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Outdoor System PN: 3791744600 Orange Romania product description

Outdoor solutions Delta outdoor power systems are especially designed for outdoor environments. The stable construction is based on double-wall metal design providing robustness to outdoor applications, as well as important protection against negative influences of extreme climate conditions (rain, sun exposure, dust, low and high temperatures, humidity, snow, wind, etc.). Complete outdoor systems with integrated power and telecom equipment offer very compact solutions, and the modular design allows flexible adaptations to different customer requirements and environments. System design The outdoor power systems are designed to supply DC or AC power for different applications, such as wireless base stations. The robust casing of the cabinet equipped with a four-point locking system reduce the risk of unauthorized access, burglary or vandalism and protects the telecom and power equipment, as well as the batteries, against extreme weather conditions for long service life. Standard cabinets comply with IP 54 (in option IP 55) protection level in industrial environments. The cabinet can be equipped with additional supporters for the users hardware, enabling a higher level of integration for space critical applications. Also, the separation of the battery (or user) compartment could be applied.

System configuration The standard system configuration is presented below

Outdoor Cabinet Dimensions (cabinet without AirCon): H2000 x D752 x W708 mm Total inside space 39 U Technology HDG steel double wall with thermal insulation Protection class IP54 Door one front door, 4 points locking mechanism Cable glands - standard side sets: 7xPG16, 7xPG11 and 1xPG29, 6xPG21, 2xPG16 on the bottom side Battery shelf one on the bottom for max. 190 Ah front terminals battery string AC distribution on the top 19 IN rack for the rest of the space 19 IN shelf for non rack equipment with air ventilation holes

Cooling system Environment outside operating temperature - 25 C to 55 C inside temperature 7 C to 40 C

Hybrid cooling system - cabinet with Air Ventilation and standard Air Conditioner Air Conditioner - type Stulz EVO2000220; cooling power 2000W; compressor and both fans supply form 230 Vac Air Ventilation 2 fans in the roof type Delta EFB1748VHG, air filter G4 class; cooling capacity 200 W/K With hybrid cooling systems fan cooling is the main cooling unit for low and middle temperature conditions.The Air Ventilation is only suppressed by the Air Conditioner (A/C) for high ambient temperatures (a few percent of the operating annual time). Hybrid cooling systems with AV and A/C provide a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to standard cooling with only A/C units. Additional advantages include the reduction of maintenance of the A/C and an increase in the operational life of the A/C.

In hybrid systems all climate devices (fans, heater, air conditioner) are controlled by a PSC3 controller. The fans are switched ON and increase rotation (speed control) depends on the temperature inside the cabinet measured by the Tint sensor. When the temperature inside increases above the limit the, Air Conditioner starts its operation and cooling.

DC Power supply system: Output Power (max installed) - 5100W max Rectifier configuration max 6 x 850 W Design based on CellD 300 system or individual design on DIN rail Form factor 19IN; 3U distribution + 1U rectifier shelf Loads protection - 10 x Legrand fuses 10 x 38, uni polar and neutral (ref. 05818), with industrial fuse protection gG on -48Vdc (l=17.5mm): 6 x (ref. 13310) Batteries protection - 4x63A LVD - 250A Battery shunt 300A 6A, (ref. 13306); 4 x 10A,

AC distribution Input main switch tetrapolar breaker of 20A, Schneider, C60N, with signalization alarm block SD+SD/OFF OVP protection - anti-lightening arrester Schneider PRD 40r with report alarm Service socket - Shuko type feed from a differential bipolar breaker 16A/30mA, Schneider, DPN N Vigi or associated breaker C60N C16A with DPNN Heater protection - DPNN, curve C AC Air conditioner protection - DPNN, curve C AC loads terminals 12 x 2,5 mm2 L, N, PE poles The AC distribution breakers will be feed in 230Vac on the upper side and will feed the load by the lower side. XL Kit (optional) Optional set of items which allows user to install additional battery shelf. XL kit consists of: Battery shelf 3U 19Inch panel with place for 24 modular (Width 17,5 mm) breakers Partial load disconnector 6 positions 10x38 Legrand