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Brand Awareness Analysis: MOTO X

This report is part of a weekly study done by CrowdANALYTIX of over 100 brands across consumer electronics, retail, CPG, automotive and High-Tech
This report is based on the collective view of a global community of over 3200 data scientists

From September 09, 2013 till September 30,2013

In view of the contemporary milieu of mobile market where top brands are competing hard to engage with their customers, how well did Moto X perform in last 3 weeks
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90% of Americans are online and are constantly raising their voices about brands they love and hate. Not only do they like Facebook pages of their favorite brands, they also tweet about their favorite TV shows. If analyzed right, digital voices of consumers can help accurately measure the impact of multi-channel campaigns in real-time. This report represents one such analysis. This report looks at the consumer decision journey across channels and uncovers some startling truths about Moto X and its competitors in the way their campaigns influence consumer buying decisions. The report also looks at the extent to which product innovation messages by Moto X are helping reinforce their brand and how the effectiveness of their messages compares with their competitors. Finally, the report provides expert views on why certain consumer behavior was observed and possible recommendations for Moto X to improve its cross-channel strategy going forward.

By analyzing consumer voices of brands, CrowdANALYTIX can help brands get an understanding of: 1) the overall awareness of their brands; 2) the drivers of purchasing behavior; 3) how they compare with their competitors; and 4) how to accurately attribute contribution of each offline and online channel in driving brand awareness

Consumer Engagement Levels

Level Definition
Consumer considers purchase based on user reviews, friends recommendations, television ads, airport banners, etc


Consumer Engagement Level


Consumer evaluates the product by visiting retail stores, watching product demos on you tube, etc
Consumer buys product, shares his early experiences online, signs up for product update newsletter, talks about his in-store experiences Comments on blogs, talks about television ads; comments on official facebook posts; retweets official tweets




Writes blogs about products; eagerly awaits new product releases; initiates content about your product that starts getting viewed by several of his followers

IMPORTANT: the levels of engagement above do not necessarily represent a gradual progression of all consumers. Some for example might never become advocates or evangelists of your brand. Whats important is to know whether you are able to segment your consumers based on the level of their engagement and if you have a strategy to drive awareness at each of the above levels

Overall positioning of different players based on their level of customer engagement and their ability to reinforce their product innovation messaging
Key Observations
Samsung proved to have the highest customer engagement; as much as 6 times that of Lumia which had lowest customer engagement score HTCs campaigns around the new metallic variant helped it to scale high on customer engagement However, MotoXs Moto Maker campaign provided boost to its brand differentiation. Moto Maker campaign contributed ~50% to its brand reinforcement

Performance of Moto X in influencing consumers at different levels of brand engagement

Brands are highly active in marketing themselves and capture the mind share of the customer. In this relentless pursuit to become the most preferred brand, they consume several methods to monitor the ROI of their efforts. The methods that are more prevalent than others are primary research, focus groups, digital media monitoring tools etc. All these methods provide insights in bits and pieces; however marketers today want a comprehensive picture of their efforts. To circumvent this issue, we have analyzed how the customers are interacting with the brands at different steps in their journey of pre-purchase decision making and post-purchase brand evangelism.

This sort of analysis is useful for marketers because it clearly helps them understand those critical points when they wowed their customers or perhaps lost them to their competitors.

How did Moto X do? - Influencing consumers to consider their brand

Consideration Score via Online events Moto X Lumia Campaign Types Impacting Consideration - MOTO X HTC Samsung Consideration Score via Offline events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Samsung influenced the customers via Online campaigns 30 times more as compared to MotoX HTC influenced their customers through Offline campaigns; Moto X had only 1/3rd of HTCs impact Of the total impact that Moto X had on their customer in terms of Brand Consideration, 88% came from Offline campaigns 12%





How did Moto X do? - Influencing consumers to evaluate their brand

Evaluation Score via Online events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Evaluation Score via Offline events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Samsung influenced the customers via Online campaigns 20 times more as compared to MotoX Moto Xs offline campaigns proved 12 times more influential than Lumia, which made least impact Most of MotoXs impact in terms of influencing prospective buyers to evaluate its products, came from offline campaigns
Online Offline

Campaign Types Impacting Brand Evaluation - MOTO X




How did Moto X do? - Influencing consumers to share their experiences

Experience Score via Online events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Experience Score via Offline events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Samsung influenced the customers via Online campaigns 50 times more as compared to MotoX HTCs offline campaigns proved 8 times more influential than Moto X Of the total impact that Moto X had on their customer in terms of enhancing Brand Experience , 88% came from Offline camapigns

Campaign Types Impacting Brand Experience- MOTO X




How did Moto X do? - Influencing consumers to enhance bonding with their brand
Bonding Score via Online events Moto X Lumia


Campaign Types Impacting Customer bonding - MOTO X

HTC Samsung
Online Offline

Bonding Score via Offline events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Samsung proved to be the front-runner in engaging customers through online campaigns and developing deeper bond with their existing customers. Samsung made 150 times more impact than MotoX HTCs offline campaigns proved 7 times more influential than Moto X in developing bonding with the customers Of the total impact that Moto X had on their customer in terms of enhancing customer bonding, 94% came from Offline camapigns



How did Moto X do? - Influencing consumers to evangelize their brand

Evangelism Score via Online events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Evangelism Score via Offline events Moto X Lumia HTC Samsung Samsung used online campaigns to foster influential users to evangelize for the brand; their impact was 12 times to that of Moto X via online campaigns Moto Xs offline campaigns helped them nurture customers to evangelize for the brand; they were 5 times more impactful than Lumia (that had lowest impact via offline campaigns) Moto X had the good mix of online and offline events in terms of


Campaign Types Fostering Customer Evangelism - MOTO X

45% 55%
Online Offline


Effectiveness of Campaigns in reinforcing their brand differentiation

Brands run multiple campaigns at the same time trying to keep a mix of both offline and online campaigns. Campaigns have been progressively transformed from being a broadcasting tool to a decisive factor in establishing long term relationship with consumers. Billions of dollars are spent each year in establishing the brand connect and the expenditure is only going to increase. Understandably, onus is on the marketers to justify the value of the campaigns. Keeping the customer engagement cycle in view, the effectiveness of the campaigns will be analyzed. The brands will come to know which of the campaigns driven by them as well as the competitors, had more clout than the others.

Campaigns that have the potential to reinforce brands Product differentiation in the minds of consumers
Samsungs campaign of #GalaxyGear and HTCs campaign of a new metallic variant were observed to be most impactful campaigns in last three weeks.

4 out of top 5 campaigns

were offline; launch of a new variant by HTC, launch of a new feature by Samsung, launch of new TV ad by MotoX

Inference: Offline events are observed to have strongest clout as far as mobile industry is concerned

High Impact Online Campaign

Medium Impact
Offline Campaign

Low Impact

Better still, is to understand which campaign influenced consumers at what step of their decision journey!

Online Campaign

Offline Campaign

HTCs Metallic body campaign impacted the consumers across all the stages; from Consideration to Evangelism Samsungs campaign around #GalaxyGear was most experiential of all the campaigns Buyers of Moto X phone were most vocal about the brands Make With Moto and Lazy Phone campaigns None of the campaigns could trigger consumers to Evaluate the products as a pre-purchase exercise

Data Sources Government data streams : demographics, sociocultural indicators, financial indicators Surveys/Voice of customers Online blogs, news,social media etc

Data Transformation

RAW data stream to 250+ Features Dividing features in the engagement life cycle

Correlation Analysis Statistical Modeling Feature Importance Analysis Trend Analysis Regression Modeling

Visualization & Reporting

Positioning Map Customer Engagement Analysis Campaign Strength analysis

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