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November 2013

Hi guys.
Because my memory is so good, I have one of these programs on my computer that can
remind me to do things like cancel doctors appointment, buy Half & Half and put
up rain gutters. (My capacity to forget things is exceeded only by my ability to ignore
them altogether; rain gutters
have been on that list for around a
year and a half now). If I really
need to be nagged about
something, I can set this program
to periodically blip me a message.
And for the last 28 days Prayer
letter!!!!! has blinkety-blanked across
my screen throughout the day.
We may be late, but lo and behold, we are
indeed alive. And this November we are
through travels: for 3 weeks in
Oaxaca, Mexico teaching a workshop
on translation principles. Participants
included some 30 native speakers of
mostly Mexican languages, who are
working hard translating the
scriptures into their respective
for future Bible translators: I have the
privilege of teaching fundamentals of
linguistics to bright, enthusiastic
students in the SIL program hosted
by Biola University.

for progress on the Wanca Old Testament: I teach a class where my students get the
opportunity to work over Skype with the Wanca translation team in Peru on their
translation of the Old Testament. This
August we finished Exodus. Even former
students who had already graduated came back
to participate in this. One students comment:
This is the best thing Ive ever done in my
whole life! (That alone was worth an A!)
that people weve trained now train others:
Members of the Wanca translation team are
helping train other ethnic groups around Peru
in various aspects of translation and literacy.
Even as I write this, Amador Capcha, my main
co-translator, is on his way to Iquitos in the
Amazon, to help teach a young translation
team how to ensure that a translation is
comprehensible to its audience. 25 years ago,
this was only a dream.
in service opportunities: Since May, Melanie has been serving as a Resource
Coordinator for Wycliffe, helping returning missionaries navegate re-entry to the
States. It fits her so wellshes such a people person! She continues coordinating
the early childrens education program at our church as well.
for his faithfulness to our kids: Lucas is of the way through his Masters in Music
Composition at San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Erik continues his graduate
studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages while holding down a
couple of jobs.
for new life: our first grandbaby!
Lowyn Theodore Floyd, born to
Ryan and Kenlynn, 15 July 2013.
Such a good babytotally chill!
I promise: Melanie and I will not
be sporting those big buttons
that say Ask me about my
Grandbaby; but you CAN ask
and we WILL tell you!
Melanie is taking very well to her
role as grandma and promoter of
infantile literacy. (And, by the
way, remember that baby blanket
she was knitting the last time I
wrote? Well, after numerous
discoveries of mistakes several
rows ago aaarrgh! she finished it just this past
week and took it off the needles for the last
timejust in time for cool weather, and way
before high school graduation.)
and for the faithfulness and encouragement of the
body of Christ: like our home fellowship from
If I could, Id Photoshop you in, since you are part
of the host of people God uses to mold us, purify
us, and through whom he gives us great joy and
satisfaction. You are linked to each and every
praise on these pages. For the role you have played
in our lives in prayer, in financial support, in calls and notes and visits, for faithful
friendship over the long haul, we are truly grateful.
In all these things give thanks with us, to God who has held us close with a gentle, firm,
gracious and relentless grip.

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