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People nowadays have placed more emphasis on healthy living than in the years past. They tend to be inclined in educating themselves by knowing which, and which is not, good for their health. Also, due to the emergence of different foodborne diseases, they have placed more conscious effort on trying to live a healthy lifestyle as they see it necessary for their survival. Undoubtedly, it is also inherent for anyone to have this desire to look good. The Filipino cultures standards of beauty favor lighter skin. A fair looking skin does not only e!uate to being healthy but also indicates a status symbol. This is the very reason why medical operations for the skin and other skin products are rampant lately. "owever, such services and products are costly and can only be afforded by those living in the higher bracket of the economy. #till, trends show that people want to look good even if their finances are in dire straits. $any Filipinos would spare no e%pense to have healthier skin despite such fact that is why cheaper alternatives became readily available in the market even if such efficacy is not that proven &as cited in 'ape(a, )*+*,. To address such concern, the proponents of this feasibility study have come up with the -.rganic /ollagen All Purpose #easoning0. This

has an added ingredient, known as -/ollagen0, compared to the usual e%isting all purpose seasonings. /ollagen is an essential protein that makes the skin healthy and shiny, and gives you younger looking skin. This product seeks to combine both the desire of making foods scrumptious but healthy at the same time. This product is also affordable and can be used as an alternative to the all purpose seasonings already available in the market. The product, which is packed in a sachet similar to that already offered in the market, is convenient. 1ts si2e makes it suitable for easy storage which allows it to be readily usable in the kitchen. The proponents of this feasibility study also believe that there is a big market to cater for such product. $ost Filipinos certainly take pride in their home cooking and since people cook every day, households would want to take hold of such product where they can have not only a convenient means of making their food delicious, but a healthy alternative as well. Filipinos love spices and seasonings which is obviously proven through the different delicacies that our country has &as cited in 3orromeo, )*+4,. Through this product, Filipino households could control how they would want their dishes to taste, but has an advantage over the other usual seasonings since it has the added substance -/ollagen0. 5ith proper collagen production, one will look younger and have clearer

skin. /ollagen has lot of benefits for the skin as well as the hair. #ince the production of collagen reduces as people age, this product can suffice such need so that your skin will still look healthy. Also, the source of this protein will create a demand on parts of fish and chicken which are supposed to be disposed of, thus, helping the local farmers and market vendors.


Foreign 6elated #tudies and 'iterature

1n a study made by 7else, Poschi and Aigner &)*+4,, entitled -/ollagens 8 #tructure, Function and 3iosynthesis0, collagen is an essential protein that makes the skin healthy and shiny, and gives you younger looking skin. 9ou will have a more radiant comple%ion if the skin retains more collagen. /ollagen is good for the health of the skin. /ollagen can be effective in treating and:or combating anti aging and wrinkles.

5ith proper collagen production, one will look younger and have clearer skin. /ollagen has lot of benefits for your skin as well as your hair. 'ow collagen in the body might be the reason for aging and wrinkles. A babys body is full of collagen at the time of birth, but as it starts growing and reaches the age of twenty five, the collagen production in the body slows down.

.nce the person reaches the age of thirty five, the body stops the production of the collagen automatically as a result, and the aging process begins. This is the reason there are so many products that have been created over the years that contain collagen so that the body can get enough of it. #ince the collagen is known as the best anti aging ingredient, it is being used in most of the beauty lotions and creams that you will find on the market for those specific issues.

The skin gains elasticity and strength with the help of proper production of collagen. 1n the body, the skin gets ;* percent protein from collagen and, as a result, it actually improves the te%ture of the skin.

1n women, collagen begins to decrease during their menopause process and, as a result, some women will begin to notice dry skin, aging and even the loss of elasticity. 1f one gets too much e%posure to the U< rays of the sun, one will begin to see lines and wrinkles, and this gets repaired if the body is efficient enough to produce collagen.

There are some of the natural ways that can help in getting enough collagen to your body in order to preserve your youth. 6emember the body has the ability to produce enough collagen to make your skin healthy but, after a certain time in the life, the collagen production reduces. 9ou should look for foods that contain collagen and you should include them in your diet so that you get the same young look. Fish or chicken can be the best source of getting collagen in the body but you must not get too much of this. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a necessity in achieving younger looking skin as well, so be sure to eat plenty of greens daily and lay off of bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, being in the sun too long and not wearing sun screen.

'ooking young is the dream of every individual, and this is the reason that an appropriate amount of collagen is important.

According to $edile%icon=s medical dictionary, /ollagen is >The ma?or protein &comprising over half of that in mammals,

of the white fibers of connective tissue, cartilage, and bone@ insoluble in water but can be altered to easily digestible, soluble gelatins by boiling in water, dilute acids, or alkalis.>

/ollagen is the most abundant protein in mammals, accounting for around 4*A of the protein content of the human body. 1t is often considered to be the >glue that holds the body together>.

/ollagen is found in fibrous tissues such as skin, ligaments and tendons, as well as in the bones, blood vessels, the cornea of the eye, and in the gut.

/ollagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity and strength. The degradation of collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues. As a result, collagen is one of the most popular supplements among the elderly because of its skin healing properties.

1n a published article by #ophie 7oodchild &)*++, entitled, -Bo need to in?ect 8 /ollagen is in the food at 'ondon 6estaurant0, restaurants featuring the addition of collagen on its dishes were showcased. /ollagen is especially found in mammals= flesh and connective tissues, such as pigs= trotters and chicken skin. 1t is used in ?abs at beauty clinics to plump up skin=s appearance.

$r. Pengelley said collagen is imported from Capan as a powder, mi%ed with stock to create a ?elly then either melted into food or used >raw> in salad. >.ur menu is full of well balanced and healthy dishes to which we=ve added collagen,> he said.

>1t=s a powerful long term anti ageing protein and eating and drinking it is a much less painful way of improving general health and diet than 3oto%.>

'ocal 6elated #tudies and 'iterature

1n an online article written by Dinna /hann <as!ue2 &)*+4, entitled, -The truth about /ollagen0, collagen was introduced as possible for human intake. 5ith modern technology, replacing the collagen that we lose as we age is easier than before. Aside from in?ectable, there are collagen drinks available in the market today. An e%ample of this is Endless /ollagen Drink, which claims to be FDA approved and has no added preservatives. 1t also contains hydroly2ed collagen or -super collagen.0

"ydroly2ed collagen is reportedly capable of increasing lean muscle mass stores, treating arthritis, and even rebuilding certain organs.

A collection of notes written by Dr. Elsie /. Cimene2 &)*+4, on #tar #cience, Philippine #tar entitled, -$y notes on collagen0, she discussed how collagen are being used as supplements for health purposes. /ollagen supplements are available as collagen peptides &hydroly2ed collagen in the form of -small proteins0, or collagen constituent amino acids, usually with vitamin / and other additives. /ollagen supplements are claimed to slow down the aging process by replenishing the

collagen, thereby aiding the body to maintain a youthful look. The supplements are also believed to relieve inflammation and pain in ?oints, as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

/ollagen molecules are very large and have a comple% structure and so they cannot be absorbed when applied on the skin. /ollagen peptide taken in through the mouth is broken down to amino acids by en2ymes present in the stomach and intestinal ?uices. The amino acids obtained are further processed by other en2ymes to metabolic

intermediates that can have varied functions aside from the production of body proteins. Bonessential amino acids &amino acids not needed in the diet, such as glycine and proline, among others, can be synthesi2ed in the body from metabolic intermediates obtained from non protein and protein sources. 3ody proteins are produced from essential amino acids &amino acids needed in the diet@ can be obtained from egg, meat, dairy products, soybean, etc., and nonessential amino acids, through complicated biochemical processes as dictated by respective genes encoding the proteins. After biosynthesis, procollagen undergoes biochemical reactions during its

conversion to collagen. Thus, there is no direct metabolic

route from a collagen supplement to biochemically produced collagen. As such, collagen supplement is not necessarily a source of substances for the biochemical production of collagen that ultimately becomes part of body tissues.

To support the argument that there is a market for collagen, an article by Cournalist Tina Arceo Dumlao in -A 5hiter #hade of PaleF #kin 5hitening Products in Asia,> &)**G,, when the skin whitening industry was ?ust an emerging market, wrote, -'ocal companies in Asia were among the first to tap into the whitening segment of the skin care market in the late +;H*s and early +;;*s. 3ut multinational companies !uickly got on the bandwagon when they saw the di22ying double digit sales growth en?oyed by the companies that went ahead.>

Arceo Dumlao went on to cite a study done by market research company #ynovate that revealed that -two out of five women in "ong Iong, Iorea, $alaysia, Philippines and Taiwan feel they are more attractive with fair comple%ions.>

#ynovates survey results also highlighted the fact that the Philippines had the highest usage among the countries included in the survey, with one out of two women saying they use skin whitening products, followed by "ong Iong with GJ percent, $alaysia with G+ percent and Taiwan with 4K percent.

1n the Philippines, ma?or brands have even come up with whitening products in a sachet.

5ith so many whitening products and innovations being churned out, people naturally latch on to the latest ones. $ost recently, the glutathione cra2e seemed to have taken over the whole nation. 1f a product claims to have -glutathione> in it, people immediately snap it up.



3ureau of


and Drugs

&3FAD, has

investigated certain brands of glutathione, and found the products to have been -mislabeled>. 1n a Iapuso $o, Cessica #oho segment 'ulu #antiago, 3FAD chief of laboratory, said that certain products claimed to contain J** milligrams of

glutathione. 1n reality, it had less than +* milligrams of the substance. Despite this measure, there will always be people wholl go for cheap whitening agents.


Name of Enterprise The name of the firm is a key factor in the success of a business for it will give it its own personality and identity apart from other firms. 1t stands as a flag on which lies the performance of the business. As producers of spices and seasonings that are certified organic, the proponents of this feasibility study have come up with the enterprise name -/ertified .rganic Enterprise0. The name alone entices the potential investors and clients to respond to the product. 1t also gives the firm a great impact and leaves an impression to its customers.

Mission and Vision Statements $issionF .ur mission is to produce a widely diverse range of innovative healthy products for human consumption suitable for catering all cultures that are marketed and sold globally to all segments of the food industry.

<isionF 5e envision our enterprise to become the one stop destination for spices and seasonings across the industrial, retail and food service segments, constantly innovating to provide customers across the globe with high !uality, healthy product and value for money.


The logo of /ertified .rganic Enterprise has three symbolisms. First is the sun which signifies the emergence of the trend where people nowadays tend to be more conscious about their health. Botice that the sun is drawn as somewhat similar to a gear which represents the innovative ideas that the firm will be offering to its consumers for the betterment of the society. #econd are the leaves which signify the production of only organic products. 'astly, the colors green, orange and yellow which represent the Earth from which the product will be derived. They are also the colors most commonly associated with agricultural produce.

Lo ation The location is a ma?or factor in determining the success of the business. 1n choosing the location, the proponents ensure that it is close, not ?ust to its target market but, to its suppliers as well. The location addresses the need of the firm to be accessible to the parties it is supposed to be making transactions with.

!i"#re $%$ Proposed Site "ence, the place of the proposed business plant will be located in #an Pedro, 'aguna. 5e will lease a building which operations have already ceased. 1t is chosen as the target location of the business because of its ade!uate markets 8 large population, schools,

restaurants, hospitals and others who can be prospective buyers of the proposed product. 1t has ready to use utilities such as water and electricity.

1n terms of accessibility, the place is near the Bational 6oad and the #outh 'u2on E%pressway Tollgate E%it which makes travel easier for the prospective transacting parties. This will mean easy delivery and receipt of goods transacted by the business.

!i"#re $%& Proposed Lo ation The administrative office of the enterprise will be located at the same building but will be specifically segregated as to the office that will be used by the administrative employees. This ensures that the administrative matters will be dealt with accordingly and properly. Due to such fact, there is a timely addressing of concerns and

communication lines are likely to be open as well.

Des ripti'e Definition of t(e Pro)e t

The main product to be highlighted in this feasibility study is the introduction of -.rganic /ollagen All Purpose #easoning0 which is a flavor adding substance to the dishes prepared by the households. 1t is a mi%ture of the usual spices by the Filipinos such as garlic, onion, salt and pepper which enhances the taste of the dishes served. The innovative feature of this product is the added substance known as collagen which has health related properties for the consumers. This additional substance comes from the ground skin and heads of fish and chickens as opposed to scientifically produced and synthesi2ed

collagen. This is in line with the mandate of the enterprise to manufacture only organic produce. All of these are combined and then transformed into granules. Adding shelf life is a primary concern not ?ust for the manufacturers but for the consumers as well so the enterprise dries the spice and the collagen adding ingredients first to preserve the products.

Re*ated Nationa* Pro"ram This pro?ect is indirectly related to the 3ureau of Food and Drugs program -Promoting 3usiness Facilitation with

/ompliance to "ealth 6egulations0 which supports business facilitation and to protect public health by cascading its rules and regulations to the industry.

This program aims for a -"ealthier Philippines0 which is in line with the vision of the company to become the one stop destination for products that are high !uality and innovatively healthy. This in turn contributes to the nation building and economic development of the country which is likewise

supported by the different national programs of the Philippines

Affinit+ to Re"iona* or Se toria* St#dies This pro?ect is not in accordance to any regional or sectorial studies.

Pro)e t Potentia* and ,ro-t( The proponents of this feasibility study believe that the product has a potential to sell good in the market. 3y creating a product that will aid the everyday need to cook, there is indeed a probable growth that the proponents anticipate in the future. The emergence of different all purpose seasoning in the market proves the fact that the Filipinos love to use spices in their dishes. Furthermore, with the introduction of a healthy substance called collagen, consumers can also achieve their want for a healthy lifestyle. All of these are featured in a convenient packaging which can readily be used by the prospective customers. The pro?ect is also e%pected to provide employment opportunities which will help the economy. 'astly, this pro?ect celebrates the innovative ideas of the Filipinos which contribute in the betterment of the society.

Pro)e t O.)e ti'es

S(ort/Term O.)e ti'es

1mprove food !uality and the nutritional aspects of different food products offered by /ertified .rganic

Enterprise within the first year of its operations Produce and distribute high !uality products at a lower cost than that already offered in the market 1ncrease sales by +*A for the second year of operations by increasing product awareness among the consumers of the product through entrance to different marketing channels Find reliable suppliers at a reasonable cost within the first year of operations Promote and create a safe working environment by funding means to ensure the safety of the workers within the first year of operations

Lon"/Term O.)e ti'es 1mprove prospects of long term health and well being by increasing awareness of healthy eating among households for the ne%t five years of operation /ontribute to the national food industry, its engineering and processing development by consistently producing

innovative products for the ne%t five years of the companys operations E%pand operations across the Philippine archipelago and reach international markets in the future for the ne%t seven years of the companys operations 3e a well known supplier of affordable, high !uality

products aimed for sustainable living for the ne%t five years 6aise the competitive level of enterprise for the ne%t five years, and also maintain manufacturing standards to an internationally accepted level which will also benefit from the constantly changing conditions in the industry

!easi.i*it+ Criteria This study aims to assess the viability and profitability of the manufacturing of the -.rganic /ollagen All Purpose #easoning0 in #an Pedro, 'aguna. The manufacturing of the product is a good source of income because it may be used for all day cooking of the dishes served in different households. Food, as we all know, is essential for survival. Added with the trend towards healthy living, the company e%pects a good rate of return in investment.

The other feasibility criteria considered, aside from profitability, are the marketing, technical, financial, socioeconomic, environmental and management feasibility of the product.

Marketin" !easi.i*it+ The marketing feasibility part of the study aims to define optimal products and amenities in accordance with pro?ected market demand, and to pro?ect sales absorption and annual revenues from development of this property. &Parker, )**;, The proponents of this study will research on potential competition, and preliminary development plans to define marketing marketing feasibility in terms and of potential market and share,




absorption rate and pricing ranges. These feasibility components provide the basis for definitive recommendations on

development potential, development strategy and a cost effective marketing and sales strategy. Te (ni a* !easi.i*it+ The technical feasibility part of the study identifies the companys attainability of a system using currently e%isting technology. Technical feasibility takes into account whether the

re!uired technology is available or not and whether the re!uired resources are available in terms of manpower and e!uipment. The proponents of the study will e%amine the surrounding environment for possible source of raw materials for production, labor to be provided for the manufacturing of the product and other necessary inputs for the operations of the business.

!inan ia* !easi.i*it+ The financial feasibility part of the study is designed to test the profitability of the proposed product. &Parker, )**;, The proponents of this study will start by giving estimates about the start up capital and e%penses of the company. 6evenue will also be estimated from prior market analysis. This portion will cover start up capital re!uirements, start up capital sources and potential returns for investors in form of pro forma financial statements to provide an overall picture of the companys condition and performance.

So io/e onomi !easi.i*it+

The socio economic feasibility part of the study shows how economic activities affect social processes. This should be considered aside from the primary goal of obtaining profit to show corporate social responsibility among the enterprise. The proponents of this study will provide input to this criterion by analy2ing how the enterprise can contribute to the betterment of the society by manufacturing its products. This may be provided by reading articles on how health and food consumption are interrelated and how it will affect the

community to which the enterprise belongs.

En'ironmenta* !easi.i*it+ The environmental feasibility part of the study determines environmental effects on the site, and the regulations,

restrictions and opportunities for a determined pro?ect and site. This feasibility refers to a previous site analysis as far as physical and environmental factors like location, flora, fauna, climate, grounds, geology, degree of conservation or alteration@ as well as a social analysis of influence and population@ without forgetting the legal and normative environmental aspects and ground use, 6egional and 'ocal Plans of Development, among others. &Eco 6ed, )**H,

Aside from the analysis of these concerns, the proponents of this study will also determine all the possibilities of

development and the conditioners, opportunities and restrictions that the pro?ect could have in a selected area.

Mana"ement !easi.i*it+ The management feasibility part of the study concerns the organi2ational organi2ational set up chart of and the the business. This of includes the the



involved. 1t also determines the type of business ownership. The proponents of this study will provide input for this part by analy2ing who will form part of the ownership and what type of business ownership the proponent wants. This part covers more professional ?udgment made by the proponents of this study, thus, forming more sub?ective input.

0i"(*i"(ts of t(e Pro)e t /ertified .rganic Enterprise is a business that provides organic consumable products, speciali2ing in different spices and seasonings, to cater to the ever growing needs of the community. The business shall provide the innovative -.rganic /ollagen All Purpose #easoning0.

This pro?ect is proposed by $ark Earl Angelo Antonio and /amille 7utierre2 and the said product will address the current trend of shifting to a healthier lifestyle 8 purely organic materials are used in production and with the introduction of collagen, the want of having a healthy skin can be achieved. The proponents came up with the idea by researching the current trends of the market 8 the shift to a healthier lifestyle and the want of having a healthy skin and knowing by nature that Filipinos take pride in their cooking, we came up with the idea to innovate the ordinary all purpose seasoning mi% that are already available in the market. The proponents determined that the product should be convenient, affordable and environment friendly and should contribute positively to the health of the consumers as well.