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C.E's (easy) coco guide ver 0.

3 (2013)
This is a short guide I wrote a while ago. I'm reposting it since the old thread got deleted during the fiasco last year and some1 pm'd me asking for it. I will be adjusting it over the few days to correct any mistakes in there. C.E's Coco uide !er".# $%&'"1#( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) reets mates* +aven't seen any thread here that talks about coco* so I might as well start one since I've been growing with it for ,uite a while and I love the results I will edit this with time and try to organi.e it more* so please bear with me /lol/ 0o Coco coir&peat $theres a difference( is basically a buffered $be sure it is -(* reusable1 hydro medium and thus should be treated like a hydro medium. 2nd if it is* it will reward you with plants that grow bigger* better* and faster than in soil. 1/ 3ou can re)use a p+)buffered bag of coco for up to 4 times. 2fter that you must use buffering agents and re)strengthen the coco with trace minerals or else you will run into lockout problems - 2lso* if you plan to reuse $you should(* be sure you apply en.yme products in the final weeks of the prior grow and first weeks of the subse,uent one. 5ake sure you lightly sieve your coco to remove all roots you can find. The rest will be taken care of by the en.yme products. Preparing: 6nless you are preparing coco in bulk* just take it out of the bag and pack it into your pots not too much* but not too little either as the coco will pack itself everytime you water and you end up with coco a few inches under the rim of the pot* not good. I like to have the final level just a few centimeters $')#( under. 7)7.89 are the smallest I'd recommend* after going through a nightmare with #.89 pots $they get dry so damn fast(. It might be good to mi: some perlite in with the coco. 5aybe 18)'";* I wouldn't recommend more as it will hurt the buffering strength of your medium. <egardless of what is printed on the bag* it is always a good idea to water your medium thoroughly before use plant your seeds with low EC&ppm water* around ".7)".=EC* not higher* and p+ around 8.% $acidity encourages the root growth(. I plant my seeds directly into the final pot as I don't really like transplanting in coco as coco is more fragile and will break up easy and mess up your roots. This is up to you though ofcourse. Note: If you are going with cuts instead of seeds you can use higher ECs like 1."* but really less is more at the beginning stage and low ECs help encourage the roots to grow rapidly into the medium to get more of the good stuff.

Watering: I will talk about how wet the medium should be* as a lot of people get it wrong in the beginning. >y the way* you can either water by hand like a normal soil grow or use a drip system* which is more preferable in coco for the later stages as it helps the wetness of the medium stay more stable than a hand watering schedule* which in turns keeps p+ more stable and keeps the plants happier. If you want to hand water make sure you water slowly as the coco medium is ,uite easy to dislodge. 0o if you water fast you will notice that your roots are floating ?ot good - In both cases* you need around '"; runoff to keep your medium healthy. 3ou cannot overwater coco* the more water you give* the better* you just waste water and nutes though. @uring the first 11two to three weeks* the coco medium should be treated somewhat more or less like soil though* not too wet* until the root system is fully established. It is recommended that you use rooting tonics like Canna <hi.otonic to get your plants to root up as fast as possible. ?ever let your coco dry though - Ance the surface looks a bit flaky you need to water. 11/ I want to make this point clear. Its not a matter of days or weeks. 3ou need to wait until the root system looks established enough to start taking the full hydro e:perience It might take two* it might take five* depending on the condition of your medium* whether you use root boosters* and the general health of your plants and roots. 2s mentioned earlier the soil)like treatment for the first few weeks encourages the roots to dig deep and form up well. Ance your plant is all rooted up* you can* and should* keep your coco medium wet at all times* since the p+ of the medium will change a bit as it gets drier* and even if the coco has p+ buffering* that is best left to combat the p+ fluctuation that occurs when the plant feeds and leeches ion from the medium. Bithin a week or two you will start to notice thick fu..y white hydro roots shooting out. Ceeping the medium properly watered eventually gets harder and harder as the plants becomes big and start taking up ,uite a lot of water* and this is why a drip system is better as it helps keep the coco wet all the time. If you want to go with hand watering* you will probably need to water once a day starting from week ')#* $once per ')# days prior to that(* and probably up to two times a day. This will vary with how big your plant gets* how much the strain itself drinks* how much you ventilate* your <h* and temperatures* etc. The idea is* just keep an eye on your medium and keep it wet. 2nd also* always have your water p+ at around 8.%)8.D* that is the best range. If anything tho* go lower* not higher* down to 8.8. Feeding Nutes: EFlease note that for EC readings* I use a tap water of EC ".' as a baseG

3ou can use any chemical on coco* but the ones produced specifically for it are best since the ratio of minerals and trace)minerals reflect what should be present in a coco medium. 2lso* they include buffering agents that help the coco stabili.e the p+ at 8.8)7."* and are also made to be best absorbed in that spectrum. It is very important to feed with every watering in coco. Even from day ". 2 totally nuteless medium will discourage roots from growing rapidly* so start with ".8) ".7EC for the first week* and I recommend you use products like rhi.otonic as they really help in coco. >y the end of week 1* or around day 1"* you should be upping your EC to around ".=)1." already. The plants themselves will let you know once they need more. 2fter the end of week ' start increasing your EC by ".1 each 8 days or week* depending on your plants. I would go to a ma:imum of 1.')1.4 in veg* 1.4)1.= in flower. This changes with strains as some need more and some need less. 11?ote/ I no longer use additional FC during flower* nor do I recommend it. Instead* I use a #)part nute system and I increase&decrease the pk ratio at will by using different ratios of the grow&micro&bloom bottles. $11(If you use FC1#&14 or any pk cocktail take your EC down to 1.7 or so first since even 1.= will sometimes burn your plants with those kinds of products. Take it up slowly to see how much your plants can take and try not to burn your tips - 6se the same dose for a few days as sometimes a dose that works for one day will burn your plants after consecutive waterings. 2lso* to know how muck pk1#&14 to apply* here is what I do* as I never follow bottle labels. 0ay at week #)4 of flower you are gonna start giving pk 1#&14. 2t the first day if say your EC should have been 1.%* mi: you base nutes to 1.7* and add pk1#&14 till it reaches 1.%. 2nd ofcourse regulate ph as pk1#&14 will raise it. Each week decrease your base 2&> or 1)component nutes ec by ".1 and up the pk1#&14 by ".1. This will gradually make your ? go down and you FC go up in the mi:* as you better decrease the ? later on in flower so as to decrease the leafiness. Especially in autos since its needed. 3ou 523 need to add some trace minerals and&or cal&mag when you do this. 0ome bloom additives take this into consideration and have trace minerals and cal mag inside of them along with the hormones and other plant cocktails. 2gain* take it slow and make the transition in small steps and as to not shock your roots&plants. This needs some trial)n)error to dial in but by starting low and working your way up you can pretty much nail it from the first try or two. @on't be discouraged to try different mi:es on differents plants to see what works best for you. I take my ec down to 1.7 one week before the flush. Note: 3ou can follow your nutrient supplier's grow schedule* but most of them recommend EC's that are too high and dosages that will totally fry your plants. I always start with 1&4 the dosage that the bottle say and look at EC to measure the

dosage* not how much ml per 9 of nutrient. If they are green and going dark* you can probably pull back the EC. If they are going a bit light green* up your EC. @on't wait for them to go yellow - 2nd try not to burn the tips This takes some time to get used to and this varies from strain to strain. I've had several strains hooked onto the same irrigation system only to have some go dark green * while others are light green* and others have their tips burned It is always best to have clones in any professional setup* but since this is in autoflower site you should always keep in mind that autoflowers generally tolerate less EC than photoperoid strains* and different autoflower strains have different EC re,uirements. This ofcourse goes for all mediums* not just coco. F!us"ing This is still a debated topic amongst coco growers. 0ome people do it and some don't. If you want to though* only do it for the last 8)1"$1111( days of your grow in hydro&coco. 2nd preferably give the plants a dark period during the flush as many report this helps the plant eat everything and pump out as much resin as possible. 1111/ I've done tests with 8 days and 1" days. I see no difference but some people just insist on flushing for ' weeks or so in coco. To each his own. uide is not at its final version* so there might be some errors of course. I'm only human after all. If you find any missing or incorrect details please comment. Huestions are welcome too ofcourse /( +appy growing n goodluck )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ?ote/ EC levels vary with each strain so please don't follow the numbers by the letter. @o some side by sides to find whats best for you. ood luck -