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Submitted in pa tia! "u!"i!!ment t#$a d% t&e a$a d #" t&e de' ee in t&e #" Ma%te #" Bu%ine%% Admini%t ati#n SUBMITTED TO ( MS) NE*A +ATIYAR NIET ,-REATER NOIDA) (


DEEP ARORA MBA II Yea ( ./.0012202


Depa tment #" MBA N#ida In%titude #" En'ine in' and Te7&n#!#'83NIET6


I, DEEP ARORA Student of M.B.A. program in NOIDA INSTITUTE OF study ENGEERING during my AND TECHNOLOGY hereby declare LEVEL that all the information, facts and figures produced in this report are based on my own experience and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMTED MORADABAD , I further declare that all the information and facts furnished in this project report are based on my intensi e findings. !hey are supporti e to the actual figures of audited statements.

DEEP ARORA Student of M.B.A. II year "I#!, $%#A!#% "&I'A

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It ta(e immense pleasure in completing this project and submitting the final project report. It has been a pleasurable experience wor(ing with BSNL !his )ompany has pro ided me aluable (nowledge and experience, which I too( bac( with me. I ta(e this opportunity to than( all those people who made this experience a memorable one and without the aluable help from those this wor( couldn*t ha e been turned into a finished product. In this context at such a learning stage and as a student of NOIDA INSTITUTE OF ENGEERING & TECHNOLOGY. I would li(e to express my gratitude to Mr. Verma for assigning me such a worthwhile topic C !"#mer Sa$%"&a'$% ! Le(e) $ *ar+" Ser(%'e" Pr (%+e+ ,- BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED. +e had been a pillar of strength to me and always stood by my side during the project tenure with his inno ati e ideas and con ersation full of force, ,est and attitude. +e was always there whene er I needed him and despite of the fact that he was constantly busy, he always too( out time for my project and me. I also than( all the office employees at BSNL. for ma(ing the en ironment at wor( extremely conduci e and being ery approachable. I am also than(ful to all the respondents whom I contacted. !he information gathered through them was ery helpful for my project. I would li(e to express my deepest sense of respect to Dr. O.P.*a) /NIET0 who offered opportunity for management education in NOIDA INSTITUTE OF ENGEERING & TECHNOLOGY .


)+A-!#% "&..

-A$#."& 11213





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OB<ECTIVE OF STUDY %$ is said that an objecti e well defined is half done. !hus in order to ma(e sure that the proper sur ey ensures defining clear.cut objecti e and outline is a prere/uisite. &bjecti e ser es as torchlight in a project. It lays down a well.defined path between start and the end and that is the goal. As also an objecti e is well defined and it is important for the research study that a scholar undergoes. It is an action, a purpose, which is directed to a person to conduct a study. It represents a fact ha ing actual existence of outside the mind or a goal for which the study is to be conducted -roject wor( is in the nature of a real life problem.sol ing exercise which is planned and carried out by the learned himself. I had study the wor(ing of BS"0 and come out with the problems from which they suffer, the benefits they enjoy . I had also suggested some suggestions to them. As a project is a learning acti ity in ol ing some practical problems and it is carried out by the learner or a group of learners whole heartedly. !he teaching methodology of project wor( is base upon the philosophy that functional (nowledge and s(ills result from acti e participation of the leaner in sol ing practical problem. !he main objecti es behind preparing this report are as below1 !o study the mar(eting strategies of the telecommunication companies. !o study the arious products and their prices. !o study the arious plans and schemes.

!o study the preference of those factors which are considerable by the customer. !o analy,e the satisfaction le el of the customer.

!o study the promotional strategies of telecommunication companies. !o analy,e the mar(et share of telecommunication companies. !o show the co erage area of telecommunication companies.

E=ECUTIVE SUMMARY Title:C !"#mer Sa$%"&a'$% ! Le(e) $ *ar+" Ser(%'e" Pr (%+e+ ,- BHARAT

SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED !his project report is based on a leading company of our country named as BS"0. In this project I tried to get the (nowledge of C !"#mer Sa$%"&a'$% ! Le(e) &r m $>e Ser(%'e" Pr (%+e+ ,- BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED that whether the consumers are satisfied with the ser ices of BS"0 or not. So I ha e done a sur ey and get feedbac( about the topic. !elecom industry is undergoing a re olutionary phase in India. It is witnessing cut.throat competition. !elecom companies can grow and sustain in the mar(et only if they are able to attract more and more customers and retain existing customer. !hey can do so by satisfying and delighting customers. It is possible if they (now customer*s expectation. )ustomer*s expectations (eep changing with the passage of time. Mar(et research is always re/uired. !hese things influenced me to do research about customer*s expectation from !elecommunication ser ices. I did this project wor(ing with BS"0.

)+A-!#% "&.2


BS"0 %egistered &ffice Bharat Sanchar Bha an +arish )handra Mathur 0ane 3anpath, "ew 'elhi.224 442 BS"0 )orporate &ffice Bharat Sanchar Bha an +arish )handra Mathur 0ane 3anpath, "ew 'elhi.224 442

I"!%&'5)!I&" !oday, BS"0 is the "o. 2 telecommunication company and the largest public sector underta(ing of India and its responsibilities includes impro ement of the already impeccable /uality of telecom ser ices, expansion of telecom ser ices in all confidence among its customers. Apart from ast networ( expansions, especial emphasis has gi en for introducing latest technologies and new ser ices li(e I."#!, I"!#%"#!, IS'" 6I"!#$%A!#' S#%7I)#S 'I$I!A0 "#!8&%9:, I" 6I"!#00I$#"! "#!8&%9:, $SM and 800 68I%#0#SS I" 0&)A0 0&&-: ser ices etc. "ow BS"0 has also entered in mobile communication. BS"0 has all the new ser ices send technological ad antages, which are a ailable with any well, de eloped !elecom networ( anywhere else in the country. ;ull credit for all abo e achie ement goes to the officers and staff of the BS"0. !he administration is fully aware of the challenges lying ahead and /uite committed to pro ide the latest and best telecom ser ices by their continued support and acti e co.operation. BS"0 pro ides basic telephone ser ices, fax ser ices in addition to other digital and internet ser ices. All the exchanges are digital and nearly 2,42,<=> telephones are wor(ing in the state. illages and instilling

;or long distance communications connecti ity on &-!I)A0 ;IB%# )AB0# ? MI)%&8A7# systems which enables easy access to connect rest of the )ountry 6S!': and 8orld 6IS':. Most of the !elephone #xchanges in the states are pro ided with S!' and IS' facility. All the State )apitals cities are ha ing the facility of Internet and Intelligent networ(. Internet facility is also a ailable in few more places. BS"0 has installed 7illage -ublic telephones 67-!: to pro ide communication facility to the people li ing in interior parts of these states. #fforts are on to impro e upon the !elecom facilities in all these states for an o erall de elopment of the region. n India, the telecommunications mar(et has undergone a major transformation in the past couple of decades. ;rom being a complete monopoly of the public sector, to the brea(ing down of these monopolies, the telecom industry has witnessed significant policy reforms. !hese reforms also led to the entry of pri ate players in all (inds of telecommunications ser ices, such as cellular and wireless in local loop 6800: ser ices, in addition to the basic telephony ser ices. %eforms1 !he telecom sector reforms were underta(en in three phases.!he first phase began in the <4s, when pri ate manufacturing of customer premise e/uipment was gi en a go.ahead in 2@<>. A proliferation of indi idual S!'AIS'A-)& networ(s also too( place throughout the country, by way of pri ate indi idual franchises. Mahanagar !elephone "igam 6M!"0: was created out of the 'epartment of !elecommunications 6'&!: to handle the sectors of Mumbai and 'elhi respecti ely. A high.powered telecom commission was set up in 2@<@. 0ater 7idesh Sanchar

"igam 67S"0: became the international ser ice pro ider catering to telecom ser ices originating from India.

!he second phase of reforms commenced in 2@@2 with the announcement of a new economic policy. !he go ernment delicensed the manufacture of telecom e/uipment in 2@@2. It also opened up radio paging ser ices in 2@@=. In 2@@>, basic telephony was opened to the pri ate sector by granting operating licenses to six companies Also part of the second phase was the introduction of the "ational !elecom -olicy in 2@@>. It emphasi,ed 5ni ersal Ser ice and Bualitati e Impro ement in telecom ser ices, among other objecti es. An independent statutory regulatory was established in 2@@C. Internet ser ices were opened up in 2@@<. !he third phase of reforms began with the announcement of the "ew !elecom -olicy in 2@@@. !he theme of "!- was to usher in full competition through unrestricted entry of pri ate players in all ser ice sectors. !he policy fa oured the migration of existing operators from the era of fixed license fee regime to that of re enue sharing. !he policy further outlined the strengthening of the regulator, opening up of International 0ong 'istance 6I0': and "ational 0ong 'istance 6"0': ser ices to the pri ate sector and corporatisation of telecom ser ices. !he year =442 witnessed the entry of pri ate operators in offering basic telephony and "0' ser ices. &utcome1 !he telecom sector began witnessing a trend of growth with these reforms. Basic ser ices were opened for unlimited competitionD more licenses were issued to the pri ate sector for cellular ser ices. !here has also been a considerable increase in the rate of !ele.density. !he telecom sector has thus completely changed, both in terms of co erage, and efficiency of ser ices. -ro ision of landlines on demand, digital telephone exchanges and the acceptability of optic fibre and wireless technology are a few instances of the change that too( place in the industry.

BS"0 has installed Buality !elecom "etwor( in the country and now focusing on impro ing it, expanding the networ(, introducing new telecom ser ices with I)! applications

in illages and wining customerEs confidence. !oday, %$ >a" a, #$ 59.7 m%))% ! )%!e ,a"%' $e)e?> !e 'a?a'%$-@ 5 m%))% ! WLL 'a?a'%$-@ 53.11 M%))% ! GSM Ca?a'%$-@ m re $>a! 79736 &%Ae+ eA'>a!.e"@ 554:: BTS@ 715; N +e B / 7G BTS0@ 639 Sa$e))%$e S$a$% !"@ 53;14: RBm & OFC Ca,)e@ :797; RBm & M%'r *a(e Ne$* rB ' !!e'$%!. :;6 D%"$r%'$"@ 977; '%$%e"C$ *!" a!+ 8.8 LaB>" (%))a.e". BS"0 is the only ser ice pro ider, ma(ing focused efforts and planned initiati es to bridge the %ural.5rban 'igital 'i ide I)! sector. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide networ( gi ing ser ices in e ery noo( ? corner of country and operates across India except 'elhi ? Mumbai. 8hether it is inaccessible areas of Siachen glacier and "orth.eastern region of the country. BS"0 ser es its customers with its wide bou/uet of telecom ser ices. BS"0 is numero uno operator of India in all ser ices in its license area. !he company offers ide ranging ? most transparent tariff schemes designed to suite e ery customer.BS"0 cellular ser ice, )ell&ne, has more than >@.4@ million cellular customers, garnering 2F.@< percent of all mobile users in its area of operation as its subscribers. In basic ser ices, BS"0 is miles ahead of its ri als, with 78.1 m%))% ! Ba"%' P> !e "#,"'r%,er" i.e. <G per cent share of the subscriber base and @= percent share in re enue terms. BS"0 has more than =.G million 800 subscribers and =.G million Internet )ustomers who access Internet through arious modes i,. 'ial.up, 0eased 0ine, 'IAS, Account 0ess Internet 6)0I:. BS"0 has been adjudged as the "5MB#% &"# IS- in the country. BS"0 has set up a world class multi.gigabit, multi.protocol con ergent Iinfrastructure that pro ides con ergent ser ices li(e oice, data and ideo through the same Bac(bone and Broadband Access "etwor(. At present there are ;.: m%))% ! Da$a O!e ,r a+,a!+ '#"$ mer". !he company has ast experience in -lanning, Installation, networ( integration and Maintenance of Switching ? !ransmission "etwor(s and also has a world class IS& @444 certified !elecom !raining Institute.

Scaling new heights of success, $>e ?re"e!$ $#r! (er & BSNL %" m re $>a! R".781@ 36; m%))% ! /US D 3 ,%))% !0 *%$> !e$ ?r &%$ $ $>e $#!e & R".44@74; m%))% ! /US D 6.6: ,%))% !0

& r )a"$ &%!a!'%a) -ear. !he infrastructure asset on telephone alone is worth about %s.FH4, 444 million 65S I 2>.HC billion:. BS"0 plans to expand its customer base from present >C millions lines to 2=G million lines by 'ecember =44C and infrastructure in estment plan to the tune of %s. CHH crores 65SI 2F.FC million: in the next three years.


BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LTD. COMPANY PROFILE &n &ctober 2, =444 the 'epartment of !elecom &perations, $o ernment of India became a corporation and was christened Bharat Sanchar "igam 0imited 6BS"0:.

!oday, BS"0 is the "o.2 !elecommunications )ompany and the largest -ublic Sector 5nderta(ing of India with authori,ed share capital of I HF44 million and net worth of I 2H.<G billion. It has a networ( of o er >G million lines co ering G444 towns with o er HG million telephone connections. 8ith latest digital switching technology li(e &)B, #8S', AJ#.24, ;#!#J, "#) etc. and widespread transmission networ( including S'+ system upto =.G gbps, '8'M system upto <4 gbps, web telephony, 'IAS, 7-", Broadband and more than >44,444 data customers, BS"0 continues to ser e this great nation. Its responsibilities include impro ement of the already impeccable /uality of telecom ser ices, expansion of telecom networ(, introduction of new telecom ser ices in all illages and instilling confidence among its customers.

BS"0 has managed to shoulder these responsibilities remar(ably and deftly. !oday with o er >G million line capacity, @@.@K of its exchanges digital, nation wide "etwor( management ? sur eillance system 6"MSS: to control telecom traffic and o er >,44,444 route (ms of &;) networ(, Bharat Sanchar "igam 0td is a name to rec(on with in the world of connecti ity. Add to which, BS"0Es nationwide co erage and reach, comprehensi e range of telecom ser ices and a penchant for excellenceD and you ha e the ingredients for restructuring India for a bright future.


VISION To become the largest telecom Service Provider in Asia

MISSION !o pro ide world class technology telecom ser ices to its customers on demand at competiti e prices. !o -ro ide world class telecom infrastructure in its area of operation and to

contribute to the growth of the countryEs economy


!o be the 0ead !elecom Ser ices -ro ider. !o pro ide /uality and reliable fixed telecom ser ice to our customer and there by increase customerEs confidence. !o pro ide mobile telephone ser ice of high /uality and become no. 2 $SM operator in its area of operation. !o pro ide point of interconnection to other ser ice pro ider as per their re/uirement promptly. !o facilitate % ? ' acti ity in the country.

)ontribute towards1

i. ii. iii.

"ational -lan !arget of G44 million subscriber base for India by =424. Broadband customers base of =4 million in India by =424 as per Broadband -olicy =44>. -ro iding telephone connection in illages as per go ernment policy.


8hen it comes to connecting the four corners of the nation, and much beyond, one solitary name lies embedded at the pinnacle . BS"0. A company that has gone past the number games and the /uest to attain the position of a leader. It is wor(ing round the cloc( to ta(e India into the future by pro iding world.class

telecom ser ices for people of India. BS"0 is IndiaEs no. 2 !elecom Ser ice pro ider and m "$ trusted !elecom brand of the "ation.

BPHONE E BASIC TELEPHONE SERVICES !he -lain old, )ountrywide telephone Ser ice through H=,444 electronic exchanges. 'igitali,ed -ublic Switched !elephone "etwor( 6-S!": with a host of -hone -lus alue additions.

DATAONE E BROADBAND BS"0 launched 'ata&ne broadband ser ice in 3anuary =44G which shall be extended to 2@< cities ery shortly. !he ser ice is being pro ided on existing copper infrastructure on A'S0= technology. !he minimum speed offered to the customer is =GF 9bps at %s. G44A. per month only. Subse/uently, other ser ices

such as 7-", Multicasting, 7ideo )onferencing, 7ideo.on.'emand, Broadcast application etc will be added. !o pro ide high speed Internet connecti ity 6upto < Mbps: !o pro ide 7irtual -ri ate "etwor( 67-": ser ice to the broadband customers !o pro ide dial 7-" ser ice to M-0S 7-" customers. !o pro ide multicast ideo ser ices, ideo.on.demand, etc. through the

Broadband %emote Access Ser er 6B%AS:.

!o pro ide a means to bill for the aforesaid ser ices by either time.based or olume.based billing. It shall pro ide the customer with the option to select the ser ices through web ser er !o pro ide both pre.paid and post paid broadband ser ices

SANCHARNET E INTERNET 9eeping the global networ( of "etwor(s networ(ed, the countrywide Internet Ser ices of BS"0 under the brand name includes Internet dial upA 0eased line access, )0I based access 6no account is re/uired: and 'IAS ser ice, for web browsing and

#.mail applications. Lou can use your dialup sancharnet account from any place in India using the same access no E2C==HHE , the facility which no other IS- has. BS"0 has customer base of more than 2.C million for sancharnet ser ice. Internet !elephony ser ice is also started under the brand name using this you can ma(e calls to a person in 59, 5SA, )anada and many more countries for as cheap as %s. >.G4A. per minute only. BS"0 also offers 8eb hosting and co.location ser ices at ery cheap rates.

I!$e.ra$e+ Ser(%'e D%.%$a) Ne$* rB /ISDN0 Integrated Ser ice 'igital "etwor( Ser ice of BS"0 utili,es a uni/ue digital networ( pro iding high speed and high /uality oice, data and image transfer o er the same line. It can also facilitate both des(top conferencing. ideo and high /uality ideo

I E NET India*s x.=G based pac(et Switched -ublic 'ata "etwor( is operational in24> cities of the country. It offers x.=G x.=< leased, x.=< 'ial up 6-S!": )onnection: and frame relay ser ices.

LEASED LINES & DATACOM BS"0 pro ides leased lines for oice and data communication for arious

applications on basis. It offers a choice of high, medium and low speed leased data circuits as well as dial.up lines. Bandwidth is a ailable on demand in most cities. Managed 0eased 0ine "etwor( 6M00": offers flexibility of pro iding circuits with speeds of nxF> (bps upto =mbps, useful for Internet leased lines and International -rinciple 0eased )ircuits 6I-0)s:.

CELLULAR MOBILE SERVICES CELLONE E COUNTRYWIDE CELLULAR SERVICEC E=2CEL E PRE2PAID CARD BS"0*s $SM cellular mobile ser ice )ellone has a customer base of o er G.= million. )ell&ne pro ides all the ser ices li(e MMS, $-%S, 7oice Mail, #.mail, Short Message Ser ice 6SMS: both national and international, unified messaging

ser ice 6send and recei e e.mails: etc. Lou can use )ell&ne in o er 2F4 countries worldwide and in =C4 cellular networ(s and o er 2444 citiesAtowns across India. It has got co erage in all "ational and State +ighways and train routes. )ell&ne offers all India %oaming facility to both pre.paid and post.paid customers 6including Mumbai ? 'elhi:. CELLONE )ellone is the -ost paid ser ice of the BS"0. It offers you a host of alue added ser ices and unmatched features not found in any other )ellular ser ice

As a proud subscriber of )ell&ne ser ice you will stay in touch with your nears and dears any where in India because )ellone is the only )ellular ser ice which is a ailable in all major cities and co ers all major highways. )ell&ne gi es you all India roaming facility (including Delhi and Mumbai) and

International roaming facility to more than 300 net or!s across the orld"

Lou can choose )ell&ne ser ice from three con enient plans1 Plan-225 Plan-325 Plan-525 RTP E=CEL E Pre2Pa%+ "er(%'e & Ce)) !e #xcel is the -re paid ser ice of the )ell&ne )ellular Ser ice of BS"0. It offers you a host of alue added ser ices and unmatched features not found in any other )ellular ser ice. All India roaming facility is also a ailable on #xcel ser ice. Initial acti ation charges for #xcel is only %s. =44A. and free tal( alue of %s. G4A. is gi en to all subscribers.

#xcel -re paid cards are a ailable in the denominations of %s. C4,2G4, H44, %s. G44, %s. 2444 and %s. =444 alidity period of which are C,2G, H4, >G, 2=4 and 2<4 days respecti ely. Moreo er, on any later date if you want to con ert your #xcel pre.paid scheme to post paid scheme it can be done without paying any additional acti ation charge. !he unutili,ed balance amount in such cases will be carried forward as opening credit in the post.paid scheme.6this con ersion facility is subject to technical feasibility:

TARANG WIRELESS IN LOCAL LOOP !his is a communication system that connects customers to the -ublic Switched !elephone "etwor( 6-S!": using radio fre/uency signals as a substitute

for con entional wires for all or part of the connection between the subscribers and the telephone exchange.

)ountrywide 800 is being offered in areas that are non.feasible. +elping relie e congestion of connections in the normal cableAwire based networ( in urban areas for the normal networ(. )onnecting the remote and scattered rural areas. 0imited mobility without any air.time charge !arang 800.M is a communication system that connects customers to the !he -S!" networ( using radio fre/uency signals instead of con entional copper wires, for the full or part connection between the subscriber and the exchange !his comes with superior oice /uality and high speed data capabilities. )'MA is popular with more than 244 million subscribers worldwide, and the number (eeps on increasing exponentially.

!erminal !ypes1 6a: ;ixed 8ireless !erminal 6;8!: M 6b: +and +eld !erminal.

Ser ice using ;8!

In this case, there is a small box fitted with a small antenna at the subscribers premises and a normal telephone instrument is connected to the box. !here is no wire connection as in con entional telephone.

Ser ice using +and +eld !erminal 6800.M ser ice: In this case, subscriber can carry a small handset of )'MA technology. !here

is no antenna or

any other e/uipment at subscribers premises.


BS"0 is committed to pro ide /uality !elecom Ser ices at affordable price to the citi,ens of the remotest part of the )ountry. BS"0 is ma(ing all effort to ensure that the main objecti es of the new !elecom -olicy 2@@@ 6salient points indicated below: are achie ed1 Access to telecommunications is of utmost importance for achie ement of the countryEs social and economic goals. A ailability of affordable and effecti e communications for the citi,ens is at the core of the ision and goal of the new !elecom policy 2@@@. Stri e to pro ide a balance between the pro ision of uni ersal ser ice to all unco ered areas, including the rural areas, and the pro ision of high.le el ser ices capable of meeting the need #ncourage de elopment of telecommunication facilities in remote, hilly and tribal.

MarBe$%!. O,Fe'$%(e O& BSNL !he ultimate objecti e of any mar(eting acti ity is to satisfy the customers and today e en a step ahead i.e. Ndelighting* the customers, for which customers are offered something beyond their expectations from the ser ice or the product. !he objecti e being to ac/uire and retain the customers, who should continually feel that they are getting more alue of the money, they are departing with. Mar(eting is the establishment, de elopment, maintenance and optimi,ation of long. term mutually aluable relationships between consumers and organisation.

Successful Mar(eting focuses on understanding the needs and desires of the customers and is achie ed by placing these needs at the heart of business by integrating them with the organi,ation strategy, people, technology and business

processes. At its most basic, Mar(eting in ol es customers, organisations and relationships and the combination creates the need for the management.

Mar(eting is about creating a competiti e ad antage by being the best at understanding, communicating, and deli ering and de eloping existing customer relationships in addition to creating and (eeping new customers. !he concept of the product life cycle is gi ing way to customer life cycle, focusing on de eloping products that anticipate the future needs of existing customers and creating ser ices that extend the existing customer relationship beyond the mere transaction. !he customer life cycle will focus on lengthening the life span of the customer with the organisation rather than the endurance of a particular product. )ustomers ha e

changing needs as their life styles alter. the de elopment and pro ision of products andAor ser ices that continuously see( to satisfy those needs is good Mar(eting. !he Mar(eting will focus greater attention on how to deli er customer satisfaction and organisation will begin to structure itself around customer segments and not product lines. A good Mar(eting Strategy will ta(e the business ision and apply it to the customer base.

According to the Dictionary of Marketing Terms , =nd edition, published by the American Mar(eting Association, c2@@G,

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

&nce mar(eting is understood, we can define marketing management process as analy,ing mar(eting opportunities, researching and selecting target mar(ets, designing mar(eting strategies, planning mar(eting programs, and organi,ing, implementing, and controlling the mar(eting efforts. In simple words it implies a buyer, a seller, bonded by the mutual need, satisfying offer and a mediumAprocess to exchange the offer.

MarBe$%!. Pr 'e"".

8e often tal( of mar(eting ? Sales and often use it interchangeably without understanding the difference in it. Mar(eting is e erything we do to get and le erage a client relationship.

MarBe$%!. ?r 'e"" %" ,r a+ a!+ %!')#+e" a)) & $>e & )) *%!.G 2 'isco ering what product, ser ice or idea customers want. -roducing a product with the appropriate features and /uality. -ricing the product correctly. -romoting the productD spreading the word about why customers should buy it. Selling and deli ering the product into the hands of the customer.

Selling is one acti ity of the entire mar(eting process. Selling is the act of persuading or influencing a customer to buy 6actually exchange something of product or ser ice. Mar(eting acti ities support sales efforts. alue for: a

C !$ra"$%!. $>e Sa)e" C !'e?$ *%$> $>e MarBe$%!. C !'e?$G2 We Sell Confidence. !he concepts surrounding both selling and mar(eting also differ. !here is a need for both selling and mar(eting approaches in different situations. &ne approach is not always right and the other always wrong . it depends upon the particular situation. In a mar(eting approach, more listening to and e entual accommodation of the target mar(et occurs. !wo.way communication 6sometimes between a salesperson and a customer: is emphasi,ed in mar(eting so learning can ta(e place and product offerings can be impro ed.

A salesperson using the sales concept, on the other hand, sometimes has the ability to indi iduali,e components of a sale, but the emphasis is ordinarily upon helping the customer determine if they want the product, or a ariation on it, that is already being offered by the company. In the sales approach, not much time is spent learning what the customerEs ideal product would be because the salesperson has little say in seeing that their companyEs product is modified. ;urthermore, they arenEt rewarded for spending time listening to the customerEs desires unless they ha e a product to match their desires that will result in a sale. C-s for ser ice mar(eting 6-roduct, price, place, promotion, physical e idence, people ? process: are the means to attain, nurture, ? retain the customers and not the

M%""% ! & V%"% !. +ere is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished1 If you are ali e, it isn*t. . %ichard Bach.

Most of the big companies ha e a 7ision ? Mission statement so as to guide their all energy, efforts to reali,e it. BS"0 also has a ision N!o become the largest !elecom Ser ice pro ider in South #ast Asia*. ;irstly we need to understand the parameter for being the largest. Is it re enue, A%-5, profit, subscribers, "etwor( 6no of exchanges, B!S etc:O ;rom monopoly to multi operator scenario, BS"0*s mar(et share is bound to reduce. But how much down we will let itO !here are lot of similarities between British !elecom ? us. &ne must (eep watch on mar(et share in monthly growth and ta(e timely action. !o impro e our share, we need to ac/uire more than G4K of new ac/uisitions while maintaining earlier. !his is /uite challenging in this dynamic en ironment. !oday landline base is reducing across globe, but whyO #urope defines an operator with =GK or more mar(et share as Significant mar(et -ower 6SM-:, while they intend to increase it to >4K. BS"0 has been the largest operator and we must stri e not only to maintain but enhance it. 8e need to act fast. !imely action is an essence. 8hat should be our mar(eting 7ision, will it help us in inspiring to achie e higher. )an it be something such as !o retain the highest mar(et share, build highest brand e/uity and maximi,ing the profitsOP

S '%a) Re"? !"%,%)%$-.

BS"0 is the most trusted telecom brand in year =44H ? =44>. 8e ha e been gi en $olden -eacoc( award for Best )orporate Social responsibility. +ow can we le erage these distinctionsO !hese achie ements need to be highlighted through public relation exercise li(e press meet. !his will help us in building our mar(eting image. In sales and distribution front though we ha e o er retailers, 2444 franchisees, HH44 )S)s, HF444 exchanges why are we not isible li(e othersO 8hy can*t we utili,e all possible spaceO )an*t we le erage our franchisee and S!'.-)& strengthsO )an we ma(e these outlets as our core strengthO 8hy our recharge coupons, India !elephone )ards are in shortage when there is no capacity constraintO 'oes it imply that our planning for printing, in entory management, logistics, and supply chain and of course franchisee management is inefficientO 'o we ha e targets for these just li(e '#0s ? )ell&neO 8hy can*t we le erage this huge networ( for better customer care and impro e collection efficiencyO 8e must reali,e that with wai er of security deposits, no &L! schemes, no ad ance rentals, adjustment of landline security for )ell&ne, we don*t get fixed deposits to meet our funds re/uirements. # erything has to be met from &perating re enues. 8e need to impro e collections, reali,e bills early, not on the last day of payment and reduce bad debts. 8e need to pro ide =>JC culture in our organi,ation, though we ha e been pro iding operation and maintenance on =>JC basis in the past and we will continue to pro ide in future too, but what about pro isioning customer care and mar(eting on =>JC basisO

S#mmar7ision is set in the Boardroom but reali,ed in the battlefield. #ach and e ery employee has to continuously lead this battle to be ictorious. !he corporate office is always willing to pro ide all resources. !ogether we can reali,e our ision.

My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for next moment.


RESEARCH METHODOLOGY %esearch Methodology is a way to sol e the research problem systematically. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. In research methodology, we not only tal( about the research methods but also consider the logic behind these methods. !here are se eral methods, which can be chosen for research study for collecting of data. !he arious types of methods are gi en below1

I"!#%7I#8 M#!+&' B5#S!I&"AI%#S M#!+&' S)+#'50# M#!+&' &BS#%7A!I&" M#!+&'

A RESEARCH DESIGN %esearch 'esign is the plan, structure ? sur ey of in estigation concei ed so as to obtain answer to research /uestions ? to control ariance. !here are se eral ways of studying ? ta(ing a problem. !here is no single perfect design. 'ifferent types of research design ha e emerged an account of different perspecti e from which a research study can be iewed.

DATA COLLECTION METHOD !he tas( of data collection begins after a research for problem is defined ? research designAplan chal(ed out. 8hile deciding about researcher should (eep in mind two types or data i,1 primary ? secondary. !he primary data can be collected by two methods SURVEY METHOD OBSERVATION METHOD !he main accentuated method is sur ey i.e. information from people by personal inter iews. !he main tool of this is /uestionnaire

ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION In this wide section, the gathered data from arious sources is analy,ed,

e aluated ? interpreted by the help of laconic diagram*s tables, list etc.

HUESTIONNIARE !he Buestionnaire has design /uestion are of both open ended and closed ended SAMPLE SIIE !he research was exhausti e 6co ering all aspect fully: in nature and 244 people are co ered in this research.


B.2 Are you using any (ind of telecommunication ser icesO &ptions Les "o -ercentage @4K 24K

>2: =2: 12: <2: ;2: 52: 02: /2: .2: 2: Ye% N#

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that @4K respondents are using telecommunication ser ices, 24K respondents are not using any (ind of telecommunication ser ices.

B.=. If yes, your connection belongs to which telecommunication networ(O &ptions BS"0 &thers -ercentage >4K F4K

52: BSNL Ot&e % <2:

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that >4K respondents ha e any telecommunication ser ices of BS"0, F4K respondents ha e the ser ices of others companies.


If you are a BS"0 user then in which form you ha e cellular ser icesO &ptions -ercentage

-re.-aid -ost.-aid


5;: ;;:

P e4Paid P#%t4Paid

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that GGK respondents ha e pre.paid mobile ser ices and >GK respondents ha e post.paid mobile ser ices.

B.>. Are you satisfied by the pre.paid ser ices pro ides by BS"0O

&ptions Les

-ercentage G4K





1 2

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that G4K respondents are satisfied by the prepaid ser ices and G4K respondents are not satisfied in the case of BS"0.

B.G. Are you satisfied by the post.paid ser ices pro ides by BS"0O

&ptions BSNL Les "o

-ercentage GGK >GK

5;: Ye% N# ;;:

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that GGK respondents are satisfied by the -ost.paid ser ices and >GK respondents are not satisfied in the case of BS"0.

B.F Are you satisfied with the billing system of the post.paid ser ices pro ided by BS"0O &ptions BSNL Les "o -ercentage >4K F4K
52: Ye% N# <2:

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that >4K respondents are satisfied by the billing system of -ost.paid ser ices and F4K respondents are not satisfied in the case of BS"0.

B.C. 8hich type of the roaming facility do you prefer 6prepaid and postpaid both of all telecommunication companies:O

&ptions "ational International

-ercentage @4K 24K

.2 >2
Nati#na! Inte nati#na!

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that @4K respondents prefer "ational %oaming facility and 24K respondents prefer International %oaming facility.

B.<. Are you satisfied by the roaming facility pro ided by BS"0 O &ptions Les "o -ercentage C4K H4K

02: Ye% N# 12:

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that C4K respondents are satisfied roaming facility and H4K respondents are not satisfied by the roaming facility pro ided by the companies.

B.@. Are you satisfied by the promotional scheme pro ided by these companiesO &ptions Les "o -ercentage F4K >4K

52: Ye% N# <2:

INTER RET!TI"N:As the graph shows that F4K respondents are satisfied by the promotional scheme pro ided by the company and >4K respondents are not satisfied.

B.24. Are you satisfied by the co erage area of !elecom )ompaniesO &ptions Les "o -ercentage >4K F4K

52: Ye% N# <2:


As the graph shows that >4K respondents are satisfied by the co erage area of the company and F4K respondents are not satisfied by the co erage area.


In this project I had tried to analy,e the strategies of telecommunication system.

arious aspects of mar(eting

I had ta(en three major telecommunication companies BS"0 in -ublic Sector companies for study its mar(eting strategies.

!he conclusion


this report


@4K respondents are


telecommunication ser ices and 24K respondents are not using any (ind of telecommunication ser ices. >4K respondents ha e any

telecommunication ser ices of BS"0 and F4K respondents ha e the ser ices of &thers companies. GGK respondents ha e pre.paid mobile ser ices and >GK respondents ha e post.paid mobile ser ices. @4K respondents prefer "ational %oaming facility and 24K respondents prefer International %oaming facility.

C4K respondents are satisfied with roaming facility and H4K respondents are not satisfied by the roaming facility pro ided by the companies. F4K respondents are satisfied by the promotional scheme pro ided by the company and >4K respondents are not satisfied. >4K respondents are satisfied by the co erage area of the company and F4K respondents are not satisfied by the co erage area.


BS"0 should gi e consideration towards the customer satisfaction. BS"0 should focus towards the co erage area of its networ(. BS"0 should impro e its billing system for post paid ser ices. BS"0 should gi e consideration towards its post paid connections so that it can increase the post paid consumers.


B.2 Are you using any (ind of telecommunication ser icesO Les "o

B.= which company your telecommunication belongO BS"0 &ther


If you are a BS"0 user then in which form you ha e cellular ser icesO

-repaid -ostpaid

Q-4. Are you satisfied by the pre-paid services provides by BSNL? Les "o

B.G. Are you satisfied by the post.paid ser ices pro ides by BS"0O Les "o

B.F. Are you satisfied with the billing system of the post.paid ser ices pro ided by BS"0O Les "o

B.C. 8hich type of the roaming facility do you preferO "ational International

B.<. Are you satisfied by the roaming facility pro ided by the companiesO Les "o

B.@. Are you satisfied by the promotional scheme pro ided by the )ompanyO Les "o

B.24. Are you satisfied by the co erage area of BS"0O Les "o



BIBILIOGRAPHY $ Business Maga,ines %esearch Methodology 6).%.9othari: