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Obamas brain project: US President Barack Obama has launched a $100m project to map the enormous mystery o the

human brain! "e hopes the B#$%& 'Brain #esearch throu(h $d)ancin( %nno)ati)e &eurotechnolo(ies* project +ill help us understand ho+ the brain +orks and learn more about diseases such as $l,heimer-s!

.he president-s ad)isors call the B#$%& project ambitious/ e)en audacious! %t aims to produce dynamic pictures o the brain that sho+/ in the +ords o a 0hite "ouse statement/ ho+ indi)idual cells and comple1 neural circuits interact at the speed o thou(ht! $nnouncin( the pro(ramme/ Barack Obama said humans could identi y distant (ala1ies and study subatomic particles/ but still had a limited understandin( o the brain! Barack Obama: .here-s this enormous mystery +aitin( to be unlocked! .he B#$%& Initiative +ill chan(e that by (i)in( scientists the tools they need to (et a dynamic picture o the brain in action and better understand ho+ +e think and ho+ +e learn and ho+ +e remember! .hat kno+led(e/ he said/ +ould be transformative: amilies no lon(er helpless at the onset o Parkinson-s/ and war veterans able to re)erse the e ects o traumatic brain injury! .he administration reckons it costs around $200bn a year to treat the )arious conditions this project hopes to address! %t belie)es that technolo(ical ad)ances/ in data processin( and re)olutionary ne+ techni3ues like optogenetics mean that/ or the irst time/ this hu(ely ambitious research is actually possible!

Chavezs body to be preserved and displayed: .he body o President "u(o 4ha)e, is to (o on permanent display in a military museum in 5ene,uela/ like many socialist leaders be ore him!

&o matter ho+ baffling it may seem to outsiders/ the allure o a dead socialist leader can-t be underestimated! %n 6osco+/ Beijin( and "anoi/ the corpses o 7enin/ 6ao and "o 4hi 6inh are displayed under subdued li(htin( or e3ually subdued lines o people to file past/ payin( silent respects! %n &orth 8orea/ 8im %l9sun(-s public restin( place +as recently reno)ated to accommodate the embalmed remains o his son 8im :on(9il! %n Beijin(/ )isitors to 6ao ;edon( are encoura(ed to buy lo+ers or him/ thou(h they must lea)e them outside! "o 4hi 6inh/ 5ietnam-s re)olutionary leader/ +anted to be cremated but +as preser)ed nonetheless! Outside his mausoleum 5ietnamese 3ueue in their hundreds or entry: schoolchildren/ grizzled old men< +omen dressed in traditional ao dai! .he pull o the embalmin( luid becomes still more pu,,lin( +hen a country has politically mo)ed on! 7enin has so ar sur)i)ed se)eral attempts to evict him rom #ed S3uare/ thou(h the So)iet Union is lon( (one! %n 4hina/ 6ao lingers at the heart o a capital +hich also plays host no+adays to Starbucks and 6c=onald-s! But so ar/ 4hina-s politicians can still 3uote the sayin(s o 6ao +hile pursuin( policies +idely at variance with his le(acy! %t-s a balancin( act that critics o the embalmin( o 5ene,uela-s president +ill no+ be an1iously +atchin(!

Wikileaks soldier reveals why he shared secrets: .he US soldier accused o (i)in( lar(e numbers o secret documents to 0ikileaks has admitted he is (uilty to 10 o the >> char(es a(ainst him! But he denied a more serious char(e o aidin( the enemy!

0e no+ ha)e a first-hand account o +hat compelled Bradley 6annin( to carry out the bi((est leak o (o)ernment secrets in $merican history! "e told the military court he-d been appalled by the bloodlust o a helicopter mission in %ra3 ? )ideo o +hich he passed on to 0ikileaks! "e said that +hile ser)in( in %ra3/ he-d become depressed at +hat he called $merica-s obsession +ith capturin( and killin( human tar(ets! $nd that the $merican people should kno+ the true costs o +ar! $s or the leaked State =epartment cables/ Pri)ate 6annin( said they documented backdoor deals and criminality unbecoming o a superpo+er/ and insisted his conscience +as clear! .he military jud(e accepted the de endant-s plea o (uilty to 10 o the >> counts! But Bradley 6annin( denies the most serious char(e o aidin( $merica-s enemies ? a char(e +hich potentially carries a life sentence! Prosecutors ha)e indicated that they plan to push ahead with a ull court martial in the summer!

! discusses "killer robots: 4ountries are meetin( in @ene)a to decide +hether to consider bannin( Akiller robots- +hich can make decisions by themsel)es about +hen to kill people! "uman ri(hts (roups claim +eapons like these raise serious moral 3uestions about ho+ +e conduct +ar!

#rones ha)e already raised 3uestions about >1st century warfare ? but +hile they ha)e no pilots/ they are controlled by humans on the (round! $ethal autonomous +eapons/ or Akiller robots-/ are pro(rammed in ad)ance< on the battle ield it could be the robot/ not the human/ +hich decides +ho to kill! .he United States/ Britain and %srael are all de)elopin( lethal autonomous +eapons/ althou(h all three countries say they don-t plan to take humans out of the decisionmaking loop! Supporters o the ne+ technolo(y say it could sa)e li)es/ by reducin( the number o soldiers on the battle ield/ but human ri(hts (roups 3uestion the ethics o allo+in( machines to take decisions o)er li e and death! &o+ the 20 countries +hich ha)e ratified the con)ention on con)entional +eapons ? the countries +hich ha)e already appro)ed a ban on blinding laser +eapons ? +ill consider +hether to be(in talks on bannin( killer robots!
drones: aircra t +hich are controlled by people on the (round +ar are: the acti)ity o i(htin( a +ar lethal: causin( death autonomous: independent/ able to make its o+n decisions out o the decision9makin( loop: not part o the process o makin( decisions ethics: set o belie s or principles that tell people +hat is ri(ht and +ron( rati ied: made 'an a(reement become* o icial blindin(: causin( blindness 'not able to see*

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