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Issue: 7 August 2009

Monthly Magazine of
West African Pranic Healing Foundation
Pipeline Avenue, The Gambia
Mobile: (220) 7564196, 9338790

PRANA- August 2009 Page 1

The Existence of God is Self- Evident
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

To produce chemicals you need chemicals

factories, chemists and chemical engineers.
Many of the biochemical’s in the flowers,
in the fruits, in the plants, in the trees
cannot be reproduced by the biochemists
and the chemical engineers, Yet a plant or
a tree, which is not managed and
controlled by biochemists and chemical
engineers and which his smaller than a
chemical factory, procures them. Truly God
is Omni-intelligent. Nature is Gods factory.
To see nature is to see the creation of God.
The existence of God is self-Evident.

PRANA- August 2009 Page 2

Founders Day Celebration
On August 15, Pranic Healers
around the world celebrate Grand
Master Choa Kok Sui Day also
known as Founder's Day. Pranic
Healers gather in groups to honour
the Life and Work of Grand Master
Choa Kok Sui. In Gambia we are
celebrating it on 15 August at 6:00
pm at Foundation premises. Join us for this celebration.

As WAPHF-G service activity we would be donating rice to needy in

rural areas on August 15, you can generously contribute towards this
noble cause.

Pray for Blessings of Divine Healing

We are happy to present this special recording of 'Blessings for

Divine Healing' given by Master Choa Kok Sui.
We recommend the following guidelines to allow your body to more
effectively receive and assimilate the Divine Blessings and healing

1. To clean and prepare your energy body it is advisable to take a

bath with water and salt (2-3 kilograms of salt in a tub of water, soak
for about 20-30 minutes, then rinse your body thoroughly. Or, after
washing your body with soap and water, you may rub your body
PRANA- August 2009 Page 3
gently with fine salt while still wet, wait for a few minutes and then
completely rinse off all the salt).

2. Invoke for Divine Blessings, with specific requests for healing the
areas of your life that need help and healing. To achieve a more
powerful healing effect, you may do the Planetary Meditation for
Peace to further prepare yourself to absorb larger quantities of the
Divine Healing Energy.

3. Sit in a receptive posture, with your arms uncrossed, with your

hands resting comfortably in your lap, and your palms facing up.
Silently affirm, "I am super receptive, super conductive to all the
Divine Blessings, Divine Mercy and Divine Healing Energy. With
thanks and in full faith."

4. Listen to the 'Blessings for Divine Healing'.

5. Say a Thanksgiving prayer and silently affirm, "Thank You for the
Blessings and Thank You for the Divine Healing. I completely, deeply
and permanently accept all the Blessings and the Divine Healing
Energy. Thank you."

6. Be still, be aware and continue to be receptive for a few minutes

in order to allow the Blessings to be fully absorbed and assimilated
into your system.

7. If possible, avoid showering for approximately 12 hours after

receiving the Divine Blessings.

'Blessings for Divine Healing' given by Master Choa Kok Sui, is

accessible from the following link http://www.iis-

PRANA- August 2009 Page 4

Srikanth Jois

Super Brain Yoga was introduced in

SBEC international school, and St. Peters
schools in Gambia. At the end of three
months of practice, teachers in both
schools have noticed considerable
improvement in their students.

According to Madam Ayesha Njie

Nyang, the Director of SBEC
International, during the past three
months student’s course material and
teachers were not changed, the only
addition in their curriculum was Super
brain Yoga. Super brain yoga has indeed
helped SBEC students. Teachers have noticed that the weakest class
by prior ratings, which happened to be the class that most strictly
adhered to the healing guidelines, has registered the highest rate to
improvements in their final examination

Teachers from St. Peters school noticed more concentration and

alertness in students. In this school teachers were also practicing
Super Brain Yoga with school children. One of the teachers reported
that her memory recalling capacity is much improved; she does not
get mental exhaustion during evenings as earlier.

In both schools teachers and students are comfortable with super

brain yoga and would like to continue with practice.

PRANA- August 2009 Page 5

What is new in our Pranic World?
Charlotte Anderson

To get Information regarding the Global Work of our Beloved Master

Choa Kok Sui, please visit the PPM Audio Stream website at . For no charge you may go to the PPM
Audio Stream website in order to join global meditations and listen
to interesting talks by Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yogis from around
the World.

Every Sunday at 2 AM & 2 PM GMT, you can listen to different Pranic

Healers discuss the many creative and interesting applications of
Pranic Energy. These talks are archived on the PPM Audio Stream

Please avail yourself of the 24 hour a day, 7 day a week online

Meditation on Twin Hearts (also known as The Planetary Meditation
for Peace).

Also available are MCKS "Last Three Messages" and various Healing
Meditations guided by our Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. You may also
do weekly Service by using the link that provides MCKS Guided
Blessings for the Spreading of His Work.

Through the PPM Audio Stream website you may contribute your
support - by Blessing the Global Work of our Beloved Grand Master
Choa Kok Sui through your "Diligent Practice".

PRANA- August 2009 Page 6

Srikanth Jois

There are certain wishes that

every person carries; we would
like to see our dreams coming
into reality, being prosperous,
having good health, we are
looking into varies
opportunities by which we can
manifest our goals. One of the
traditional approaches that
have been used until today is
‘circling around a tree’. Circling
around the tree for three to nine times is practiced in many parts of
Africa and Asia.

In modern world there are more people who see this as an old
unproductive practice. For a person with open mind it is topic that
can be explored.

Every Physical object is surrounded by an invisible energy; this

energy is called as Bio-Plasmic energy. The word ‘Bioplasmic’ comes
from bio which means life and plasma which is the fourth stare of
matter, the first three being solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is ionized
gas or gas with positive and negative charged particles. This is not
the same as blood plasma. Bioplasmic body means a living energy

PRANA- August 2009 Page 7

body made up of incisive subtle matter.

Figure 1 Figure 2

Fig 1 shows the normal energy field around the substance, as

recorded by kirlian cameras.

Fig 2 shows the energy field of substance after transfer of Bio-

Plasmic energy.

Certain trees, such as pine trees or old and gigantic healthy trees
exude a lot of excess prana. Tired or sick people benefit much by
lying down or resting underneath these trees. Better results can be
obtained by verbally requesting the being of the tree to help the sick
person get well. Any one can learn to consciously absorb prana from
these trees through the palms.

When circling around a tree, there is a transfer of Pranic energy from

tree to the practitioner, making his energy body brighter and
stronger, helping the individual to realize his wishes.

PRANA- August 2009 Page 8

August 2009 WAPHF-G Calendar

Date Day Event Time Open for

1st & 2nd Saturday Basic Course 9:00 am to All

and Sunday 5:30 pm

6th Thursday Full moon 6:00 pm All

8th & 9th Saturday Advanced 9:30 am to Basic Pranic

and Sunday Pranic Healing 5:30 pm Healers

15th Saturday Founders Day 6:00 pm All

20th Thursday New Moon 6: 00 Pm All


22nd &23rd Saturday Psychotherapy 9:30 am to Advanced

and Sunday 5:30 pm Pranic

Advanced Pranic Healing and Psychotherapy course is being organised in

Dakar on 29th and 30th of August 2009. For more information please
contact Belen mobile: 221- 776707696, 338606906.

PRANA- August 2009 Page 9

Sages say that senses are great
Greater than senses is mind;
Greater than mind is reason;
But what is greater than reason,
is he (The Supreme)

PRANA- August 2009 Page 10

There must be conviction in your words.
A person who stands by his word must first
see clearly, think clearly and formulate the
plan properly before making a commitment.


PRANA- August 2009 Page 11