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AUDITION REPERTOIRE Preliminaries/Semi-finals/Finals Excerpts marked with must be played on calf-head timpani during the semifinal round.

d. I Solos (need not be memorized) Timpani Gauger Carter Marimba Bach Snare Drum Delecluse Delecluse II Orchestra Passages Timpani Bartk Bartk Beethoven Beethoven Beethoven Berlioz Bernstein Brahms Brahms Carter Carter Deutsch Hindemith Martin Mozart Schuman Schumann Strauss Stravinsky Tchaikovsky Williams Snare Drum Bernstein Prokofiev Prokofiev Rimsky-Korsakov Schuman Shostakovich Supp Xylophone Gershwin Kodaly Schuman Strauss Stravinsky Concerto for Orchestra Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celeste Symphony No. 1 Symphony No. 9 Violin Concerto Symphonie fantastique (2nd timpani part) Candide Overture Piano Concerto No. 1 Symphony No. 1 Micomicn Variations for Orchestra Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Barn Raising Dance Symphonic Metamorphosis Concerto for Seven Winds and Timpani Symphony No. 39 New England Triptych Symphony No. 4 Burleske for Piano and Orchestra The Rite of Spring Symphony No. 4 Superman: March West Side Story Symphonic Dances (four tom tom part) Lieutenant Kij Symphony No. 5 mvt II Scheherazade New England Triptych Chester Symphony No. 10 Pique Dame Overture Porgy and Bess Opening Hary Janos Symphony No. 3 Salome Dance of the Seven Veils: one m. before E F Les Noces one m. before 58 62 and 87 98 Audition Etude No. 2 Eight Pieces for Timpani Saeta Lute Suite No. 1 in e mineur Allemande Douze Etudes Etude No. 11 Keiskleiriana No. 1 Etude No. 7

Stravinsky Glockenspiel Debussy Dukas Mozart Respighi Vibraphone Bernstein Bass Drum Bartk Britten Mahler Mahler Prokofiev Respighi Stravinsky Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky Cymbals Rachmaninoff Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky Tambourine Bizet Britten Dvok Stravinsky III Sight Reading

The Firebird (complete) La Mer The Sorcerers Apprentice The Magic Flute Pines of Rome West Side Story Symphonic Dances: mm. 569-607 and 620-655 Piano Concerto No. 2 The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra Variation M Symphony No. 3 mvt I Symphony No. 5 Scherzo Violin Concerto No. 2 Feste romane Circenses: rehearsal 6 8 The Rite of Spring rehearsal 72 79 Symphony No. 4 Symphony No. 6 Scherzo Piano Concerto No. 2 Romeo and Juliet Symphony No. 4 mvt IV Carmen Suite No. 2 Danse Bohme Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes Carnival Overture Petrushka (1947) rehearsal 201 207