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General Introduction:

The Interview for AD may be like other interviews of FPSC, with a brief introduction of; i) oneself, hobbies, s orts etc ii) family back!round iii) if on"#ob then nature of #ob$res onsibilities etc%

&ducational 'ualification includin!; i) s eciali(ation$ma#or area of studies ii) nature of !raduate$ ost !raduate de!ree iii) sub#ects studied

General Knowledge :

i) Different forms of !overnment, nature of !overnment in different countries ii) )eneral !eo!ra hy like ca itals, borders of ma#or countries, natural resources, famous historical laces, im ortant cities iii) *obel Pri(es, Academy Awards$+scars, ,ovies, S orts -usually 'uestions from the favourite s orts of the candidate like cricket, s'uash, !olf etc. iv) Somethin! about ersonalities like *elson ,andella, ,ao /eden!, 0awahar 1al *ehru, 2ichard *i3on, 1enin, *a oleon, ,o 4an, Sardar Sheba( Akbar 5han 6u!ti, Shirin &badi, +mer As!har 5han, etc etc

i) )eo!ra hy ii) Demo!ra hy

iii) 7istory iv) Forei!n Policy v) *atural resources , !as, thar coal, reko dek, saindak etc vi) &conomy -)DP, inflation, develo ment ro#ects, monetary olicy%%%. vii) )overnance includin! form of !overnment like democracy, autocracy, martial law etc viii) +ther issues like unem loyment, illiteracy, corru tion , ener!y crisis, water shorta!e etc etc


1: International Politics:
i) Strate!ic involvement of world$re!ional owers in various flash areas in the !lobe% ii) Arab 8 risin! includin! &!y t and Syria iii) *uclear issues includin! *orth 5orea iv) Iran issues v) Al"9aeeda and its involvement in many countries includin! ,ali, Somalia etc vi) ,a#or +r!ani(ations i%e% +IC, SC+, &8, 8*, AS&A* etc etc

2: Country Politics:
i) Country olitics, s ecifically u comin! elections ii) Performance of current !overnment iii) Constitutional rovisions like role of army, #udiciary and arliament etc% 7uman ri!hts rovisions etc% iv) Democracy and various forms of !overnments

v) As!har 5han case verdict by Su reme Court and alike court roceedin!s


elated issues:

i) 6alochistan, reasons of trouble, missin! ersons ossible remedies ii) Terrorism in country, reasons and ossible remedies% iii) Sectarianism, causes, remedies etc iv) 5arachi roblems and remedies v) Taliban henomenon vi) 2ecent terrorist attacks, nature of killin!s, claimed by etc


elations wit! ot!er countries: "must include some !istoric referencing etc)

i) :ar on terror ii) 8S"Aid, trade, iran !as i eline, Chinese link iii) Drone Attacks etc

i) ,ain issues; sir creek, water, siachen ii) 5ashmir iii) Trade iv) Amman ki Asha etc etc

i) Social issues

ii) )as i eline

i) ISAF$8S Army in Af!hanistan and its e3odus and aftermath includin! future develo ment ii) Af!han Taliban, 7a''anis etc

i) 2elationshi , Trade, )awadar, &ner!y Su ort etc

&iddle 'ast
i) Saudia, 8A& and Syria ii) Palestine issue

i) &!y t ii) 1ibya etc


Intelligence( I)( *orld Intelligence %gencies etc