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 Value Impact Assessments

 Business Process Improvement

 Enterprise Asset Management
 Technology Implementation
 Organizational Transformation
 Financial Decision Support


Chief Operating Officer / How can I improve operational performance? • Value Impact Assessments guarantee operational 
Commanding Officer How do I achieve higher service levels and delivery improvement. Proven best practices improve asset
rates under budget constraints? Are we in compliance performance, reduce total cost of ownership of assets, reduce
with GASB 34, Sarbanes-Oxley or other regulations? capital expenditures, and reduce risk.

Chief Information Officer / How can I generate reports that are accurate, timely • Implementation of a web-based EAM solution results in 
Chief Financial Officer and easy to develop? How can I measure performance significant cost savings over older client-server systems.
without a major investment of time and effort in • Identify data sources, enable automatic data collection for
gathering and formulating data? How can I lower the better decision-making, plus tracking and monitoring the
costs of ownership on system deployment? performance of resources and assets using KPIs. • Business
Technology Optimization solutions reduce the costs of
deploying enterprise IT applications.

Business Manager/ How do I keep the fleet maintained and operating at • Work order and scheduling system generates reports 
Production Manager peak performance? How do I get the drivers to enter needed for improved decision making. • Mobile solution
data while on the road? What is the best method to to make critical equipment and asset information easily
gather information to determine our cost per mile by accessible. • An EAM system designed to manage materials,
fleet? spare parts and procurement processes will minimize vehicle
or asset downtime.

Operations Manager How do I effectively manage maintenance, scheduling • Standardize and consolidate disparate systems to a 
and dispatching compliance, licensing and warranty single EAM platform. Tailor your system to meet your
issues, and grounds and facilities maintenance business process and scheduling requirements. • Inventory
activities? What’s in our inventory? How often does our optimization services and tools identify declining usage stock
inventory turn and do I have dead inventory? and adjust purchasing levels, reduce inventory investment and
increase fill rates.

Maintenance Manager/ How do we maximize the potential of our workforce? • Communication plans, training methods and a structured 
Business Line Manager How do we arm our people with instructions, parts learning program turn knowledge into a tangible asset.
specifications and job plans so they can complete their • Implement an EAM system to manage and schedule tasks,
tasks? How can we organize our spare parts, supplies preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.
and material inventory to maximize effectiveness and • Assess your inventory, identify declining usage stock, adjust
reduce costs? purchasing levels, reduce inventory investment and increase
fill rates.

Fleet Manager What’s the most efficient way to schedule resources • Manage transportation industry requirements, including 
and equipment repairs so the necessary materials and
tools are available when needed? Are inspections/tests
being performed at designated intervals? Are we
Industry Standard Codes and other industry best practices.
• An EAM system can be configured to track preventive
maintenance activities and warranty tracking capability.
notified when equipment is due for inspection?

Facilities Manager Am I doing the necessary repairs to sustain • Lifecycle asset management solutions can help you make 
my facilities? Is the facility in compliance with the right decisions to repair, renovate or retire your assets.
environmental, safety and OSHA regulations? • Scientific methods for determining facility conditions
– detailed building and equipment conditions, probability WE UNDERSTAND THE INDUSTRY
and consequences of failure, and priorities based on budget
Transit System Manager Is my route scheduling and dispatching as efficient as • Deploy an EAM system to plan and forecast route  ❙ PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ❙ TRANSIT PROPERTIES
it could be? Am I performing routine and preventative scheduling and dispatching, as well as manage the current
fleet maintenance? status of equipment. • Train your team to use of this
technology for improved resource allocation and reduced
costly mechanic time.
WE UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES YOU FACE First-ever Implementation of the Maximo® Transportation Module
A manufacturer and distributor of premium ice cream faced complex
VALUE IMPACT ASSESSMENTS  and equipment that should be in
inventory. Our maintenance engineers challenges in the management of its fleet of more than 500 freezers and
Using the vision you have established,
our team helps define business and specialists simplify and automate trucks and 40 distribution centers. Brought on board for our experience with
objectives that drive measurable complex procedures that meet the
improvements in operations and return needs of staff assigned to the job at fleet asset management programs, TRM helped the company with the first-ever
on investment. We work with you to hand.
define strategies for long-term business implementation of the Maximo 5.2 transportation module. TRM’s project team
operations and information technology. TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION  focused on business process improvement and visibility over the entire system
We make certain these strategies are Working with you, we help to define
supported by tactical plans. We help or redefine business processes and – and trained the client how to use the system to plan and forecast maintenance
you build an operations strategy that identify efficiencies that can be gained
decreases operating costs and creates through better use of technology. By and repairs, as well as track and manage the current status of equipment.
capacity for future growth by aligning analyzing the current IT organization,
operations with business objectives. its management and work processes,
we identify critical gaps in capacity,
BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT  productivity, speed and service. The assist with process changes that support a process, implement technological
We perform value impact assessments, result is a solution that supports the best practices. Communication, training applications and transform your
work process evaluations and organiza- mission and business strategy and and mentoring programs enable organization so that data is available
tional analyses that provide an objec- defines how the IT organization can management and the rest of your on a timely basis whether you need cost
tive look at your business processes and more effectively leverage new or workforce to continually improve skills comparisons; cost per piece/vehicle;
overall team effectiveness. Our internal existing technology to meet operational and business processes, collect, retain low lifecycle costs; full utilization/
analysis includes operations and main- needs. We have developed interfaces and transfer valuable knowledge. downtime or other critical information.
tenance assessments, work process im- between leading financial and human We help design mission performance
provement evaluations and facility staff- resource systems, project planning and FINANCIAL DECISION SUPPORT  metrics that increase performance while
ing studies. Our professionals can assist control systems. We can show how Capital investments in assets and achieving your mission.
with tasks required to deal with complex integration can improve internal or operations that improve asset-related
change management issues. external company communication and
THE TOTAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TEAM understands the challenges facing
activities are two large cost components. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 
transaction handling, provide faster the transportation industry today. Whether your mission involves the logistics of Total Resource Management experts Once the business processes are aligned
ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT (EAM) and more accurate information and help you reduce asset investment costs with strategic objectives and the proper
We understand the key factors that lead lower total operating costs. moving people or materials to and from varying destinations, or the maintenance and risks, and more accurately project benchmarks are in place, information
to the implementation of successful and development of complex transportation systems leading in and out of major hubs the impact on future performance. We technology is leveraged to capture
enterprise asset management programs ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION  combine our planning, performance mission-critical data. Performance
and we can implement those programs Our project teams work with you to – you own and maintain expensive assets to support that mission. It is important for measurement and benchmarking metrics enable you to determine the
with or for you. Our field support develop detailed action plans including solutions with our understanding of effectiveness of completed and ongoing
staff can assist in the development tasks focused on achieving maximum managers working in all forms of transportation and transit – from fleet to aviation, industry best practices to help you make operations as well as contributions to
of preventive maintenance planning return on investment in the shortest rail to marine – to maximize the availability of these assets. At the same time, you sound investment decisions. ROI. Designing measurable parameters
and scheduling routines that support possible time. The rapid deployment based on information systems data can
improved business processes. Our of solutions generates continuous must face complex challenges including federal operating and safety regulations, Budget development, data collection, help to identify your current performance
analysis identifies critical systems and management support and momentum. calculations and rate setting play baseline and select performance
classifies equipment. The data from this Certified project management
new GASB 34 asset reporting requirements and Sarbanes-Oxley financial reporting essential roles in the operation and standards based on metrics that
process is designed to mitigate failures professionals align activities with legislation. success of your business, but they also consider system health, process metrics
while optimizing resources required to business strategies. Technical support can be very time consuming. When and individual performance metrics.
maintain equipment. experts design practical solutions the cost of fuel goes up, rates have to
that can be scaled to fit the specific Whether you’re handling fleet, facility, procurement, maintenance, inventory or other change accordingly. We can help design
We help establish lean manufacturing needs of your organization. Valuable
and inventory optimization programs information is stored in data vaults. systems we can help you extend the life of assets, implement new technologies like
that minimize the use of valuable We provide an evaluation of specific
capital. Based on our analysis of industry practices and recommend RIFD and maintain mobile assets. Total Resource Management experts assist in About Total Resource Management, Inc.
Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM) delivers consulting and information technology solutions that
critical equipment failures and risk improvement opportunities. In addition, the realization of mission-driven performance from the investments you make in help organizations improve the management and performance of their enterprise assets (facilities,
factors, we identify parts, components our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) infrastructure, logistics, production and IT). Over the past decade, the company has supported over 200
critical assets. We’re helping today’s transportation industry in the design of single, clients with enterprise asset management expertise, professional services and productivity enhancement
ANALYSIS STRATEGY ACTION PLAN PERFORMANCE integrated enterprise asset management solutions that provide increased cost savings products that result in significant improvements to their business operations.

Management Develop business Develop detailed Project Management over older, disparate systems.
and Work Process objectives and plan and tasks. TRM Headquarters Advanced Technology Centers
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