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1.0 SCOPE This standard provides guidelines for good engineering practices to be followed while carrying out detail engineering for development of plot plan of process & engineering plants. PLOT PLAN DEVELOPMENT Green Belt Green belt shall be provided all around the plant and should be inside the fence. Width of green belts provided shall be governed by local rules for the states and shall be confirmed depending on location of the proposed plant. The proposed width shall be 6 m. (minimum but may e!tend to 1"#$" m depending on the plot si%e of the plant. ' security road (a!. & m. wide shall be provided all around the fence in the green belt for large si%e plots. Fen!"n# $r B$%n&'r( )'ll (inimum height of fencing ) wall shall be 2 m. Cle'r +,'!e -et)een .en!e/ -%"l&"n#+/ +e'+0$re 'n& $t0er "n+t'll't"$n+ *ollowing clear distances shall be provided+ i $ m. between building & fence (,ormal -./-0 & (./- norms & engg. practices . ii $"" m. from sea shore (for plot ad1oining sea shore . iii 2$ m. from centre line of 3ighway (for plot ad1oining highways . iv 4 m. from the plots larger than $""" s5.m. *or ad1oining factories owned by single owner6 the distances are to be followed from individual plot boundaries and not the combined plot. Entr( t$ ,l$t .r$2 3"#0)'( 0nly single entry is allowed to plot from highway. 'ny other entry to the plot shall be ta7en from secondary roads. R$'&+ Width of main roads in the plant shall be as follows+ i 11 m. # ('ll roads inside plot as per -./-0. ii 1" m. iii 8 m. iv 6 m. v 9 m. The width of roads shall be selected based on total traffic and number of vehicles re5uired to ply on it. ' roads of 9 m. width should be provided all around process plant area for movement of fire tender in case of emergency. (inimum turning radius for roads edge shall be 6 m. .sland shall be provided at road crossing6 and island diameter shall be 12 m. Cle'r +,'!e -et)een r$'& 'n& ,l'nt -%"l&"n# 's per good engineering practice6 clear space of minimum $ m. shall be provided from edge of road to edge of building. *or better architectural loo76 the distance can be 7ept as 1$ m. to 2" m.6 depending on availability of space for non#process buildings such as admin. building6 canteen6 guest house etc. *or hilly or

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slopping plots6 the distance between road edge and buildings shall be increased6 based on :finished ground levels: at various areas and road levels in order to accommodate storm water drains6 and space re5uired for matching two ad1acent elevations. 2.6 2.2.1 Pl$t L'($%t ;lot layout plan generally is divided in following parts < 1 2 & 9 $ 2.2.2 2.7 2.8.1 i ii 2.8 ,on process buildings ( =ecurity6 admin.6 canteen6 fire fighting station6 Wor7shop etc. >aw (aterial ) *inished product area. ;rocess ;lant. ?tility bloc7 (@oiler6 -ooling towers6 -ompressors etc. Affluent treatment.

'll these areas should be located on the plot plan after considering contour levels6 main access road6 wind direction6 location of ad1acent factories etc. Pr$!e++ ,l'nt -%"l&"n#+ ;rocess plant building shall be located away from solvent storages6 bullets6 control room etc. and distance shall be as follows+ ;rocess plant to control room &" m. (for petrochemical plants and shall meet T'- re5uirement. ;rocess plant to solvent storages shall be located 4" m. away as per 0.=/ >ules. S$l9ent :3(&r$!'r-$n; St$r'#e T'n<+ Bocation and layout shall be as per ;etroleum rules and 0.=/ norms (0.=/ 1126 1186 199 .


Pre++%r"+e& +t$r'#e t'n<+ Bocation and layout shall be as per =(;C >ules. (This is not applicable to 'ir receivers but applicable to ,itrogen receivers .


B$"ler = 3$t $"l %n"t Bocation of boiler shall be 4" m. away from solvent storage tan7s as per 0.=/ norms. This is provided to generate a safe distance of live flame from storage.


C$ntr$l r$$2. *or petrochemical plants6 control room should be &" m. away from plant6 as per T'- norms. The distance of &" m. can be reduced if wall of control room facing the plant is made in >- construction.

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P",e r'!<. >outing of pipes inside the plot may be on pipe rac76 pipe sleepers or in pipe trenches. ;ipe rac7s shall be provided at minimum clear height of 9.$ m. *or road crossing6 the minimum clear height of pipe rac7 shall be 6 m. C$$l"n# T$)er 's a good engineering practice cooling tower should not be located on upstream of transformers6 compressor house etc. considering the wind direction . EQUIPMENT LAYOUT. Gener'l L'($%t

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A5uipment layout shall be developed considering following points6 specifically as re5uired by the .nspectorate of factories+ a ' minimum clear distance of 1 m. shall be 7ept between wall and edge of e5uipment. b ' (inimum clear distance of 1 m. shall be 7ept between two ad1acent e5uipment. c 'll e5uipment shall have enough space all around for easy operation and maintenance. d ' clear passage or pathway shall be available in the plant with minimum width of 1 m. e *or various operating platforms6 where continuous personal movement is envisaged6 minimum two accesses shall be provided. This is applicable to me%%anine floors also. *.2 &.2.1 a b c d e f g &.2.2 a b c &.2.& a b c d e f g C"9"l re>%"re2ent+< @uilding 3eights < (inimum height of >-- building roof shall be &.8 m. or 12D#6: from **B (*inished *loor Bevel . (inimum height of ;itched roof should be 9.88" m or 16 D6 ": from **B (*or convenience ht. of $ m may be considered . (inimum head room above any wor7ing platform shall be 2." m. (inimum head room for staircase at any landing shall be 2." m. (inimum plinth height shall be normally ".& m. above *GB (*inished Ground Bevel . *or building under -./-0 this shall be ".9$ m. .f building ) structure comes under airport %one6 total height from ground to the highest point shall be mentioned in the drawing6 and approval of concerned authority shall be obtained. (inimum height of parapet wall around roof shall be ".4 m6 if roof is accessible. Bight & Centilation < (inimum windows provided in any building shall be 1)2th of the floor area6 (or6 1$ E of floor area . .n case of warehouse6 less openings are acceptable. Window sill shall not be more than ".4 m. from **B6 however in case of warehouse windows can be provided at higher elevations. =taircases< (inimum two staircases shall be provided in every building. 3owever6 if building is very small in area and if occupation on any floor is less6 single staircase may be acceptable. =taircase shall be provided in such a manner that any part of floor is less than &" m. away from staircase. .n other words6 means of escape shall be within &" m. from any part of the building. =lope 'ngle of staircase shall not be more than 9$". (a!imum number of risers in any flight should not e!ceed 1$ numbers+ however 12 numbers are preferred. (a!imum rise of stairs in industrial buildings ) structures shall be 2"" mm6 but 12$#1"" mm shall be preferred. (inimum tread width shall be 2$" mm. (inimum staircase width re5uired as per various =tate factory acts ) statutory authorities are as follows+ i ii iii iv v vi vii viii h i 1 (aharashtra Gu1arat Farnata7a @ihar ?ttar ;radesh 's per ,ational @uilding -ode -./-0 T'< < < < < < < < 1.""" m. wide. ".419 m. 1.19" m. 1.19" m. 1.19$ m. 1.""" m. 1.2"" m. ".2$" m.

's far as possible fire escape staircase shall be e!ternal open staircase. .f internal staircase is used as fire escape staircase6 it shall be enclosed and provided with a fire proof door6 opening outside. ,o door leading to fire escape staircase shall be provided with door closer. (inimum headroom for staircase shall be 2.""" m.


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'll landings shall be provided with toe plates. (inimum landing width shall be e5ual to staircase width. General 'll e!ternal walls shall be minimum 2&" th7. bric7 walls or 2"" th7. hollow concrete bloc7 walls. 'll fire proof walls shall be min. &$" th7. bric7 walls or 2"" th7. >.-.-. walls. 'll perfect party walls shall be of min. 9$" mm thic7 bric7 walls or &$" mm th7. >-- walls. .f the building is >-- framed structure6 with >-- slab6 the thic7ness of wall can be 2&" th7. >--. ;erfect party walls shall be clearly mar7ed on drawing. 't least one wall of toilet bloc7 shall be the e!ternal wall. =i%e at >olling shutter for substation6 ;.-. room and (.-.- room shall be &."" m wide6 &.$ m high unless noted otherwise.

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