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Why WIRE HARNESS is required? The total length of wires can be as much as 3 to 4 km in a car, 600 km in an aircraft, while the total cable length in a cruise ship can reach up to 2500 km. the weight of the components and harnesses needs to be tracked and optimized in order to keep the cost of harnesses under control. This integrated en ironment impro es design !ualit", drasticall" reduces time needed for modifications and minimizes errors, leading to optimizing the costs.

What is Electrical Wire? #lectrical $ire is a insulated conductor used to carr" electricit"

What is a Electrical Cable/ Bu dle? % cable is two or more wires running side b" side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembl". !r"tecti#e C"#eri $s% There are two t"pes of protecti e co erings to the harness. &. 'rotecti e tape 2. 'rotecti e corrugated tube. 'rotecti e co erings are instantiated from an electrical catalog. (" default, the protecti e co ering will co er the entire bundle segment, howe er, it can be ad)usted to co er )ust particular segments.

Corrugated Tube Cable Protective tape

!r"tecti#e C"#eri $ &ith Su''"rts There ma" be man" times when "ou want to appl" protecti e co ering around "our bundle )ust at the support locations. This keeps the bundle protected in )ust the areas susceptible to cutting and damage b" the support.

Setti $s i


T""ls ('ti" s

'art *nfrastructure +eneral Acti#ate ,eep -ink with .elected /b)ect 0To ,eep link between 1able 2 .upport3 'art *nfrastructure +eneral ) chec* 4se 5oot conte6t in %ssembl" 'roduct .tructure Tree 1ustomization 5elations Acti#ate07es3 #!uipment 2 ."stems 8arness 9anagement Select the re!uired (undle .egment 'rofile #!uipment 2 ."stems #lectrical 'rocess *nterfacing #nable #6ternal ."stem *nterfacing 2 !aste the 'ath "+ ,-L .ile L"cati" in :#lectrical i;< =ata 5epositor": (o6

'arameters 2 9easure ,nowledge #n ironment Acti#ate -oad #6tended -anguage -ibraries

Ty'es "+ Lice si $%

ELB EHI EWR EH. / / / / Electrical Library 0 Electrical Har ess I stallati" Electrical Wire R"uti $ 0 Electrical Har ess .latte i $ 0 0

/ne configuration -icense0#g> 8=2, 9=2, ;92 etc.3 has to be selected along with an" of the abo e 'roduct -icense. /therwise below warning will be displa"ed.


#-( allows users to create and manage catalogues containing electrical components. This product e6tends mechanical parts and assemblies with electrical beha iors to define electrical components, such as connectors, e!uipments, shells, supports and protections. These de ices can be stored in catalogues in the same wa" as mechanical 1%T*% ?5 parts@assemblies. $hen the components are placed from the catalogue in the =94, it takes into account all preAdefined mechanical constraints, this allowing a 1orrect use@placement of the de ices.

Electrical !art Desi$ % This $orkbench is used to add an #lectrical (eha ior to a 9echanical 'art. *t means 1on erting 9echanical .tructure into #lectrical =efinitions. Electrical Asse1bly Desi$ % This $orkbench pro ides functions to link 2 unlink #lectrical 1omponents. <or instance an #!uipment with a =e ice connector. This $orkbench allows the #lectrical %ssemblies creation of #lectrical 1omponents. (ecause of #lectrical =efinitions constraints are not re!uired in %ssembl".

=efining an electrical harness re!uires two steps. 7ou must first define the re!uired connectors and connection points. /nce "ou ha e these connections, "ou are read" to begin defining the geometric bundle that links the arious connection points. These geometric bundles will beha e as a space reser ation for the wiring the" will contain. 8ere "ou will not be defining the actual wires within the geometric bundle, but rather )ust the o erall size and shape of the geometric bundle that will contain the wiring. This will =efine the bundle as a whole for space reser ation and connecti it" information and not to define pin to pin connecti it". 'in to 'in connecti it" "ou will be done in the #lectrical $ire 5outing workbench

There are two workbenches in ol ed in electrical harness design. The" are the #lectrical 8arness %ssembl" and the #lectrical 8arness *nstallation workbenches. The two workbenches are used simultaneousl" to define the geometric bundle. %lthough the #lectrical 8arness *nstallation workbench is a separate workbench, it is generall" onl" accessed through the #lectrical 8arness %ssembl" workbench when defining a specific bundle segment. This is a similar beha ior to the .ketcher and 'art =esign workbenches. 7ou generall" do not access the sketcher workbench directl", but instead "ou access sketcher through the 'art =esign workbench. Electrical Har ess Asse1bly% This workbench will allow "ou to work with the geometric bundle as a whole. Electrical Har ess I stallati" % This workbench will allow "ou to define the specific bundle segment and route the bundle with 5ealistic shape of the harnesses b" taking into account the material characteristics

(ased on the definition of the wires in the schematic@functional application0#1%= data like #'lan3 1%T*% B #lectrical $ire 5outing 2 0#$53 will

route these wires through the created bundles, completing the electrical wire harness s"stem. Two t"pes reports can be generated> &. 8T9- report files, including the list of ph"sical wires created at routing step 2. ;9- files containing the complete harness description to be reused for harness manufacturing and documentation.

#8< e6tracts 3= #lectrical data and pro ides a flattened iew of the #lectrical 8arness. *t is pro ided with a set of tools to manipulate bundle segments in term

of position to reach the ade!uate solution. *t produce 2= associati e drawings for inspection and documentation purpose. #8< also enables 3= flattened iew of harness. Therefore, if a bundle segment that is er" rigid must keep its original bended shape. 3= 9echanical constraints defined with #lectrical 8arness *nstallation 0#8*3 are preser ed, so that bend radius and length of bundle segment are still constrained. #8< pro ides all the manufacturing documentation.

Cote> %lwa"s obser e the .pecification Tree in e er" step while working. &. 1reate a small part in 'art =esign $orkbench 2 name as 'in.

2. .witch to #lectrical 'art =esign $orkbench 3. 1lick on =efine 9ounting #!uipment icon .pecification Tree 2 click /,. 2 select the 5oot part in the

4. =efine 1a it"

b" selecting hole &

5. %fter selecting the abo e options, 1lick /, 2 obser e the changes in .pecification Tree 6. .imilarl" =efine 1a it" for other 8oles.

D. Cow =efine (undle 1onnection 'oint

E. Cow =efine 1a it" 1onnection 'oint

F. .a e the <ile in 1atalog. Creati $ a Bu dle Se$1e t% 34 /pen #lectrical 8arness %ssembl" $orkbench. Came the product Har ess 3

04 .elect the +eometrical (undle icon specification

then select 8arness & from the

tree. Cotice a few things happen in the specification tree

$ith the default options, the product name will automaticall" change to Geometrical Bundle1. 7ou can change the name of the bundle to an"thing "ou want. Cha $e the a1e "+ Geometrical Bundle1 bac* t" Har ess 34 54 Cow call the 'in from 1atalog browser 02 instances3 64 (" using 1ompass, 'osition the 'ins as shown in the below image 74 Cow 1lick (undle .egment 84 *n (undle .egment =efinition (o6, 1lick 5oute =efinition

94 .elect the points of 'in& 2 'in2

:4 %fter click /,., (undle .egment =efinition (o6 appears. ;4 8ere "ou can =efine =iameter, (end 5adius 5atio, (uild 9ode0.lack -ength 2 (end3. 3<4 *n (uild 9ode we ha e 3 options >.lack, -ength 2 (endG This options can be selected as per customer 5e!uirement. 334 1lick /, to create a (undle.05ib is created in .pecification <eature.3 304 Cow T" edit this +eatureG .elect 5ib 2 click (undle .egment