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HARI/TANGGAL MATA PELAJARAN WAKTU : 4 Desember 2013 : BAHASA INGGRIS : 60 menit NAMA KELAS NILAI : ................................. : IV SD : .................................

Choose the best answers for these questions! 1. Abed : Hello, Erick. Erick : ., Abed. a. Hello b. How are you? c. fine. d. bye 2. Jonathan : Hi, Feli. Feli : Hi, Jo. Jonathan : How are you today? Feli : . a. How are you? b. How do you do? c. Im fine. Thanks. d. Im Feli. Thanks. 3. Feli : Good morning, Abed. Abed : ., Feli. Feli : How is everything? Abed : Its good. a. Very well b. Not bad c. Goodbye d. Good morning 4. Maura : Good afternoon, Meliana. Meliana : Good afternoon, Maura. Maura : How are you? Meliana : Im fine. Thanks. . Maura : Im OK. Thanks. a. very much b. how is everything? c. Its good d. And you? 5. Peter wants to go to sleep. He says . to his mother. a. good morning b. good afternoon c. good evening d. good night 6. After English lesson the students say . to Miss Rani. a. good evening b. good afternoon c. good bye d. good night 7. Vivian : Excuse me. .? Jonathan : My name is Jonathan a. Who is she b. Are you Jonathan c. Is he Jonathan d. What is your name 8. Hello, friends. My name is Shierly. I am nine years old. I am in grade four. Nice to meet you. a. She is in grade three. b. Her name is Shierly c. Her friend is Shierly d. They are nice to you 9. Angel : This my new . a. school bag b. shirt c. stationary d. shoes 10. I have . a. two erasers b. two rulers c. four pencil cases d. four pencils

11. How many books are there in your bag? a. There is one book. b. There are two books. c. There is four books. d. There are four books

12. Jericho : What do you have in your bag? Angel : I have . a. pens, table, and window b. pencils, pens, and books c. books, rulers, chair d. chair, table, window

13. Put the book on the book . a. cases b. cover c. shelves d. cabinet 14. Dont sit on the . The teacher will be angry. a. chair b. sofa c. couch d. table 15. Clean the , please. So, the teacher can write on it. a. white board b. window c. floor d. door 16. Can you . the floor, please? a. wash b. sweep c. clean d. dirt 17. . the window, please! a. take b. write c. push d. close 18. Mr. and Mrs. Heru have three . a. siblings b. childs c. family d. children 19. Mr. and Mrs. Heru have two . a. sisters b. nieces c. daughters d. children This is Andy

The picture is for number 22-24

22. Sarah father is Jessicas . a. husband b. grandfather c. uncle d. nephew 23. Sarahs sisters husband is Nickson . a. grandfather b. father c. uncle d. son 24. Samanthas granddaughter is James . a. mother b. sister c. niece d. cousin 25. Donald and Nickson are . a. granddaughter and grandchild b. grandfather and daughter c. grandparents and brother d. grandfather and grandson


Andy loves his family. This is Andys . a. grandmother b. grandfather c. father d. son This is Andys sibling. She is Andys . a. younger brother b. older daughter c. youngest niece d. oldrsister


II. Fill in the blank with their names based on the text below! Sebastian is a student. He is ten years old. His father is Mr. Steven. He is a businessperson. His mother is a housewife. Her name is Sisca. His father has a sister. She is Chynthia. She is a singer. She just has a baby. Its a boy. Kevins father is Mr. Martin. Sebastians grandfather is Mr. Hamano. His grandmother, Lusiana, loves Sebastian very much. His grandfather once told Sebastian that his grand grandfather and grand grandmother are Japanese. They are Mr. and Mrs. Kurayanagi. However, his grand grandparents from his grandmother are Indonesian. Mr. Sanjaya used to ask Mrs. Sanjaya to Japan for work. There, his grandmother met his grandfather when they were in elementary school.

III. Answer the questions based on the conversation below! Brilli : Excuse me, Tessa. Tessa : Yes? Brilli : How many pencils do you have? Tessa : Two. Why? Brilli : I dont bring my pencil. May I borrow your pencil, please? Tessa : Sure. Here you are. Brilli : Thanks Tessa : No problem. Brilli : and do you bring a dictionary? Tessa : No, I dont. Dont worry. You can borrow from the library. Brilli : Can you go there with me? Tessa : Sure. Come on. 1. Who does borrow Tessas pencil? .. 2. Who does borrow Tessas dictionary? 3. Does Tessa lend her pencil? 4. Why did Tessa not lend her dictionary? . 5. Where must Brilli borrow a dictionary? .

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