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Drug Name

Classification / Indication Antivertigo drug

Generic Name: Betahistine diHCl Brand name

Meniere's disease

Generic Name: Cinnari0ine Brand Name: )tugeron $orte

Antivertigo Maintenance thera"& +or s&m"toms o+ la &rinthine disorders, including vertigo, di00iness, tinnitus, n&stagmus, nausea and

Dose, Mechanism of action Route, Rate,& Frequency Dose: 16 )erc e*erts a rela*ant mg/ ta action on the "reca"illar& s"hincters o+ !oute: "#o# the microcirculation o+ the inner ear, and $re%uenc&: there & increases the '(D lood su""l& to the stria vascularis o+ the la &rinth# (nvestigations into the acute, su acute and chronic e++ects o+ etahistine in animals have demonstrated the lo- to*icit& and sa+et& o+ the drug# Dose: 1 Cinnari0ine inhi its ca" contractions o+ vascular smooth muscle cells & !oute: "#o# calcium channels# $re%uenc&: 1D 2 H)


Side Effects

Nursing res onsi!ilities

H&"ersensitivit& to etahistine diHCl or to an& o+ the e*ci"ients o+ )erc

Mild gastric com"laints rashes

(nstruct "atient that drug should e ta.en -ith +ood# /atients -ith "haeochromoc&toma or ronchial asthma should e treated -ith e*tra care#

/atients -ith .no-n h&"ersensitivit& to cinnari0ine#

headache, dr& mouth, -eight gain, "ers"iration or allergic reactions

As -ith other antihistamines, cinnari0ine ma& cause e"igastric distress3 it a+ter meals ma& diminish gastric irritation#

Cinnari0ine ma& cause somnolence, es"eciall& at the start o+ treatment# 'here+ore, caution should e ta.en -hen alcohol or CN) de"ressants are

vomiting# used concomitantl&#

Generic Name: Do*o+&lline Brand Name: Ansimar 'a

Antiasthmatic 'reatment o+ ronchial asthma and "ulmonar& disease -ith s"astic ronchial com"onent#

Dose: 4 ta !oute: "#o# $re%uenc&: 1D


(ndividuals -ho have sho-n h&"ersensitivit & to Ansimar and its com"onents# /atients -ith acute m&ocardial in+arction and h&"otension# Do*o+&lline is contraindicate d in nursing mothers# H&"ersensitivit & to inhaled lactose#

nausea, vomiting, e"igastric "ain, irrita ilit&, insomnia, tach&cardia

Ma& e ta.en -ith or -ithout +ood# )tore at room tem"erature not e*ceeding 56oC#

Generic Name: Budesonide Brand Name: )&m icort

Antiasthmatic /reventive maintenance o+ Asthma

Dose: 166 mg !oute: inhalation $re%uenc&: B(D

Anti7in+lammator& corticosteroid that e*hi its "otent glucocorticoid activit& and -ea. mineralocorticoid activit&# Drug inhi iths mast cells, macro"hages, and mediators involved in in+lammation#

Headache, +ever, "ain, s&nco"e, sinusitis, nausea, dr& mouth, vomiting, a dominal "ain, ac. "ain

(+ ronchos"asm occurs a+ter using udosenide, sto" thera"& and treat -ith ronchodilator (nstruct the "atient to use the inhaler at regular intervals 8atch out +or candida in+ections o+ the mouth and "har&n*