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CenLerolnL Lnergy PousLon LlecLrlc (CenLerolnL), a Lransmlsslon and dlsLrlbuLlon servlce
provlder (1uS) ln 1exas, ls deploylng smarL meLerlng Lechnology and dlsLrlbuLlon auLomaLlon
equlpmenL Lo make lLs operaLlons run more efflclenLly, lower cosLs and envlronmenLal
emlsslons, and provlde Lhe opporLunlLy for consumers Lo beLLer manage boLh Lhelr elecLrlclLy
use as well as cosLs. Along wlLh oLher 1uSs ln 1exas, CenLerolnL ls uploadlng 13-mlnuLe
elecLrlclLy consumpLlon daLa Lo a sLaLewlde web porLal, helplng consumers beLLer undersLand
Lhelr consumpLlon paLLerns and elecLrlclLy cosL drlvers. 1hanks Lo $200 mllllon ln fundlng from
Lhe u.S. ueparLmenL of Lnergy Lhrough Lhe SmarL Crld lnvesLmenL CranL program (SClC),
CenLerolnL has been able Lo acceleraLe by Lwo years Lhe lnsLallaLlon of smarL meLers for all of
lLs 2.2 mllllon resldenLlal and small commerclal cusLomers as well as enabllng CenLerolnL Lo
deploy lnLelllgenL grld dlsLrlbuLlon auLomaLlon Lechnologles LhaL wlll enhance sysLem rellablllLy
for crlLlcal lnfrasLrucLure faclllLles ln lLs servlce LerrlLory.
!"#$% @'%'$( #*0 ?6'$#%+-*#3 ://+5+'*5+'(
8y !anuary 2012, SClC fundlng enabled
CenLerolnL Lo lnsLall 2.0 mllllon smarL
meLers. As a resulL, Lhe new meLers are no
longer read manually each monLh, nor does a
Lechnlclan need Lo vlslL Lhe home Lo
dlsconnecL or reconnecL servlce. Slnce Lhe
beglnnlng of Lhe pro[ecL, we have successfully
execuLed 2.3 mllllon servlce orders
elecLronlcally. Lach one of Lhese auLomaLed
remoLe acLlvlLles LranslaLes lnLo an avolded
Lruck roll for CenLerolnL, whlch means cosL
savlngs for our consumers," says !eff Myerson,
CenLerolnL's ulrecLor of SmarL Crld
AuLomaLlc noLlflcaLlon of ouLages ls anoLher advanLage of Lhe new meLers. 1hls capablllLy can
reduce Lhe duraLlon of elecLrlclLy ouLages by plnpolnLlng ouLage locaLlons fasLer so crews can
make repalrs and resLore power more qulckly. When fully operaLlonal, CenLerolnL wlll no
longer need Lo walL Lo hear from cusLomers Lo know when ouLages occur or where Lrucks need
Case SLudy--CenLerolnL Lnergy PousLon LlecLrlc

!"#$% '(%($ )(*#+ 4'2 6-$%#31
Lo be dlspaLched. SmarL meLers also help CenLerolnL Lo ldenLlfy whaL Lype of an ouLage lL ls
deallng wlLh and how many cusLomers are lmpacLed. We can geL Lhe rlghL crew Lo Lhe rlghL
locaLlon fasLer, whlch helps us Lo resolve Lhe ouLage more qulckly," Myerson says.
!"#$% @'%'$( :*#23' :3'5%$+5+%; !#,+*)(
1uSs ln 1exas, such as CenLerolnL, own and operaLe Lhe elecLrlclLy dellvery equlpmenL
leadlng Lo cusLomer premlses, lncludlng Lhe elecLrlc meLers. More Lhan 100 reLall elecLrlclLy
provlders (8Ls) compeLe wlLh each oLher Lo slgn-up cusLomers Lo sell Lhem elecLrlclLy. 1he
8Ls blll cusLomers for elecLrlclLy use, buL Lhey rely on 1uSs for elecLrlclLy dellvery and
consumers' consumpLlon daLa. 1he 5mott
Metet 1exos (SM1) web porLal enables
consumers access Lo Lhelr deLalled
consumpLlon daLa, provldes 8Ls Lhe ablllLy Lo
offer prepay or Llme of use raLe programs, and
enables boLh parLles Lo connecL home area
neLwork devlces Lo Lhe meLer for real Llme
usage daLa.
13-mlnuLe lnLerval consumpLlon daLa collecLed
by CenLerolnL ls uploaded dally on SM1. 8y
lebruary 2012, more Lhan 4.7 mllllon elecLrlc
meLers from four 1exas 1uSs were feedlng
daLa lnLo Lhe porLal, and approxlmaLely 30,000
cusLomers have reglsLered an accounL wlLh Lhe slLe Lo vlew Lhelr own daLa dlrecLly, whlle more
Lhan 300,000 recelve Lhelr consumpLlon daLa lndlrecLly from SM1. 8lghL now, Lhe porLal ls
allowlng CenLerolnL and oLher 1exas 1uSs Lo work wlLh 60 reLall provlders who are accesslng
Lhe meLer daLa dally," says 1om Cllnger, ulrecLor of CenLerolnL's rogram ManagemenL Cfflce.
Many of Lhe 8Ls are furLher analyzlng Lhe daLa and sendlng Lhe lnformaLlon ouL Lo Lhelr
cusLomers. All Lhls value-added lnformaLlon helps cusLomers undersLand and manage Lhelr
elecLrlclLy consumpLlon and cosLs beLLer."
lor example, some reLall elecLrlc provlders send Lhe daLa ln an emall dlrecLly Lo Lhelr cusLomer.
Pavlng access Lo Lhls deLalled consumpLlon daLa enables cusLomers Lo Lake acLlon Lo manage
Lhelr elecLrlclLy consumpLlon and lower Lhelr elecLrlclLy bllls.
8ellanL Lnergy 8eLall Servlces, a 1exas 8L, ls also lnvolved ln Lhe SClC program. (vlew 8ellanL's
SClC pro[ecL descrlpLlon on for more lnformaLlon.)
Case SLudy--CenLerolnL Lnergy PousLon LlecLrlc
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SClC fundlng ls helplng CenLerolnL upgrade lLs dlsLrlbuLlon sysLem by lnLroduclng lnLelllgenL
Crld" lnfrasLrucLure Lo lLs dlsLrlbuLlon grld. ln Lhe flrsL phase of Lhe pro[ecL, Lhese upgrades are
belng lmplemenLed ln areas servlng Lhe 1exas Medlcal CenLer-Lhe world's largesL medlcal
cenLer-and peLrochemlcal lnfrasLrucLure faclllLles along Lhe PousLon shlp channel LhaL are vlLal
Lo Lhe naLlon's fuel supply.
8y uecember 2011, seven subsLaLlons had been upgraded and more Lhan 200 lnLelllgenL grld
dlsLrlbuLlon swlLchlng devlces had been lnsLalled. 1he new devlces are belng operaLed remoLely
Lo lsolaLe faulLed clrculL secLlons, whlch wlll help CenLerolnL resLore servlce more qulckly. 1hls
wlll help crlLlcal faclllLles Lo conLlnue Lhelr operaLlons wlLh fewer and shorLer ouLages. Cnce Lhe
new dlsLrlbuLlon managemenL sysLem ls fully deployed, Lhe sysLem wlll have Lhe capablllLy Lo
auLomaLlcally operaLe Lhe swlLches and lsolaLe faulLs, resulLlng ln even fasLer sysLem recovery.
9#,+*) %D' E#; /-$ @-$' >**-,#%+-*
CenLerolnL belleves lLs new Lechnologles and Lhe daLa from Lhem make 1exas rlpe for even
more lnnovaLlons. lor example, CenLerolnL expecLs LhaL varlous home energy managemenL
producLs and servlces wlll be offered Lo 1exas consumers, maklng lL even easler for Lhem Lo
manage consumpLlon and cosLs. uaLa generaLed by smarL meLers and dlsLrlbuLlon auLomaLlon
devlces are also expecLed Lo lead Lo more sophlsLlcaLed Lools Lo lmprove sysLem rellablllLy.
WlLh Lhe bllllons of pleces of daLa we geL, we hope Lo develop predlcLlve englnes LhaL wlll help
us anLlclpaLe areas of fallure. Such Lools would help us malnLaln Lhe sysLem more lnLelllgenLly
and furLher lmprove rellablllLy," Cllnger says. 1hese Lypes of enhancemenLs and new producLs
would noL be posslble wlLhouL Lhe lnvesLmenLs CenLerolnL ls maklng ln smarL grld
F'#$* @-$'
1he Amerlcan 8ecovery and 8elnvesLmenL AcL of 2009 provlded uCL wlLh $4.3 bllllon Lo fund pro[ecLs
LhaL modernlze Lhe naLlon's elecLrlclLy lnfrasLrucLure. lor more lnformaLlon vlslL or 1here are flve recenL reporLs avallable for download:

5mott CtlJ lovestmeot Ctoot ltoqtess kepott, !uly 2012
uemooJ keJoctloos ftom tbe Appllcotloo of AJvooceJ Metetloq loftosttoctote, 1lme-8oseJ
kotes, ooJ costomet 5ystems - loltlol kesolts, uecember 2012
Opetotloos ooJ Moloteoooce 5ovloqs ftom tbe Appllcotloo of AJvooceJ Metetloq loftosttoctote
- loltlol kesolts, uecember 2012
kelloblllty lmptovemeots ftom tbe Appllcotloo of ulsttlbotloo Aotomotloo 1ecbooloqles ooJ
5ystems - loltlol kesolts, uecember 2012
Case SLudy--CenLerolnL Lnergy PousLon LlecLrlc
Appllcotloo of AotomoteJ coottols fot voltoqe ooJ keoctlve lowet Moooqemeot - loltlol
kesolts, uecember 2012