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Introduction I have observed a teaching and learning session of an art class on 12th May 2013 in my school. The lesson was carried out by the art teacher named Madam Siti Rohani binti Abd Kasim. She used to teach the students in the art room. Before the lesson started, a briefing session was held and the teacher had a chance to prepare before enter the classroom. The observation was carried out in 1 hour period. The topic chosen was Menggambarkan for Year 3 students. I required to prepare a report based on the observation done and the report as the point as below.

Who were the students? The students were chosen from 3 Amanah that consisted of 26 students in Sekolah Kebangsaan LKTP Tembangau 6. They were 9 years old the moment. The students were chosen based on their ability and most of them were mix ability students. Some of them were weak in learning due to their life surrounding. Most of them were Orang Asli from the native people settlement village. Some of them were less focus while the teacher teaching in the class. They kept talking each other silently behind the teacher. Nevertheless, the teacher managed to control the class well from the beginning.

What was the lesson about? Based on my observation, the lesson was conducted based on Year 3 KSSR syllabus. The topic chosen was Menggambar while the modul was Gosokan . The student were asked

to emphasize the art language and produce artworks by using dry media in their artwork. The theme chosen was nature or man-made object and it was stated in the syllabus. The skills involved were identifying and applying the language of visual art into their artwork. Students were required to express their ideas in producing artwork in the classroom. The teacher had told the students that they need to draw man-made objects.

Was the lesson well planned? I had observed the process of teaching and learning teacher for 1 hour. Based on my observation, I found that the teacher had prepared her lesson well. She had prepared the lesson well by writing a lesson plan in her lesson plan book. Then, she managed to prepare some teaching aids to be used in the classroom. The teaching aid prepared by the teacher were picture cards, colour cards, scissors, a sample of artwork and poster. I think, the teaching aids used in the lesson were interesting but it can be more interesting if the teacher use the ICT based teaching aids such as video or internet sources. The teacher shown a hard work in capturing the students interest. The first stage was set induction where the teacher asked a few questions about the man- made object to the students. Then the students answered the questions based on their previous knowledge. These activities were help in getting the teaching and learning mood in introductory activity. Then, the teacher demonstrated on how to draw picture by using dry media step by step. The development activities started by getting idea from the pictures and their own imagination. The teacher helped a few students who found difficulties in getting ideas. The teacher divided the students in a few group. I assume that the teacher had shown the characteristics of a good teacher. During the development activity, the students produced their artwork with guidance from the teacher. The teacher guided the students carefully in order to keep the student right on the track. It was help the students a lot especially

in using the material. For the closure stage, the teacher had summarized the steps of producing artwork. What were the instructional materials used. During the lesson, teacher had used an appropriate teaching aids such as picture cards, colour cards, scissors, a sample of artwork and poster. Besides, the teacher also encouraged the students to use the material correctly. The students were doing their art work by using real thing such as mat, coins, cans and others. It was interesting when the students were excited to do their task. The teacher looked struggled to control her class during the lesson. Through the observation, I can see that the teacher need to use more simple language as the student looked uneasy with long explanation by the teacher. I believe that the instructional material used well in the lesson. It helps a lot in teaching and learning especially for the weak student.

What were the methods and techniques used by the teacher? In the process of teaching and learning, I can see that the teacher used student centred method in the classroom. The teacher was focus on the students ability to understand what she was saying or doing. She kept asking the student to create artwork by using dry media. At first, she demonstrated in front of the class and helped the students who were weak in learning. At the same time, she emphasized the art language to the students through the mastery learning. These methods were effectively used in the classroom and help the students a lot.

What were the teachers strengths and weaknesses? I have found some of the strengths and weaknesses that the teacher had. First, she prepared her lesson very well with a good lesson plan, teaching aids and mentally ready to

teach. Then, she had a good voice projector in the classroom to ensure the student could give full attention in the class. She managed to use her voice wisely and the classroom control was so good. Besides, she also had a good character of being an art teacher. She gave full attention to her students and looked love art very much. However, there were some weaknesses from this teacher. Firstly, she took a lot of time while giving explanation to the students. It had taken quite a long time and cause students easily lose their focus. Then, she only focused her teaching on the weak students in the classroom, but she almost forgot to focus the advance students. She should help and focus on all the students equally in order to ensure they have same benefit. Then, she had never apply the moral value in her teaching and learning. I saw that she just talked about the content of the lesson only. Moral value was important thing to be applied in every teaching and learning.

What were the lesson strength and weaknesses? Based on my observation, I can see that there were some strength in the lesson. Firstly, the classroom condition was conducive for the teaching and learning. The lesson was held in the art room where the students felt easy and happy to learn. There were many samples of artwork in the classroom and the students managed to use the samples as a reference. Then, topic chosen was attract the students interest in learning art. They loved to learn something new for them. Some of the students have shown their exciting expression while learning the topic. Nevertheless, there some lesson weaknesses. The lesson need to be more interesting by putting some ICT element in learning. The teacher can use the Internet as resources by showing them videos or picture in the websites. Then, the lesson should be related to their life so the student might be appreciated the art more.

Was the lesson successful or not? In my view, the lesson was successfully carried out by the teacher. She planned the lesson very well and prepared all the materials to be used in the classroom. Although the students were mix ability, she had endeavored to identify problems which occur in in teaching and learning. It is hoped that she can improve the quality of teaching and learning from time to time


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