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A: Hello, Susan. How are you? A: Hello, Susan. Apa kabar? B: Hi, Mark. B: Hai, Mark.

A: Do you work in this neighborhood? A: Apa kamu kerja di sekitar sini? A: So, where do you work? B: In an offi e on Main Street. A: !h, what do you do? A: How about you? #hat do you do? B: I$m a lawyer. A: Do you work around here. Barber: &e't( .... And how are you today, sir? Jonathan: *retty good, thanks. And you? Barber: &ot bad. &ew in town? Jonathan: )es, we just mo,ed here from #ashington. Barber: #e? Are you married? Jonathan: )es, I am. My wife and I ha,e two hildren, a son and a daughter. A: "adi di mana kamu bekerja? B: Di sebuah kantor di "alan Main. A: !h, apa pekerjaanmu? A: %agaimana denganmu? Apa pekerjaanmu? B: Aku seorang penga ara. A: Apa kamu kerja di sekitar sini? Barber: )ang berikut( .... Dan apa kabarmu hari ini, tuan? Jonathan: +umayan baik, terima kasih. Dan Anda? Barber: +umayan. %aru di kota? Jonathan: )a, kami baru saja pindah ke sini dari #ashington. Barber- .ami? Apa anda sudah menikah? Jonathan- )a. Istriku dan aku memiliki dua anak, laki/laki dan perempuan.

Barber: +i,e around here? Barber: 0inggal di sekitar sini? Jonathan: )es, right a ross the street? Jonathan: )a, tepat di seberang jalan itu? Barber: In one of those apartments? Barber: Di salah satu dari apartemen/apartemen itu? Jonathan: 1h/uh. 0hat$s right. Jonathan: A/ha. Itu benar. Barber: #hat do you do for a li,ing? Barber- Apa pekerjaan Anda? Jonathan: I$m a banker. Jonathan- Saya seorang bankir. Barber: 2irst &ational %ank? Barber: Di 2irst &ational %ank? Jonathan: &o, the Se ond &ational, Jonathan: 0idak, di Se ond &ational %ank, di o,er on 2irst Street. "alan *ertama. %arber- #hat$s your name, by the way? Barber: &gomong/ngomong, apa nama Anda? Jonathan: 3iley. "onathan 3iley. Jonathan- 3iley. "onathan 3iley. Girl: Are you si'teen yet? Boy: &ot yet, but my birthday is in Mar h. Girl: #hen in Mar h? Boy: It$s Mar h 45th. Anak Perempuan: Apa kamu sudah enam belas? Anak laki-laki: %elum, tetapi ulang tahunku pada bulan Maret. Anak Perempuan: .apan di bulan Maret? Anak laki-laki: 1lang tahunnya tanggal 45 Maret.

Man: 0here$s a party for my daughter Pria: Ada sebuah pesta untuk anak perempuanku tonight. It$s her twelfth birthday. nanti malam. Itu ulang tahunnya yang ke/64. Woman: I hope you ha,e a good time. Wanita: Saya harap anda menikmati pestanya. Marie: Syl,ia( #hat are you doing here? Sylvia: !h, hi, Marie. I$m getting a birthday present for my son. It$s his thirtieth birthday this year. Marie: )ou$re kidding( My son is the ,ery same age. A: I hear today$s your birthday. <ongratulations( B: 0hanks. )eah, it$s my twenty/first birthday... I$m finally twenty/one. A: Here$s my bus. B: 0hat$s my bus, too. A: !h? #here do you li,e? A: #here do you li,e on #ashington A,enue? B: In an apartment building between 2irst and Se ond. It$s at 67. #ashington A,enue. A: 3eally? I li,e in the same building. #hat floor are you on? A: I ha,e an apartment on the se ond floor. B: Do you li,e alone? A: )es, I do. I$m single. #hat about you? Marie: Syl,ia( Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan di sini? Sylvia: !h, hai, Marie. Saya sedang membeli hadiah ultah untuk anak laki/lakiku. Hari ultahnya yang ke / 6; tahun ini. Marie: .amu ber anda( Anak laki/lakiku juga sama umurnya. A: Saya dengar hari ini ultahmu. Selamat( B: 0erima kasih. )ah, ini ultahku yang ke/46. Saya akhirnya 46. A: Ini bis saya. B: Itu bis saya, juga. A: !h, Dimana kamu tinggal? A: Dimana kamu tinggal di "alan #ashington? B: Di sebuah gedung apartemen antara 8"alan9 *ertama dan 8"alan9 .edua. :edungnya di "alan #ashington 67. A: Sungguh? Aku tinggal di gedung yang sama. .amu di lantai berapa? A: Saya punya sebuah apartemen di lantai dua. B: .amu tinggal sendirian? A: )a. Saya masih bujang. .alau kamu?

Sparky (laughing) : The look on that guys puss! Hunter (amused) : Who you talkin about? Sparky (laughing) : That guy we just ripped o ! !m thinkin about the look on his a"e when he sees his big "olle"tion o #a$ajo jewelry is gone! Hunter : ! know somebody else whos gonna bust a $ein in his head! %%%his insuran"e guy! ...General laughter. Kat (showing o a ring on her inger and taking a snobby tone) : &adams jewelry aint too bad either! Hunter : #o wonder she has the ni"est jewelry' with a husband thats got the most $aluable "olle"tion in (lbu)uer)ue% Sparky (jokingly) : *ad the most $aluable "olle"tion! ...General laughter% Sparky : *ey' +ijay,whats your problem!? Vijay (s"owling) : -ou shouldnt ha$e taken that #a$ajo statuette' .parky% Sparky : -oure makin a a"e /"ause o that "rummy statuette?! Vijay (s"owling) : That one' we shouldnt ha$e taken% Sparky : (nd why not? !t looks "ool! Vijay : &aybe' but somethings not right% We shouldnt ha$e stolen it% Hunter : 0ela1' +ijay' its only a pie"e o stone! Vijay (his anger beginning to build) : ( pie"e o stone that wasnt mi1ed in with the others% ! the guy hid it that well' its be"ause he had his reasons% 2ont you think? Sparky : Whaddaya mean by that? Vijay (his anger "oming ba"k) : Well' why do you think he put two "ir"les o salt around it? Sparky (mo"kingly) : 3h4ho' hes gonna do the 51or"ist or us now!!! Vijay (angry) : !n any "ase' we shouldnt ha$e taken it% !t wasnt part o the plan% Vijays firmness imposes a few seconds of silence. Hunter : 6eople "an do whate$er they want in their own homes% The important thing is that we "an steal rom them! Sparky is the only who laughs. Kat : .o wherere we goin? Hunter (glad to "hange the subje"t) : 2ont worry' a pla"e where no one "an bug us% Vijay : (re you saying that or my bene it? Kat ("almly) : 7ee8' +ij' dont take e$erything so personally% (pause) .o where is this pla"e? *unter (taking an e1aggeratedly mysterious tone) : !ts a%%% ghost4town! Sparky (brandishing his weapon) : 7hosts or no ghosts' we got what we need to be goddamn le t alone%%%(looking at his wat"h) *ey' my wat"h stopped working% Kat (looking at her own wat"h) : &ine stopped too! Vijay (an1ious) : .hit' me too! A heavy silence hangs over the group. Fear begins to creep into everyones spirit. Hunter (annoyed) : Where were going' we wont need them% Time doesnt "ount in *ell%

Sorry and please at the station Bob: How an I help you? Mary: I would like to pur hase two ti kets to +ondon, please. Bob: #hen do you want to go? Mary: 0oday, please. Bob: I am sorry, but today is sold out. Mary: How about tomorrow? Bob: )es, we ha,e ti kets a,ailable for tomorrow. Introduction Sam: Hello. My name is Sam. eiko: Hi. I am .eiko. Sam: It is ni e to meet you. #el ome to +ondon. eiko: 0hank you. It is ni e to meet you, too. Sam: #here are you from? eiko: I am from 0okyo. #here are you from? Sam: I am from &ew )ork.

!"cuse me and thank you# What time is it$ Sam: =' use me? eiko: )es? Sam: Do you know what time it is? eiko: )es, it is >-;5. Sam: Do you know when the ne't bus omes? eiko: It omes at >->?. Sam: 0hank you.

%o& much does it cost 'part ()$ eiko: =' use me, sir? Sam: )es, how an I help you today? eiko: I am shopping for a ni e sweater. Sam: How about this blue one? eiko: I like it. How mu h does this sweater ost? Sam: It is 75 dollars. eiko: :reat. <an I try it on? Sam: )es, the fitting room is o,er there.

%o& much does it cost 'part ()$ eiko: =' use me, sir? Sam: )es, how an I help you today? eiko: I am shopping for a ni e sweater. Sam: How about this blue one? eiko: I like it. How mu h does this sweater ost? Sam: It is 75 dollars. eiko: :reat. <an I try it on? Sam: )es, the fitting room is o,er there.

Where is the bathroom$ Sam: =' use me, miss? eiko: )es? Sam: #here is the nearest bathroom? eiko: It is down the hall, there. Sam: !n the right side? eiko: &o. It is the one farther down, on the left. Sam: 0hank you. eiko: )ou are wel ome.

*ost+ eiko: Do you ha,e my passport? Sam: &o, why? eiko: I think I lost it. Sam: Did you he k in your suit ase? eiko: )es. It is not there. Sam: Is it in your purse? eiko: It is not there, either. Sam: I see it. It is on the table, under your books. eiko: 0hanks(

,ecidin- &hat to do lets -o Sam: #hat do you want to do? eiko: +et$s go shopping. Sam: I do not want to go shopping today. eiko: +et$s go to a af@ then. Sam: I do not want any offee, either. eiko: How about a mo,ie? Sam: :ood idea( eiko: !.. +et$s go. Apartments .n the phone Sam: Hello? eiko: Hi. I am alling about the apartment for rent. Sam: )es? eiko: How many bedrooms does it ha,e? Sam: It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. eiko: And what floor is it on? Sam: It is on the third floor. eiko: :ood. Is there an ele,ator? Sam: &o. 0he building only has stairs. eiko: Does the building ha,e parking?

Sam: )es. 0here is a garage in the building. eiko: !.. How mu h is the rent? Sam: 3ent is se,en/hundred and fifty dollars per month. eiko: #hen is it a,ailable? Sam: It is a,ailable on "uly first. eiko: #ell, I am li,ing in <anada now, but I am mo,ing to Ameri a before "uly first. Sam: !.. *lease all when you want to see it. eiko: 0hank you. :ood bye. Birthday and /amily Sam: Hi( How are you? eiko: :reat. How are you? Sam: I just had my birthday. eiko: 3eally? How old are you? Sam: I am ;?. eiko: Are you married? Sam: )es. I got married three years ago. eiko: Do you ha,e any hildren? Sam: )es. I ha,e a daughter. She is four years old. Do you ha,e hildren? eiko: )es, I ha,e two. My older son is fi,e, and my younger son is three. Sam: Do you ha,e any photos? eiko: )es, they are in my purse. Sam: #ho is this? eiko: 0hat is my older son with his grandmother and grandfather. Sam: He is a handsome boy. eiko: 0hank you. Here is a photo of the whole family. Sam: #ho are the other man and woman? eiko: 0hat is my aunt and un le and these are my ousins. Sam: #ell, it is great to see you again. Say $hi$ to your husband. eiko: !.. :ood bye.

School Sam: How is s hool? eiko: :ood. I ha,e a lot of homework. Sam: #hat lasses are you taking? eiko: In the morning, I ha,e math. Sam: #hat time? eiko: At nine o$ lo k. 0hen I ha,e history at ele,en. Sam: #hen do you eat lun h? eiko: I eat lun h from twel,e until one o$ lo k. Sam: 0hen what? eiko: 0hen I ha,e s ien e from one until two. Sam: Is that all? eiko: &o. I also ha,e literature from two until three. Sam: #hat time do you go home? eiko: I usually play so er after s hool. 0hen I get home at about ? o$ lo k.

Groceries Sam: I am going to the gro ery store. Do we need anything? eiko: )es. +et$s make a list. Sam: !.. #e need milk. #hat else? eiko: #e also need eggs and heese. Sam: #hat about fruit? eiko: )es. :et bananas, apples, and oranges. Sam: Any jui e? eiko: Sure. :et some orange jui e. Sam: Do we need ,egetables? eiko: )es. :et tomatoes, peppers, and lettu e. Sam: IAll also get spina h and onion. #hat else? eiko: !h, bread and ri e. Sam: And do you want anything for desert? eiko: !f ourse. :et some i e ream.

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