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You are a SHE officer of the waste oil recycling facility at Industrial area of Gebeng Kuantan. In line with the commitment of the Government of Malaysia to reduce waste volume and improve waste management practices you have been as!ed by the company to propose the best practices technology of the e"isting scheduled waste recovery #lant at Industrial $rea of Gebeng Kuantan. It is anticipated that the #roposed upgrading of the e"isting #lant shall enable the organi%ation to receive and treat the scheduled waste in the immediate future and thus reducing the overall volume of final disposal for these waste products. &igure ' shows the detailes about the pro(ect.
Project description Process description The proposed project will involve construction of the plant and plant operation a) The proposed industry is able to recover up to maximum 90% of useable components from the waste collected to produce base oil. b) The plant is designed to handle oily wastes. c) The machine selected for the recovery plant used to change the reciprocity between oil and water so that the water will be separated from the oily waste.

mount of oily waste to be collected

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)riefly discuss how to handle this type of scheduled waste by fulfilling all those criteria* +. ,escribe the definition of schedule waste and and how to transports the scheduled waste. -. .ollection procedure /.onsignment note 0find the real consignment note and fill it1 / 2aste pac!aging and 3abelling 0show e"ample how to lable the waste1 4. 5reatment '. ,isposal 6. 7ecycling and recovery 8. $s a SHE officer you have to comply with related regulations under E9$ +:;'. 2hat are the legal re<uirements needed in order to construct new oily waste recovery plant.
=5his assignment re<uires a degree of resourcefulness in finding suitable information it may be from the internet or any other source but it must be properly referenced and >?5 be copied wholesale from the

source. Your report should be concise and typed in English using Microsoft 2ord and submitted to your lecturer ON 4/6/2013.