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Donald Trump role in managing his business includes allocating resources.

This involves making crucial decisions such as scheduling, requesting permissions, authorisations, and budgeting. These decisions made will definitely affect the companys future and therefore need to be made with much consideration and determination. Mr. Trump has showed his ability in allocating resources in the development of the Atlantic city. After assembling the site, Donald did not rush construction before making sure that he got the gaming license in order to operate the casino. As soon as the license was granted, oliday !nns offered to become his partner, financing all constructions, and has ilton, on the guaranteed " years of losses with their involvement in the pro#ect. $arron

other hand, did not wait for the gaming license before beginning the %&'' million worth of construction. (ater, their application for license was denied. ilton then decided to sell the property to Donald and it became Trumps )astle, now a successful hotel*casino. $eside that, Donald is also a disseminator who receives information from the outside, interpret them before releasing them into the company for further use. e analyses the reliability and the accuracy of the materials collected to ensure that they are safe to be used. +ne good e,ample of this role of his is that he asks people nearby the area before developing it until he gets a gut feeling before making any decisions. e would also ask opinions before making decisions. This is because Donald does not trust fancy marketing surveys and chose to carry out own surveys and draw own conclusions. e claimed that he can learn a lot more this way, rather than paying more for e,pensive, lengthy studies that is time consuming which would possibly miss out opportunities. Donald also does not take critics seriously. Most of the critics were sceptical about Trump Tower before it was built. The tower ended up getting great architectural review. These e,amples have proven the importance of the disseminator in #udging the information given by the outsider. -e,t, Trump is also considered as a disturbance handler. e is in charge of

making corrections whenever necessary and using strategies to overcome une,pected obstacles. As for this, Donald Trump is noted to be very fle,ible in the sense of changing plans. e is never too attached to any deals, as even the seemingly best deal would end

up failing before him. .rom his e,perience, the initial plan for purchasing the /enn )entral railyards at 0est 1&th 2treet was to build housing for middle*income earners. owever, the city was faced with sudden financial crisis. accepted and used. e then spent 3 years promoting the site which is then turned into a convention center and the plan was finally e would not waste time frustrating or disappointing but would immediately use his backup plans to cover the failure instead. .or e,ample he even had a backup plan for the Trump Tower, which is to build an office tower instead if the former did not work well. Mr. Trump also e,hibits characteristic as an entrepreneur. wanted to build something monumental. e encourages big e

visions. As a child, Donald wanted to make a statement by building his empire.

e worked with the idea and has developed an

almost 4'' acres development by the river of the 0est side of Manhattan and create hue new hotels ne,t to 5rand )entral 2tation at the /ark Avenue and &3nd 2treet. e had also learned to recognise a good deal with his e,perience working with his father, .red Trump, who was also a well*known real estate developer. Together with such vision, he worked on new pro#ects which includes buildings such as Trump /la6a, the /la6a otel, and the -ew 7ersey 5enerals. e also later star in the -$)s hit show 8The Apprentice9 , The Trump :niversity 2chool of ;eal <state, ventured into television as the <,ecutive /roducer of Miss :2A, and is presently the /roducer of the Miss :niverse pageant. -egotiating skill is also very important for a manager. !t is crucial to make the clients, partners or even the bank sector to believe in the planned pro#ect in order to obtain help from these parties. 2uch skill is seen in Donald when he used his negotiating skills and smarts to #oin the posh club, which was not open for =regular= folk, on the condition that he kept his hands off the wives of other members. owever, Trump did not intend to play polo and sail in yachts as a member, rather he used his membership as a way to make contacts, and that he did. -etworking is a form of liaison for the managers. Donald cleverly uses every chance he has got to approach potential business partners. e would attend parties or charity events to increase his

e,posure to make contacts easier in the future.

e had Alan 5reenberg as his permanent

investment banker to help him to monitor his share market position in oliday !nns. Donald Trump also monitors his company. Monitoring involves locating information about the current situation of the companys pro#ect and also acting as a central for the communication between the inside and outside of the corporation. +ne e,ample of his activity as a monitor is that he would meet up with the contractors in charge of the building of his 3>'' space parking garage and transportation center across the street from Trump /la6a. !ts a %1' mil pro#ect, theyre there to keep him updated with the current progress of the pro#ect. ;eporting if they are still on schedule and under budget. Making sure that everything is going on according to plan. .inally, Trump as a leader. Managers are important leader of the corporation. !mportant roles of a leader include training and motivating employees. This is because the employees are thought to be the most important assets of the company. !n motivating his workers, Donald believes in firing the weak and rewarding the e,cellence with a high salary. $eside that, he let his workers show him what they can do. is willingness to step back and to let the people who work for him do their thing has made his workers feel useful and important in the company, therefore motivated.