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Rivet, Richard James. (b.

By Catherine Mattes
Metis artist Rick Rivet was born at Aklavik, Northwest Territories. e receive! a
B.A. "ro# the $niversity o" Alberta in %!#onton (19&') an! a B.(.A. "ro# the
$niversity o" )ictoria in 19*+. e co#,lete! his M.(.A. an! B. %!. at the $niversity o"
-askatchewan in 19*+.*1. e also st/!ie! at the Ban"" Centre "or the Arts !/rin0 this
Rivet ,aints abo/t his Metis reality an! view,oint, "oc/sin0 on historical events an!
conte#,orary iss/es revolvin0 aro/n! colonialis#. e s/00ests in INDIGENA 1
Conte#,orary Native 2ers,ectives that his art 3bears witness to the colonial history that
has ha! !evastatin0 e""ects in all s,heres o" Abori0inal li"e, whether econo#ic, social,
,olitical or c/lt/ral.4
An e5a#,le is his ,iece 6o/n!e! 7nee 88, a ,aintin0 abo/t the
historical #assacre known as 6o/n!e! 7nee that took ,lace on 9ece#ber '9, 1*9+ near
the Roseb/! an! 2ine Ri!0e reservations in -o/th 9akota. Rivet is in"l/ence! by the
sacre! belie"s o" (irst 2eo,les all over the worl!, an! as -arain -t/#, !i!, believes it is
i#,ortant to re"lect on all Abori0inal histories. Barry Ace s/00ests in the essay 3Richar!
Rivet: Conte#,orary Alche#ist4 that his ,aintin0s transcen! c/lt/ral bo/n!aries, /sin0
vario/s styles, s/ch as colla0e, abstract e5,ressionis#, an! ,ri#itivis#.
;ike Boyer an! 2oitras, Rick Rivet is reco0ni<e! all over North A#erica an! abroa!
"or his artistic contrib/tions. e has serve! as a =/rist "or the 8n!ian Art Centre, 8n!ian
an! Northern A""airs Cana!a, an! the Cana!a Co/ncil. e has been a boar! #e#ber o"
the -ociety o" Cana!ian Artists o" Native Ancestry an! ta/0ht art in New"o/n!lan! an!
Ace, Barry. 3Richar! Rivet: Conte#,orary Alche#ist.4 8n Osopikahikiwak. 2aris: Centre
c/lt/rel cana!ien, 1999: >9.
Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell
Metis Heritage and History Research Coordinator
Louis Riel Institute
Rick Rivet, artist state#ent in Indigena, ,. 1&4.