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Small Fortune With $7 Products

How to Make A Small Fortune with Tiny Little $7 Products

By Jason Fladlien

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Small Fortune With $7 Products

The Internet has changed. Back in the day, the "rule of thumb" was you made high priced, high ticket, complex products. The logic was simple - It s easier to get 1! people to buy a "1#$ product than to get 1#$ people to buy a "1! product. %hoa, ha&e times changed' (yth - It s )ust as easy to create and sell a high ticket item as a low ticket item. *act - +ow ticket products are easier to sell ,you need about $-! words of copy. and take much less time to create. /nother huge benefit is buyer leads. 0n a&erage, someone who buys something... e&en a tiny little "$ report... is worth to you about 1!-1- times as much as someone who )ust signs up to get a free report. 1et it2 3ou can get 4/I5 to build a list. %hat s easier2 1etting 1!!! people to sign up for a free list2 0r getting $- people to buy a little "$ product2 The second scenario is much easier. 6o that s %73 you should do it. 8ow let s get into the 70%.

One Problem One Solution

7ere s something of &alue9 ha&ing all the answers in one easy to reference report. It doesn t mean that information has to be groundbreaking, inno&ate, fresh, new or ama:ing. If you create nothing more than a guide that has all the good stuff in it... organi:ed in an easy to understand way... and that people can reference...

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Small Fortune With $7 Products

That s </6I+3 worth "$. (ore to the point - it s easier for you to do research and create a little product. %ithout any experts either' 7ere s how it s done. =ule 1 - /ll "$ products must ha&e a step by step system. =ule ; - /ll "$ products must focus on one &ery specific problem... with 08< solution. +et s take some examples. is one of the most popular Internet marketing forums on the net. 7ere s how this would apply to little "$ products. +et s &isit the main forum and see if we can find one specific problem. Immediately one thing pops out... "%hat>s the ?uickest way to generate traffic2" There are -@ replies in that one T7=</5 as of the time of this writing. 7mmm... 1etting any ideas yet2 Aouldn t you create a little "$ report with BThe C Duickest %ays to 1et Traffic"2 0r e&en better... "The Three Duickest *=<< %ays to 1et Traffic." %hate&er. 3ou get the idea. %hat about research2 %ell start in T7/T thread. /lso do a search in that forum for past archi&es about how to generate traffic. (ake some notes. Areate a step by step outline. It doesn t matter so much if you personally ha&e gotten results with these methods. It s )ust that it s going to be a step by step plan that makes sense because of what your research has told you. In this case you can make three such plans to gi&e them a few options. That is worth "$ to ha&e. <asily. These little "$ reports should be no longer than 1! pages or so. 6o you can get right to the point. Eump right into it. Aome right out with the step by step. /nd that s it.

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Small Fortune With $7 Products

More Ideas
There are posts that pop up all the time on %arrior forum for %ord4ress stuff. 6o here s what you do. 3ou do a "search" in the forum for anything related to %ord4ress. /nd see what ?uestions come up o&er and o&er and o&er again. Then you create a report. <ach short chapter is an answer to a ma)or problem people keep asking o&er and o&er again. 4ick $ to 1! of these. /nswer each one in a page or two. That s it. 3ou re done. /gain, it s )ust a well researched report. But it has huge &alue because people are begging for the answers. 7ere s another idea for a little "$ report - the topic is <:ine /rticles. This is a hot topic because people know that <:ine /rticles is the best place to submit articles for traffic. 6o you can create a little 1! page report that shows them the - best ways to exploit <:ine /rticles for traffic and profit. *irst you go on a little research excursion and make a list of all the stuff you can find related to <:ine /rticles. 4ick what seem to be the best tips, write up a ; page step by step action plan for each tip... when you re done you ha&e your "$ product. /nd this is )ust one forum in one niche. 6heesh, the possibilities are endlessF

!ritin" the Sales #o$y

7ere s what I lo&e about little "$ products. It takes a &ery short sales letter to sell these productsF +et s take a look at this one by Eason *ladlien9

http9GG)fladcoaching.comGmoreclients.html Page H

Small Fortune With $7 Products

4retty simple, isn t it2 +ess than 1!!! words. 4retty much )ust describes the product, adds a couple of bonuses in, throws in a guarantee and asks for the order. This isn t rocket science, but it does work. /nd the report in that sales letter took less than an hour to create.

The Hidden Money

0ne of the coolest ways to make money with these "$ reports is to gi&e away 1!!I commissions. 3ou can use a program like =apid /ction 4rofits to set it up so that an affiliate gets instantly paid into their 4ay4al account 1!!I of the "$ sale. %hy would you go and do that2 /re you cra:y2 0nly like a fox' 6ee, affiliates lo&e instant commissions, like =apid /ction 4rofits pro&ides. 6econd, you ha&e to mess with 80 payouts yourself since it handles the payouts for you. Third - they are building your buyers list for you. It s that simple. 0n the backend, all you would ha&e to do is promote affiliate products all day long and you will make a killing... because the ?uality of your list would be so high. /t the same time, you could always create more "$ products and sell them directly yourself to your list that affiliates ha&e created for you. *ourth, what about an upsell2 3ou can gi&e affiliates 1!!I commission on the front end, and keep 1!!I of the "one time offer" that you offer after someone buys your little "$ report. 1et it2 These are great little products that can easily be made &iral. /nd if you create enough of these ,it s real easy to do one a week. in no time you ll ha&e all these different income streams with all kinds of traffic coming to them and you literally )ust sit back and watch in ama:ement as you get paid to build your list. Then the sky is the limit from there'

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Small Fortune With $7 Products

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Small Fortune With $7 Products

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Small Fortune With $7 Products

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