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Present Simple or Present Continuous?


The simple present tense is often confused with the present continuous tense. This page will explain when to use each one. 1. The simple present tense
The simple present tense is used for two main types of action: Habits States Actions which happen regularly (for example, every day or every week) Things which do not often change (for example, opinions and conditions)

Some examples will help to make this clearer: Type of action

Examples oung!"i goes to class every day. 't rains a lot in (ancouver.


#$very day% is a ha&it. This means that it rains often. #Always% means this is a ha&it. This implies that he spends *hristmas with his parents every year. This is a state, &ecause it doesn-t change. Someone-s hair colour doesn-t usually change. /hen we like something, usually we will always like it. +eliefs and opinions are states. They don-t often change.


Santos always talks a&out his family. )erry spends *hristmas with his parents. +ianca lives in ,lorida. )ean!.aul has red hair.


"artin likes chocolate.

Anna &elieves in 0od.

2. The present continuous tense

The present continuous tense is used for two main types of action: temporary action happenin! no" definite plan for the future 1ere are some examples: Type of action Temporary action happenin! ri!ht no" Examples )ohn is winning the game. 't-s raining outside. Soraya-s working in the li&rary. Explanations 2ight now, )ohn is winning, &ut the game isn-t finished yet. 't-s raining right now (&ut it may stop soon). She-s working there right now. Something which is !oin! on ri!ht no" (&ut it will stop in the future) Something we intend to do, usually in the near future

Sihol is spending *hristmas with his family.

1e-s spending *hristmas with his family right now, this year. ("ay&e next year he won-t.)

3. 4ook5 )unko 66666666 into the water. A. 7umps +. is 7umping 8. 9nce a week, ' 66666666 to an art class at the college. A. go +. am going :. 't 66666666 ;uite hard < perhaps we shouldn-t go out tonight. A. snows +. is snowing =. ' 66666666 you-re cra>y5 A. think +. am thinking ?. ' 66666666 to Toronto next Thursday. @o you want to comeA A. go +. am going B. ' 66666666 lunch in the cafeteria every day. A. have +. am having C. @on-t give )an any cheese. She 66666666 it5 A. hates +. is hating D. ou won-t find )erry at home right now. 1e 66666666 in the li&rary. A. studies +. is studying E. Salman is rich < he 66666666 a "ercedes. A. drives +. is driving 3F."arie!*laude isn-t a *anadian. ' 66666666 she comes from ,rance. A. &elieve +. am &elieving