io+ and (Dt(+io+ t(#t& ,od/ : oc3 t(#t ( IS199C7C19CC% )F Int+oduction to t4(o""#(tF Frontal impact test #%S?**E-E?*EE4" F+onta I.>act t(#t ( ECE C5)F Lat(+a I.>act ( ECE RC6 )F AIS18BC $ SURVIVAL S-ACE FOR OCCU-ANTSF #id( i.>act and >(d(#t+ian >+ot(ction t(#t& And ot4(+ u>co.in0 #tanda+d#& Unit15$ A-

En'i+on.(nt +( at(d t(#tin0$ E.i##ion t(#t$ A# >(+ Ta> 996F Fu t4+ott ( t(#t "o+ (n0in(F t/>( a>>+o'a and CO- t(#t#F >a## :/ noi#( t(#t and t4(i+ #i.u ation Unit16$ -(+"o+.anc($ 0+ada:i it/F St((+in0 (""o+t t(#tF tu+nin0 ci+c ( dia.(t(+ t(#t and t4(i+ #i.u ation Cont+o #$ #>((do.(t(+ ca i:+ationF M-FIF CRDI ca i:+ation t(#t and t4(i+ #i.u ation Unit1%$ Moto+ V(4ic ( Act (9C22)F C(nt+a Moto+ V(4ic (# Ru (# (9C2C) and #u:#(=u(nt a.(nd.(nt#

AE 59B E (cti'(1 II AE 597 O>(n E (cti'(1 II AE 595 Auto.oti'( V(4ic ( T(#tin0 and Sa"(t/ R(0u ation# La: AE 596 E (cti'(1 II La: AE59% MaAo+ -+oA(ct (-a+t1II) AE 59* S(.ina+ ? R(>o+t

7 9 8 7 9 8 8 8 7 8 8 7 8 8 2 8 8 5

AE 59Ba Co.>ut(+ Int(0+at(d Manu"actu+in0 S/#t(.# @ T P Credits - * ) . Unit 9 %ntroduction Fundamental Concepts in +anufacturing and Automation ? &eed for Automation ? Automation Strategies ? Economic Analysis and Production ? Fundamental of C%+S Unit B Computer Aided Design #CAD$ Elements of CAD System ? 9raphics <ard0are ? Alu ? Cpu ? %nput52utput Devices ? 9eometric +odeling ? Automated Drafting " Unit 7 +anufacturing Systems !asics of &umerical Control ? Types of &C Systems ? C&C and D&C +achines ? +atching Centre I Tool +aga=ine ? &C Tape Format ? Programming ? +anual Part Programme ? Simple Programmes ? Computer Assisted A.

Part Programming ? Apt @anguage ? Simple Examples" Unit 5 Flexi le +anufacturing Systems 9roup Technology ? Part Families ? Part Classification and Cooling ? Production Flo0 Analysis ? +achine Cell Design ? Description of F+S ? E;uipment' Tooling and Fixture" Unit 6 Computer Aided +anufacturing Computers in +anufacturing ? Automated +anufacturing Systems ? Gor/piece <andling ? Types of Transfer ? Continuous' %ntermittent and &on?Synchronous Gal/ing !eam ? Computer Aided Process Planning I Computer Aided %nspection ? Computer Aided Ouality Control ? !asic +odel off C%+S? %nterfacing +ethods of CAD And CA+ ? Computer Process +onitoring" Te/t Boo"4 5. Broo+er.M.P., D A1tomation Prod1ction 3ystems and Cam D, Prentice Hall, 5EEG. #e erences8 5. Broo+er. M.P., D CadJCam Com,1ter Aided 'esign and Man1 act1ring D, Prentice Hall, 5EEG. 7. /arry Haw2ar, D CadJCam Processes D, Pitman, 5E;;. -. Niebel, D Modem Man1 act1ring Process D, Mcgraw.Hill, 5E;E. :. Martin, 3.@., D N1merical Control o Machine Tools D, %lbs, &ondon, 5E;G. 5. $eatherhall. A., D Com,1ter 4ntergrated Man1 act1ring D, A iliated %ast.$est, 5E;;.

AE 59B: Tota Li"( C/c ( Mana0(.(nt @ T P Credits - * ) . Unit 9& %ntroduction Definition of Total @ife Cycle #T@C$ ? Concept of T@C ? @ife Cycle %mpacts ? %ntegrating @ife Cycle Technologies ? Products and Processes Githin T@C ? T@C +ethodology ? T@C Accessement Data to Complex Products ? Resultant %mprovement for Product" Unit B ,ehicles End of @ife Design for End of 2ld ,ehicle +anagement ? Pro lems of 2ld ,ehicles in Emerging +ar/ets ? Recovery and Economic Feasi ility of +aterials Such As Plastic' Ru er' Aluminium' Steel' Etc" Unit 7 Tradeoffs Applying @ife Cycle Thin/ing to Define Tradeoffs Along the Supply' +anufacture ? Use and End of @ife Chain ? Effects on the Customer ? Expectation of the Customer ? Evaluate Product Cost on Fuel Consumption' Emission' Dura ility' Environment and <ealth" Unit 5 Sustaina ility AA

Ghat %s Sustaina ility ? Use of Rene0a le Resources ? ,ie0 to Design <ori=on" Unit 6 <armoni=ation of Environmental 9oals Tlc for Emerging ,s Developed +ar/ets ? Rules and Regulations to 9uide Designers ? %nternational Common Practices for End of @ife ,ehicles" #e erences8 5. D &i e Cycle Management and Assessment D, 3A%., May, 5EEH. 7. D Accident #econstr1ction . A1tomobiles D, Tractors . 3emi Trailers. Motor Cycles and Pedestrians, 3A%., 5E;H.

AE 597 c Vi:+ation Ana /#i# @ T P Credits - * ) . -a+t1A Unit 9$ %ntroduction> Simple <armonic +otion' Terminology' &e0ton3s @a0' D3alem ert3s Prinicple' Resonance' %ntroduction to +echanism of Damping" Damped and Undamped 2scillations" Degrees of Freedom" ,arious +echanisms of Damping" E;uivalent ,iscous Damping" Unit B$ Single Degree of Freedom Systems> Free ,i rations' Free Damped ,i rations' Forced ,i rations Gith and Githout Damping" Support Excitation and ,i ration +easuring %nstruments" Amplitude and Phase Response Diagrams" 9enerali=ed Single Degree of Freedom Systems for Continuous Structures and Computation of J' + and C" Unit 7$ +ulti Degree of Freedom Systems> T0o 5 Three Degree of Freedom Systems' Static and Dynamic Coupling' ,i ration A sor ers' Principal Coordinates' Principal +odes' 2thogonality Conditions <amilton3s Principle' @agrange3s E;uation and Application" @ongintudinal ,i ration' @ateral ,i ration' Torsional ,i ration of Shafts' Dynamical E;uations of E;uili rium of Elastic !odies' &atural Fre;uencies and+odeshapes Determination" Part?! Unit .> Fre;uency Analysis> +ethods Determining &atural Fre;uencies and +ode Shape" &atural ,i rations of Solid Continua" Determination of Eigen ,alues and Eigen +odes" %ntroduction to Approximate +ethods for Fre;uency Analysis Rayleigh Rit= +ethod for,i ration Analysis" Diagonali=ation of Stiffness' +ass and Damping +atrices Using 2rthogonality Conditions" Unit 6$ Dynamic Analysis> +atrices for Dynamic Analysis" Jinematically Consistent @oad Systems and Determination of RJS' R+S' RCS andR@S +atrices" &ormali=ation and Formulation of +odal E;uations" A4

Steady State Analysis> Steady State Response' Using Fourier Analysis for Decomposing Complex Periodic @oad Functions' of +odal E;uations Using S?Plane Representation" Transient Response Analysis of +odal E;uations Using Duhamel3s %ntegrals" T(Dt ,oo3#$ *" Theory of ,i rations Gith Applications G"T" Thomson' Prentice <all of %ndia" (" +echanical ,i ration > 9"J" 9rover and S"P" &igam' &em Chand and Sons R("(+(nc( ,oo3#$ *" Theory and Practice of +echanical ,i rations K"S" Rao and J" 9upta' Giley Eastern @td" (" +echanical ,i rations S"S" Rao' Addison I Gesely Pu lishing Company


AE 59Bd 1 Ad'anc(# in I&C& En0in(# @ T P Credits - * ) .

Cycle Analysis 2perating Cycles of S"%" and C"%" Engines and 9as Tur ines ? Comparison of Air Standard Cycle ? Fuel Air Cycle and Actual Cycle" Com ustion of Fuels Com ustion Stoichiometry of Petrol' Diesel' Alcohol and <ydrogen Fuels ? Chemical Energy and <eating ,alues ? Chemical E;uili rium and +aximum Temperature ? Si Engine Com ustion ? Flame ,elocity and Area of Flame Front I C% Engine Com ustion" Fuel Spary Characteristics ? Droplet Si=e' Penetration and atomi=ation" Com ustion +odeling !asic Concepts of Engine Simulation ? 9overning E;uation ? Flo0 +odels' Thermodynamic +odels ? Si Engine and C% Engine +odels" Advances in %C Engines Adia atic and @"<"R" Engines ? +an Com ustion Cham er and +ultifuel Engines ? Stratified Charged and @ean !urn Engines ? @ocomotive and +arine Engines" 2peration and Performance Computer Control of Engine Parameters for Pollution Control and !etter Efficiency ? Closed @oop Control of Engine Parameters ? <y rid 2peration ? Performance +aps" Te)t /oo2s8 5. Banesan."., D 4nternal Comb1stion %ngines D, Tata Mcgraw Hill P1blishing Co, 5EE:. #e erences8 5. Banesan."., D Com,1te 3im1lation o 3,ar2 4gnition %ngine Process D, *ni+ersities Press =4ndia> &td, Hyderabad, 5EE6. 7. @ohn./., Heywood, D 4nternal Comb1stion %ngine 91ndamentals D, Mcgraw Hill P1blishing Co., New !or2, 5EEG.


AE 59B ( M(c4at+onic# @ T P Credits - * -a+t1A Unit 9$ ,a#ic E (ct+onic# @ Co.>utation$ @ogic 9ates' Passive Electrical and Active Electronic Elements' %c and Their Characteristics' &um er System' !oolean Alge ra' Digital Circuit Technologies> Rtl5Dtl5Dctl5 Ttl5 +os5 Cmos5Ecl' Com inational and Se;uential Circuits' Flip?Flops' Counters' Timers' Shift Registers" +emory System> Ram' Rom' Eprom' Eeprom' Pal' Plds' and gas" Unit B$ S(n#o+# andT+an#duc(+#$ An %ntroduction to Sensors and Transducer' Classification' Static and Dynamic Characteristics' Sensors for +otion and Position' Force' Tor;ue and Tactile Sensors' Flo0 Sensors' Temperature Sensing Devices' Range Sensors' Ultrasonic Sensors' Fi er 2ptic Devices in +echatronics" Actuators>?<ydraulic' Pneumatic and Electric Actuators" Unit 7$ Mic+o>+oc(##o+ and Mic+ocont+o (+$ B)BA +icroprocessor Architecture and %ts 2perations?+emory?%nput' 2utput Devices' +icroprocessor Systems' Application in Temperature Control 1 Traffic Control" +icro Controller %ntel?B)A*' !asic Features' Application in Domestic Gashing +achine" -a+t1, Unit 5$ S/#t(. Mod( in0$ +athematical +odels' !uilding !loc/s of +echanical' Electrical' Fluid and Thermal System" Systems' Rotational?Translation Systems' Electromechanical Systems' <ydraulic?+echanical Systems" Unit 6$ Si0na Conditionin0 @ Data -+(#(ntation S/#t(.$ Da and Ad Converters' 2perational Amplifier7 Protection' Filtering' Digital Signals' +ultiplexers' Pulse +odulation' Data Ac;uisition' Digital Signal Processing7 Pulse +odulation7 Data Presentation Systems I Displays7 Data Presentation Elements7 +agnetic Recording7 Data Ac;uisition Systems7 Testing 1 Cali ration' %nterfacing Da and Ad Converters" Unit %$ M(c4at+onic -+oduct D(#i0n$ Traditional and +echantronics Design Approach' Autotronics> Gind Screen Giper +otion' Engine +anagement System' Digital Speedometer and 2dometer' Automatic Dim and !right Control' Engine Temperature +easurements' Radiator Gater @evel %ndicator' !ath Room Scale' A Pic/ 1 Place Ro ot' Automatic Camera' 1 !ar Code Recorder" %ntroduction to +ems' &ems" +echatronics Application in !ionics and Avionics" T(Dt ,oo3#$ *" %ntroduction to +echtronics > Appuu Juttan' J" J" 2xford University Press (" +echatronics y G" !olton' Pu lished y Addition Gesley" -" +echatronics System Design I Devdas Shetty and Richard A" Jol/ Thomson !roo/s5Cole *EED" R("(+(nc( ,oo3#$ ." %ntroduction to +echatronics and +easuring System> David 9" Alciation and +ichae?@ !" <ist' Tata +cgra0 <ill" A" +echatronics Principles' Concepts and Application' +ahali/' &"P" Tata +cgra0 <ill" 4" +echtronics y Smaili and +rad' 2xford University Press AE


AE 59B" H(at EDc4an0(+# @ T P Credits - * ) . -a+t1A Unit 9$ Dou: ( -i>( H(at EDc4an0(+# @ H(at -i>(#$ Thermal and <ydraulic Design I %nner Pipe I Annulus' <airpin <eat Exchanger I !ase %nner Tu e I Finned %nner +ultitu esI Parallel and Series Arrangements' Pressure Drop' Constructional Features" <eat Pipes I Structures I Applications I !asic Relations I Performance Characteristics I Effects of Gor/ing Fluid and 2perating Temperature' Gic/ I Selection of +aterial I Pore Si=e" Unit B$ S4( and Tu:( H(at EDc4an0(+$ !asic Components I Shell I Tu e !undles I !affles I Types and 9eometry" Design Procedure I Preliminary Estimation of Si=e' Pressure Drop and <eat Transfer Calculations I Shell and Tu e Sides I Jen +ethod I !ell I Dela0are +ethod" Unit 7$ Ot4(+ H(at EDc4an0(+$ Compact <eat Exchangers 1 Cas/eted Plate <eat Exchangers7 Compact <eat Exchangers I Types I Constructional Features' <eat Transfer and Pressure Drop Calculations I Finned Plate' and Tu e" -a+t1, Unit 5$ Ca#3(t(d - at( H(at EDc4an0(+#$ Constructional Features I Plate Pac/ and Frame I 2perational Characteristics I Flo0 Arrangement' <eat Transfer and Pressure Drop Calculation' Performance Analysis' Comparison Gith 2ther Types of <eat Exchangers" Unit 6$ Cond(n#(+# and E'a>o+ato+#$ Shell and Tu e Condensers I <ori=ontal 1 ,ertical Types I Design and 2perational Consideration' Plate Condensers' Air Cooled and Direct Contact Types' Condenser for Refrigeration' Evaporative Condensers" Evaporation for Refrigeration 1 Air Conditioning I Chillers I Air Coolers I Thermal Analysis I Shah' Jandh/ar and 9hngor and Gintertom Correlationsl' Standard Types" Unit %$ Coo in0 To)(+#$ Types I !asic Relation I <eat !alance and <eat Transfer I Characteristics' Effects of I Pac/ing I 9eometry ' Spray Design' Selection of I Pumps' Fans" Testing' +aintenance' Environmental Effects' Gind @oads' Typical %nstallations" Re-ere!ce Boo"s4 5. 3adi2 Ka2ac and Hongtan &in, Heat %)changer. 7. Arth1r P.9raas, Heat %)changer 'esign -. Kenn '. Process Heat Trans er :. $al2ar, 4nd1strial Heat %)changers 5. Holger Martin, Heat %)changers.


AE 59B0 Finit( E (.(nt M(t4od# L T - C+(dit# 7 9 8 5 UNIT I Fundamental concepts of the Finite Element +ethod" ,arious element shapes' Displacement +odel' Derivation of stiffness matrix for the element and for the entire domain UNIT II %S2 parametric elements Element stresses and strains" UNIT III Derivation of force and displacement vectors for the entire domain" !oundary conditions' Solution of the overall pro lems" UNIT IV Applications of finite element method to various field pro lems such as solid mechanics' fluid mechanics and heat transfer" UNIT V Use of Soft0are such as A&S8S5 &ASTRA&5%DEAS" !asic feature of these soft0ares"

Suggested Reading >

*"Finite element +ethod'2"C" Pien/ie0ic= 1 R"A" Taylor ("Finite element Analysis'C"S" Jrishnamurthy -"Finite element +ethod' Jenneth <" <u ener


AE59B 4 GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY @ T P Credits - * ) . 9& Wo+ d En(+0/$ This Unit Examines the %nternational 2utloo/ for !oth Traditional and Rene0a le Energy Sources7 Energy' Economic 9ro0th and the Environment' %mplications of the Jyoto Protocol7 and Structural Change in the Electricity Supply %ndustry" A Primary Focus of the Unit %s the Comparative Economics of Sustaina le Energy Systems" A Detailed Analysis of Pro6ected Us Energy Re;uirements Through ()()' and Their Related Environmental %mplications' Gill !e !ased Upon Recent Us Energy %nformation Administration Estimates" B& En(+0/ and En'i+on.(nta I.> ication#$ This Unit Gill Consider> ? the Sources of the Critical Pollutants As Defined y the Epa Together Gith Control Strategies and Forms of Regulation7 the Concept of the Environment As A Closed System #%"E" Spaceship Earth$ and the 2ptimal @evel of Pollution7 the Concept of Environmental Externalities and the Use of +ar/et %nstruments to Ensure That the Polluter Pays" Climate Change and the Jyoto Protocol> Science' Economics' and Politics Gill !e Considered in 2verlap Gith Section *" The %mpact of Each of the Rene0a le Technology Areas on Environmental Factors Gill !e Discussed in the Appropriate Unit of the Course" 7& En(+0/ and Su#taina: ( D('( o>.(nt 2ur Society3s Energy Systems <ave a Critical Role to Play in Driving Sustaina le Development" Jey Sustaina ility Drivers Are Energy Poverty in the Developing Gorld and the Environmental <arms of Present Energy Systems" This Unit Presents An :Energy Services3 +odel for Designing Sustaina le Energy Systems That Are <ighly Energy Efficient and Use Rene0a le Energy Sources" 5& En(+0/ and t4( ,ui t En'i+on.(nt Energy Use in !uildings' Domestic and Commercial7 Sustaina le Architecture7 Thermal Comfort7 Passive Design7 Energy Performance +odeling7 !uilding Systems7 <vac and @ighting in !uildings" The Use of Computer Simulations to Sho0 Effects of ,arious Design Techni;ues on Energy Usage I 9la=ing of Gindo0s' Thermal Storage' %nsulation' and ,entilation" 6& E.(+0in0 En(+0/ T(c4no o0i(# There Are A &um er of <ighly Promising !ut' As 8et' Commercially Unproven Energy Technologies Ghich +ay Play A ,ery %mportant Role in 2ur Future Energy Systems 2ver the @onger Term" Ge Focus' in Particular' on Some Emerging Car on Capture and Storage #CCS$ and <ydrogen Technologies" %& En(+0/ Sto+a0( Energy Storage Systems %nclude Electrochemical' Chemical and Thermal" The Principles of Electrochemical Energy Systems and Fundamentals of Electrochemistry' Secondary !atteries and Fuel Cells Are Considered" The @atest Advanced !atteries for Stationary and +o ile Applications' %ncluding the ,anadium Redox Flo0 !attery' Sodium Sulphur' Pinc?!romine' Sodium +etal Chloride and &ic/el?<ydride Are Discussed" @a oratory Gor/ %ncludes !attery Design' Testing and Performance Calculations" *& En(+0/ and t4( -+oc(## Indu#t+i(# Process %ndustries Form the !asis of +odern Society and Gill Continue to Play A +a6or Role" Research %nitiatives Gorld0ide <ave Paved the Gay for Advancing the Development of Sustaina le Processes" Energy Efficiency and Gaste Utili=ation Are Some of the Jey Features of +any of the Sustaina le Processes That Gill !e Discussed" 2& ,io.a## and :io"u( # 4-

This Unit Revie0s the Use of Agricultural Crops and !iomass Gastes in the Production of Alternative Fuels" Ethanol Production Technology' From !oth 8easts and !acteria %ncluding 9enetically Engineered +icroorganisms#9+2S$ and All the %ssues That This Raises for @arge?Scale Ethanol Production Are Considered As Gell As +ethane ,ia !iogas Technology" Re-ere!ce Boo"s4 5. (sam1 Hirao and #ichard K. Pe ley, Present and 91t1re A1tomoti+e 91els, @ohn $iley and 3ons, 5E;;. 7. Keith (wen and Tre+or %oley, A1tomoti+e 91els Handboo2, 3A%. P1blications, 5EEG. -. #ichard &./echtold, A1tomoti+e 91els B1ide /oo2, 3A%. P1blications, 5EEH" ." Bod rey /oyle, C#enewable %nergyF, () ord *ni+ersity Press, 7GG: AE59B i FUEL CELLS @ T P Credits - * ) . Int+oduction and T4(+.od/na.ic# Int+oduction$ !asic 2perating Principles I <istorical <ighlights I Classification" T4(+.od/na.ic#$ Electrochemical Energy Conversion I Theoretical Efficiency I Electrochemical Energy Conversion I Factors Affecting Electrochemical Energy Conversion E (ct+od( <in(tic# Electrode Dou le @ayer I Electrolyte Dou le @ayer I Dou le @ayer +odels #<elmolt= +odel' 9ouy?Chapman +odel' Stern +odel' 9rahame +odel I !oc/ris' Devenathan and +uller +odel' and Chemical +odels$ I Solid +etallic Electrode I Semiconductor Electrode I Specific Adsorption I Pero Potential" A 3a in( Fu( C( # @ -4o#>4o+ic Acid Fu( C( # A 3a in( Fu( C( #$ Gor/ing Principle I Components I +odules and Stac/s I Performance Characteristics #Po0er Density' Space Applications' Atmospheric Pressure Cells$ I @imitations and R1D Challenges I System %ssues I Ammonia As Fuel" -4o#>4o+ic Acid Fu( C( #$ Cell Reactions I Electrodes #Sta ility of Catalysts' Electrode Fa rication I Fuel Cell Performance$ I Stac/s and Systems" So id ODid( Fu( C( # @ Mo t(n Ca+:onat( Fu( C( # So id ODid( Fu( C( $ Principle of 2peration ? !enefits and @imitations I Cell Components #Electrolytes' Pirconia Systems' Ceria !ased Electrolytes' Perovs/ite?!ased Systems$ I Cathode +aterials I Anode +aterials I %nterconnects I Fuel Reactions IConfigurations and Performance #Tu ular' +onolithic' Planar$ I Environmental %mpact I Applications" Mo t(n Ca+:onat( Fu( C( $ 9eneral Principle I Components #Electrolyte and +atrix' Cathode and Anode +aterials$ I Electrode Reactions I @ife Time AE? I DB )D?)B I Srm I E1T Di+(ct M(t4ano Fu( C( # @ -+oton EDc4an0( M(.:+an( Fu( C( # Di+(ct M(t4ano Fu( C( #$ 2perating Principle I &o le +etal %ssue I Electro?2xidation of +ethanol #Catalysts' 2xygen Electro?Reduction' Electrolyte' &on?Catalytic Aspects$ ? +ethanol Crossover I Catalyst 2ptimi=ation I ,apor Feed ,ersus @i;uid Feed Cells" -+oton EDc4an0( M(.:+an( Fu( C( #$ 2perating Principle #+em ranes' Electrodes and Electrolysis' 2ptimi=ation of +em rane and Electrode Assem ly' 4.

%mpurities$ I Technology Development #Single Cell and Stac/s' Composite Plates$ I Fuel Processing I +odeling Studies #+em rane' Electrode' +em rane?Electrode Assem ly' Fuel Cell' Stac/ and System$ I Technology Development and Applications" T(Dt ,oo3# *" ,is0anathan' !" and Aulice Sci ioh' +"' 91el Cells Princi,les and A,,lications, Universities Press #%ndia$ Pvt" @td"' <ydera ad' ())4" -" <oogers' 9"' Edr"' 91el Cell Technology Handboo2, Crc Press' Gashington D" C"' ())-" ." R("(+(nc( ,oo3# *" @arminie' K" and Dic/s' A"' 91el Cell 3ystems %),lained, Kohn Giley 1 Sons' @td"' &e0 8or/' ())*"

AE 59B A T+an#>o+t Mana0(.(nt andAuto.o:i ( Indu#t+/ Automo ile %ndustry> <istory and Development of the Automo ile %ndustry7 +ar/et Trends7 Current Scenario in %ndian Auto %ndustry7 Auto Ancillary %ndustries7 Role of the Automo ile %ndustry in &ational 9ro0th I Society5 Association andPartnership" ,ehicle +aintenance> 2 6ectives of +aintenance7 Type of +aintenance ? Scheduled and Unscheduled +aintenance7 Planning and +aintenance System7 Scheduling of +aintenance Gor/ ? Evaluation of Pmi Program' !rea/do0n Analysis7 Cost of 2peration ? +aintenance Cost7 %ndirect 1 Direct Cost" ,ehicle Parts' Supply +anagement and !udget> Stores +anagement I Function' 2 6ectives' Type of Stores' Stoc/ing 1 %ssuing of +aterials7 Parts Control I %dentification' +ethods of Parts Control ? !in Tag Systems7 Scientific %nventory +anagement I Classification of %tems #A c Analysis$' 2rder Ouantity #Eo;$7 !udget ? !udget Activity' Capital Expenditures' Classification of ,ehicle Expenses" Fleet +anagement and Data Processing > Type of ,ehicles and Their Purpose7 +anagement of the Fleet7 Data Processing Systems? Soft0are' +odems 'Computer Controlling of Fleet Activity" Scheduling and Fare Structure> Route Planning' Scheduling of Transport ,ehicles' Preparation of Timeta le' Costs' Fare Structure' +ethods of the Fare Collection' Preparation of Fare Ta le" +otor ,ehicle Act> Schedules and Sections' Registration of +otor ,ehicles' @icensing of Drivers' Control of Permit' @imits of Speed' Traffic Signs" Constructional Regulations" Description of 9oods Carrier' Delivery ,an' Tan/er' Tipper' +unicipal' Fire Fighting and !rea/ Do0n Service ,ehicle" +anagement Training and 2perations> !asic Principles of Supervising" 2rganising Time and People" Ko %nstruction Training' Training Devices and Techni;ues" Driver Chec/list' Tests for Driver and +echanic" References> *" S"J" Sharma 1 Savita Sharma' N%ndustrial 1 2peration +anagementM' S"J"Jataria 1 Sons' ())D?())B" (" S"@" !handar/ar' N,ehicle Transport +anagementM' Dhanpat Rai 1 Co" #Pvt"$ @td"' ())4 -" 9overnment Pu lication' The +otor ,ehicle Act' *EBE

& *12 +C,$-U.TI,N / N R&T 0 ',11UTI,N

1 T ' Credit# 3 1 2 *C 4A

UNIT I Cn ine fundamentalsD Fuels, alternative fuels for +. en ines, 2y!e of hydro carbons* (asoline s!ecifications* Cffect of Cn ine !arameters on !erformance, fuel in;ection for S+ en ines, Cn ine vehicle road !erformance, road !erformance and fuel economy* UNIT II Cmissions and air !ollutionD 5utomotive Cmissions and their role in air !ollution* 6hoto chemical smo * .hemistry of smo formation* .ombustion in 'omo eneous mi#tures, emission formation* +ncom!lete combustion, formation of hydro carbons, .arbon mono#ide and o#ides of nitro en* 5ldehyde emissions* UNIT III +nfluence of desi n and o!eratin variables on asoline en ine e#haust emissions* 'ydrocarbon Cva!orative CmissionsD Various sources and methods of their control* .anisters for controllin eva!orative emissions* Cmission control systems for asoline en inesD Blow by control closed 6.V system desi n* UNIT IV C#haust treatment devicesD 5ir in;ection into e#haust system, 2hermal reactors, .atalytic convertor* Stratified char e en ines* 'onda .V.. en ine* 1ethods of reducin emissions e#haust as recirculation* UNIT V /iesel en ine combustion CmissionsD Sources of emissions durin combustion* Cffect of air fuel ratio, s!eed, in;ection timin on !erformance and emission formation* /*+ and +*/*+ en ine emissions,smo"e emission from diesel en ines* UNIT VI Cmission +nstrumentsD Non% dis!ersive +nfrared analyzer, (aschromoto ra!h, flame ionization detector, .hemiluminescent analyzer Suggested Readings> *" Engine emission > !"P" Pundir' &arose Pu lication (" Automo ile and air pollution > Paul Dego erd' SAE Pu lication -" Fundamentals of %"C" Engines> K"P" <ey0ood' Tata +c9ra0 <ill Pu lication"