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Stay in close touch with Me, pumping down My power, My life & light & instructions, moving & growing in the
spirit by maintaining a live & pulsating, intimate relationship & line of communication with Me.

All I want is to love you & be loved by you, to communicate with you & have you communicate with Me.

The light of open & honest communication shoos away the Devil's darkness & his opportunity to sow any
discord or start any rumors.

Communication won't ever stop or slowly trickle down to a halt or fade out, but it will go ever on, ever
increasing, ever improving, ever resulting in greater fruit, greater wisdom, greater light & greater love, in spite
of anything the Enemy might try to do to make it not look that way! He’s trying to stifle & smother
communication that's spiritually edifying in any way he can.
Although the physical means of communication have improved & multiplied tremendously, you can tell how the
quality of communication has been deteriorating.
His communication is all very one-sided, like someone who only likes to talk about himself, and thus he's also
getting people onto his same, selfish wavelength of only wanting to talk about themselves & all boring each
other to death, when they could find so much life, so much fun & excitement by focusing outward.

If you don’t take time to communicate with your King, how can you be a successful ambassador?

Learn to communicate & deal with the issues, instead of letting them rot away, hidden away in the darkness.
If you don't confront them and deal with whatever there needs to be dealt with, if you just wrap everything up in
silence & never talk about it, never address it, you'll suffer for it! You'll reap the consequences of not having
communicated openly & honestly.

Learn to communicate with My help. I'm the Center, the Hub, and you're coming together over Me. I'm the
central exchange point of well-working communication between you, and without Me, you can't do anything, not
even communicate!
But if you focus on Me and keep your faces turned toward Me, I will be the One Who unites you, Who will
interpret what the other one is really saying.

Sometimes you find solutions & reach helpful conclusions by just talking and communicating about things.
Communication is really a magical thing. It triggers a lot of answers, opens doors & possibilities you weren't
aware of before.

When you can freely communicate without fears, when there is harmony, mutual respect, and My Spirit can flow
from each of you to the other, as it does from Me to each of you, then the world will also see and get the
message, for they will see My love at work in you (Jn.13:35).

If instead of just talking & blurting out whatever pops into your mind you pray about it or make sure that what
you're saying is going to be inspiring & comes from Me, you'll probably be talking less, but you'll be saying
It will move your communication to a higher level, to where you're going to be much more in tune with each
other. Communication is more than just talking. In Heaven, there's a lot of communication done without actual
spoken words, and you could try a little bit of that already now, in this realm.
Let My Spirit permeate your communications

Bathe your decisions, your communications and your actions in good counsel with Me and with each other.

Communication with Me is not just happening in words, it also happens with pictures and the accompanying
emotions. I can grasp & assimilate all you’re going through - especially when you give & communicate it to Me -
I sympathize with you & send you My appropriate answer. The more you communicate to Me, the more I can
help you. The more you're allowing Me to take part in your problems, the more solutions I can offer. The more
you ask, the more I can help.

You've got to let My heart speak to your heart, in order for your heart to be able to speak to theirs.

If you can communicate in love and just share without inhibitions or fears, you will progress, you will advance
and get further toward the goal. Withholding, withdrawing, holding back and refusal and seclusion will lead to
stagnation. Openness brings you further.

In My Father's house, with its many mansions, there is lots of communication happening; spiritual
communication, verbal communications, all kinds of communication. Folks aren't bound to earthly confines &
limitations. There's no more need for "firewalls"... It's all sort of "open source." Everyone's an open source of
information and communication.
Just consider yourself part of our heavenly communications network, because you are.

Your little daily interactions and conversations with little people are just as important to the general outcome of
your day as the seemingly more important exchange of communication with "big," important people.

Women’s need to talk is like men's need for sex. So, just focus on that there's a need here, for more talking,
more communication...

It's all about interaction with others, about communicating from the heart.

There may come a time when your connection with folks will come to a halt, but there will never be a time when
your communication with Me will be cut off. That's the lifeline that will survive any crisis, and thus it's your No.1
lifeline, the most important of all.

Who ever said that communication isn't something you have to invest some time and effort into, learning its
skills? Who said that it was going to come out perfect from scratch?
What matters is the gist of what's to be communicated: there is a pupose to life, and most people are oblivious
to it, and it's a large part of your job to let folks know about it.

Communication with the other, the different, that's what it's all about: the re-unification of all things... the
restoration of the peace and unison that was there between My creatures in the beginning, and that's the way it
shall be again, so you might as well get ready for it, and not be so stuck on your own kind only.

Folks are prone to stick to their own kind, unless I allow them not to be satisfied with what they find among their
own kind. For some it is My will to go out and communicate and interact with the other kind; to act as
intermediaries, communicators, mediators, peacemakers, ambassadors, spokesmen, what have you...

Most of My children aren't interested in communicating with Me, and at times that's the reason why I'm not
about to say much to them, either.

A factor that influences your level and abilities of communication is that sometimes you're quite simply on
different wavelengths. One thing you can do about that is to make an effort to tune in to the other's wavelength.
But what if you feel that you're on a "higher" wavelength than they are, you wonder? Well, if you truly are
convinced that you are on a happier and more inspired wavelength than they are, then you can try to pull them
up to yours. That's what inspiring others is all about.
But that requires some work, since people naturally won't just snap out of their own familiar wavelength and
tune into yours, especially if they have no clue what your wavelength is all about. In order to get them
interested, you have to "broadcast" and "advertise" a little, and let them know what your "station" is all about.
You have to "play some of your music" in order for them to find out whether they like it or not.

It pays to put more emphasis on teamwork, on unity, on communication, doing things together, counseling,
planning things together, etc.

Times are changing and requiring different, more mature attitudes, which require more mature openness in

This procedure of learning to communicate with Me is going to be vital for you and expedient for your survival
in the near future.

I am the Broadcasting Station that makes all good and true communication possible in the first place, and
without using Me as the Central Exchange, the Main Pivot and Axis on which all your other communication
hinges and turns, it isn’t really much more than a bunch of hot air.

Communication with Me isn’t always established right from scratch. Sometimes it takes a while until you get
there. What matters is, that eventually you do manage to communicate with Me. It pays to strive to get to know
Me during your earthly life.

Getting to know Me is what it’s all about, and what better initial way is there, of getting to know someone, than
exchange of words and communication? Words are always good for starters, just like John said, “In the
Beginning was the Word.”

Self-satisfaction is a real stopper and blocker when it comes to abundant communication with Me.

I’m also teaching you personally through the school of life and your experiences, all that you have to go
through, your trials and lessons… these are all ways in which I communicate and interact with you.

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