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Write a story beginning with:

Kim was nervous when the door opened...

Kim was nervous when the door opened.The door creaked noisily when he unlocked it.Its hinges,brown with rust screeched as if angry when he unlocked it.He saw nothing but darkness. He narrowed his eyes squinting and straining to see what secrets lay hidden in the room no one had been allowed to enter as long his mother had been alive. Now,with his mother gone,he saw no reason why he should enter the forbidden room and unearth its secrets,which his mother had purportedly taken with her to the grave. He could hear his heart pounding in his chest as he slowly stepped inside the room.Everyone in his family was breathing down his neck,always said that he was the fearless one but this time,for no apparent reason,he suddenly felt fear seep into his body and crawl underneath his skin. Never in his life had he experienced such eerie feelings? He was overwhelmed by million of questions.Where was my skepticism?Why they abandoned me when I needed them? I can wear many hats,he said to himself. He felt like taking to his heels but could not summon the energy to do it.The gravity aided to his legs.Whether it was an anxious soul or a well-kept secret,pulling him like a magnet to face it.Nervously,his fingers found the switch on the torchlight.Kim fumbled with it for several minutes before he was able to switch it on. Just then,a chilling draft whiz past him.He froze.There were no windows in the room.Every openinghad been sealed a long time ago.Where had it come from?Then it circled him around.Wave after wave of fear enveloped him,tormenting every part of his body.Suddenly,a light zoomed past him and hit the wall.That was Kim saw it.That was when he saw the restless spirit.It looked exactly like Kim,except for its pale deathly appearance.Was he hallucinating? When he regained consciousness,he found himself surrounded by the anxious faces of his family members.He was told he had been unconscious for several days.All the doctors could tell them that he was embedded by a terrifying experiencein his mind.He had been writhing in bed and saying only one word Francis. Who was he?He did not know any Francis.Finally,his father reveledwith a heavy heart, that Francis had been Kims twin brother who had died in infancy.His mother always blamed herself that she was the reason for his death.Kims father and his mother had been unable to forget him and had been kept all his memories locked up in that room. No one,not even his grandparents had known about his birth.It was a dark secret his parents had kept to themselves.Kims father had priests come over to say prayers to appease Francis.He still find it hard to believe that his parents had kept such a terrible,dark secret.