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IES Exams and its Relevance

IES exams are being held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) each year in the middle of the month of June. IES is the most dreaming career for any Engineering student as it can develo various career o ortunities but clearing this com etitive exam is really difficult. !herefore students" #ants to go for IES al#ays loo$ for hel and right guidance for their IES re aration. Currently the challenge that faces among the students in any re aring any exam through any coaching institute is the lac$ of s ecial attention in meeting their re%uirements. &ny coaching institute offers IES exam preparation should have systematic study attern including intervie# guidance rogram' evaluated !est series' intervie# re aration' %uality study material' ex erienced faculty and ersonality grooming rograms. !he course curriculum should be design in a manner that it focuses on the different sub(ects being as$ed in the Indian engineering Services Examination. !he coaching institute should also solve the roblems from the last year IES a ers and they should be discussed in the classroom. !he methodologies of teaching should be designed s ecifically to train the students right from the very beginning' the coaching should starts from the fundamentals and should rovide a strong base for the articular sub(ect. !here should be regular exercises and tests being conducted as an internal art of the coaching rogram that enable every student to re are for the exam in a right manner. Gate Coaching & Training )&!E Examination re%uires clear understanding * good a titude s$ill from any engineers graduates. )raduate & titude !est for Engineering ()&!E) is an &ll+ India Examination that holds a im ortant role for engineering students deciding their career. )&!E %ualifying students can go for t#o ma(or o tions,+ ma$ing career in various PSU"s and they can even go for higher education from to II!s and -I!s. &s the com etition is fierce in this field' it is very difficult to get admission in to colleges in India if you score lo# in the exam. .ith the number of students gro#ing each year for the )&!E exam' the standard of a er also becoming tougher. !he chief aim of )&!E exams is to analy/e the students" s$ills and assess their otential in continuing higher education. 0ne of the most result+oriented #ays to have success in )&!E is to have strong foundation of the fundamentals. !he re aration of the exam is a continue rocess and su osed to ta$e lace in different stages. 1a$ing necessary arrangement and right guidance does hel a lot. -early all the to PSU"s recruits engineers through )&!E examination only.

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