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is Killing Babies

Facts You Need to Know:

6 HealthPartners owns Regions Hospital
6 Regions Hospital committed 731 TWIN CITIES
abortions in 2007 – 268 were performed
on Black women!

6 Regions Hospital trains doctors to At HealthPartners’ Regions Hospital

commit abortions Saint Paul, Minnesota
The Twin Cities faith community will unite at HealthPartners’
6 HealthPartners doesn’t want the consumer Regions Hospital in Saint Paul for the largest simultaneous pro-life
mobilization in our history. Last fall 40 Days for Life took place in
to know about its abortion practices 204 cities in 49 states, 2 Canadian provinces, 1 American
territory and the District of Columbia. There were 175,000
6 HealthPartners insurance pays for abortions prayer supporters, over 55,000 participants on the street in
prayer vigils in front of abortion facilities, three abortion facilities
6 Regions Hospital’s “GYN Special Services” permanently closed, 1,128 children saved and over 4,000 church
abortion center commits abortions up to congregations united for life. People of faith across America are
praying that this effort will mark the end of abortion. The 40 Days
20 weeks for Life campaign is made up of three key components:
? Prayer and Fasting:
inviting people of
faith throughout
our region to join
together for 40 days
of fervent prayer
and fasting for an

Living 6-week- end to abortion.
old unborn Peaceful Vigil:
child from standing for life
through a 40-day
an ectopic peaceful public

pregnancy witness outside Regions Hospital.
© Robert L.Wolfe Community Outreach: taking a positive, upbeat pro-life
HealthPartners is
message to every corner of our region through media efforts,
church presentations, petition drives, and public visibility.
hiding something...
We need you to contact Pro-Life Action Ministries at
651-771-1500 or to volunteer and
participate in this focused 40 Days for Life campaign at
HealthPartners’ Regions Hospital. Your presence can save lives. They are committing abortions at
Organized by:
Pro-Life Action Ministries
PO Box 75368. St. Paul, MN 55175-0368
Regions Hospital!
(651) 771-1500 or online: 1/09
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Unborn baby 20 weeks in gestation: HealthPartners

aborts babies this old at Regions Hospital!
HealthPartners is Killing Babies
found. Further, the abortuary has been given the Let her know that you
very innocuous name of “GYN Special Services,” want the abortuary
hiding the real purpose for this facility. inside Regions
A frustration for people has been the lack of Hospital closed.
health insurers who do not pay for abortions in This effort is not limit-
their coverage. HealthPartners, though, has set ed to HealthPartners
itself as the worst offender, by not only paying members. We all can
for abortions in its insurance coverage, but help influence
actually aborting innocent children and HealthPartners to
11 weeks
training abortionists. change by contacting
© Life Issues Institute

HealthPartners needs to be held accountable for Mary Brainerd and the individual HealthPartners
its direct involvement in killing unborn babies and board members. All members of the Board of
furthering the proabortion movement by training Directors can be contacted at:
future abortionists. HealthPartners is a member- or you can write/call:
governed organization. Anyone who has HealthPartners Corporate Communications
HealthPartners for their medical insurer is a P.O. Box 1309, Minneapolis, MN 55440
© Life Issues Institute

voting member of the organization and has (952) 883-5302

influence on its governance. If you have
HealthPartners as your medical insurer, we You can help unborn children by writing
especially need your involvement. Contact: or emailing the HealthPartners’ board ACT
HealthPartners, Mary Brainerd, President and CEO
members and CEO Mary Brainerd to let
one of HealthPartners Corporate Communications
them know that you do not support the

Minnesota's largest health organizations, is killing P.O. Box 1309, Minneapolis, MN 55440
killing of babies at Regions Hospital. Ask
(952) 883-6111 (“Talk to the President Line”)
unborn babies inside an abortuary it owns and
them to stop committing abortions and
training doctors to do abortions!
operates. This abortuary is very unusual, being
completely contained within Regions Hospital
(formerly St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center) in St.
Paul. Ob-Gyn residents at the University of
Minnesota Medical School take a rotation
through this facility. Abortions are committed into Regions Hospital:
the sixth month of pregnancy at HealthPartners' Site of
Regions Hospital. Latest statistics from the
Minnesota Department of Health report that “GYN Special
HealthPartners, inside its Regions Hospital, killed Services”
731 babies in 2007. Throughout the years, this
abortuary has killed between 600 and 1,200 Abortion Center
babies annually.
After a thorough search of the HealthPartners
and Regions Hospital websites, not a single
reference to abortion or its abortuary can be