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Assignment On Mutual Trust Bank HR Management

Origin of the report: Human resource (or personnel) management, in the sense of getting things done through people. Its an essential part of every managers responsibilities, but many organizations find it advantageous to establish a specialist division to provide an expert service dedicated to ensuring that the human resource function is performed efficiently. eople are our most valuable asset is a clich! "hich no member of any senior management team "ould disagree "ith. #et, the reality for many organizations is that their people remain

under valued under trained under utilized poorly motivated, and conse$uently perform "ell belo" their true capability
%he rate of change facing organizations has never been greater and organizations must absorb and manage change at a much faster rate than in the past. In order to implement a successful business strategy to face this challenge, organizations, large or small, must ensure that they have the right people capable of delivering the strategy. &rom education the theoretical 'no"ledge is obtained from courses of study, "hich is only the half "ay of the sub(ect matter. ractical 'no"ledge has no alternative. %he perfect coordination bet"een theory and practice is of paramount importance in the context of the modern business "orld in order to resolve the dichotomy bet"een these t"o areas. %herefore, an opportunity is offered by Independent)niversity, for its potential business graduates to get three months practical experience, "hich is 'no"n is as *Internship rogram. &or the competition of this internship program, the author of the study "as placed in a ban' namely, %he +utual %rust ,an' -imited. Internship rogram brings a student closer to the real life situation and thereby helps to launch a career "ith some prior experience. %his paper is titled *.or'ing report on /eneral Human 0esource +anagement of +utual %rust ,an' -imited originated from the fulfillment of the ,,1 program. +y internship "as at %he +utual %rust ,an' -td., Gulshan Branch, 2ha'a. 2uring my internship, I had to prepare a report under the supervision of +r.1mlan 3ahid Ha$ ,,1 program, Independent )niversity. The Purpose of the Study: %he purpose of the study is to analyze the general procedures, criteria, activities and overall feedbac' of Human 0esource +anagement procedure in the context of +utual %rust ,an' -imited. &or fulfilling the re$uirement for the degree of ,,1. Objective of the Study: %he ob(ective of my study can be divided into t"o segments. %hese are given belo"4

Primary Objective: %he primary ob(ective of this report is to meet the re$uirements of the course, ,,1 5661, Internship. Secondary Objective: %he secondary ob(ectives are4

%o 'no" the concept of Human 0esource +anagement procedure and its impact in 7ob +ar'et of ,angladesh. %o be familiar "ith Human 0esource +anagement procedure procedures. %o understand the terms and conditions of Human 0esource +anagement procedure. %o value the Human 0esource +anagement rocedure in %he ,an'ing Industry. %o suggest some recommendations for development of Human 0esource +anagement procedure.
Data collection: (I) rimary data8 2iscussion "ith the reactive organizations officials (ii) 9econdary data8 &or the completion of the present study, secondary data has been collected. %he main sources of secondary data are4

1nnual report of +utual %rust ,an' -imited. (:;;6) 2ata from published reports of ,angladesh ,an' 2ifferent ,oo's, (ournals, eriodicals, <e"s papers etc.
imitation of the study: %o ma'e a report various aspects and experience are needed. ,ut I have faced some barriers for ma'ing a complete and perfect report. %hese barriers or limitations, "hich hinder my "ord, are as follo"s4

2ifficulty in accessing data of its internal operations. <on8availability of some preceding and latest data 9ome information "as "ithheld to retain the confidentiality of the ban'. I "as placed to this ,an' for only =: "ee's of time > "or'ing li'e a regular employee hindered the opportunity to put the effort for the study.
+a(or limitation to ma'e this report is not availing the Half8 1nnual report of :;=;, "hich is not yet published. !rame "ork of the study: &or the internship program, I "as ta'ing part my internship at /ulshan ,ranch of +utual %rust ,an' -imited. +y ob(ective "as to get a clear idea about the Human 0esource 2ivision activities of the ,an'. I "as assigned by my organization supervisor to study different division and mainly focus on to "or' on Human 0esource 2ivision. In particular I "as mainly "or' on Human 0esource 2ivision. I had to analyze the different aspects of the Human 0esource +anagement procedure. Mutual Trust Bank imited: An O#er#ie": %o achieve financial ideology +utual %rust ,an' -td "as established (registered) as a public limited company on :6 9eptember =666. %he inaugural ceremony too' place on :? 9eptember =666. 9ome very reno"ned ,an'ing ersonnel and businessmen of the country are the sponsors of the ban'. %he ,an' is committed to contribute significantly in the national economy. It has made a positive

contribution to"ards the socio economic development of the country by opening 56 branches on "hich =@ authorized dealer (12) throughout the country. %o render improved services to the clients imbued "ith ban'ing spirit of brotherhood peace and fraternity and by developing an institutional cohesion. %he ,an' is committed to"ards establishing "elfare oriented ban'ing system, economic uplift of the lo"er8 income group of people, create employment opportunities. Organi$ation structure of Mutual Trust Bank td: +utual %rust ,an' -td. (+%,-) "as incorporated on :6 9eptember =666, under the companys act8 =665 as a pioneer commercial ban' in the private sector in ,angladesh "ith its Head Affice in 2ha'a. %he ban' started functioning from ;Bth Actober =666 "ith the approval of ,angladesh ,an' under the guidelines, rules and regulations given for scheduled commercial ban's operating in ,angladesh. %apital structure of Mutual Trust Bank imited: %he authorized capital of +utual %rust ,an' -td. is CD, ;;,;;;,;;; divided into CD,;;;,;;; ordinary shares of %'.=;; each. %he total paid up capital rose to ta'a :=:;.;; million at the end of :;;6. 1t present the composition of the existing shareholders of the ban' is as under4 =) ,angladeshi sponsorsE 2irectors4 5=.B6F :) ,angladeshi /eneral ublic4 :?.BBF C) Institute4 C;.D@F Mem&ership +etropolitan %he ,angladesh ,angladesh International 1ssociation ,angladesh Ghamber Institute &oreign Institute Ghamber of 1ssociation of ,an'ers of ublicly Of of Gommerce of Hxchange of Mutual and ,an'ers 2ealers ,an' Gommerce Industry, Trust 2ha'a ,angladesh 1ssociation +anagement ,angladesh -imited -imited Gompanies (+GGI, Bank: 2) (I,,) (,1&H21) (,I,+) (IGG,) (1,,) (,1 -G)

,angladesh -isted

1merican Ghamber of Gommerce in ,angladesh (1+GH1+) %orporate Mission and 'ision Mutual Trust of Bank td: Mission Of Mutual Trust Bank:

.e aspire to be one of the most admired ban's in the nation and be recognized as an innovative and client8focused company, enabled by cutting8edge technology, a dynamic "or'force and a "ide array of financial Vision Of products Mutual and Trust services. Bank:

+utual %rust ,an's vision is based on a philosophy 'no"n as MTB('. .e envision +%, to be4

Ane of the ,est erforming ,an's in ,angladesh %he ,an' of Ghoice 1 %ruly .orld8class ,an'
Mutual Trust Bank Board of Directors: %he follo"ing are members of the +%, ,oard of 2irectors. %o vie" their brief biographies please clic' on the names.

+r. 9amson H. Gho"dhury, Ghairman . 2r. 1rif 2o"la, Iice Ghairman +r. 9yed +anzur Hlahi +r. +d. Hedayetullah +r. +ohammed 1bdur 0ouf +r. +d. 1bdul +ale' +r. 0ashed 1hmed Gho"dhury +rs. #asmeen Ha$ue +r. +d. .a'iluddin +rs. Jh"a(a <argis Hossain +r. +d. <asirullah %orporate )e&site Of Mutual Trust Bank: """.mutualtrustban'.com Business O&*ecti#es of Mutual Trust Bank: + +a'e sound investments. K +eet capital ade$uacy re$uirement at all the time. K Hnsure 6BF recovery of all advances K Hnsure a satisfied "or' force. K &ocus on fee8based income. K 1dopt an appropriate management technology. K Install a scientific +I9 to monitor ,an's activities Product Ser#ice ,nformation of Mutual Trust Bank: I. inance!"oans:

Gash Gredit 9ecured Averdraft ,an' /uarantee -ong %erm and 9hort %erm &inancing House,uilding -oan
Gar -oan II. orei#n $%chan#e

<on 0esident &oreign Gurrency 1ccount (<&G2) <on 0esident ,2% 2eposit 1ccount (<0%1) 0esident &oreign Gurrency 2eposit 1ccount (0&G2) &oreign Gurrency 2eposit 1ccount +oney /ram
III. &e'osit Scheme

9avings ,an' 1ccount (9, 1EG)

Gurrent 2eposit 1ccount (G21EG) +%,- 9enior +%,- Inspire &ixed %erm 2eposit (&20) 9hort %erm 2eposit (9%2) +oney 2ouble 2eposit rograms remium %erm 2eposit Interest Harning %erm 2eposit
-o& Description: 1s per my appointment letter my (ob description mentioned that an intern "ill "or'ing under the direct supervision of +%,- /ulshan ,ranch and in the special pro(ect assigned by supervisor. 1part from pro(ect "or' intern are re$uired to assist supervisor by doing the (ob assigned from time to time. Interns "or'ing hours "ill be4 9unday to %hursday 64;; am to B4;; pm intern should conduct themselves in a manner, "hich is not pre(udicial to the ,an's interest. An the completion of the program intern is re$uired to submit a report on the pro(ect "ithin the agreed time. Specific Responsi&ilities of the -o&: I have "or'ed in Human 0esource department of the +%, /ulshan ,ranch. +y daily responsibilities "ere4

0eceiving curriculum vita. Ghec' and sorting different type of human resource data on .G. 0eceiving hone call form customer.
+y (ob responsibilities "as not fixed I used to do different type of "or' such as photo copy of different type document. ,ut the above mention "as the most important responsibilities "hich I found really challenging. I used to receive G.I from candidate "ho is searching for (ob. I have to maintain a serial number and scanning the from best to "orst. I also used to type different type official letter "hich "as issued from H.0 department of +%,-. I used to receive phone call form outsider as "ell as form customer of +utual %rust ,an' -imited and through them to respective officer for service. (.(Different Aspects of o#erall -o& Performance: .or'ing in a ban' is so much challenging. ,an's has so many rules, regulations and confidentiality in "or'ing process. eople "ho "or' in ban' have to be alert and conscious all time. <ot only alert and consciousness but also ban'ers have to do "or' faster "ith =;;F accuracy. %here is no chance to do mista'e. 9o as an intern in the ban' I also had to go through the process. %here "as lot of pressure of "or'. In my "or'ing period, +%, managing director has changed. 9o their management has also changed largely. Interest rate is revised. 1nd head office has audits the branch "hole documents. &or these reasons, every paper documents and processes "as revised and chec'ed to resolve error and update "ith ne" systems. I have chec'ed the most of the documents accurately. It "as a great opportunity for me that I could learn about the process and ho" to "or' accurately and faster under so much pressure.

Human Resource Management of Mutual Trust Bank: Human resource development and management has been proved as one of the most Gritical aspects of attaining organizational effectiveness. Human 0esource +anagement (H0+) is concerned "ith the Lpeople dimension in management. +utual %rust ,an' -imited. 9ince its inception, has placed e$ual emphasis on all the four 'ey functions of the processor H0+8ac$uisition, development, motivation and retention. %he various programs underta'en by the +utual %rust ,an' to enrich the $uality of human resource are mainly aimed at increasing professional 'no"ledge and s'ill levels of employees through training and development, in order to form a "ell8e$uipped "or' force for providing excellent services to the customers. +oreover, top executive of the ,an' are fre$uently send abroad for enabling them to Jno" the functions and mechanisms of financial, money and security mar'et of the 2eveloped countries and also to exploring business opportunities. Muit a large numbers of executives and officers of the ,an' have so far been trained at ,angladesh Institute of ,an' +anagement (,I,+), ,angladesh ,an' %raining 1cademy (,,%1) etc. covering 2ivers areas of the financial system including commercial ban'ing as carefully selected are largely concentrated around core ban'ing issues li'e credit management, international %rade, treasury management, audit and inspection, loan revie" > monitoring and pro(ect +anagement. -o& Re/uirement Analysis: &or effective recruitment and selection H0 personnel of +utual %rust ,an' -imited does (ob 0e$uirement analysis at first. In "hich post they need ho" many employee(s), "hat should be $ualification of that employee(s), in "hich time they need the employee(s), for rural branch or out side of 2ha'a branches from "here they have to recruit employee(s) etc. .ithout this re$uirement analysis an organization can not re$uite effectively and efficiently. Recruitment: 0ecruitment refers to process of finding right people for the right (ob or function, )sually underta'e by Human 0esource 2epartment. 1dvertising is commonly part of the 0ecruiting process and +utual %rust ,an' does it through ne"spapers. +ainly t"o ne"spapers they advertise for rothom 1lo and 2aily 9tar. 2ifferent (ob re$uired different s'ills. 9o, suitability for a (ob is typically assessed by loo'ing for s'ills, e.g. communication s'ills, computer s'ills. Hvidence for s'ills re$uired for a (ob may be provided in the form of $ualifications (educational or professional), experience in a (ob re$uiring the relevant s'ills or the testimony of references. (ecruitment Process: +anagement %rainee recruitment process is different than other employee. In case of +anagement %rainee +utual %rust ,an' ta'es "ritten examination. Ather employees recruitment processes are as follo"s. 1fter advertising the ne"spaper the ,an'ing Afficers and %rainee Afficers of Human 0esource 2epartment collect the GIs from reception des'. GIs are posted by hand or by post. H0 employee preliminary screen the GI by matching the post they "ant for. .ith the instruction

of &irst 1ssistant Iice

resident (&1I ) of H02 ,an'ing Afficers and %rainee Afficers start to entry

the GIs in the soft"are. 9oft"are is also screening the by matching the criteria, because soft"are is designed as the criteria set up. If the criteria dont match the soft"are "ill not allo" to entry the GI. 1fter entering the GI in the soft"are they printout the GI statement in $uizzes format, six GIs are in one page. .ith the statement the ,an'ing Afficers go to the Head of the H02. %he Head of the H02, 9enior Hxecutive Iice resident (9HI ), Hxecutive Iice resident (HI ) do an informal discussion

and screen the GI. %hen these top level managers give a schedule for intervie". &irst 1ssistant Iice resident (&1I ) of H02 set the venue for intervie" and call the top level management to lead the intervie". ,an'ing Afficers call the candidates to attend the intervie". If the preliminary intervie" is successful, the candidate "ill be invited to another intervie". %hen the selected candidates have to face the final intervie". It is not set that, there "ill be three intervie"s. It could be four or more, depends on situation and post. -oining: 1fter selecting from the recruitment process ban' offer the candidate to (oin the ban'. If candidate agree to (oin, the ban' then gives himEher appointment letter. In appointment letter the date of (oining, "hich document should be attached, salary parameters are mentioned. .ith the reference of appointment letter "ithin the (oining date the candidate have to come in the Human 0esource 2epartment (H02) in the Gorporate Affice. %he ,an'ing officer of the Human 0esource 2epartment (H02) processes the (oining. %he candidate has to fill up a (oining form, in "hich there are personal information, references, nominees name and percentage of given po"er of provident fund etc. 9Ehe has to sign the Gode of Gonduct, and submit a (oining letter and a confirmation letter. ,an'ing Afficer verifies hisNher certificates, and collect nationality and medical certificates. In terms of some employee li'e +anagement %rainee, they have to sign bond to (oin the service. %hese all documents "ill enclose in hisEher personal file. 1fter collecting all the documents ,an'ing Afficer creates the candidates personal file and go to the Head of the H02 and 2+2 to accept hisEher (oining. 1fter accepting hisEher (oining, no" the candidate becomes an employee and Human 0esource 2epartment (H02) gives himEher a posting order. In that posting order the branch and date of (oining are mentioned. .ith the reference of that posting the employee have to report the mentioned ,ranch +anager "ithin the mentioned date. 1 personal file contains4

GI Affer of 1ppointment -etter and 1ppointment -etter Affice notice of selected employee ("ith sign of &1I , 9HI , +2) 1 copy of Gertificates 7oining &orm Gonfirmation and 7oining -etter osting Arder and 0eleased Arder %raining Information (If any) 1nnual Gonfidential 0eport (1G0) Affice notice of intervie" for Gonfirmation of 9ervice Gonfirmation of 9ervice -etter

<e" ay 9cale rovident &und Information -eave &air 1ssistant (-&1) Affice notice of intervie" for romotion romotion -etter (If any) -eave Information (If any) %rade 1llo"ance and 2aily 1llo"ance(If any) -oan Information (If any)
Posting and Transfer: 1n employee first (oins in the Human 0esource 2epartment (H02) in the Gorporate Affice. 1fter accept hisEher (oining sEhe is posted to ,ranch Affice. ,efore to get the osting order employee

doesnt 'no" in "hich ,ranch sEhe "ill be posted. 1ll (obs are %ransferable in this +utual %rust ,an'. %he Gompetent 1uthority has the right to transfer employees of the ,an' from one department to anther department or from one branch to another branch of the ,an'. Human 0esource 2epartment 'eeps one copy of posting in employees personal file and the copy of posting order distribute among employee, the &I and manager of employees branch, 2+2 and head of Gorporate 1ffairs and manager

and 1dministration, +anaging 2irectors 9ecretariat +utual %rust ,an' -imited the &I of branch "here employee "ill be posted and I% 2epartment. Annual %onfidential Report 0A%R1:

1nnual Gonfidential 0eport (1G0) is the evaluation report on the "or' performance and personal s'ills. In an 1G0 report there "ill be the basic information li'e employees personnel information, period of evaluation start to end, remar's (if any), rater name etc. %his evaluation based on five8li'art scale (,elo" average =, average :, good C, very good 5 and outstanding B) . +utual %rust ,an' evaluates t"o factors, one is personal traits and other is performance factors. In 'ersonal traits evaluation there are ten thin#s. =. 2iscipline and unctuality :. Initiative and 2rive C. %eam 9pirit 5. Intelligence, 2iligence and 1lertness B. Honesty, Integrity and 9incerity @. Interpersonal 0elationship 9'ill ?. Greativity and Innovations D. &lexibility 6. -oyalty and 2evotion =;. &itness )nd in 'erformance factor there are also ten thin#s. =. rofessional Jno"ledge :. Improving Gorporate Gulture C. 2ecision ma'ing ability 5. 1bility of visualize and plan

B. 1bility to act on emergent situation @. 1bility to implement decisions ?. 1bility to guide and create team "or' D. Gommunication 9'ills 6. Gustomer 0elationship =;. 1c$uaintance "ith technological improvement 1n employee has not any right access to hisEher 1G0, but sEhe "ill be informedO so that sEhe can correctEimproveErectify himselfEherself from hisEher "ea'nesses if sEhe has any. 1fter finishing the 1nnual Gonfidential 0eport (1G0) in paper H0 department enter those reports in the database. %onfirmation of Ser#ice: .hen an employee (oins in the service sEhe "ill remain under provision of one year. If the employee performs satisfactory in hisEher (ob sEhe "ill confirm of hisEher service and thatis normally a promotion. &or example, one employee (oins as a %eller or %rainee Afficer, if hisEher performance is satisfactory then sEhe "ill confirm as ,an'ing Afficer (,A). If the employees performance is not satisfactory then the ban' can extent the provision or can confirm as %eller or %rainee Afficer. ea#e !are Assistant 0 !A1: -eave &are 1ssistant is the fifteen days leave "ith one month gross salary amount ayment and this payment "ill not count in monthly salary. 1fter one year of confirmation of service every employee "ill get this facility for every year. &or mental 1nd physical recreation of employee +utual %rust ,an' provides this facility and this mandatory for an employee. -eave &are 1ssistant is payable to the employees or their nominee(s) "ho are not in the payroll of the ban' on the date of payment due to retirementEdeath. .ith the provision that those "ho have completed one full year of service in the ,an' before the date of payment "ill receive entire amount of -&1 and others not completing one full year on the date of payment "ill receive -&1 proportionate to hisEher period of service during the concerned year. ea#e: &ollo"ing 'inds of leave allo"able to employees of the ban'4 $arn "eave: An completion of period of one year of continuous service in the ,an' all employees get earned leave on full pay. %he maximum amounts of such leave that may be accumulate four months. &isability "eave: 2isability leave may be granted by the ,oard to an employee "ho is disabled by in(ury inflicted or caused in accident. Maternity "eave: +aternity leave may be granted by the competent authority to an employee for a maximum three months period at a time. *asual "eave: Gasual leave means a leave of absence for very short period of days, granted to an employee "ho may be unable to attend duty due to sudden illness or urgent privateEfamily affairs. An completion of

period of three years of continuous service in the ,an' employee may earn study leave "ithout any pay and allo"ances, for a period not exceeding t"o years may be granted by the ,oard to an employee to enable himEher to study considered useful for hisEher services under the ,an'. Pay and Allo"ance: %he scale of pay and other allo"ances of officers and employees of the ban' are prescribed by the Gompetent 1uthority from time to time. %he initial pay of an employee appointed or promoted to the higher post are ordinarily fixed at the initial stage of the scale of pay of the post to "hich he promoted or appointed. resident and +anaging 2irector to ,an'ing Afficer the salary brea's do"n are ,asic pay, House 0ent Geiling, Gonveyance 1llo"ance, +edical 1llo"ance and

Hntertainment 1llo"ance. Here House 0ent Geiling is B5F, Gonveyance 1llo"ance is :@F, +edical 1llo"ance is =;F and Hntertainment 1llo"ance is =;F of basic salary. %ellers and %rainee Afficers are got Gonsolidated 9alary only, because they are on provision period. %op level Afficers from resident and +anaging 2irector to &irst 1ssistant Iice resident (&1I ) got extra charges li'e

House +aintenance, )tilities and Gar +aintenance. 2eputy +anaging 2irector (2+2) and 9enior Hxecutive Iice resident (9HI ) got Hlectricity, /as, %elephone and 2omestic 1ids also. resident resident (HI ) got direct car from the ban'. &rom 9enior

and +anaging 2irector to Hxecutive Iice

Iice resident (9I ) to &irst 1ssistant Iice resident (&1I ) got Gar -oan facility. 1nd resident and +anaging 2irector to &irst 1ssistant Iice resident (&1I ) got House -oan also. %hese loan special

for ban' staff only, and the name of these loan are 9taff Gar -oan, 9taff House ,uilding -oan. %he ban' ta'es only ?F interest on these loan. /roup Insurance facilities "ill get the entire confirmed employee. %his insurance basically health insurance and "ill get facilities on only hospitalization. In this insurance officers and executives "ill get the benefit of one spouse and t"o children. +inds of Terminal Benefits: %he follo"ing 'inds of terminal benefits are allo"able to a regular and full8time employee of the ban'. /ratuity Gontributory rovident &und ,enevolent &und estival Bonus: 0egular employee "ill be entitled to &estival ,onuses payable on the occasion of Hidul8 1zha and Hid8 ul8&itre. %he bonus amount "ill be the half of hisEher salary. Performance Bonus: If the ban' ma'es profit, the employees "ill be entitled to CF of pre8tax profit as performance bonus. &ifty percent of such bonus distributed on the basis of basic pay of an employee, and balance fifty percent on the basis of performance of individual employees. erformance appraisal for the purpose made on the criterion set by the management time *ash a,ard: %he Gompetent 1uthority may grand cash re"ard to any of its employee for performance of a "or' "hich is occasional in character and innovative or research and development oriented "arranting special merit as to (ustify the payment of the same. (e,ards for Passin# Bankin# &i'loma $%amination: %he employee of the "ho "ill pass ,an'ing 2iploma art8I Hxamination in the first chance "ill get a

cash re"ard of %J.:B,;;; and those "ho "ill pass ,an'ing 2iploma "ill pass ,an'ing 2iploma art8I

Hxamination in the first chance securing highest mar' "ill receive an additional cash re"ard of %J.:B,;;; and those "ho "ill pass ,an'ing 2iploma art8II Hxamination in the first chance securing

highest mar' "ill receive an additional cash re"ard of %J.B;,;;;. %he cash re"ards for ,an'ing 2iploma art8I and art8II Hxamination in one more than one setting "ill be %J. =;,;;; and %J. :;,;;; respectively. )nnual Increment: If employees service records and 1nnual Gonfidential 0eport (1G0) are satisfactory then the Gompetent 1uthority sanctions the increment on the salary. %he percentage of salary increment is not fixedO it varies on Gompetent 1uthority decision. If the service records and 1nnual Gonfidential 0eport (1G0) are not satisfactory of an employee then the Gompetent 1uthority put himEher on special report for a period not exceeding six months and upon receipt of such report may sanction the increment either from demonstration or from immediate effect or may defer it for the "hole year If an employee recognized of hisEher outstanding and meritorious performance then the ,oard may decide to give himEher another special increment in one year period of time. Travel allo,ance and &aily )llo,ance: .hen ban' send any employee for training and call any employee for intervie" then the ban' "ill give himEher travel allo"ance and daily allo"ance. In this case the employee has to claim hisEher allo"ance "ith busE trainE plane tic'ets. Human 0esource 2epartment "ill verify the claim and pay the employee. Promotion: %he criteria for promotion to a specified post usually merit8cum8seniority. 1 person "ill be eligible foe promotion if he has the satisfactory records of service, meets the riteria for promotion, and has clear recommendation for promotion in hisEher 1G0. If there is any departmental proceeding in under"ay against himEher or any penalty other than censure or "arning has been imposed on himEher "ithin the last three years then the employee "ill not be promoted. In terms of every promotion the employee has to face intervie" board. Post $li#ibility for Promotion: Afficer %"o years experience as 7unior Afficer or one years experience as selected through competitive test. Training: %raining is the processes of teaching the employee the s'ill for their better act upon on the (ob. %raining is very helpful for the employees for their better performance. %here are many methods of training, but in the ban's of ,angladesh t"o methods are commonly used, lecture and on8the8(ob training. +any institute and ban's li'e ,I,+, I,1, .orld ,an', 1sian 2evelopment ,an', ,angladesh ,an', Giti ,an' etc arrange varies 'ind of training. -ots of ban's of ,angladesh have their o"n training institute and other ban's employee can participate in that training. +utual %rust ,an' employees also participate in the other ban's training also. +utual %rust ,an' doesnt have its o"n training institute but this ban' arranged many type of training in its corporate office and other ban's employees can contribute these trainings. 1 number of trainings are specific for specific department li'e 1"areness of fa'e money, money laundering, M8cash debit card are compulsory for cash robationary Afficer

=. :. and C.

department employees. Ather trainings are li'e Gustomer Gredit 9cheme and -ease &inance 9cheme, Gredit 0is' /rading, Gredit ris' +anagement, -oan Glassification rovisioning, -oan 2ocumentation, -essons -earnt from Gredit &eature, 9tructured
finance for -arge ro(ects in ,angladesh, Hxchange 0ate +anagement etc. Hmployee can not participate any in8house training from their o"n interest, Human 0esource 2epartment "ill select the employee to participate the training. Human 0esource 2epartment sends office notice to those employees to attend the training. 1fter attending their training the employee have to submit a report on that training to the Human 0esource 2epartment. 9ome times Human 0esource 2epartment sends the employee to attend the training outside of the ,angladesh. Recommendation In +utual %rust ,an' -imited I "or'ed in H0 2epartment. Here I gather the practical experience of human resource management and ho" manage an information system of an organization. %hough its my first experience, I gather some problems by discussing the H0 personnel. 9o I "ould li'e to recommend about those problems as follo"s. 23tension of Human Resource Department: .ith 56 branches +utual %rust ,an' has ?== employees. ,ut in H0 department the numbers of employees are =; to =:. .hen something change for all employees li'e Increment it is tough for them to update "hole employees file. It is too hard for H0 employees to update all employees data. I have gone through a focus group discussion (&/2) "ith H0 employees and they also discussing that, the H0 department should be gradually extended at the branch level as the ban' is expanding so that each branch has a H0 official. 1 9tudy on Human 0esource +anagement and Human 0esource Information 9ystem of +utual %rust ,an'. Stop Reference Appointment4 +utual %rust ,an' management and particularly the ,oard of 2irectors must change the 9ystem of appointing people by giving their reference. It has been deeply observed that most of the reference appointees are not up to the standard and have a poor performance. &or the sa'e of the ban's future and further strengthening the $uality of "or' force, this tendency to appoint people on reference must be stopped. It may not be absolutel possible to eliminate the reference appointment system as it is a local private company. ,ut still the tendency can be reduced to a certain extent if bold steps are underta'en by the management and the ,oard of 2irectors. Trained System Operators: Gurrently the branches do not have $ualified system operators, rather ordinary persons have been appointed in this position and they learned the (ob by a trail and error process. %his tendency should be eliminated immediately and next time the management or the concerned department should recruit $ualified and s'illed system operators "ho have both hands on experience as "ell as some academic bac'ground. 4tili$e the 23isting System:

+utual %rust ,an' has fully automated system in Human 0esource 2epartment. ,ut they dont totally utilize this soft"are. 9till they do paper based "or'. In case of 9alary payment they use Hxcel 9heet 0ecord. It is true that it is too hard for H0 employees to update all employees data. ,ut they have the system and they should utilize that properly. %onclusion:

%his report is the result of three months internship program in the Human 0esource 2epartment of Gorporate Affice of +utual %rust ,an'. 0egarding my days spent at +utual %rust ,an', I gathered 'no"ledge that is going to help me in building my career in future. In my report, I have tried to reflect my understanding and experience that I have gathered as correctly as possible. In spite of this, there may be some imperfections. &rom the practical point of vie" I can declare boldly that I really have en(oyed my Internship program at that branch from the very first day.