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From Connected to Complete

Alan Trefler, CEO & Founder, Pegasystems

Mahindra Satyam 2011

Global, 24/7, Personal

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Does Our Technology Help Us Deliver?

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Computer Technology Has Changed: But Programming is Still Requirements and Hand Coding

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Why Not Find A Better Way?

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What if?...

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1. Directly Capture Objectives

2. Declare Whats Different 3. Automate the Work

Mahindra Satyam 2011

1. Directly Capture Objectives

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2. Declare Whats Different

Situational Layer Cake
Specialized Specialized Specialized Processes Processes Processes

15 year 30 year





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3. Automate the Programming

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3. Automate the Work

Productivity & Quality Alerts Model & Simulate Skill Based Routing Cases & Folders Priority Telephony Automated Transactions System-Driven Processing Web Services Guided Processing Just-When-Needed Retrieval Best Source Tailored Interactions

Open Database

Proactive Follow-up

Scan & Fax Browser

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Connecting with Generation C

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State-of-the-Art: Agility at Work

Drive Revenue Growth
90 Days to Medicare Product Launch

Improve Customer Service

Web Integrated Desktop

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Responsive Airport Management

Know Your Customer

360 Degree View of the Customer

Service Automation Backbone across 104 Countries

Account Opening and On-boarding

Self-Service Authorizations & Medical Management

Global Claims Management

Automated Underwriting & Binding

Customer Value Management

Payment Process Automation

Multi-Channel Cross-Sell, Up-Sell

Enterprise Service Request Management

Fraud, AML & Sanctions

Order to Cash

Patient Advocacy Contact Center

Business Transformation

Adherence Management Enterprise App Store Regulatory Compliance

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Customer Centricity
Multi-Channel Interactions

Customer Oriented Architecture (COA)

Cross-Silo Solutions

1. Directly Capture Objectives

2. Declare Whats Different

3. Automate the Work

Industry Frameworks ESB

Legacy Applications Applications


Infrastructure (OS, App Server, Database, etc.)

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Source: Pega 2011


Creating the Enterprise App Store

"This is a hybrid business technology
unit that is leveraging Pega. Pega allows the market facing entities who are responsible for Medco's differentiation and growth to be able to move into marketplaces or to create marketplaces faster than anybody.

We expect to achieve 1/3 of a 3 billion dollar labor cost

President and COO

Kenny Klepper, President & COO, Medco

April 25th 2010, PegaWORLD Philadelphia October 7th 2010 Forrester Business Process Forum, DC
15 Mahindra Satyam 2011

The Time for Agility is Now

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The Build for Change Promise

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Build for Change

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