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If You Are Christ of God Save Yourself - Luke 23:35-43 Say, Not the usual spiritual discourse from

Father Michael. Nonetheless it was good, in my humble opinion, although not quite on point. <> Allow me to get straight to the spiritual aspect. I think we should focus on (1) the mocking, sneering and contempt of the spectators, the Jews and the soldiers and (2) the difference in attitude of the 2 criminals being crucified alongside Jesus. Let me preface by saying that Heaven and salvation and also 'resurrection' are beyond human comprehension and are therefore inconceivable. The paschal mystery is simply all these. You cannot blame the spectators in biblical times if most Christians today are still 'lost' as to the paschal mystery. Without spiritual wisdom how can anyone decipher the paschal mystery? They worldly see but are spiritually blind! With spiritual wisdom it will be readily apparent that it was silly and ignoramus for the jeering crowd to ask or tempt Jesus to save himself. God is not going to save our worldly life and being by granting us immortality of our 'son of man'. Jesus came to save our 'souls'! He came to 'save' our eternal life or being! He came to seek, to find the 'lost' eternal spirit son of God, that is entrapped in our worldly human being son of man. So why should Jesus save his worldly being? There was no need to save his worldly mortal being! It was just a temporary attire for him. When the role or function has been served you do not continue to wear the uniform or occupational overall. Resurrection is not about raising us from the worldly dead to become worldly alive again here or somewhere else. Flesh is flesh and spirit is spirit. Heaven is not a realm of the flesh but of the spirit! Resurrection is of the spirit! In our 'spirit' we are already eternal! We are 'angels' going up and down Jacob's Ladder in our exile or outcast in Sin City! We say that Jesus 'resurrected' from the dead, but that is only a figure of speech. We could never be 'resurrected' like Jesus. You see, Jesus (the 2nd Adam), like the 1st Adam, was not born of the sin of the flesh. The 1st Adam was simply an eternal angel 'outcast' after the Fall, after the Original Sin. Eve was also not born of the sin of the flesh. She was a derivative of the rib of the 1st Adam, a transformation or a clone from the 1st Adam, figuratively speaking. Jesus as God coming as the 2nd Adam came to redeem the Original Sin of the 1st Adam. That is why we (that is our eternal spirit son of God, the angel in us) can now have the chance to go back home as the Lost Prodigal Son. In that sense the 1st Adam, Eve and Jesus (the 2nd Adam) are eternal and could never die. When you are eternal, you were never really 'born' and therefore can never really die! There is no 'resurrection' in spiritual terms if you are eternal! We should not think of resurrection in worldly mortal terms. One of the criminals replicated the taunts of the crowd. The other criminal rebuked him. This 2nd criminal (sort of) repented and asked Jesus for forgiveness. Once you repent, your spirit son of God in you (the 'sheep') shines through the darkness of your worldly being (the 'goat'). If you repent before you worldly die, which is the case here with the 2nd criminal, you (the spirit son of God in you) are already embarking on the journey home of the Lost Prodigal Son! On the facts of the circumstances here the 2nd criminal was 'baptised in the spirit'. That is what confession to

God really is - expression of filial piety to the Spirit Father. What the 2nd criminal said here amounted to - "Remember me, Father!" The 2nd criminal was akin to the Lost Prodigal Son! Love and God Bless! Chuan