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UNIT 4: Transport DAYSHEET 50: Introduction to the Cell Membrane

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Biology I
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Today we are beginning a new unit in Biology. We are beginning our Cellular Transport Unit. 1. Go to 2. Click on the Biomonsters Cinema link at the top of the page. 3. Click on CHS Academic Biology Movies link. 4. Watch the Introduction to Cell Membrane Video lecture. 5. Fill in your Cornell Notes as you watch the Introduction to Cell Membrane video lecture. 6. Be sure to call your teacher over once you answer your Stop & Jot questions for a signature. 7. Fill in your Essential Questions on the left side of your notes once you are done.

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Biology Objective / Essential Question:


Main Ideas / Questions: 1.

Notes: ___________ cells have a cell membrane! The cell membrane has many different names: 1) ________________________________________________ 2) ________________________________________________ 3) _________________________________________________


The function (job) of the cell membrane is to _________________ ___________________________________ (balance) by controlling what enters and exits! For example: IN OUT

STOP-AND-JOT: Why is the cell membrane important?


The cell membrane is made of 3 things: ! ____________________________ ! ____________________________ ! ____________________________ The head is _______________ and _________________________ ( ________________________) The tail is ________________ and _________________________ ( ________________________)


Main Ideas / Questions: 5.

Notes: Label the diagram below:


The phospholipid bilayer is selectively permeable. This means it ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ STOP-AND-JOT: 1. Why do the phospholipids arrange themselves in a bilayer?

2. How is the cell membrane like a bounder?


Membrane proteins come in all shapes and sizes Shade in the membrane proteins:

____________________________: moves substances across the membrane that have a hard time getting in on their own ____________________________: allows cells to talk to one another ____________________________: serve as I.D. cards to let other cells know what it is

Main Ideas / Questions:


1. Which of the membrane proteins A or B do you think is used for cell identification? 2. Which of the membrane proteins A or B do you think is used for transporting substances all the way or out of the cell? 3. What is one thing that might happen if your membrane proteins were not functioning correctly?



The function of cholesterol in the membrane is to ______________ _____________________ of the membrane Shade in the cholesterol molecules (Hint: they look like honeycombs!)

STOP-AND-JOT: 1. Why is it important for the membrane to be fluid? 2. What would happen to the membrane and your cell if cholesterol was not working properly?

Activity 2: Time to Practice! Directions: 1. Go to 2. Click on the Nerd Words link at the top of the page. 3. Click on the StudyStack image to access your E. Flashcards. 4. Click on The Cell Membrane StudyStack to begin your practice.