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COURSE CONTENTS : 1 Setup Internal Security Create EDIT/EXEC Superusers Create Unicenter AutoSys Job Management Users De!

e!ine Jobs Using Job In!ormation "anguage #JI"$ Apply %asic Synta& 'ules Create a simple comman( )ob Create a !ile *atc+er )ob Create a (epen(ent )ob Create a bo& )ob *it+ a (epen(ency Speci!y one,time o-erri(es . Manage Jobs Using A(-ance( Job Attributes De!ine bo& completion attributes De!ine termination attributes De!ine A(-ance( comman( )ob attributes De!ine a((itional )ob runtime attributes / Manage an( Monitor Jobs Using A(-ance( Comman(s E&ecute a(-ance( comman(s !rom t+e comman( prompt 0 Manage "oa( %alancing an( 1ueuing Jobs De!ine a real mac+ine De!ine a -irtual mac+ine S+o* loa( balancing by running )obs Delete -irtual an( real mac+ines 2 Troubles+oot 3aile( Jobs I(enti!y a !aile( )ob (ue to a mac+ine name I(enti!y a !aile( )ob (ue to una-ailable comman(s I(enti!y a !aile( )ob (ue to insu!!icient permission le-el I(enti!y a !aile( )ob (ue to in-ali( comman(s I(enti!y a !aile( )ob (ue to non,%ourne synta&

4 Manage Instances an( Users 5it+ 5eb Inter!ace A(( instances Manage users Map users Customi6e t+e 5eb Inter!ace 7 Manage Jobs Using t+e 5eb Inter!ace 8ie* a )ob layout A(( to -ie* Create an( run )obs 8ie* critical pat+ 'un a )ob simulation 8ie* t+e output o! a )ob 8ie* alarms 9 :enerate 'eports Using t+e 5eb Inter!ace :enerate a )ob report Create a !orecast report :enerate a t+roug+put report :enerate an alarm report :enerate )ob statistics report 'ea( AutoSys log report 1; Set Up E&ternal Security Using e Trust < Access Control Enable e Trust < Access Control A(minister e Trust < Access Control security policy Control t+e e-ent processor Disable e Trust < Access Control