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Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get isdom! and in all th" getting! get #nderstanding$% &ro'er(s )*+% All through the ages, whenever a man achieves an outstanding feat, people often go to him and ask, what is the secret of your success? How did you make it? Thats because the whole world is in a desperate search for the secret of success in life. Nearly everyone desires a good life, happiness, wealth, prosperity, and success in marriage, career, business, academics, etc, but not many know the secret to these things. The top secret of our age is not in the attainment of formal education, nor in any given discipline of field of study. t doesnt even lie in any particular career or profession, nor is it in some religion or fraternity. !o what really is the ultimate secret? "ifferent people may attribute their success to different principles and #ualities as taught by most contemporary literatures on success. $rinciples like integrity, self discipline, humility, courage, attitude, determination, perseverance, passion, communication skills, positive mental attitude, human and public relations techni#ues, and so on. These things work, and m a great advocate of them, but none can be said to be complete or sufficient in itself, given that they help complement one another. %ut theres an age&long principle upon which all other principles, laws, and #ualities take their roots' its called wisdom. (ithout it no one would be talking about self discipline, integrity or humility' and without it, no one will see the need to improve upon his communication skills, human and public relations techni#ues or learn to set goals. n fact, power, material abundance and fame without wisdom are the surest routes to destruction. That is why the world is replete with stories of countless men and women that rose suddenly to power and material abundance but didnt go far, within a short time they came tumbling down (isdom is the timeless and universal secret of all time that holds true for all people whether young or old, black or white, rich or poor, male or female, )hristian or *uslim. t affords you the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice' it takes a man from poverty to riches, from failure to success, and from nothingness to something. (isdom teaches you to keep preparing and horning your skills in e+pectation that someday your opportunity will come' it teaches you that the decisions and ,udgments you make everyday affects you later in life. Through wisdom, you learn to avoid shortcuts and focus on long&term reward. Truly, good ,udgment and counsel resides in the deeper corners of your mind' they arent easy to come by, and it re#uires a lot of diligence and thoughtfulness to draw them to the surface. -ften, if those #uick and easy options dont fail you, you wouldnt see the need to think more deeply to get at those durable and lasting options that can stand the test of time. .egardless of ones profession or field of endeavor, without wisdom one cannot e+cel above his fellow men. t is wisdom that enables a businessman to grow his small road& side business into a multi&million Naira enterprise' it turns the la/y student into an e+cellent scholar' it transforms the average employee into a high&flyer, and the timid young girl into a successful wife. t is wisdom that gives an ordinary driver the solution to his masters problem, and enables the poor maid to win the confidence of her mistress to the e+tent that the mistress cannot do anything without confiding in her or first seeking

her opinion. That means your level or position not withstanding, you can still e+hibit the wisdom in you. (isdom helps you find a way around your obstacles . t takes wisdom for you to come out of a difficult situation, it takes wisdom for you to know that sometimes, you need to walk away from certain ,obs and relationships that arent allowing you to grow, it takes wisdom for you to know when to fight and when not to, it takes wisdom for you to know where and when to invest even when popular opinion suggests the contrary. (isdom helps you think and see ahead' it helps you embark on a pro,ect with the end of it in mind' it helps you take responsibility when others are blaming everything and everyone else for their individual and collective problems and challenges. (isdom teaches you that appearance is not reality' it tells you theres more to an individual or situation than is visible on the surface. (isdom teaches you that your speech and actions are your greatest advertisement. !omeone said 0every time you open your mouth, you let people look into your heart1. Thats because your actions and words are a reflection of the amount of wisdom or folly you have stored up in your inside. (isdom is what reminds you that your future reputation is more important than immediate gains. *oney isnt the principal thing that guarantees success in life, wisdom is the principal thing. (hen you get wisdom, youll know how to get a lot of things done with little or no money. (isdom is the ultimate secret behind every great achievement in life. ts sad that most people dont think of themselves as men and women of wisdom' they think wisdom is for certain people within a certain age bracket, but no, everyone regardless of age, religion, race or ethnic group has deposits of wisdom in them. f indeed you were made in the image and likeness of 2od, then surely, you have His uni#ue attributes and #ualities including wisdom in you. After all, you cannot be the product of a wise 2od and not have fragments of His wisdom in you. Have you considered how you made all those career, relationship, business, investment and academic decisions that turned out to be the best decision you ever made? f you look back at your life, it will ama/e you to know that so many times, youve performed specific acts of wisdom without even reali/ing it -k. Now you know youve got the wisdom of your maker in you, so how can you truly become a person of wisdom? The first step is to be determined to be wise. *ake up your mind to be wise, develop a hunger for wisdom, and make it your top priority. 3ove wisdom and desire it so strongly that nothing else comes before it. !econdly, you can get wisdom by going to the owner and source of wisdom' the 2od of wisdom Himself. .egardless of your religion, you can go to your maker and ask for whatever you desire, after all, every religion has a way of praying to Him. Thirdly, you can get wisdom by surrounding yourself with people of wisdom. (e may not have the power to choose our families, but we do have the power to choose the friends and company we keep. t has been said that iron sharpeneth iron. A foolish man, by keeping wise company can become wise, in the same way, a wise man who keeps company with foolish people can become foolish. 4ourthly, you can become wise by learning to discern the voice of wisdom. (isdom speaks to every one of us at specific times, but sometimes we dont listen. !omething about the voice of wisdom is that its inaudible' it speaks to our minds. 3istening and obeying the voice of wisdom is a choice. The fifth step to getting wisdom is to learn to think wisely. Not all thinking is wise thinking. !ome people only need to improve their thinking, while others need a whole new level of deeper and meaningful

thinking. There was no true hero of the world that wasnt a thinking person. 5ou may need to set aside time each day to do nothing else but think, and during this time, you really have to shut yourself away from all distractions, including your cell phone. Think about your goals, purpose, passion, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, etc. Think about what legacy youll like to leave behind before you die, think about what would make up your success story, and remember, the best form of thinking is the one done on paper. Always write down your thoughts. The si+th step to getting wisdom is by reading. All the wisdom of this world is in books. (. 6llery )hanning captures it all in this beautiful #uote, 0it is chiefly through books that we en,oy intercourse with superior minds. n the best books, great men talk to us, give us their most precious thoughts, and pour their souls into ours. 2od be thanked for books' they are the voices of the distant and the dead, and make us heirs of the spiritual presence of the best and greatest of our race1. (hat a #uote7 %ooks are true levelers indeed' they engage your imagination, influence your thinking, alter your perception, and damage your ignorance. The more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the more you understand, and the more you understand, the wiser you become. !omeone said 0everyone is born empty' the so called wise man or intelligent person is really the one who is better read than those around him1. The seventh step to getting wisdom is to simply declare it upon yourself. !imply put your right hand in the air and declare, am the product of a wise 2od, therefore have 2ods wisdom in me, m capable of making wise decisions, overcome folly in my life, m increasing daily in wisdom. As you constantly declare these things, they gradually begin to manifest in your life. 4riends, wisdom indeed is the principal thing' its all other principles, #ualities and laws of leadership, prosperity and successful living rolled into one. Therefore get wisdom, and remember, the getting of it is your responsibility.