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-is used when talking about temporary situations at a particular point in time

Affirmative and negative forms I am (not) cooking now. ou are (not) driving car. /aren!t/ "e is (not) #laying $oot%all. / isn!t/ &he is (not) swimming. It is (not) slee#ing) 'e are (not) studying (a#anese. /aren!t/ ou are (not) watching video $ilm. )hey are (not) taking #hotos.

Question forms *m I doing this noise+ es, I am / ,o, I !m not. *re you writing that com#osition+ Is "e/&he/it eating + es, he/she,it is./ ,o, he/she/it isn!t. *re we/you making some tea+ es, we are. ,o, we aren!t. *re they -oking+ es, they are./,o, they aren!t.

stand,know...) stative verbs are not used in the Present Progressive. Eg: I am seeing that house./-is wrong!

-time expressions:now,at the moment, today, these days, this week/year

Match the )uestions to the ans(ers

REMEMBER !erb " #$% !erb" ing read- reading do- doing -e"ing: drive- driving (-e) make- making & ' vo(el before ' consonant: cut- cutting, swim-swimming &y" ing en-oy-en-oying, study-studying '. *re you going home+ *. 'hat are you reading+ +. Is &he %aking a cake+ ,. Is .ave diving into the sea+ -. Is /ary #laying cards+ .. *re they #laying soccer / 0. Is the lion slee#ing under the tree+ 1. 'here are they going+ 2. 'ho is singing + 8ill in the gaps and match them to the pictures. '.&arah always goes to the #ark. *t the moment she is there and she 11111111111111 #hotos. *.0aolo thinks a%out himsel$ that he is a $amous #ainter. &o, he 11111111111111111 now a modern landsca#e. +.)he 2rowns like &hakes#eare, that is why they are in the theatre and 11111111111 "amlet. ,. (ack likes s#eed, he 11111111 %ike too $ast. -. /ac and his $riends are in the disco. )hey 1111111 1111111111. )hey are having $un. .. 2o% likes this season. "e 11111111111111111 in the valley. 0. )his $eeling is incredi%le.-says (ack ,who 11111111 111111111 $rom a high %ridge. 1. 3hildren are in the school. )hey 111111111111111 a new stam# al%um. 2. I do not like sharks. I kee# little $ish in a tank in my my room. I 111111111111 them with $ish $ood. '3. 4aul is keen on )5 games. "e 111111111111111. ''. 0eter likes water s#orts. Ever year he goes to cam# )oday he11111111111111 on the 4iver .anu%e. '3. *re you sure going into the %ear!s cave+ '*. Are they yours/ 5. 6e7re $ine a. es, she is. b. ,o, he isn!t. c. es, they are. d. ,o,I!m not. e. )hey are going on holiday. f, ,o, she isn!t. g. * new "arry 0otter %ook. h. &te#hie is singing . i. ,o, I am not. 4. ,o, it is hunting.