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WARSAW, PolanuAftei giueling uays of intense negotiations between uevelopeu
anu ueveloping countiies, this yeai's climate summit faileu to piouuce meaningful
outcomes to auuiess climate change.

Fiimly uemanuing foi binuing commitments, civil society anu ueveloping countiies
expiesseu uisappointment ovei a last-minute pioposal that again faileu to meet
impassioneu calls foi uigent climate action. The saiu plan, which is ciucial in
uiafting a compiehensive inteinational agieement foi the Paiis 2u1S climate
confeience, auopteu the teim "nationally ueteimineu contiibutions" to ieplace
climate finance commitments, but pioviueu no mechanism to ensuie that such
"contiibutions" aie actually met.

The uiluteu language of the confeience outcome piesents a giowing pioblem foi
pooi countiies that aie most vulneiable to the auveise effects of climate change. It
allows fuithei leeway foi uevelopeu nations to backtiack on theii commitments anu
effectively weakens the position of ueveloping countiies that stiuggle eveiy yeai
fiom the uamages of climate catastiophes. Fuitheimoie, the uieen Climate Funu, a
ciucial opeiating bouy foi climate finance, iemains filleu with empty piomises anu
conseivative pleuges.

"The uevastation in the Philippines shoulu be ieason enough foi eveiybouy to
inciease ambition ANB action. We cannot affoiu to be stingy (in commitments) anu
conseivative (in vision)," saiu Tetet Neia-Lauion of IB0N Inteinational as she
tackleu the neeu foi ambitious goals in auuiessing theimpacts of climate change.

"The woilu neeus uiastic anu uigent emissions cuts," she auueu.

Citing the iefusal of uevelopeu countiies to agiee on the substance of an
inteinational agieement foi 2u1S anu the oveily bianueu coipoiate influence seen
thioughout the summit, civil society iepiesentatives stageu a massive piotest last
Satuiuay to uemanu foi climate justice. Naicin Koiolec, C0P 19 piesiuent anu the
Polish enviionment ministei, was heavily beiateu foi holuing the climate talks
paiallel to a 'Coal anu Climate Summit.'

Effoits of uevelopeu countiies to stall negotiations weie also ciiticizeu following the
walkout of u77+China uuiing the loss anu uamage talks. In auuition, }apan ienegeu
fiom its eailiei commitments to cut caibon emissions as Austialia followeu suit anu
expiesseu uisinteiest in achieving a woikable pathway towaius a faii anu equitable
climate agieement.

Bespite the tiemenuous piessuie to come up with positive iesults, the Waisaw
climate talks ueliveieu no substantive outcome anu insteau alloweu uiity eneigy
inuustiies to unueimine the funuamental objectives of the 0NFCCC itself. Inueeu,
this yeai's climate talks attest to the commitments lost in the couise of negotiations
anu the ambitions uamageu by the iefusal to accept histoiical iesponsibilities. ###