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GIB 3.

3 Accentuated Characters in the Menu Items and in the Dialog-Boxes If the Hungarian "" and " " characters do not a!!ear then "ou ha#e not set u! "our $indo%s to Hungarian. &ou can do this in the 'egional (ettings !rogram of the Control )anel. ****** Accentuated Characters in the +ext of the )u,lications GIB uses the Arial- Arial C. and Arial C"r fonts that are al%a"s a#aila,le in the $indo%s o!erating s"stem. If "ou %ant to use $indo%s in a setting %here there are no fonts %ith C. and C"r extensions then "ou can set u! the fonts in GIB to dis!la" the !u,lications. Choose the /ile0Customi1e2 menu item. Clic3 onto the Dictionaries !age from the !ages dis!la"ed. Here select the a!!ro!riate dictionar" "ou %ant to use and clic3 onto the )arameters ,utton. Here select the st"le "ou %ant to reconfigure. Clic3 onto the /ormat ,utton and set the right font t"!e in the dis!la"ed %indo%. 'e!eat this !rocedure for e#er" st"le and for e#er" dictionar". ****** Ho% to 4se $ord for $indo%s 5.6- 7.6- 8.6 or 9.6 %ith GIB 3.3 B" a single clic3- GIB 3.3 searches the text selected in $in$ord from the dictionar". /or this- install the $ord macro that starts GIB. &ou %ill find the icon that starts the installation in the GIB 3.3 :3;-,it< !rogram grou!. ****** (earching for .t"mons +o search for et"mons the =e3tor >.6 or the GIB 3.3 3; ,it Create .t"mon module can ,e used %ith the GIB 3.3 3; ,it #ersion. ****** Dis!la"ing )honetic ("m,ols ?. In e#er" case the GIB setu! co!ies and ma3es accessi,le a +rue+"!e font for GIB named ()+ )honetic. ;. @n certain com!uters the Hel! of $indo%s 9> is not a,le to dis!la" the ()+ )honetic +rue+"!e font therefor the user cannot read the introduction of the !honetic s"m,ols in the ")u,lications" hel! item. ****** Adding Ae% )u,lications to GIB (cri!tum Inc. continuousl" im!ro#es its dictionar" and lexicon su!!l" %ith ne% general and su,Bect dictionaries and %ith other !u,lications. If "ou ha#e a !u,lication %hich has not ,een added to "our GIB then do the follo%ingsC Choose /ile0Customi1e2 menu item. Clic3 onto the Ae% )u,lications ,utton- then select the a!!lica,le file %ith GDB extension. It is in the !u,lication director" on the CD-'@M or in the root director" on a flo!!" dis3. &ou can learn more information from the '.AD M. file of the CD-'@M or of the flo!!" dis3. ****** )rofessional (u!!ort (cri!tum !ro#ides its registered customers %ith !rofessional su!!ort free of charge on the follo%ing addressesC

(cri!tum Inc. H-577? (1eged- MDl"#a u. 3E. +el.C F35 :5;< E65-?33- E65-?EE /axC F35 :5;< E6>-7;; .-mailC scri! )lease al%a"s s!ecif" the #ersion num,er- the serial num,er and the ID code of "our GIB. Multi-4ser Aet%or3 /acilities ?. An @#er#ie% of the Aet%or3 ("stem +he ,asic conce!t of the net%or3 #ersion of GIB is that the dictionar" data,ases and the user !rogram can ,e !laced onto the hard dis3 or in the CD-'@M dri#e of the ser#er. +hose users %ho ha#e access !ro#ided ," the s"stem administrator to these resources can install and use the !rogram on their o%n $indo%s o!erated )Cs. GIB ma3es it !ossi,le to sa#e the customi1ed configuration of more than one user :%indo% !ositions- histor"- si1e and color of fonts<. +o do so each user must ha#e a login name. +he userHs configuration can ,e created ," the s"stem administrator or ," the user himself0herself. In addition- the s"stem administrator can disa,le the creation of customi1ed user configurations. $hen s!ecif"ing the login name it is !ossi,le to set the !rogram so that at the next startu! it %ill run %ith the same user configuration. &ou can use the !rogram %ithout a login name :"Anon"mus"< if it is not necessar" to sa#e the information mentioned a,o#e. In this case- the default configuration is #alid and %hen Iuitting GIB the customi1ed configurations are lost. ;. Installation onto the (er#er +he s"stem administrator can install GIB onto the ser#er ," running the IA(+A== !rogram. +he IA(+A== !rogram %ill create an IA(+A== su,director" in the GIB36 director" in addition to the usual files. In the installed GIB36 director" there can ,e found the configuration of the "Anon"mous" user. +his configuration %ill ,e the default configuration for e#er" ne%l" created user- as %ell as for the user that logs in as "Anon"mous". $hen the installation is com!letedC ?. (tart GIB. (et u! the right configuration. a<(elect %hich !u,lications shall ,e dis!la"ed in the search tree. ,<@!en these !u,lications :if !ossi,le use a 4AC !ath- e.g. JJser#er?JcdKromJm!cdK3K9<. In this case GIB sa#es the !aths of them and %ill not as3 for it next time. ;. Ma3e the GIB36 director" read-onl". +his %a" "ou !re#ent the users from o#er%riting the "Anon"mus" configuration and on the other hand- "ou !re#ent the !rogram files from corru!tion. 3. Installation to the $or3station In order to run GIB form a %or3station )C "ou ha#e to run the IA(+A==..L. !rogram from the GIB36JIA(+A== director". +his %a" the right font sets %ill ,e !laced and the GIB 3.3 !rogram grou! is created. If "ou %ant to use a customi1ed configuration- thenC ?. &ou ha#e to create it or as3 the s"stem administrator to create it. ;. After starting the !rogram- "ou ha#e to log in %ith "our login name. 3. $hen logging in "ou can set this configuration as a default startu! configuration. If the user configurations are not created ," the s"stem administrator then this !rocedure must ,e re!eated on e#er" %or3station. $hen selecting the location of storing customi1ed configurations it is %orth ta3ing into account the next solutionsC ?. If "ou %ant to ha#e access to the same configurations then sa#e the configurations in a director" accessi,le to all %or3stations. Ma3e sure that this is a %ritea,le director". In this case- "ou can use the same configurations logging in from an" %or3station. If "ou create a configuration on a ne% %or3station then "ou can loo3 for "our original configuration on the ser#er dri#e and "ou can use it further on from this %or3station. ;. /orasmuch a %or3station is used onl" ," one s!ecific user then it is %orth storing the configurations on the local hard dri#e to set the !rogram for automatic login. In this case- the !rogram %ill run %ith "our o%n configuration e#er" time "ou

start it. 3. If the user created locall" a user name identical to one created ," the s"stem administrator on the ser#er then on the gi#en %or3station the !rogram uses the local configuration. $hen running the !rogram "ou can al%a"s find the identification of the current user in the status ,ar. If there is no user logged in- the status ,ar dis!la"s AA@A&M@4(. E. 4sing More Dictionaries at the (ame +ime 4nder an" tree ,ranch there can ,e data,ases that are found on different locations :CD-'@M- ser#er dri#e<. +hus- the user can do search in them simultaneousl". +he Histor" and the courses al%a"s relate to the largest tree ,ranch. /or exam!le- %e cannot use a course created for a ,ranch containing the @rs1DghC .nglish-Hungarian Com!rehensi#e Dictionar" from a ,ranch containing the com,ination of the @rs1Dgh and .nglish-Hungarian +echnical dictionaries. Ho% to 4se GIB in the Aet%or3 ?. =og in - If GIB does not run than start it accordingl" to the userHs manual. - +"!e "our user ID if the !rogram as3s "ou to do so. - @ther%ise choose the /ile0=ogin menu item and t"!e "our user ID in the dialog-,ox dis!la"ed. ;. Creating "our o%n configuration - (tart GIB according to the userHs manual. - If the !rogram starts %ithout reIuesting the ID of the user then choose the /ile0=ogin menu item. - Clic3 onto the 4sers ,utton- and the #alid user IDs %ill ,e dis!la"ed. - +"!e a ne% indi#idual name into the Identifier field. In the $or3ing Director" field- t"!e the name of the director" %here "ou %ant to store the configuration files. Clic3 onto the Add ,utton at the end. - If "ou %ill ,e the onl" user of the !rogram and do not %ant to re!eat the login !rocedure at e#er" !rogram start-u! then clic3 onto the Automatic ,utton. - If "ou %ant the !rogram to as3 for the user ID at e#er" start-u! of GIB then clic3 onto the 'eIuired ,utton. - If "ou %ant the !rogram to start al%a"s as "Anon"mus" then choose the @!tional ,utton. @ther Information 'egarding the Aet%or3 A!!lication +he "Anon"mus" is not a,le to change the configurations :fonts- st"les- location of data,ases etc.< ,ecause these are found in the read-onl" shared GIB36 director". @nl" the s"stem administrator can change these configurations if he0she !ro#ides himself0herself %ith %rite !ermission :incidentall" onl" for this !eriod of time< for the MCA'D(.DA+ and the *.DBC files of the GIB36 director". +he location of the data,ases and the userHs director" ma" ,e gi#en in 4AC format too. :/or exam!le- if the .nglish-Hungarian technical dictionar" is in the "gi,d,a" dictionar" of the "C" shared dri#e of the "lion" ser#er then its location can ,e gi#en %ith the JJlionJcJgi,d,a !ath.< +he 4AC is not su!!orted ," all net%or3 s"stems. Its correct usage is detailed in the userHs manual of the net%or3 s"stem. In certain +C)0I) ,ased net%or3s- %hich share the file s"stem of 4AIL through A/(- the data,ase files installed onto the hard dri#e must ,e set read-onl" ," the user- user grou! and ," others. @!tions in the Aet%or3 Configured ," the ("stem Administrator GIB36K3;.IAI ma" ,e found in three locationsC a< In the shared GIB36 director"- %hich can modified onl" ," the s"stem administrator. ,< In the $IAD@$( director" of the users. c< In the userHs o%n %ritea,le director". +he structure of the GIB36K3;.IAI file found in the shared GIB36 director". N=oginO Must=oginP6 Q if "ou set it to ? then e#er" user must log in

An"oneCanCreateP? Q if "ou set it to 6 then the users cannot create ne% users N4sersO RnameSPR!athS Q here "ou can s!ecif" the users and the default user directories Muestions ?. Ho% shall I create GIB usersT (!ecif" the ne% users in the /ile0=ogin menu item of the GIB36K3; !rogram according to the information gi#en in the GIB36K3;.H=). After this- co!" the GIB36K3;.IAI N4sersO section of the $IAD@$( director" to the N4sersO section of the GIB36K3;.IAI of the shared director". If !ossi,le use 4AC director" names- so e#er" user %ill find the directories under the same name. ;. $hat is the solution if the users see the user directories under different names on different %or3stationsT $hen a user logs in on a %or3station he0she has not used ,efore- the !rogram as3s for s!ecif"ing his0her %ritea,le director". In this case- this configuration %ill ,e located in the GIB36K3;.IAI of the local $IAD@$( director". ****** (ci!rtum Inc. %ishes "ou much success in using GIBU