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Secret Societies Then & Now

Some of the most powerful human beings in history have been members of secret Societies. Many scholars trace their origins to ancient man. In that era, numerous humans relied on priests to guide their lives. In fact, in some cases, the priests ruled the Kings of the lands throughout the ancient world. The priests guarded the secrets of the "Mysteries," which is nothing more than an interpretation of the origin (plus happenings) of the Universe. In some cases, the high priests ruled the Empires of the ancients. Many of them worshipped false gods assigning names to them. The story of Osiris, Isis (The Goddess of fertility in ancient Egypt), and Horus is common among the Mysteries. Other Common threads in these ancient cultures are a belief in a Goddess, generation (i.e. the merging of the female and male principles to make completion. This is evident in the structures of old buildings throughout history), the worship of life and death, and polytheism. Especially, numerous ancients worshipped the sun as God or the giver of life. Here's lies a chronology of secret orders. I've written about this subject on plenty of occasions. Yet, I wanted to organize it in a way that can flow with history. I really want to write this since I really enjoy seeing the origins of this history from beginning into today. By 2009, my understanding of Real History has doubled. Secret Orders occurred in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Ancient America spanning thousands of years. Ancient Secret orders spread into other areas like India (Nine Unknown ca. 273-233 B.C.) and other groups. In ancient Greece, there were organized in groups called guilds (like our unions) like the "Dionysiacs." Pythagoras was a famous philosopher who influenced secret orders even the Bavarian Illuminati. Ironically, Weishaupt wrote a book entitled "Pythagoras." According to Billington's book called "Fire in the Minds of Men," he (or Pythagoras) "allegedly founded a religious-philosophical brotherhood to transform society." Pythagoras created mathematical formulas and probably learned

the mysteries from ancient Egyptian influence. In Rome there wasn an order which was called the "Collegium Muriorum" These are the forerunners of the craftsmen or carpenters used in the Middle ages. Because they "lodged" or lived together during the construction, this is where the term "Masonic lodge" might of originated from. Later religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. were formed from 1500 B.C.-400 AD. With the rise of the Papacy, immorality came about. There has been controversy over the Priory de Sion. According to Mary Ann Collins's work on the Priory de Sion, the real one was called the Our Lady of Zion. (In French, the name "Zion" is spelled "Sion"). It was made of Catholic monks who venerated Mary. The fake one was created by Pierre Plantard. He was an occultist and praised Hitler. He invented it in 1956. Yet, Freemason Michael Baigent (an editor of Freemasonry Today magazine), Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln believed the stories about the Priory of Sion. They were deceived by Plantard's forged documents. They wrote the book entitled "Holy Blood, Holy Grail."

You can't talk about Secret orders without mentioning the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar was founded in 1111 AD. to protect the pilgrims along the path from Europe to the Holy Lands (Jerusalem). They took a vow of poverty which was rare for knights who had to supply themselves. 9 knights joined in the beginning and took no new members until 1118 A.D. That was the year when it went public and received papal sanction as a Catholic order (or the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ) in 1128. The Knights Templar was soon recognized as Roman Catholic crusaders. The Templars were the first international bankers in Europe. Because of their wealth and competitions, monarchs and the Roman Church sought to destroy them. At this time, the Ismalis existed. They were Muslims who merged Islam (a religion with many similarities to Romanism like both having beads for worship, praising Fatima, having of history of hating Jewish people, and believing that works have a role in human salvation) and the Mysteries. A radical offshoot were known as the Assassins. They were on drugs murdering people. Many orders were influenced by the Ismalis. On 1314, King Philip had the Grand Master of the Templars Jacques DeMolay burned at the stake for heresy. There is controversy to this day on whether the Templars performed obscene sexual acts or not. Yet, you can see the Vatican as a foundation in the creation of the Templars, Knights Hospitallers (who became the Knights of Malta), the Teutonic Knights (which Himmler copied for his SS), and a host of elite groups. Venetians, the Jesuits, Marco Polo, and others traded with the Chinese in the Middle Ages and beyond. Pope Martin V and others existed to claim lands from Africa, Asia, etc. to be controlled by the Pope. The Vatican invented the modern international slave trade system. Papal terrorists also murdered Native Americans. Their names include the conquistadors Almagro, Cortez, Pizarro, Valverde, de Meza, Gregory, Sepulveda, Valega, and Cornado. Even Roman Catholic Christopher Columbus (whose ships had Knights Templar crosses on them. He had Knight Templar relatives in his family tree) allowed atrocities to occur in Grenada. King Henry IV of France has an interesting history. He was a great lover of religious freedom. He lived from 1553 to 1610. He was a Huguenot or a Protestant of the Reformed faith. In 1598, he issued the Edict of Nantes. This edict guaranteed religious liberties to the Protestants and thereby effectively ended the civil war in France. This angered rabid Jesuits. In fact, Jesuit Jacques Commolet called for Henry IV's death from his pulpit. Henry was forced into converting into the Roman Catholic religion by the encouragement of his wife Gabrielle d'Estres. This angered Queen Elizabeth (his former ally) and the Hugenonts. He was a popular ruler because of his reforms in France. He was murdered by a rabid Catholic named Franois Ravaillac. He stabbed Henry to death. The Rosicurcians existed on a higher level in the Renaissance. According to a Rosicrucian website, they had roots in Egypt (via Pharaoh Thutmose III, in ca. 1477 B.C. They believe that monotheist Pharaoh Amenhotep IV was initiated into the secret school). The purpose of Rosicurcians is to develop man's spirit, mind, and body through as much possible (from research from the ancient world) as possible. Some of them believe in alchemy. Famous ones include Cornelius Heinrich Agrippa [1486-1535], Robert Fludd, Benjamin Franklin is suspected as being a Rosicucrian, etc. There is an accusation that Fludd headed the

translation of the KJV version. The truth is that accusation was invented by Manly P. Hall primarily. There is no conclusive evidence of a Fludd/Bacon and KJV link at all. Fludd was never a translator in 6 companies of translators at all. King James wasn't a perfect man, but he wrote in opposition to witchcraft and opposed Francis Bacon including Dr. John Dee. Stephen Coston wrote that King James wasn't a homosexual. It's hypocritical for those to criticize the KJV, but won't criticize the Wescott-Hort modern Bible Versions when there is evidence that Wescott and Hort were members of occult secret societies for real. Wescott founded the occult Hermes Club, which he named after the false Graeco-Egyptian deity, Hermes Trismegistus. The Wescott/Hort text became a foundation for the English Revised Version. A homosexual, Dr. Marten Woudstra, was the Chairman of the Old Testament Committee of the NIV Committee on Bible Translation. In the 1970s, Virginia Mollenkott

was a consultant for the New International Version translating committee. Dr. Virginia Mollenkott was pro-abortion and a lesbian feminist who acted as a retainer. Dr. Virginia Mollenkott was an interesting character indeed. It's hypocritical to go after KJV when King James never translated the KJV Bible, but the critics won't go after the modern versions with tons of omissions from the Received Text. I believe in the preservation of the Received Text as found in the Tyndale Bible, the Geneva Version, the KJV, etc. William Tyndale is famous for writing that: By grace I understand the favor of God, and also the gifts and working of his Spirit in us; as love, kindness, patience, obedience, mercifulness, despising of worldly things, peace, concord, and such like (From The Obedience of A Christian Man in 1528). The Rosicrucians deny being an established religion. Many
Rosicurcians endorse reincarnation and other occult philosophies. The Jesuits were created by Ignatius Loyola in 1534. Loyola's real name is Inigio Lopez De Recalde. The purpose of the Jesuit order was to end the Protestant Reformation and allow the Papacy to rule the world (from Jerusalem if possible. Wyile, Eric Jon Phelps, Jack Chick, Alberto Rivera, and other writers have proven this point). The Jesuits are an enemy of the world. They are divided into many components. The Jesuits supported the Council of Trent in the 1500's. That Council condemned the study of Scriptures in the original languages, condemned the idea that man is saved by God alone, and condemned the idea of not venerating images as representation of God including others legitimate beliefs. The Rheims -Douay Bible [1582] was the Bible of the Jesuits, who supported the murder of Baptists and Protestants via the Gunpowder Plot.

In the late 1500's, Sir Francis Bacon was a leading figure in utopian visions and Secret societies. Before Bacon, Dr. John Dee was a similar philosopher, English mathematician,

professor, astrologer, and astronomer . He made up what he called "Enochian magic" in an attempt to contact "spirits." The purpose of that was to understand science more and the "secrets of the Universe." He is credited with some inventions and making the title of "Britannia." Dee worked with Queen Elizabeth I. Also, he was the original 007 as an agent to prevent the Queen from being murdered by her rivals. Bacon was a Rosicurcian and a philosopher who wanted America to be home of a new Republic based in "democracy." He also took inspiration from Pallas Athena representing wisdom in his own mind. The Goddess Athena is on the logo of the Virginia Seal.. Francis Bacon believed that America was the New Atlantis. Atlantis was described by Plato. Bacon also followed the Kabbala. The Kabbala is a merger of apostate Judaism and the Babylonian Mysteries. In that Kabbala, Ain Soph is the absolute infinite being and via his 10 emanations, the Universe was formed Kabbalists believe that codes in the Torah were created by Moses and figuring them out could unlock the secrets of human existence plus the universe. Rosicrucian Sir Walter Raleigh was part of the Baconian circle exploring America also. In the 1600's, the British Royal Society was formed. According to Michael Howard's "The Occult Conspiracy" on pg. 84, the Royal Society of England based on Bacon's Rosicrucian view of an Invisible College. In America, a similar organization was formed called American Philosophical Society whose members include Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, etc. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. In the 1600's, The Jesuits created Communist communes in Paraguay. The Jewish people (like Levi Mordechai aka Karl Marx. Marx hated his own people so bad that he wrote a book called "A World Without Jews." He was born in Trier, Germany. By 1848, Marx finished the Communist Manifesto) never created Communism per se since Plato and Catholic Thomas More (via his 1516 book called Utopia) written Communist ideals for centuries. Francis Emile Babeuf of the 1700's wanted no private property, Marquis de Antoinette was Francis' follower, and Robert Owen supported Communist/Socialist precepts. The Jesuits somewhat perfected it with the ideals of equal wealth, equal land, and firm control of the resources of the Native Americans in that time. These Native Americans were called the Guarani. Few talk about the Sabbateans. Now, many Jewish apostates existed from their captivity in Babylon. Afterwards, they formed the Midrash and Talmud, which were man-made interpretations of the Torah. Jesus condemned them for doing that by saying that your tradition violates the commandments of God. Later, one apostate was Sabbeatzi Tvzi of the 1600's. He was in Turkey and was banned by Orthodox Jewish people. The reason was that Tvzi called himself the Messiah, which was false. Later, his followers formed the Frankists named after Jacob Frank. Frank was into the occult and hated the Torah. Soon, the Frankists (who would try to infiltrate the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions) would influence the creation of the Reform Movement. Now, according to Rabbi Antelman, Moses Mendelssohn was the father of the Haskala Movement or the Reform Movement. Moses lived in the late 1700's. Moses' disciple was Marcus Herz. Many of these pro-Frankist/Reform Jews united with the Bavarian Illuminati.The Reform Jewish people help invented the B'nai B'rith Lodge of Masonry (formed in 1843), the ADL, and Labor Zionism. Many of the Jewish elites are CFR members like Paul Wolfowitz, Egdar Bronfman (who is part of the World Jewish Congress), and Wolfenson. Israeli writer Barry Chamish confirms this in his many books. The Anti-Defamation League has the Cardinal Bea Interfaith Award making a Papal link to the group. In 1688, the Glorious Revolution came in England booting out the proCatholics Stuarts by Cromwell. I will never forget many brave Protestants and Baptists resisting the errors of Romanism (when Papists killed many of them in the Irish Massacre and the Bartholomew Massacre). Even Thomas Aquinas wrote in support of killing "heretics" which is just as evil as Mein Kampf. The Bank of England was set up in 1694.

Apostate Protestants invented the Grand Lodge of Masonry in 1717. While, the pro-Jesuit Stuarts of France help invent the Scottish Rite of Masonry near the mid 1700's. John Daniel's "The Grand Design" book exposed the Jesuit connection to the order of Freemasonry. One purpose of the Scottish Rite was to take over England like the Vatican wanted back then. The essence of Masonry is to promote Universalism and occultism in the veil of a belief in "one God." That's why Christians, Muslims, Jewish people, Zoroastrians, Confucianists, Hindus, and Buddhists are welcomed in the Lodge as long as they believe in one God. Believing in one God is simple for according to the book of James, the devils believe in God. To be saved, God does it alone not by anything a man can do. In Masonry, there are oaths promoting death if you violate them. Even if this isn't literal, it violates common decency and this Scriptural verse: "Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil." (Matt.5: 34-37) The Revolutionary War had Vatican/Masonic ties all over it. For example, George Washington (a Master Mason or apart of the 3 . Some scholars believed that he wasn't involved in Masonry as much as others), some of his Generals (Richard Montgomery, Hugh Mercer, and Horatio Gates were Generals involved in the Revolutionary War. They were all Masons), and many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons.The Boston Tea Party was a protest composed of Freemasons who abhored British rule in America. The Green Dragon Tavern was a group crucial in the Revolution as well. This Revolutionary war was a battle on many cases between English Masonry and Templar Masonry. The Scarlet and the Beast series written by John Daniel subscribe to the notion that Templar Freemasonry won since many of the Founding Fathers were in Templar Masonry. Now here's some background history on it. French Freemasonry (aka Templars) came into the St. Andrew's Lodge of Boston (its membership had John Hancock and Paul Revere). The Boston Tea Party had Masons from the St. Andrew's Lodge occuring in 1773. Other Templar Masons are Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee in 1769. In 1769, both men promoted the Virginia Assembly to condemn the British government. The Templars became a military Lodge. The pro- Jacobite Grand Lodge of York (related to the

Scottish Rite) came to Virginia with 13 degrees at least. Thomas Paine was from the Grand Orient and he wrote Common Sense. The Grand Orient is related to French Freemasonry. English Freemasonry had a big Lodge in St. John's Lodge in Boston as early as 1733. The first Presidential Cabinet had many Masons like Henry Knox and Edmund Randolph. The Jesuit Order was suppressed in July 21, 1773 by Pope Clement XIV. The reason was that the Jesuits were involved in corruption and they were trying to rule over governments in Europe. Pope Clement XIV was mysteriously poisoned later in the late 1700's.

I've studied the Revolutionary period for years and now it's like a new chapter in understanding subject occurred for me in late 2006 and early 2007. Even July 4, 1776 has an occult significance. According to David Ovasons book (The Secret Architecture of our Nation's Capitol: The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C.,), that date was when the star Sirius was over the sun. In ancient Egypt, Sirius was given a negative connotation, because when Sirius was in the sky high (in the summer), droughts occurred more readily. Albert Pike in his Morals and Dogma book wrote that Sirius was the "Blazing Star" of Horus. Sirius is commonly depicted as the 5 Pointed star in Masonry. Occult writer M. Temple Richmond classify Sirius as a keeper of Hell. Also, July 4 is exactly 13 days after Summer Solstice on June 21. In this calculation, June 22 is counted as 'Day 1'. 13 according to biblical scholars refer to rebellion against authority. July 4 is exactly the 66th day following the beginning of the Satanic High unHoly period called Beltane, which begins on April 30. In this calculation, April 30 is counted as 'Day 1'. According to Ovason, serpents, the Pythagorean Theorem, and other symbols (Pictures of Jesuits Jacques Marquette [who went into the Mississippi River] and Eusebio Kino are pictured in the Capitol Building) are in D.C. utilized for mystical purposes. Washington D.C.'s design is much deeper. Christians existed in America, but secret societies lusted over America to be instituted as a New Atlantis in the world.. Even videos show signs of D.C. looking similar to the chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt plus the 10 Sephroiths of creation according to the Kabbala (Cutting Edge Ministries reported on this). Christian Pinto (a Christian from the West Coast) has a video called "New Atlantis" describing Ley Lines stretching in a straight line from Mexico City to D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Stonehenge, and to Troy. Ley Lines are geometric straight line in

the Earth that some believe to have magnetic energy. There are so much more symbolism in D.C. *I will say this though. Many Bible-Believing Christians and other righteous people were in early America. So, I don't believe that everyone back then were slave-trading, very wicked human beings. For example, Baptist John Madison helped to create the Bill of Rights (which has tons of Biblical imagery in it). Presbyterian Preacher John Witherspoon and Baptist John Leland were leading figures in the creation of the Bill of Rights. Many preachers sincerely fought in the Revolutionary War against British colonalization. I got to respect the Bill of Rights since it's very biblical. Many of its words originated from the Magna Carta, British Common Law, and the Blackstones Commentaries. These laws and the Bill of Rights promote the preservation of our right to a trial, habeas corpus, freedom of speech and the press, and religious freedom. Wicked men like Franklin and Jefferson would endorse the bloody Jacobins, who murdered innocent men, women, and children for the sake of "Reason." In the late 1700's, The Bavarian Illuminati existed. Even 33 Freemason and Masonic historian S. Brent Morris admitted that the Bavarian Illuminati were made up of Masonic leaders to influence the world in "enlightenment" principles. Adam Weishaupt was its founder and he was educated in the Jesuit Ingostadt University. The Masonic International Congress in July 1782 at Wilhemsbad composed of a temporary between Freemasonry and the Bavarian Illuminati. Ironically, Adam would come back to the Roman Church by the time of his death. The Order of Perfectibilists was another name for this Illuminati group. The Illuminati wanted to rule the Earth (under the principles of forming an utopia without organized religions and mainstream governments) and eliminate Monarchs since they viewed Monarchs as suppressing human rights in society. In 1777, Adam Weishaupt was initiated in the Masonic Lodge of Good Council in Munich. Adam used Masonry to promote his agenda faster. Early Illuminati members include Mozart and Master Mason Geothe, the author of Faust.

By the later part of the 1700's, the Jesuits (who were suppressed in 1773. Later, Catholic monarchs kicked the Jesuits out of many nations. So, they united with other Secret orders like the Masons. Mason Frederick the Great of Prussia harbored the Jesuits in his own country), Freemasonry (including the Grand Orient), and the Jacobins orchestrated the French Revolution. The French Revolution was a program not only to punish the Monarchs, but to try to create an anti-religion utopian society. Its history is a complex one. "The Grand Design

Exposed" book written by John Daniel exposed the Jesuit link to the French Revolution. A host of factors caused it. The poor and middle classes accused the aristocracy of economic corruption and high taxes (including King Louis XVI and the Austrian Queen Marie Antionette. King Louis was more righteous and compassionate than the Queen was). In that time, St. German, who was a mystic and occultist, said that Louis XV's grandson will be beheaded. His grandson was beheaded indeed. Cagliostro was another famous person related to the French Revolutionary history. He (or Cagliostro, whose real name was Joseph Balsamo) was a disciple of St. Germain and was a Jewish Masonic founder of the Mizraim rite in Masonry. He even wanted the Pope to accept his order as a merging of Roman Catholicism with the Egyptian mysteries. King Louis XVI created the Third Estate to try to solve the economic disparities, but it failed. Opponents of the King exploited these problems to create Revolution in their hatred of a monarchy. The National Assembly (its members included Roman Catholics like Abbe Sieyes and Talleyard) rebelled against the King's Estate. Sieyes inspired the Revolution in pamphlets. King Louis XVI tried to stop it, but a mob stole weapons from the Bastille prison in July 14, 1789 (Webster wrote that revolutionaries strategically paid the mob to conduct the French Revolution). This marked the beginning of the French Revolution. Jesuit trained Camille Desmoulins called for this Revolution as well. By the 1790's, the Reign of Terror began headed by the Jacobins. The Jacobins and others murdered millions of people thoughout France in a depopulation control scheme. Folks were beheaded. Religious services were banned under the guise of "Reason." Many Masons who were Jacobins or supported the Revolution included Voltaire, D'almbert, Diderot, Helvetus, Marat, and Camdoret. Many of them were part of the Grand Orient of Masonry. The Jesuits trained many of the Revolutionaries (i.e. the Archbishop of Paris Jean Baptiste Gobel supported it. Catholic Sieyes advised the pro-Jacobin Freemason Napoleon Bonaparte, pro-Jesuit Champion de Cice supported the Revolution, and Robeispierre was trained by the Jesuits in the College Louis le Grand). Voltaire supported the Jesuits and his friend was a Jesuit named Poree. On his deathbed according to John Daniel, Voltaire wanted to be a Catholic as he revealed to the Jesuit named Gaultier. The French Rights of Man was created in August 25, 1789. Jewish people were emanacipated in 1791. Even Robeispierre was beheaded in July 24, 1794. Basically, the Revolution was about extremists executing the punishment of the Monarchs for the suppression of the Jesuits and to enact the Masonic aim of a "Republic" by any means necessary. This wasn't about "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" but terrorism 101.

Napoleon Bonaparte lead his Empire against the Monarchs of Europe. He was defeated finally in the Battle of Waterloo by the British Freemason General Wellington. Afterwards, the Pope reinstated the Jesuit Order. The Council of Vienna marked the end of the Napoleonic war. This bad council promoted internationalism and strong monarchs. The Council of Vienna was basically the prelude to the European Union. The Rothschilds (in the 1800's, some of them were high level Freemasons) ascended into great power by the 1800's. Fear of foreign influence in America prompted President James Monroe to create the Monroe Doctrine. Today, the Rothschilds hold great monetary influence. What's interesting is that the Jewish encyclopedia called them "Guardians of the Vatican's Treasury," so the Rothschilds hold much of the wealth in the Vatican (whose total I don't know but Avro Manhattan wrote that in the 1980's the Vatican was worth a half of billion dollars in America alone). Today, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Morgans, many Knights of Malta, numerous individuals in the Black Nobility (which includes some royalty), many Masons, and the Pilgrim Society make up the inner coup of the world's most powerful bankers today. Opposition to the Jesuits was made manifest by many quarters. In 1816, John Adams wrote to President Jefferson:

"Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gypsies can assume, dressed as painters, publishers, writers and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell it is this Society of Loyolas." William Morgan's death can never be
forgotten. Morgan was a veteran of the War of 1812. After the preaching of a person, Morgan

converted to Jesus Christ and began to expose Freemasonry. Morgan was kidnapped at September 11, 1826 and died soon after. Court testimony and a confession by one coconspirator conclusively prove that the Freemasons were involved in William Morgan's death. He's a hero in the world of Patriots. President John Quincy Adams would go on and oppose Freemasonry in his literature. John Quincy Adams would oppose Phi Beta Kappa, because of its secrecy. William H. Russell, valedictorian of 1833, got Alphonso Taft and thirteen other members of '33 (who were from Yale) to form the Skulls and Bones group. One of the reasons they formed this group was in protest of Phi Beta Kappa being more open.

The Skulls and Bones was created in 1832. Admittedly, it was based on some precepts of the Bavarian Illuminati. The deal with this group is that college students are initiated in occult rituals. They kiss the feet of a Pope figure, confess sexual secrets, and do all sorts of things in exchange for power positions (ABC News featured a video of the ceremony). They aren't the most powerful group in the world as some suggest, but they are one of the weirdest occult Secret Societies in the world. The Masonic British elite (like Mason John Jacob Astor being a stockholder) wanted to control China. One way of doing it was via the Opium trade. First, the British created drug addiction in China by sending Opium to the Chinese people (in the 1830's where their population was already over 300 million people). The BEIC (or the British East India Company) was a monopoly corporation who funded the Opium trade, revolutions, and had involvement in the evil international slave trade. American businessman like Warren Delano (the grandfather of FDR) worked with the British. The Chinese rebelled against the opium trade by banning opium importation. Lin Tse Hsu was the commissioner of the Emperor to handle the problem. The British soon defeated the Chinese people in the Opium War of 1840. Karl Marx and Evolution are big developments in the world as well. Evolution is the belief that gradual, slow changes made the lower levels of species to be transformed into other species and finally into man. This process was achieved via the time span of billions of years (by natural selection). The ancient Egyptians, Aristole, Plato, and John Locke (of the British Royal Society) accepted a form of Evolution. Freemason Erasmus Darwin (Charles Darwin's grandfather) believed in Evolution as well. Later on Hitler, Trostsky, Stalin, and others would believe in Evolution also. Evolution is very similar to the ancient Mysteries since both accept the view that natural processes have the divine power of creating new species. This is similar Hinduism and reincarnation in that life is changing from one animal to the next in a span of time. Now, Masonry teaches this also. According to Freemason W.L. Wilmhurst's "The Meaning of Masonry" in 1980 admitted that evolution was of the ancient mysteries. Plus, he wrote that evolution is a way that man can be a god-like

being in this quotation: "...The evolution of man into superman was always the purpose of the ancient mysteries...Man who has sprung from the earth and developed through the lower kingdoms of nature...has yet to complete his becoming a god-like being." (W.L. Wilmhurst, the Meaning of Masonry, Bell Publishing 1980, pgs. 47, 94). Critics of Darwinism (including
biochemist Behe) dispute it because no explicit missing link has been discovered, there are complex machines in all species that can't be formed by random chance, the Cambrian Explosion had many species spontaneously existing, and other information. Even the law of biogenesis states that life can only come from other forms of life. Mormonism and Christian Science are groups influenced by Masonry as well. Mormonism was created in New York State (at April 6, 1830) by 3 Mason Joseph Smith (that's why the 1st degree in Masonry is similar to the 1st Token of the Aaron Priesthood of Mormons). He believed that the angel Moroni sent him gold plates about the truth of God. He moved into the Midwest with allies like Hyrum Smith. Joseph Smith was murdered for his teaching in support of polygamy. The Jehovah Witness is a notorious controversial religion. Smith's followers moved into Utah. Brigham Young was a leader in Utah and a rumored Freemason. His ally was Jesuit DeSmet. Mormonism is a religion that teaches that Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brother,

man can be his own god, and that the Book of Mormon is equivalent to the Bible. Ironically, the word Mormo (which is similar to the word Mormon) in Chinese means the Gates of Hell. Smith called himself "Enoch" and he classified his group as "the Order of Enoch." One other major goal of Mormonism is to make America "Zion" on Earth. In other words, they want to make America the New Jerusalem. This is a blatant threat to society since Mormonism advocates a man-made theocracy on Earth. The RCLDS is an offshoot of Mormons that rejects the LDS. Today Mitt Romney is a Mormon who ran for President. His great-grandfather was Gaskell Romney (whose wife was Anna Amela Pratt).

The Civil War was organized by Vatican and Masonic interests to divide up the United States of America. British and many Europeans powers (who were connected to Confederate leaders like Caleb Cushing, Albert Pike, John Slidell, Mississippi Freemason John A. Quitman, August Belmont, and Judah Benjamin) wanted a divided America, because America's financial strength was rapidly increasing. If America was divided, European countries could control North America more easily. In the Civil War, Northern industrialists and Southern agriculturists also competed for the territory in the West (for its wealth and profit potential). Much of the Union was infiltrated by Secret orders, so it wasn't just a one region deal. Now, first the Jesuits and Masons agitated the nation to war. Mason Henry Clay supported the Missouri Compromise, which divided the states in the antebellum period. One group to further cause division in America was the Young America group (with members like ex-3rd Degree Freemason John Brown). The Kansas Nebraska Act caused violence since it made both Kansas and Nebraska to decide whether they would accept slavery or not. Immoral acts of arson and murder came about by pro-slavery Missourians. John Brown organized acts of violence as well. Rosicrucian William Lloyd Garrison created the Anti-Slavery Society in 1832. Rosicrucian George Lippard was a major anti-Slavery proponent. I don't agree with involuntarily

slavery, but secret orders have infiltrated both sides of the Civil War. Also, many Confederate and Union officials were Masons. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was not only an ally of Pope Pius IX. Davis' relatives were well known Masons and Roman Catholics. Davis was educated in a Roman Catholic school. Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens stated that false, racist comments that: Our confederacy is founded upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man, that slavery is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first in the history of the world based on this great physical and moral truth. Stephens is dead wrong since the real moral truth is that all humans are born equal. Slavery is certainly wrong and an immoral deed. On April 12, 1861 General and Freemason P. T. Beauregard (and he was apart of the Knights of the Golden Circle) ordered the attack on Ft. Sumter, SC. In fact, South Carolina seceded first in December 20, 1860. When Britain and France desired to control America via Mexico and Canada, Lincoln responded. He allowed the Russian Czar Alexander II (who was anti-Mason and anti-Jesuit) to use his ships to guard NYC and San Francisco to protect America from invasion. Freemason Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens' grandnephew John Salter (1877-1933) became a Jesuit. Abraham Lincoln's assassination is easy to explain. Even skeptics realize that this incident was conspiracy. Lincoln's assassination was done by Vatican (Thomas M. Harris was a Brigadier General of the U.S. Army. He was a member of the Military Tribunal and wrote the book entitled, "Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln") and Masonic interests. The reason is that Abraham Lincoln preserved the Union and he refused to accept a more explicit National Bank which would be owned by foreigners. Abraham Lincoln signed the National Banking Act, which Treasury Secretary under Lincoln named Salmon P. Chase later regretted as a pro-monopoly law. Lincoln did issue Greenbacks of U.S Notes to pay for the Civil War. He promoted the sale of long term, low interest bond to the general public and to nationally charted banks. He promoted the Morrill Tariff or the increase of tariff until industry was running at full tilt. He allow government construction of railroads in the middle South in order to promote industrialism over the southern plantation system. Abraham Lincoln publicly warned that the future might see a select few of people in corporations controlling the wealth of America. John Wilkes Booth murdered him and he rumored to being a 33rd Degree Freemason. John Wilkes Booth was a member of the KGC (or Knights of the Golden Circle). According to Edwin A. Sherman, Booth secretly converted to Roman Catholicism 3 weeks before Lincoln's assassination under Archbishop Martin J. Spaulding. An Indianapolis trail implicated many Masons in Lincoln's death plus the trial found that the Bank of Montreal, Canada funded $180,000 to put the plot into motion. Also, John Surratt was a major coconspirator who hid in the Vatican bodyguard unit called the Zoaure. Freemason Edwin Stanton & 32 Freemason President Andrew Johnson covered up Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Johnson revoked the reward for the capture of John Surratt. He pardoned many coconspirators. In fact, 4 people were tried, convicted and executed for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Their names were Davy Harold, Lewis Payne, George Atzerodt, and Mary Surratt. All 4 of these people were Roman Catholics."The Suppressed Truth About The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln" by Burke McCarty and recently CT Wilcox's "The Transformation of the Republic" document the Vatican/Jesuit link to the assassination and the cover-up of Abraham Lincoln's assassination as well. After the Civil War, the Reconstruction period occurred for my land of America. Numerous black citizens moved westward and northward. Albert Pike raised up into a new status in that period as well. He was a Confederate, a war criminal, and was the leader of the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Albert Pike was pardoned by his "Brother" Freemason Andrew Johnson. Pike was found to have utilized Native Americans to murder people in the Midwest. That is why he temporarily escaped into Canada. It is alleged by many authors like Davis that Pike had a role in the creation of the KKK. People know that in the Klan's peak of the 1920's, tons of Masons were members of it. Nathan Bedford Forrest (a Klan founder in the 1800's) killed civilians in the Civil War and he was a 1st degree Freemason. In Albert Pike's lifetime, the 33rd Degree was established in Freemasonry. Now, the logo of the 33rd Degree is a double headed eagle (or the Phoenix according to researchers. The eagle is in reference to power coming from ancient Rome plus before that. In ancient times also, the

Phoenix represents rebirth [or the Hermaphrodite] in that according to some occultists the man and female didn't exist. So, generation via Nature occurred to create the male and female entities so to speak.) The logo of the 33rd Degree in Freemasonry has the words "Ordo Ab Chao" on it. Ordo Ab Chao means Order out of Choas. Pike explained Freemasonry as this in his book Morals and Dogma that: "...In fact masonry, successor of Mysteries, still follows the ancient manner of teaching Though Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries "(on p. 11) Other Masonic mottos are In hoc signo vinces (meaning in this sign conquer in Latin), Lux e tenebris, (meaning Light out of darkness in Latin) , Virtus junxit, and mors non separabit (meaning Virtue has united, death shall not separate in Latin). I'm not done yet.

The Knights of Columbus was invented in the 1800's to submit under Papal authority to make America as Catholic as possible. The Founder of the Knights of Columbus was Michael J. McGivney. He was trained by Jesuits in Canada at the Order's St. Mary's College in Montreal. Their logo is the fasces symbol, which would later symbolize fascism. By the late 1880's, Masonic offshoots formed like the OTO, the Golden Dawn, and the Quaturo Coranti Lodge of Masonic Research. The OTO is a very occult organization that praticipates in mind altering drugs. Some of its members have done human sacrifice like Aliester Crowley (he even admitted to this). Crowley's big motto was "Do What thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." This was similar to Dashwood's views from the Hell Fire Club (a group similar to the Bohemian Grove where men drink, revel, and some are into Devil worship). The Bohemian Grove was created in the late 1800's where men worshipped an Owl statue. Some believe that the owl image in the Grove looks similar to Molech, the pagan diety of Canaan. Yet, Molech doesn't look like an owl, but a bull creature. Therefore, Molech isn't in the Cremation of Care ceremony. The owl statue (in the Cremation of Care ritual) is more related to Minerva (or the Goddess like Lilith). Lilith represents wisdom (This has been proven by the research of Conspiracy This site proves that the Bavarian Illuminati used the owl as a strong logo of this group). Also, the Grove members have a human sacrifice in effigy (or a dummy)
and do other things. People have sexual orgies and members of the Grove have sex with prostitutes from across the world. I wouldn't be suppressed if human sacrifice and sexual abuse is done there as well. Similar groves occur worldwide in Europe, etc. It isn't just one place in Northern California where some world leaders perform occult, degenerate acts near Groves. It's silly to praise Molech or an Owl statue anyway, since Molech can't do anything. Here's a quote from the Bible about the fantasy of Molech: "...Thou shalt not let any of they seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord."-- Lev.18:22. One of the most powerful cliques of the Bohemian Grove is called Mandalay filled with CFR members, SMOMs, Pilgrims, and corporate cheiftans. The Syllabus of Errors in the late 1800's had the Vatican to condemn the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and other legitimate freedoms in the world.

There is the Dreyfus Affair. Alfred Dreyfuswas convicted in 1894. This affair was that an innocent Jewish Captian named Alfred Dreyfus was falsely accused of treason in France. He was jailed in an island for a long time and then his name was cleared. He was imprisoned in Devil's Island, which was a dangerous, horrible location. Eric Jon Phelps said that The Assumptionists and the Jesuits were involved in agitating the Dreyfus Affair to promote antiJewish sentiments in Europe. Now, according to Eric Jon Phelps and other sources, the Jesuits were definitely involved in the Franco-Prussian war of the 1800s. Thats true. Since, "The Affair" deeply divided the country into Dreyfusards (supporters of Dreyfus) and antiDreyfusards. Generally speaking, royalists, conservatives and the Catholic Church (the "right wing") were anti-Dreyfusards, while Dreyfusards were socialists, republicans and

anticlericalists, though there were exceptions. Edmond Paris' book about the Jesuits conclusively prove that the Jesuits agitated anti-Semitism as an excuse to convict the innocent man of Alfred Drefyus. The "Civilta Cattolica", which is the Jesuits' official publication, under the article title of "Il caso Dreyfus" pretty much bashed Jewish people in a hardcore anti-Semitic way (This article even called for Jewish people to be sent away from various European nations). This injustice lead to the strengthening of the modern Zionist movement. The lesson is here is that anti-Semitism is wrong and what happened to Alfred Dreyfus was of course a grave injustice in our society. The Boxer Rebellion occurred in the late 1800's. Certain Chinese people wanted no Europeans in their nation, but they were defeated by the West in a war inside of China. Some Secret Societies (like the Righteous and Harmonious Fists or the Boxers) that were Chinese killed Christians and Christian missionaries in the commotion of the Boxer Rebellion. The Boxer rebellion cause more imperialism in China for many decades to come.

Deanna Spingola wrote about the globalist imperialists' devious history. That evil history has spanned many centuries. Her recent December article was great. It was great in that it exposed the Western imperialist damage done to the Philippines during the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The Spanish American war started after the USS Maine exploded. America defeated Spain and conquered Cuba for a time. Imperialist & pro-Vatican agent 3rd Degree Freemason Theodore Roosevelt supported the Spanish-American war starting in 1898. Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City in October 27, 1858. He commanded 32nd Degree Freemason Major General Leonard Wood to organize the Rough Riders. Wood lived form 1860 to 1927. He led a campaign against Apache Native Americans. Wood was the Governor of Cuba for a time. He hunted game or animals in Africa and the West. The war in the Philippines came immediately after the Spanish American war of the end of the 19th century. In a nut shell, the U.S. suppressed the Philippines's independence struggle.She specifically

exposed the damaging and immoral role certain American generals had in the Philippine war.
At first, Deanna described about Japan. International bankers funded Emperor Meiji's

campaign against Korea, China, and Manchuria. Meiji was Hirohito's grandfather. The Spanish American war lead the American forces to defeat the Spanish imperial claims to Cuba and the Philippine islands. The Platt Amendment of March 2, 1901 allowed the US to control the land temporary of Cuba and America expanded into the Philippines. Howard Taft (who represented President Theodore Roosevelt) made and agreement with Japan (who was represented by Prime Minister Katsura) in 1905 that allowed Japan to control other Asiatic countries as long as it weren't the Philippines or Hawaii. Once by 1575, the Philippines was a Spanish theocracy. Chinese merchants traded there since the 900's A.D. The Spanish would go into the big island of Luzon to give gold and silver to the Chinese in exchange for Chinese goods. The Chinese people were later oppressed by the Spaniards for trade competition. There were mesitzos of Spanish/Filipino descent and of Chinese/Malay/Filipino descent. Emilio Aguinaldo was a Chinese mestizo minority who fought a rebellion against the Spaniards in 1896 called the Kaitpunan Rebellion. Emilio soon took refuge in Hong Kong to fight the battle more. First Lieutenant John William Haussermann created a corporation to own much of the gold mining services in the Philippines. Now, American politicians at first assisted the Philippines to defeat the Spaniards. Emilio Aguinaldo soon declared Philippine independence on June 12, 1898 to form the first Philippine Republic. Emilio said that General Anderson and Admiral Dewey made a promise to him that the American forces wouldn't interfere with the independent nation of the Philippines. This promise was broken of course. General Arthur MacArthur Jr. (who is the father of Douglas MacArthur) led the Battle of Manila which murdered 2,000 Filipinos in the streets of Manila. Arthur ironically was a Master Mason. Both sides committed atrocities, yet the Americans committed more egregious atrocities against the Philippine people. Ironically, some of the American soldiers used racial epithets against the Philippines and publicly endorsed their evil murder of civilians. There was water boarding and other forms of torture implemented against the Philippine people. General Arthur MacArthur was racist by saying that the Filipinos were an inferior race in December 20, 1900 and that he wanted Aryan rule to spread of people globally. Arthur MacArthur was a Civil War veteran and fought against the Native Americans in the Dakota Territory. Some of them, the 7th Cavalry Regiment, had taken part in the massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota on December 29, 1890. This incident was when 370 women and children were slaughtered, in revenge for Custer. The Treaty of Paris in December 10, 1898 gave the green light for the US to act in this form of imperialism. One February 3, 1899, about 3,000 Filipinos were slaughtered in the U.S. plans for imperialism. General Bell had his murderous campaigns from 1899 to 1903 (about 125,000 US soldiers were deployed in the war). General Jacob H. Smith was court marshaled, because he called for the murder of people over 10. Similarly, records from the Philippine Centennial War Initiative revealed that 100,000 civilian Muslims were killed during the American conquest of Mindanao at the early phase of US occupation. There was so much widespread violence against the Philippine people that about 1.4 million Filipinos died from this affair. Even after the war ended, there was conflict in the Philippines after 1902. Manuel Quezon was a leader of the Nacionalista Party and he was a friend of Douglas McArthur. Quezon ironically was a Roman Catholic and a Freemason. From 1919 to 1922, Freemason Douglas MacArthur served as superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. This is an example that imperialism in any of its forms is never justified at all.

In September 6, 1901, President William McKinley was killed by a Papal assassin. He was the last of the Civil War veterans to be elected President. His parents were strong abolitionists. President William McKinley was at the Temple of Music, which is a pavilion of the Buffalo, New York PanAmerican Exposition. The murderers name was named Leon Czolgosz. Leon was an anarchist trained in many corners like from anarchist Emma Goldman. Leon Czolgosz was a Cleveland member of the Knights of The Golden Eagle. Although, members of the Knights of the Golden Eagle said that Leon Czolgosz don't represent their teachings. McKinley loved his nation (Though, he was a low level Mason) and he supported protectionism in trade policy by the following words: Unconstitutional?.... They do not seem to know that the man who made the first

Protective Tariff law we ever had, in 1789 ... made the Constitution of the United States. James Madison, a member of the Constitutional Convention, and who afterwards became President ... reported that bill to Congress. It passed the House of Representatives, composed ... largely of members of the Constitutional Convention[,] ... unanimously, and passed the Senate ... by a vote of five to one, and in that body were a large number of men who made the Constitution itself. And that Protective Tariff law was signed by George Washington, President of the United States He said that: My friends and fellow-citizens, the settlements of that war--and I speak for my comrades of the Grand Army of the Republic--the settlements of that war must stand as the irreversible judgment of battle and the inflexible decree of a Nation of free men. They must not be misinterpreted, they must not be nullified, they must not be weakened or shorn of their force under any pretext whatsoever.... It must not be equality and justice in the written law only. It must be equality and justice in the law's administration everywhere, and alike administered in every part of the Republic to every citizen thereof. It must not be the cold formality of constitutional enactment. It must be a living birthright.'' He supported the Trans-Siberian Railway being pro-Russia. McKinley tried to stop the Spanish-American at many junctures. Even in early 1900 in New York, President William McKinley oppose imperialism. Its a historical fact, that the U.S. economy expanded in farm, mineral, and other forms of

production from 1896 to 1901 during McKinleys Presidency. McKinley was more righteous
than any of the other Presidents in the 20th century. In early 1900's, Freemasons and Knights of Columbus worked together to build a Columbus Monument. Secretaries of State Elihu Root and Philander Knox were Masons. They worked with a K of C to build a Columbus Monument. Taft was a Mason and the Speaker of the House in the 1800's (named Champ Clark) was a Missourian Democrat and he was a Freemason. In 1920, Mason Secretary of War Newton Baker gave a Service Cross to Supreme K of C James Flaherty. William McKinley unjustified death lead the man named Theodore Roosevelt to promote the evil American Empire. Freemason Theodore Roosevelt was not only a proponent of American Imperialism, which is evil. He was an ally of Cardinal Gibbons and called those with legitimate dissent with Romanism "bigots." Psychology was modernized by the controversial figures of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Both accepted occult principles. Freud said that "It is no longer seems possible to brush aside the study of so-called occult facts...the real existence of psychic which, until now we did not believe." (Sigmund Freud, Occult Invasion by Dave Hunt, pg. 6). The Rhodes Scholar's history is a clear cut example of the evil in the cosmology of the centralization of power into a few hands. Freemason Cecil Rhodes and his Secret Society was one big Skeleton cliques crucial in the plans of the new world order from the 20th to the 21st centuries. Rhodes admittedly based his Secret Order on the Order of the Jesuits. Cecil Rhodes was a big figure in the British Empire. He lived from 1853-1902. Cecil Rhodes was a big diamond chieftain who exploited the resources of Africa. He founded the de Beers diamond empire. The colony of "Rhodesia" bore Cecil Rhodes' name. That nation is now called Zimbabwe today in 2008. The Rhodes Scholars was created by Freemason Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes agreed with imperialism and wanted Britain to head up a world government. Cecil believed that Britain had the right to control America plus the world to formulate a new world order. Carroll Quigley wrote a lot of information about the Rhodes/Milner Round Table organization that was launched in South Africa. This group oppressed the Boer people during the Boer Wars (some accused him of provoking the second Boer War, which occurred from 1899-1902. Cecil Rhodes was accused of this via the Jamestown raid). Carrol Quigley wrote in his book entitled "The Anglo-American Establishment" that: "...One of the chief methods by which this Groups works has been through propaganda. It plotted the Jameson Raid of 1895; it caused the Boer War of 1899-1902, it set and controls Rhodes Trust; it created the Union of South Africa in 1906-1910; it established the South African periodical The State in 1908." The Boer Wars had concentration camps utilized by the British against the Boers. The war combined the 4 territories (of Cape Colony, Rhodesia, Zululand, and Bechuanaland Protectorate) into South Africa. The Boer Wars was about the British elite (with people like the Prince of Wales and Freemason King Edward VII, Alfred Milner, and Cecil Rhodes) trying to harm and get the hand from the mostly Protestant Boer people in South Africa. The Boer people were unjustified persecuted by the British. Of course

all the gold in the Transvaal became Britain's. Kaiser Wilhelm opposed the wicked Boer War. Wilhelm opposed his own Masonic relative Edward VII too. The Protestant-inspired Second Reich of Germany indeed has some good development. This Reich defeated the Bonapartes, the Vatican/Jesuit-influenced Hapsburgs, in 1866, and gave Jewish people emancipation in 1871. Thats great. Emancipation means voting rights. Basically, the Rhodes Scholars early on
were involved in racism and imperialism. Rhodes pulled those from Oxford and Cambridge into his Round Table group. Cecil's mentor professor at Oxford Ruskin wanted this plan. The Round Table helped to invent the RIIA or the Royal Institute of International Affairs, then the RIIA help create the CFR (or the Council on Foreign Relations). The Round Table further exploit the African continent with its allies or members of the Rhodes (he headed the South Africa Company and established companies like De Beers Consolidated Mines and Consolidated Cold Fields), Alfred Milner, Jan Smuts, Rothschilds, Oppenhiemers, etc. Lionel Curtis founded the RIIA. Famous members today of the Rhodes Scholar include Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow, Walter Isaccson, and others. Here's about WWI. WWI started with a high level assassination. It was more than about the Masons & The Vatican. More complex circumstances that started WWI (like competition among European nations), but this is a Secret Society expose. It was a non-Freemason who

shot Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia. The assassin's name was Princep [although, he was part of the Black Hand which was a revolutionary organization which was a progeny of Freemasonry according to Fisher's works]. The Black Hand wanted independence for the South Slav people from the Austro-Hungarian empire, but murder is never a legitimate tool in getting that accomplished at all. The Black Hand was created in 1911. Its seal was a clenched fist holding a skull and bones and alongside that was a knife, a bomb and a poison bottle. During the trial, Princep testified that his colleague, Ciganovitch, 'told me he was a Freemason;' and, on another occasion, 'told me that the Heir Apparent [Franz Ferdinand] had been condemned to death by a Freemason's lodge.' "Moreover, another of the accused assassins, Chabrinovitch, testified that Major Tankositch, one of the plotters, was a Freemason." Trifko Grabez and Illic were co-conspirators with the assassin Gavrilo Princep (with connections with Young Serbia, which is a youth corps of European Freemasonry. This group is similar to the Demolays inside of America). According to Count Czernin's book Im Welt Krieg (or In the World War), the Archduke Franz Ferdinand knew that Freemasons wanted him dead. The sinking of the Lusitania propel America to go into World War One. The Lusitania left New York Harbor at May 1, 1915. It had 196 Americans on board and was sunk 6 days later off the coast of Ireland. Almost 1,200 people died from the ship falling into the ocean. Winston Churchill (who was the first Lord of the Admiralty) in his private letters knew more about the event than realize. He admitted that: "...'It is most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hope especially of embroiling the U.S. with Germany...'For our part we want the traffic - the more the better and if some of it gets into trouble, better still..." Researchers found ammunition and weapons (in violation of neutrality accords) inside of the Lusitania. Not to mention that the German government warned the Luisitania to not cross the Atlantic Ocean since it has munitions in it. Churchill was a huge supporter of the war. The Morgan Bank sent over 1.5 billion dollars of war bond to England and France in order to continue the war. England was nearly about to surrender in 1915 because of the German U-Boat attacks and a lack of supplies. 33 Freemason & Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis suggested Col. Edward House that the White House ought to have negotiations to help the Zionists to create a homeland in Israel. The Zimmermann Telegram also propelled America into WWI. The Zimmermann Telegram was a communiqu sent by the German Foreign Minister, Arthur Zimmermann, to Mexico, urging it to form an alliance against the U.S. President Woodrow Wilson allowed Congress to declare war at April 6, 1917. Germany lost WWI for many reasons. Germany tried to fight France and the British Empire combined. Germany lost Verdun in France. Also, the battle of the Somme from July 1 to November 18, 1916 was a stalemate. There was a Vatican link to WWI. Pope Pius X expressed hatred of the Serbians. The Serb definitely deserve their national sovereignty. Now, Austria Hungary attacked Serbia in August of 1914 (according to Edmond Paris, the Hapsburgs running the Austria-Hungary Empire wanted to punish the Orthodox Serbian people). WWI benefited heavily to the international bankers (that is why Freemason Colonel Edward Mandel House manipulated President Woodrow Wilson like a puppet to make America to be involved in WWI. House and others help form the graduated income tax as well) that were funding both sides of WWI. The Allies of Britain, France, and Italy borrowed billions of American dollars to defeat the Central Powers. According to Major General Smedley D. Butler, at least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made during the war. About 9 million people died from WWI. After WWI, the Ottoman Empire was gone. Not only the British defeat it, but the Masonic Young Turks did it as well. The Sykes-Picot Agreement of May 16, 1916 was formulated by European (mainly by the British and French). This decree divided the Ottoman Empire and placed it under Western control. Henry McMahon, who was the British High Commissioner in Egypt, said to Sharif Hussein of Mecca (father of Abdullah I of Jordan) that Arab nationalism would be realized with the defeat of the Turks. The Weizmann-Faisal Agreement of 1919 was an early agreement of the establishment of Jewish and Arabic homelands in the Middle East with respect to each others histories plus people. Chaim

Weizmann and Emir Faisal agreed with each other. Now, Emir Faisal sincerely want Israel in modest border co-existing with Arabic people. He had a vision of the development of the Middle East along with Arabic people having greater civil rights.

The Russian Revolution occurred during and after World War One as well. The Russian Revolution is more complicated than one sees. Communism existed from Thomas More and others before Karl Marx. Empress Catherine I of Russia founded the Order of St. Catherine. This was a knighthood for women, which was similar to the Eastern Star of America. Russian Czars have a history of both supporting and banishing the Freemasons and the Jesuits. The Russian Revolution was created by the Vatican/Jesuits (i.e. A priest named Theodore Maly fought in the Revolution with the Cheka and the Red Army to defeat the mostly Orthodox White Army. Lenin allowed the Jesuits to live in Russia in 1922 as proven by Priest James J. Zatko. Bishop Edward Ropp was a key figure in the Revolution allying with the Bolsheviks to decrease the power of the Orthodox Church as well) and high level Freemasonry (in English Freemasonry and especially Grand Orient Masonry) to end the pro-Orthodox Romanov monarchy. Lenin (his comrade was Grand Orient Mason Grigori Zioniviev. He's pictured

with Henry Ford), Trotsky, and others were apart of this. Lenin's inspiration was Mikhail Bakunin who was a Mason and a Satanist. Many authors write that Bakunin was a
disciple of Adam Weishaupt. Bakunin wanted anarchy and violence to fulfill global revolution. Trotsky left the U.S. alone on March 27, 1917, and did not make it to St. Petersburg until May 4. Trotsky was in custody for a while in Canada. Pavel Milyukov, the Russian foreign minister under the Kerensky Provisional Government, gave the order to release him. Lenin had arrived only two weeks earlier. Most importantly, they did not join forces until June. it was Kaiser Wilhelm who sent Lenin (not with Trotsky) back into Russia. Count Diego von Bergen, who

was Germany's ambassador to the Vatican during the Weimar Republic, aided Vladimir Lenin to go on the train from Germany to Russia. Count Diego von Bergen was a German in charge of political subversion in Russia. Trotsky at first didn't want violence. Although, later Trotsky used violence via his Red Army to kill the White Army plus those in his way. Some antiSemites like Hitler and others want to collectively blame all Jewish people for the Russian Revolution. That's false for many reasons. Many Jewish people were indeed involved in that affair. Marvin S. Antelman's "To Eliminate the Opiate" in chapter 14 had information that Leon Trotsky cooperated with Lenin to execute Jews. Lenin's Jewish Section persecuted rabbis and religious Jews plus closed synagogues (and religious schools). Yet, many of these Jewish people were heavily Freemasons (like Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, and Armaud Hammer. Freemasonry is headed by Gentiles mostly not Jewish folks). The Torah forbids many aspects of Masonry. Also, the funders of both Revolutions were select Knights of Malta, Pilgrims, and high level Freemasons (which consist mostly of Gentiles). Additionally, I found out that most Jews in Russia from March 1917 to November 1917 were in non-Communist parties like the Zionist parties, Jewish Bund, or the PSR (i.e. social Democrats. The Jewish Bund and the social Democrats condemned the Bolshevik coup). Many Communists looked down upon Zionism since Zionism was a nationalist movement. Therefore, not every Jewish person agreed with the Russian Revolution at all.

The international bankers' names who financed the Russian Revolution include William Boyce Thompson (he was of the Fed who gave $1 million to the Revolution. Raymond Robins represented William Thompson of the FED to go into Russia. Robins is the head of the American Red Cross Mission. Lord Alfred Milner and Bruce Robins met with Lenin as well as documented in Stan Monolieth's "Brotherhood of Darkness" which was created in 2000), Max May, Montagu Norman's Bank of England, JP Morgan, Milner, J. D.
Rockefeller, Warburg, Kuhn & Loeb, etc. Herbert Hoover in 1922 sent $55,994,588 to the Bolsheviks according to Stan as well. Other funders of the Soviet industries for decades were Westinghouse, 33rd Degree Freemason Henry Ford, CFR member/Pilgrim/Bonesman Averell Harriman, Exxon, 33rd Degree Freemason Armaud Hammer (He was born of Reform Jewish parents. He knew Lenin. He lived a long time in the Earth from 1899 to 1990. He had access to the Kremlin and was escorted by MIG jets to Moscow), and other American firms. There is the story about Jacob Schiff. Schiff wanted the Czar (one other czar called Alexander II was more tolerant of Jewish people. He emancipated ca. 40 million serfs, gave rights to Jewish people, and he sigend the Consitution of Russia limiting the power of the Monarchy. Alexander II was killed in the 1880's by Polish Roman Catholic Ignacy Hryniewiecki) gone because of the Czar's persecution of Jews in the early 1900's. Russia in 1905 lost the Russo-Japanese War. According to Anthony Sutton and Dr. Stan Monlieth, Grand Orient Mason Jacob Schiff supported the Kerensky government, but opposed the Bolshevik Revolution (since Jacob Schiff was anti-Communist). Jacob Schiff was strongly anti-Communist. There is a difference between wicked Masonic Jews and an innocent, normal Jewish person on the street who doesn't understand how world events truly occur. Also, the British Fabian Socialists supported the Communists including some of the British Labor Party like Sidney Webb. There were 2 Revolutions actually. Many folks don't realize that. The First one was achieved by 32rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Alexander Kerensky. He was overthrown by Lenin and Trotsky for being too moderate or bourgeoisie. This began the 2nd Russian Revolution. Stalin took control and murdered almost all of the original Jewish revolutionaries for his hatred of Zionism. The top Soviet Communist Party Politburo members were also murdered by Stalin's agents. Stalin had Trotsky (he died in Mexico via an axe attack. At first, Trotsky went into France to be protected by his Jewish friend and Grand Orient Freemason Leon Blum) killed for Trotsky's criticism of Stalin of betraying the Russian Revolution. Trotsky wanted "World Revolution" while Joseph Stalin wanted Communism to spread at one nation at a time. The CHEKA committed war crimes in Russia during the early 20th century. Cardinal Agagianian was an ally of Joseph Stalin. Knight of Malta Anton Turkul worked with Soviet Intelligence

during WWII. Later, he would promote the Cold War hoax by doing anti-Soviet activities in West Germany. Kim Philby was a triple agent for MI5, the CIA, and the KGB during the 20th century. The Cold War began to end with the negotiations between Skulls and Bones member George H. W. Bush and pro-Grand Orient Lodge & pro-NOW atheist Gorbachev. They shook hands in 1989 (at the Island of Malta). The USSR was basically an experiment by the Elite in order to further control certain factions in world society. The Federal Reserve was legalized by US law in the date of December 23, 1913. It was one of the most controversial laws in world history. Here's a simple description on how the FED was created. For thousands of years, the elite of nations and empires wanted a centralized banking system to rule their areas. Starting in the 1800's, banking elites like the Rothschilds, JP Morgan, Kuhn Loeb and Company, the Astor family, the Rockefellers, the Knights of Malta, etc. tried to manipulate America into accept a central bank in a higher level. Even Andrew Hamiliton failed at his National banking plans. Andrew Jackson resisted the attempts of creating a National Bank. One tactics they utilized was creating or agitating crisis in America. The Panic in 1907 was a clear example of this. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the rising of interest rates in Britian, stock manipulation, and the depreciated value of railroad securities contributed to the panic as well. Stocks fell greatly in 1906 to 1907. Some view JP Morgan as a great man who stopped the 1907 crisis. Yet, Robert Owens in a Congressional testimony accused JP Morgan (and banking elites) of engineering the panics. The historian Federick Lewis Allen wrote of Morgan of spreading rumors about the Knickerbocker Bank and the Trust Company of America that caused the crisis. The 1907 crisis set the stage for the central bank proposal of the Federal Reserve. JP Morgan, Paul Warburg, and Freemason & Senator of Rhode Island Nelson Aldrich (John D. Rockefeller Sr. married his daughter) were united in advocating a central bank. Aldrich headed the National Monetary Commission (under orders of the Senate) to advance the plan of a Federal Reserve system. Members of this commission include Paul Warburg, Frank Vanderlip, Henry Davidson, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong (who was President of Morgan's Banker Trust Company). In 1910, Senator Aldrich had a meeting (with some of the most powerful banking in the US like Warburg, Strong, Vanderlip, Norton, Davidson, etc.) in Jekyl Island, Georgia to finalize their plans. They worked in secrecy to do this, which is un-American to say the least. Congress voted for it in December 1913. There is a Pilgrim Society connection to the FED since historically many Pilgrims were FED leaders. Also, Alfred L. Aiken (who was the financial advisor to Senator Nelson Aldrich), Edward B. Vreeland (who was Aldrich's associate was a Pilgrim. He Aldrich's associate in Congress), Otto Kahn, and Jacob Schiff were all members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrim Society is very powerful organization (which is more stronger than the CFR) that is related to the Anglo-American establishment. President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law and later regretted the Federal Reserve ultimately. 33rd Degree Freemason Carter Glass was one key fellow involved in advising Wilson in signing this unconstitutional act (since only Congress should coin money not the Federal Reserve at all). Glass was the Secretary of the Treasury under President Wilson (show adviser was Freemason Colonel Edward Mandell House). The Federal Reserve ultimately made the FED to be a central bank system for America. Many people from across the political spectrum have criticized the Federal Reserve, because the FED issues hyperinflation, they develop fiat currency, and they overprint paper money causing inflation (resulting in economic damages in any society). The Federal Reserve integrated money more into private interests not into the hands of the citizenry more directly via the fractional reserve system. The FED limits true economic diversity and freedom, which is necessary in the improvement of any nation's economy. WWI ended at November 11, 1918. The Versailles Peace Treaty was finished in June 28, 1919. New events are starting to form up. After the war, Woodrow Wilson promoted the League of Nations. Proposals for this League was invented in Paris in the Grand Orient Lodge headquarters according to John Daniel (Albert Mackey in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry admitted that before WWI, French Freemasonry held a meeting seeking to create a League of

Nations). It failed since fascist nations violated its rules and the U.S. Congress rejected Wilson's proposals. The reparations against Germany were so high in the billions of dollars owed that Hitler exploited that for his own wicked ends. The CFR was created in July 29, 1921. The CFR was created by the Round Table (authored by Mason Cecil Rhodes modeling it after the Jesuit Order. Rhodes supported the Coefficients, which was another Masonic group of British elites coordinating British policy). The CFR founders are Elihu Root (a Mason), 33 Grand Lodge Mason "Colonel" House, 33 Scottish Rite Mason Christian Herter, Grand Orient Mason Jacob Schiff, Scottish Rite Mason Averell Harriman, 33 Scottish Rite Mason Bernard Baruch (a Jewish banker and investor in silver), and Freemason John W. Davis. Other founders include Walter Lippman (a Liberal editor of the New Republic), John Foster Dulles (the Secretary of State under Eisenhower. Eisenhower was from the Bohemian Grove), Allen Dulles (a Director of the CIA), JP Morgan (a banker), John D. Rockefeller Sr., and others. Utlimately, the CFR is controlled by the RIIA's Chatham House. The CFR is not extremely power, but it carry heavy influence in American life. The time in America from 1918 to 1929 was an economic boom. Even J. C. Penneys was founded by 33rd Degree Freemason James Cash Penney. Eric Jon Phelps's VAIII book (though I don't agree with this book on racial matters) proved that Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy speculated on the stock market. Later, he withdrew his money when the stock plummeted. This was the Crash of 1929. The History Channel confirms this event as well proving that many elite bankers suffered little damage from the Great Depression.

The Great Depression and the New Deal acquires a complex history. The blame for the Great Depression is among Wall Street leaders' greed and lax oversight. Also, bad policies from the government and the Federal Reserve are also contributing factors to the Great Depression. Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow has her new show on MSNBC. She had an interview with the Rockefeller Republican named Lincoln Chafee. Chafee was the former Rhodes Island Senator. Typically, he blamed the Bush administration for economic problem by wars, tax cuts (which isn't bad when it's used in conjunction with other reasonable economic policies), and deficilt spending. He is right that the Bush/Cheney team lacked fiscal discipline and that contributed to the economic problems we are presently witnessing. Now, Maddow claimed that Hoover opposed any spending, which is false. Andrew B. Wilson's "Five Myths about the Great Depression," described about how Hoover created huge big deficits. Herbert Hoover desired

to advance the big public works projects. From 1929 to 1932, federal spending increased by more than 50 percent. That's the biggest increase in federal spending ever recorded during peacetime. The problems of the Great Depression existed even in Herbert Hoover's time. Hoover promoted higher taxes, allowed the Federal Reserve to tightened interest rates, and made other bad economic prolicies that exacerbated the economic downturn. This isn't what the history books present. Even John Nance Garner (who was FDR's running mate) accused Hoover of attempting to institute socialism. FDR wasn't perfect either, because even the Supreme Court condemned some of FDR's policies as going too far on controlling the economy of America. Even the Agricultural Adjustment Act caused the destruction of crops and livestocks to keep the agricultural prices high (which was during the time Americans were starving during the Depression). Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted gun control, drug control in the federal level, conscription, the theft our gold from Americans, internment camps against innocent citizens, and other bad policies. A 2004 report by economists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), concluded that not Hoover, but Roosevelt's anti-free market policies prolonged the Great Depression by seven years. Robert Higgs, not a supply-sider, has demonstrated other

ways, in much greater detail, that FDR in fact prolonged the Depression. The NRA also enacted corporatives that some criticize as authoritarian since it violated anti-trust laws. Schechter v. U.S. ruled these coporatives as unConstitutional. Many during the New Deal were jailed for charging too little and violations of economic liberty persisted. Clarence Darrow investigated the program in an independent commission and called it "harmful, monopolistic, oppressive, grotesque, invasive, fictitious, ghastly, anomalous, preposterous, irresponsible, savage, wolfish." Higgs said that Roosevelt copied Woodrow Wilson's
oppressive wartime economic policies at peacetime. Higgs said that recovery was slower since investors were uncertain about their property rights in their investments. Some cite decreases in unemployment from 1933 to FDR's death as vindication of FDR's policies. Yet, World War II probably was the driving factor of the improvement of economic growth (even with that, sugar, butter, and foods were rationed. People worked harder for less, and military spending was 40% of the economy). Everything in the New Deal wasn't all perfect. Therefore, real history must be exposed in society. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a key man who blatantly endorsed the new world order. Roosevelt was right to condemn some of the evil practices of international bankers though. The New Deal really started to end with the buildup of the military during WWII. We know that FDR wasnt perfect, but now its time to issue the truth on some of the policies that President Franklin Roosevelt got correct and right. The reason for this is to give us education and inspiration to carry forward with that fact that some of what Roosevelt enacted were credible and honorable in the focused goal of the radical improvement of society. When Wall Street wanted to harm Franklin Roosevelt, he backed the Glass Steagall Act. This Act restricted the big banks and kept banking separate from insurance and other forms of investment banking. This lead to the FDIC formed to protect small banks from runs and panics. Unfortunately, it was repealed in the Clinton administration, which some believed contributed to the economic crisis of 2008-2010. Throughout World War II, FDR strongly opposed imperalism for its bigotry and it builds up nefarious Empires at the expense of other nations being oppressed. FDRs son named Elliot document this fact in his book called As He Saw It form 1946 (including the book entitled Imperialism At Bay - The United States and

the Decolonization of the British Empire, 1941-1945, by William Roger Louis, [1978] and other instructive sources). Now, FDR wanted Churchill to join in the effort to defeat the Axis Powers, but under certain conditions. From August 13-14, FDR and Great Britains Prime Minister Winston Churchill meet on conditions for their cooperation. FDR made Churchill and UK officials to accept the Atlantic Charter. What was significant about the Atlantic Charter was that it was anti-imperialist by saying that: they respect the right of ALL peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them This was cheered by many people who were colonized by the British, French, and other imperialist nations. It contradict the evil, wicked sentiment that economic, social, and political exploitation of peoples is the right thing to do. President Franklin Roosevelt on many occasions expressed total opposition to imperialism. Here are some of his quotes on the issue: "Why does Morocco, inhabited by Moroccans, belong to France? Or take Indochina.... The native Indo-Chinese have been so flagrantly downtrodden that they thought to themselves:

Anything must be better, than to live under French colonial rule. Should a land belong to France? By what logic and what custom and by what historical rule?"


colonial system means war. Exploit the resources of an India, a Burma, a Java; take all the wealth out of these countries, but never put anything back into them, things like education, decent standards of living, minimum health requirements--all you're doing is storing up the kind of trouble that leads to war. All you're doing is negating the value of any kind of organizational structure for peace before it begins." -- "I'm talking about another war. I'm talking about what will happen to our world, if after this war we allow millions of people to slide back into the same semi-slavery! Don't think for a moment, Elliott, that Americans would be dying in the Pacific tonight, if it hadn't been for the shortsighted greed of the French and the British and the Dutch. Shall we allow them to do it all, all over again? Your son will be about the right age, fifteen or twenty years from now." [A prediction fulfilled in Vietnam]. Elliot Roosevelt (or FDRs father) wrote in his book that President Franklin Roosevelt said to Churchill directly that: Whichever of your ministers recommends a policy which takes raw materials out of a colonial country, but which returns nothing to the people of that country in consideration. Twentieth-century methods involve bringing industry to these colonies. Twentieth-century methods include increasing the standard of living, by educating them, by bringing them sanitation--by making sure that they get a return for the raw wealth of their community,,,The peace," said Father firmly, "cannot include any continued

despotism. The structure of the peace demands and will get equality of peoples..."
FDR supported the Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek of China. Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted to end the British Empire ultimately including the French & Dutch Empires as well. FDR wanted infrastructure projects in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Third World. Roosevelt proposed the

construction of several major rail lines, including lines in China, and a link through China to Russia. He also proposed to build a rail line across Africa (from east to west); and a rail line from the new Gulf super port, through Iran, into Russia and then going east and west. In his last days, Roosevelt was working on plan, which he had preliminarily dubbed ``Food for Peace,'' which involved the unleashing of American agriculture to feed the world, while deploying American technology to make the hungry nations food self-sufficient. After he died,
Truman was subservient to British agents, supported the United Nations as a globalist power structure, and advanced the wicked contrived Cold War. Imperialism is wrong since its a system of domination and plunder. It rejects the truth that all humans are born equal with God-given rights. It denies self determination or representation among human beings. So, we realize that the evils of Imperialism have breed the other evil of Communism in numerous nations worldwide.

Recently, Ive found new information about the Austrian Economic system having errors, so now I dont agree with many parts of Austrian Economics (since they falsely believe that markets alone have the divine power to increase economic vitality and even a little government intervention in the economy is equated to socialism, which is a lie). I only agree with proponents of this school on some issues like you shouldnt use compulsion in forcing education on people, that the government cant do whatever they want whenever they want to [this doesnt mean that government shouldnt exist as anarchists desire], that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, and that certainly Communism is wrong. Friedrich von Hayek is founder of this school. Socialism is

when the Government Seizes the Means of Production not when the Government constitutionally provides for the General Welfare of the public. Article I, Section 8 of the
Constitution clearly states that the government does have a role to build up national infrastructure in certain circumstances. The major supporter of the Austrian School is Lew Rockwell, who is President of the Mises Institute. Mises believed that men and women once lived by the law of the jungle. Even as late as 1925, Mises believed that women shouldnt have the right to vote (and that women should only be used as a mother and a lover). Many of them are hostile to women, minorities, workers, and the environment. Mises believed in racism and praised British colonialism. Mises believed in the Malthusian lie that men should be ruled by the very few since the masses dont think: The masses

do not think. This is precisely the reason why they follow those who do think. The intellectual leadership of mankind is a position held by the very few who are able to think (Ludwig von Mises, The Market Economy, trans. Danny Lewis, (Jena: Gustav Fischer, 1932), p. 472). Rockwell doesnt like the Clean Air Act that was passed by President Richard Nixon that
contributed to the decline of environmental pollution since the 1970s. Rockwell claims to be a libertarian, but once defended the Los Angeles Police Department after its brutal beating of

Rodney King was caught on videotape. His public comments drew mixed reactions from the libertarian community; the editor of Liberty heatedly criticized him, but other noted libertarians, like Murray Rothbard, publicly defended him. The reality is that police brutality is always evil no matter who does it. Rothbard believed in abortion. Austrian economics regularly utilize pre-scientific approach without using real-world data. Its easily proven that excess debt and deflation can equal to a depression. The Austrian school of economics talk about gold when the aristocrats own most of the worlds gold. The scapegoat of the poor by some in this movement (not all of them) is a tactic to promote the lie that the only alternative to their view is Marxist socialism or some Keynesian variant of it. John Maynard Keynes was a controversial figure. He is right on some things and wrong on others like wanting to have a centrally managed global reserve currency and his support for eugenics (He served as Director of the British Eugenics Society from 1937 to 1944). We should endorse an economic system that has a free enterprise system in controlled capitalism. Although, the government, corporations, and businesses are to be bounded under the law and exist with some regulation (to promote economic progress, to have true education, to promote technological advancement, to build up the national infrastructure, and to promote the general welfare of the people). This isnt apart of the extremes of laissez-faire & unrestricted cartel-capitalism or communism at all (both of those philosophies have financially benefited the Anglo-American elite along with their business partners as documented in history spanning centuries).

32 Freemason & Shriner Franklin Delano Roosevelt (whose administration was filled with Masons like 33 Mason Robert Dern, 13 Freemason Claude A. Clausen being the Secretary of the Navy, and 32 Freemason Henry Wallace) ordered the Great Seal in the Dollar Bill in 1933. Henry Wallace was an occultist who was key in getting the All Seeing Eye on the Dollar Bill. His guru was Russian Rosicurcian and mystic Nicholas Roerich. Roerich worked to help establish the League of Nations. He also traveled in Nepal and Tibet to search for the lost city of Shamballa (to occultists, this place was the home of secret occult adepts or the "Great White Brotherhood" that have influenced world affairs in history). Here's the long history of WWII. Adolf Hitler was not only funded by the Knights of Malta and Freemasonry, but the Vatican placed him in power. For example, Knight of Malta Franz von Papen from the Center Party helped the Nazis to receive political power in the German Parliament.. The Vatican

entered into a concordat with Hitler [which was signed in the Vatican by Von Papen and Cardinal Secretary of State: Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), on July 20, 1933], as with Mussolini, Franco and Salazar. Adolf Hitler parents by the names of Alois and Klara Hitler were dedicated Roman Catholics. Adolf was a confirmed Catholic at Linz Cathedral. Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in January 30, 1933. Roman Catholic priest Ludwig Kaas supported Hitler's Enabling Act (which has similarities to today's Patriot Act. The Liberal Social Democrats oppose fiercely the Enabling Act). Zentrum leader Monsignor Ludwig Kaas was a close friend and advisor to Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII. Pius XI tried to get the Enyclical called Humani Generis Unitas passed or "The Unitry of the Human Race." This document upheld the Catholic doctrine against Jewish doctrine, but

opposed racism against Jewish people. Pius XI could of more opposed the Nazis, but he died. Jesuit General Wlodimir Ledochowski was the key man in suppressing that document. Pope Pius XII never revoked the concordat with Hitler or excommunicated him at all. Hitler admitted that he based his Nazi SS after the Jesuit Order. Adolf Hitler greeted Muller "The Bishop Of The Reich" and Abbot Schachleitner. Adolf Hitler greeted a Roman Catholic Cardinal. Roman Catholic Bishops are pictured giving the NAZI salute in honor Of Adolf Hitler. Cardinal Michael Faulhaber marched between rows of SA men at a NAZI rally in Munich, Germany. Roman Catholic Priests gave a NAZI salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin Neukolln Stadium in August 1933. Here's other sources on this issue: The SS had been organized by [Heinrich] Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. The rules of service and spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius de Loyola [Ed. Note: the founder of the Jesuit Order] constituted a model which [Heinrich] Himmler strove carefully to copy. Absolute obedience was the supreme rule; every order had to be executed without comment. Walter Shellenberg (Chief of the Nazi Sicherheitdienst) Walter Schellenberg, chief of the German counter-espionage, said after the war: "The S.S. organization had been constituted, by Himmler, according to the principles of the Jesuits' Order. Their regulations and the Spiritual Exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly... The "Reichsfuhrer SS"-Himmler's title as supreme chief of the SS-was to be the equivalent of the Jesuits' "General" and the whole structure of the direction was a close imitation of the Catholic Church's hierarchical order. A mediaeval castle, near Paderborn in Westphalia, and called "Wewelsburg", was restored; it became what could be called a SS monastery". The [Nazi] Third Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but which puts into practice the high principles of the papacy. (Statement made on January 14, 1934) -Franz von Papen (German Roman Catholic Knight of Malta) "Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory". -Spanish dictator (Francisco Franco, Knight of the Order of Christ) published on the 3rd of May 1945, the day of Hitler's death. ("Reforme", 21st of July 1945.) Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts of the Church of Rome. Civilta Cattolica (House organ of the Jesuits)

"I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola" ~Adolf Hitler: "Libres propos" (Flammarion, Paris 1952, p.164).
Even his Mein Kampf book was written, for Hitler, by German Jesuit Staempfle (as confirmed in literature from Andrew Sinclair mentions on page 9 of his book, The Great Silence Conspiracy). Otto Strasser, a Roman Catholic, was one of the founders of the Nazi Party. Stempfle, a notorious antiSemite and was a member of the Roman Catholic Order of Saint Jerome. Nazis Thoedor Eicke, Rudolf Hoess, Joseph Goebbels (he would met with the Vatican including General Steinman), and Joseph Mengele were Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics in the Third Reich or supported it include Hitler, Mussolini (Jesuit priest Pietro Tachi Venturi advised the Italian dictator), Henry Philipe Petain of France, Francisco Franco of Spain, and Seyess Inquart. Others include Tiso, Pavelitch, Antonio Salazar (he was the Portuguese dictator), Frank, and Degrelle of Belgium. According to Rabbi Antelman's research, Catholic Professor Josef Mayer inspired Hitler to exterminate the handicapped and those with mental illness. Roman Catholic dictator Tiso brutally persecuted Protestants and Jewish people in Jews. Some of them were even sent into concentration camps. There are even some pictures of Dominican monks serving meals

to Nazis. Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy supported Hitler's regime. So, a Vatican/Nazi link is for real. The great author Jack Chick is absolute correct to point to the Holocaust as a 20th century Inquisition. I will mention that many Liberal Catholics and Protestants were killed by the Nazis. Also, 33 Freemason Henry Ford (a shill who wrote the bigoted book called "The International Jew") helped built the Nazis and the USSR with his Ford factories. Henry Ford even recieved that the Cross of the Germany Eagle award by the Nazis in 1938. Erik Jan Hanussen was a famous astrologer that temporarily worked with Hitler. The burning of the Reichstag propelled the Nazis into the status of controlling the German government. Caroll Quigley's "Tradegy and Hope" book (plus Bulter and Gordon Young's literature) proves that it was an inside job. Quigley wrote that the Nazi plot was to burn it for political reason to blame the Communists (van der Lubbe was the Communist patsy of the incident. Herman Goering was the main conspirator with other Nazis involved). Hilter and his cronies soon passed the Enabling Act, which violated Germans' civil liberties. The occult was also a big influence in the Nazis. British Freemason George Bulter Lytton Sr. was a godfather of the modern Nazi movement. He wrote a book called "Vril" (in 1871. Vril relates to the story of Altantis claiming that the Vril was a power source in Atlantis) supporting Aryanism and the Vril concept. The following is information about 3 men named Kitchener (a Englishman), Hausofer (a German), and G. I. Gurdjeff (a German). 33 Mason Viscount Horatio Kitchener was another pro-Aryan supremacist
impacting the Nazi movement. A Russian Martinist Mason named Gurdjeff contacted Hitler as well. Karl Hausofer was a pro-Nazi in the Green Dragon Society (an occult Asian-orientated group created by the Jesuits with Emperor Kang Hsi). Hausofer brought Tibetians into Germany to help the Nazis "spiritually." In other words, the Nazis viewed that the remnants of Altantis was in Tibet. Hitler and others in the Nazis were members of the occult Vril Society (The SS and the Vril Society were involved in Flying Saucer technology. This was advanced than the Allies. That's why the U.S. used Operation Paperclip via the Knights of Malta to get this technology and ship it into the USA. Some of these same Nazi scientists worked in NASA as well) and the Thule Society (which was founded by those in the Golden Dawn. One group in the inner core of the Thule Society was the Order of the Black Sun). The Thule Society was the belief in the discovery of the Holy Grail, supremacy of the Aryan people, and other new age philosophies. British Royals like Prince Christop was a member of the SS (short for Schutzstaffel or Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun). People realize how deep the occult aspect of Hitler and the Nazis were. Hitler would read literature

from occult and Luciferian Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (who lived from 1831-1891). She was born in Ukraine with the name of Von-Hahn-Rottenstern. She was a sensitive child, who sleep walked and suffered from hallucinations. She wrote the book The Secret Doctrine. She went into Tibet and was led into a secret room underneath a Tibetan monastery (she was shown texts of ancient occult and mystical information about the world). This caused her to believe in the view of man being spirit and then changed into matter (which is a Gnostic/New Age teaching). She believe that humans goes into 7 stages of evolutions or root races. The race yet to rise again to her was called the Aryans. To HP Blavatsky, the old sun symbol of the swastika was the symbol of the alleged Aryan race. Of course, the New Age version of the Aryan race was a myth. Guido Von List and Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels influenced the Nazis philosophies too. He lived from 1848 to 1919. He was an eccentric person. He played a role in the members of the Germanen Order or the Teutonic Order. He claimed to contact the secrets of the Runes during an eye operation. List inspired Hitler to get fascinated by the magic of the runes. Runes have been used by occultists for a long time. List believed that the runes were the key to the secret knowledge of the ancient Germanic peoples. Von List taught that the Swastika was

...the very act of creation based on the Norse legend about the creation of the universe. By 1909 Von List became quite famous. He even got his own society dedicated to his occult teachings, called the List Society. He was very fascinated by Madame Blavatskys ideas, too, so he incorporated her occult teachings into his own teachings of German myth. The Germanic tribes now were called the Aryans. List was Austrian. Von List died in 1919 and his teachings influenced the National Socialists or the Nazi. In fact, it was mandatory for SS officers to learn the occult meanings of the Runic symbols.
Anti-Semitism is also mention in the Jesuits' Civilta Cattolica literature. Henri du Lubac, a Jesuit theologian, filed a report in 1944, well before the end of the war, on the collaboration of the [Roman] Catholic Church with the pro-Nazi Vichy (French) regime. Nazi war criminal Paul Touvier was assisted by French cardinals, monks, and nuns even. The Nazis were some of the biggest hypocrites in human history. They butchered and expressed hatred for Jewish people, yet many Nazis had Jewish blood like Heydrich (Many Nazis also colloborated with Labor Zionists in order to try to force Jewish people into Israel. One book proving this information is entitled "Perfidy" as written by Ben Hecht. Edwin Black's book called the "The Transfer Agreement," document more evidence of this). The Transfer Agreement is Edwin Black's compelling, award-winning story of a negotiated arrangement in 1933 between Zionist organizations and the Nazis to transfer some 50,000 Jews, and $100 million of their assets, to Palestine in exchange for stopping the worldwide Jewish-led boycott threatening to topple the Hitler regime in its first year. This updated edition includes the author's stunning new introduction and a powerful new afterword by AntiDefamation League national director Abraham H. Foxman. This isn't all Jewish people, but a wicked few. It's like not all Americans are involved in the Iraq War, but American leaders carried it out. The world Jewish community opposed Germany because it was controlled by the Nazis. Many Nazis killed homosexuals and Himmler (including Alfred Rosenberg) denounced homosexuals, yet many Nazis were like that. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, Hitler's chauffeur Ernile Maurice, SA figure Wolf von Helldorf, much of the SA, Reinhard Heydrich, Deputy Furherer Rudolf Hess, Graf von Helldorf of the Brownshirt, and Guido von List were all homosexuals. The Pink Swastika" book written by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams proves it. Even early Nazi homosexual Ernst Roehm met with Nazis in a gay bar called Bratwurstgloeckl. Hitler's Youth was filled with homosexuals and pedophiles. Roehm was killed by a power grab of Hitler for fear that the SA would rule the SS. This event is called the Roehm Purge. It was a political event since Hitler knew Roehm was gay for years. Typically, the Nazis hated "effeminate" homosexuals. Many Nazis prison gaurds raped those of the same sex. Obviously, homosexuals ought not to be murdered in genocide regardless if you agree or disagree with homosexuality. One of the first big persecution of Jews by Nazis was called Kristallnact (or

Crystal Night) orchestrated by homosexual Heydrich in November 9, 1938. The Nazis shut down Masonic Lodges, but maintained Prussian Lodges plus allowed English Freemasonry to fund their movement.

Hitler and Stalin had a temporary alliance in 1939. Operation Barbarossa was a Vatican inspired move to kill those in mostly Orthodox Russia including Jewish people. The Nazis wore a skull and crossbones like the Skulls and Bones. The Skulls and Bones funded the Nazi Movement during WWII ironically with agents like Prescott Bush (via Borwn Brother Harriman. This is confirmed by John Buchannan researching these facts in the Library of Congress). America can into the war by the Pearl Harbor attack in December 7, 1941. America fought in the West and in the East in Japan. Radical Muslims worked with the Nazis to kill Serbs, Jews, etc. One major one was Mohammad Amin al-Husseini (he was a friend of Himmler and Adolf Eichmann) who organized riots in Israel. al-Husseini was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem from 1921 to 1948. He conducted a pogrom against innocent Palestinian Jewish people in 1920. He was a convicted criminal, yet he pardoned by the British Mandate Governor and Jewish person named Herbert Samuel. He also instigate the Fahud or the murder campaign against the indigenous Jews of Iraq, which is compared to Kristalnacht of Germany. He was called to exterminate Jews in Israel via a special corps of Einstaz commandos if Rommel (who ironically rejected the Jewish Holocaust just before he died. He was one of the most intelligent military generals of all time. His nickname is of course "the Desert Fox") managed to break throught the British lines in Egypt. Mohammad Amin al-Husseini was educated in Al-Azhar University inside of Egypt. al-Husseini met with Hitler in November 1941 at Berlin. Hitler promised alHusseini that he would be chief administrator of the Arab world after the Nazi "liberation." You have to thank God that Hitler's promise was never fulfilled. al-Husseini would recruit Bosnian Muslims (as apart of the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar. There were Catholic recruits in this clique as well) to murder innocent people in the Balkans, especially during 1944. The Handschar group has a logo of a sword with a hand on it including the swastika. The late Yassir Arafat would be a protg of al-Husseini in the future. Al-Chuck Morse written a book proving the Muslim radical/Nazi connection also.. The Ustashi massacre was when Catholics killed innocent Serbs, Jewish people, and Gypsies. Roman Catholic Fuehrer Ante Pavelic was a leader murderer of people in the Ustashi massacres. Franciscan priest Miroslav Filipovitch was a commandant of the Jasenvac concentration camp. Ustashi is another name for Catholic Action. This history is confirmed by many services. At least 600,000 innocent men, women, and children were killed by the Ustashi death squads. This religious genocide includes the most brutal forms of torture, forced conversions, burning people alive, raping and murdering girls and women, impaling young children alive on stakes, gouging out

the eyes of victims to make necklaces, starving children to death, burying victims alive, crucifying Orthodox priests to wooden doors, and some other atrocities. Yet, the mainstream media doesn't expose this Holocaust at all. There are so many stories in WWII from Patton's death (according to Bazata, he was murdered by the OSS for his stand in fighting against the Soviets), Dresden, Operation Keelhaul (the murder of Patriots sent to Russia), etc. I show the picture of George Patton shaking Dwight D. Eisenhower's hand ironically since both couldn't stand each other in real life. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a honorary Knight of Malta. Patton believed that Eisenhower issued too many concessions to the Soviet Union. George Patton started to believe that Eisenhower was compromising. Patton wanted to train the Germany army to fight against the Soviet Union, because it was inevitiable that the dictatorship of the USSR will grow as another superpower after World War Two. George Patton died mysteriously in December of 1945. This occured after he had a truck accident. Bazata claimed that Donovan of the OSS organized a hit to murder Patton, because of his stance on the Allies' involvement in WWII (All of this is described in Bazata's diary and interviews. It is also mentioned in Robert Wilcox's book entitled, "Target Patton"). 2 cities in Japanese (Hirsoshima and Nagasaki) exploded when a bomb can at 1945. General Leslie R. Groves and Robert Oppenheimer were members of the Manhattan Project that created this destructive event (Reseachers believe that this Project was formed via the Bohemian Grove). World War II ended in 1945 and the Nuremberg trials commenced. Roman Catholic Chris Dodd's father Thomas J. Dodd worked in the trials against the Nazis. Dodd worked with high level Freemason Robert H. Jackson. 33rd Degree Freemason Edward Carter was a 5th judge in the Nuremberg Tribunal. Jesuit priest Edmund Walsh had a big role in the Nuremberg trials by advising Robert Jackson. Walsh was a friend of 33rd Degree Freemason Douglas MacArthur and other elites. This proves that high level Jesuits and high level Freemasons worked together for centuries on many endeavors. After WWII, Germany was subdued. Germany was controlled by the West and East until the 1980's. It seems that WWI and WWII was a war in pacifying Germany by the West since Germany was gaining rapidly in power. World War Two was also done to murder Jewish people, Protestants, Baptists, and others in other to centralize the world more. There is still unjustified hatred of Jewish people to this day. Yet, this is wrong and a sin. The truth is that the Jews have been specially commissioned to preserve the oracles of God (Romans 3:1-3). The Vatican Ratline allowed the Vatican to make Nazi (plus Ustashi) fascist war criminals to escape justice. They were smuggled into Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Australia, Canada and of course the U.S. Mark Aarons and John Loftus wrote a book entitled, "Unholy Trinity" exposing the Ratlines. Detroit Jesuit Michael DeLisle Lyons was the key

designer for the atomic bomb's triggering device. The Big Bang Theory was formulated by a Jesuit priest named Georges Lemaitre even before Albert Einstein.

In December of 1947, Scientology was created by OTO member L. Ron Hubbard. He was a follower of Aleister Crowley (Crowley wanted Thelema or will power in Greek to rule the globe to herald the Age of Horus. That means Lucifer running everything). Hubbard's own son said that Ron was an extremist and believed that he was Satan. Scientology is famous among Hollywood stars and other famous individuals. They include Tom Cruise, Travolta, Catherine Bell (who use to play on JAG and now is on a military show in Lifetime), Jenna Elfman , MC Lyte (she is a famous rapper), Doug E. Fresh (a famous rap artist), Isaac Hayes, Lisa Marie Presley, Leah Remini, and Greta Van Susteren from FOX. Scientology believes that man is basically good and by doing works, he can be saved. They accept that an alien 75 millions years ago created the physical world and that the physical universe is evil (similar to Gnosticism. Gnosticism teaches that Sophia can liberate man from the evil Creator God, which is blasphemy). Scientology called the physical universe MEST or Matter, energy, space, and time. Some of their literature bash the disabled. In their cult, OTs are levels that they are involved. OT8 is a very high level in Scientology. I've learned about Scientology for many years. Hubbard in secret documents wrote that the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ can be derailed.

After WWII, Israel was created in 1948 (Its logo was a simple of Magen David, which looks similar to a Hexagram. The Hexagram is known in witchcraft as representing the yani or female or lingam or masculine principles in generation. It has multiple meaning as well). I would say that Jewish people and Arabic people have a right to leave in Israel in tranquility. I respect the real, honorable contributions of Jewish people and Arabic people. Secret orders were crucial in its development. The Picture shows 33rd Degree Freemasons Harry Truman and Chaim Weizzman. Truman is holding a Torah. Truman expressed disdain for Jewish people, but united with the man for the sake of the Brotherhood. Harry S. Truman would have a meteoric rise in power via Tom Prendergast (who was a political boss). Prendergast was the head of organized crime in Kansas City. Truman was the executor of the dropping of bombs in Japan when the Japanese were about to surrender to the Americans. Weizzman was a traitor for his own people for not only allowing Polish Jewish people to die in the Holocaust, but he said point blank: "Millions of Jews are dust on the wheels of history that will have to be blown away. They must accept their fate. We do not want them crowding into our Tel Aviv, turning it into a low-grade ghetto," Weizmann told the New Judea magazine in its Fall 1937 issue. Also, according to Barry Chamish's research Reform Jewish man named Stephen Wise (an ally of a Roman Catholic Bishop) didn't do all he could to allow Jewish immigration into America during WWII. Both Truman and Weizmann allowed Israel to be created. Before Israel's creation in 1948, various Aliyahs existed. An Aliyah is a big migration period among Jewish people into

Israel. Theodore Herzl helped pushed Zionism into the next level. Zionism isn't monolithic and are divided into many camps (like Revisionist, Orthodox, Labor Zionist, pro-Jesuit apostate Christian Zionism, and Biblical Zionism). Revisionist Zionism is interesting to me. Now, it was invented by Vladimir Jabotinsky and he wanted an Israeli state for Jewish people. He hated Ben Gurion since Ben Gurion was a blatant puppet of the West and he didn't do enough to save Jews from the Holocaust (even Barry Chamish exposes Ben Gurion). Jabotinsky endorsed the Irgun instead of the Hagana. He has alleged to said in 1934 that: "...Arabs will participate on an equal footing throughout all sectors of the country's public life.In every cabinet where the prime minister is a Jew, the vicepremiership shall be offered to an Arab and vice versa...". Vladimir died of a "heart attack" in 1940. After the Balfour Declaration (It was signed in November of 1917. Its supporters include Weizzmann, James de Rothschild, Mr. Sokolow, Dr. Tchlenow, Mr. Sacher, Greenberg, etc.), many Arabic people rejected and idea of an Israeli state. Ironically, some Arabic people supported a homeland for Jews. For example, Emir Faisel (in 1919) wrote a letter to Freemason Felix Frankfurter supporting Zionism, "We Arabs...wish the Jews

a most hearty welcome." Other Jewish people endorsing a Jewish homeland was 33 Freemason Louis Brandeis (a Supreme Court Justice) and 33 Freemason Edmund Rothschild. Many Israelis are righteous and some aren't. Many Ashenazi Labor Zionists killed Sephardic and Yemeni Jews via x-Rays in the 20th century. This was written by the Israeli patriot Barry Chamish.
One purpose of Allied involvement in WWII was to integrate the world more. Therefore, the United Nations, the IMF (under the guise of Helping the Third World, more debt was created among Third World nations via the IMF and the World Bank. On some occasions these organizations forced Third World people to accept sterilization and forced vaccinations), the World Bank, the European Union, etc. were formed. Members of the CFR helped create the U.N. on Rockefeller-owned land. NASA was created with help from ex-Nazis and occultists. Jack Parsons was an occultist who wanted to create the Antichrist, but was killed in an explosion. He improved upon the jet engine. In 1947, the CIA was invented. Historically, high level Freemasons and Knights of Malta consumed its highest ranks. You can't talk about China and Secret Societies without discussing the Triads. Now, the Traids are China's most powerful Secret Society. Some trace their origin in the late 1500's and their also known as the Hung Society or the United Society. They exist to this day in Vancouver, British Columbia, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. Triads have oaths, rituals, and are very diverse. Some are violent. In 1912, Triad and Freemason Dr. Sun Yat sen (he formed Triad groups in Hawaii) in February 15, 1912 to overthrew the Manchus (who opposed the drug trade). This established China as a "Republic." Traid Chaing Kai-shek successed him. Kai-Shek battled later against the Communists for China. Mao hated Christianity since a missionary rejected him for being Chinese. Mao's mentor was Li Tachao who had ties with the Red Spears Secret Society. Li Ch'i-han was a early Communist and leader of the Green Gang Secret Society. This following history relates to the Chinese Revolution of the 1900's.Some of the following information are things that I knew of for the first time in my life. FDR had his strong China Policy where he wanted China to be apart of the Big Four. He also wanted the Nationalist party of Chiang Kai-shek to rule China. In the war of China during the 1940s, there was a battle between the KMT party of Chiang and the Communists under Mao. Lanxin Xiang wrote an interesting book on this interesting time entitled, Recasting the Imperial Far East - Britain and America in China, 1945-

1950. He used British Foreign Service records and U.S State Department document to prove that while FDR supported Chiang, the British were much more sympathetic towards Mao. The reason was that FDR and Chiang agreed that after WWII, the British would no longer be allowed their colonial holdings and preferences in Hong Kong, Canton, and Shanghai. This threaten the Empire of Britain causing Churchill to be angry. Chiang and FDR made this agreement in the conferences in Cairo. FDR promoted Chiang Kai-Shek that: only American warships would enter those and other Chinese ports and that British warships would be excluded when Japanese resistance ceased FDR used the personal agent (and diplomat for China) & conservative Republican Major General Patrick J. Hurley to visit the Yenan province. This was done to negotiate with Mao and to bring the Communists back into line with Chiangs government. Mao refuse to do this and the Communists called Hurly Little Whiskers, because his mustache. In March of 1945, Hurley was sent by Roosevelt to Moscow and Russia to gather support for Chiang against Mao. He had success in Moscow, but not in Mao (because the British was more supportive of Mao than the Soviets). Churchill and Eden falsely claimed that Americas long range policy in China was the great American illusion. Averell Harriman (the man who aided the Russian and even he admits that FDR would never supported the evil Warsaw Pact) and Kennan were State Department employees that were more supportive of Winston Churchill than Hurleys efforts. Even Kennan (a Princeton graduate) said that we shouldnt concern with human

rights in the following words: .We should cease to talk about vague and... unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of living standards, and democratization. The day is not too far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts After FDR died, men like Harriman influenced Truman to betray Chiang and drop his Nationalist Party as a lost cause. Averill Harriman was the man that funded the Soviet Union. Mao was allowed to take over mainland China and he pushed Chiang into Taiwan. The British were then allowed to keep their imperial possessions that included Hong Kong. In extension of history, FDR told Chiang that Indochina (or Vietnam) would be under U.N. control until they could exist in independence (like Indonesia, Burma, and Malaysia). Furthermore, Franklin Delano Roosevelt legitimately wanted Iran to have its national sovereignty and political independence. High level State Department officials, such as Harry
Dexter White and Owen Lattimore, use false documents to promote the Communists. In fact the West encouraged Mao to rule China since they accused Chiang of being a dictator. Communist leader Mao won by 1950 sending Chiang (who Western supplies to him came later) to Taiwan. Other pro-Chiang forces became the KMT working with the CIA in the Golden Triangle.

Truman was the establishments leader in advancing the Cold War. In the 1950's Joe McCarthy existed. Truman dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagaskai killing thousands of people. One common claim about these bombings is that the bombs saved a million American lives. Yet, General Douglas MacArthur said that a land invasion of Japan wasnt needed. He formed the CIA by signing the National Security Act in 1947. In the CIA were Knights of Malta, Bonesmen, etc. in their leadership. The head of British Intelligence in the US named Sir William Stephenson influenced the CIA as well. The CIA in conjunction with Wall Street for year enacted evil policies before. He was Jesuit-trained (Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh was his adviser and McCarthy was trained at Marquette University) and an agitation. He was wrong in his tactics. Now, we see that he was right that Communists were in the U.S. government and Communism is evil. McCarthy failed to see that Communism was a creation of the globalists and ultimately Communism and "Democracy" was controlled by the same people (in the CFR, etc.) Cardinal Spellman is an important Cold War figure. In my opinion, he was the most powerful American clergyman of the 20th century. He had ties to the CIA, Chiang Kai-shek, President Roosevelt, MacArthur, the Pentagon, and Wall Street. Cardinal Spellman was nicknamed Cardinal "Moneybags" because of his immense wealth.

Here is President Dwight D. Eisenhower being sworn in as the 34th President by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court named Frederick M. Vinson. Vinson was a Royal Arch Mason while Eisenhower was a honorary Knight of Malta. Vinson was apart of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1946 to 1953. He was born in Louisa, Kentucky. Eisenhower wasnt a Freemason, but he publicly praised them as a group of brotherhood in February 24, 1955. In that date, he addressed 1100 Masons at a breakfast at Statler Hotel in Washington, D.C. This was hosted by 33rd Degree Freemason and Shriner Frank S. Land (who is the founder of the Order of Demolay).
The Bilderberg Group was created in 1954. It is more powerful than the CFR & RIIA, but it's under the Pilgrim Society. Pilgrims David Rockefeller and Sir Denis Healey were in at 1954 as well. 2 major founders include 33rd Degree Mason Prince Bernard of the Netherlands (he was an SS officer) and Jesuit priest (according to Dr. John Coleman) Joseph Rettinger. Bernard died in 2004 and a promoter of New Age ideals. Jim Tucker and Daniel Eustlin (who are researchers of this group) wrote that the Bilderberg Group discuss policies like a proposed global tax, globalization, foreign policy, etc. Its meetings are yearly all across the globe. In 2006, the Bilderbergers were in Ottowa Canada and this year in 2007, they were in Istanbul, Turkey. The Modern Ecumencial Movement was invented by the Vatican via Vatican II Council in the early 1960's. Jesuit John Courtney Murray, was called one of the "architects of the Second Vatican Council." Vatican II's Dignitatis Humanae Personae claimed to support religious liberty. Yet, Vatican II never revoked the anti-religious freedom proclamations of the Council of Trent. This promoted false

Alexandrian corrupt Bible versions (like the NIV. The NIV is heavily influenced by Papal Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch. The NIV and other modern version omit hundreds of words), and the compromise of many Protestant & Baptist churches. Just recently in 2007, Pope Benedict XVI called non-Catholic churches defective. Therefore, Vatican II wasn't about reconciliation, it was about Rome trying to control all Christian churches via compromise.

Congo in 1960 was one of most important times in world history. This era deals with imperialism. It is the third largest nation in Africa and in that time was the richest in natural resources. It gained independence from Belgium on June 30, 1960. Elections have been held a week before. A young, articulate nationalist by the name of Patrice Lumumba went into power. This democracy only last for 2 months in the Congo. This was when Belgium, Britain, and even the United States united to end Lumumba's government. Lumumba tried his best to write letters to President Eisenhower for help. According to D'Lynn Waldron, "It was America to which Lumumba looked as the dream of what the Congo could be." The deal was that the establishment wanted to control the fortune in Congo's resources overriding the concerns made by Prime Minister Lumumba. Union Miniere (ruled by Belgian, French, and British interests) and Foriniere (controlled by American interests) desired to control the material resources (like uranium, cobalt, rubber, etc.) of the Congo according to Osei Boateng's excellent article from the New African magazine. In 1950, the Rockefeller Group became a major shareholder of Union Miniere by buying into one of Miniere's subsidiaries, Tanganyika Concessions. This opened the door for American interests in Union Miniere. As many know, King Leopold II of Belgium was complicit in the deaths of millions of Congolese. I even learned of this in college (despite the sanitation of this fact made by King Baudouin and moderate President of the Congo Joseph Kasavubu). Lumumba of course was appalled by the King Baudouin's speech and stormed into the stadium to give his rebuttal. He exposed the evil colonial history of Belgium against his

people and want Congo to be a focal point of Africa in the following words:
Men and women of the Congo, who have fought for and won the independence we celebrate today, I salute you in the name of the Congolese government. I ask you all, friends who have fought relentlessly side by side to make this 30th of June 1960 an illustrious date that remains ineradicably engraved on your hearts, a date whose significance you will be proud to teach to your children, who will in turn pass on to their children and grandchildren the glorious story of our struggle for liberty. For, while the independence of the Congo has today been proclaimed in agreement with Belgium, a friendly country with whom we deal on an equal footing, no Congolese worthy of the name will ever be able to forget that independence has only been won by struggle, a struggle that went on day after day, a struggle of fire and idealism, a struggle in which we have spared neither effort, deprivation, suffering or even our blood. The struggle, involving tears, fire and blood, is something of which we are proud in our deepest hearts, for it was a noble and just struggle, which was needed to bring to an end the humiliating slavery imposed on us by force. Such was our lot for 80 years under the colonialist regime; our wounds are still too fresh and painful for us to be able to forget them at will, for we have experienced painful labour demanded of us in return for wages that were not enough to enable us to eat properly, nor to be decently dressed or sheltered, nor to bring up our children as we longed toAll this, brothers, has meant the most profound suffering. But all this, we can now say, we who have been voted as your elected representatives to govern our beloved country, all this is now ended. The Republic of Congo has been proclaimed, and our land is now in the hands of its own children. Together, brothers and sisters, we shall start on a new struggle, a noble struggle that will bring our country to peace, prosperity and greatness...We shall show the world what the black man can do when he is allowed to work in freedom, and we shall make the Congo the focal point of Africa

Prime Minister Lumumba wanted political and economic liberation of his country by using the resources of the Republic of the Congo to improve the general welfare of his own people. The establishment wanted to control Congo's resources at first. Later, Tshombe proclaimed Katanga (a region in the Congo) as independent from the Congo. Belgian, British, Rhodesian and South African troops moved into Katanga to support him. After a UN condemnation of the secession the Eisenhower administration (itself under a great deal of Establishment pressure to back Katanga) decided to back a UN proposal to end the secession and to replace the Belgian and foreign troops with UN troops. Lumumba then appealed to the US for help to transport his own troops to regain control of his rebel province. Lumumba asked for Soviet help and then the elite called Lumumba a Communist, which some believed was a false characterization of the man. D'Lynn Waldron's writings rebut the charge that Lumumba was a Communist. In September 5, CIA paid agent President Kasavubu illegally dismissed Prime Minister Lumumba from the government. Lumumba took his case to the Congolese legislature where both houses of Parliament voted to reinstate him as Prime Minister. This was too late since the proPentagon figure used Joseph Mobutu to conquer. Kasavubu was a partner in the government while Lumumba was a fugitive. The CIA viewed him as a threat since he had great oratory ability, organizing power, and they planned for his assassination. Allen Dulles

according to the 1975 Church Committee ordered Lumumba's assassination in what Dulles said was "an urgent and prime objective." American journalist D'Lynn Waldron, a supporter of Lumumba and one of his primary voices to the West, describes how her stories for Scripps-Howard were edited. She offers a clue that may explain how the CIA tracked him down. Frank Carlucci of all people was Lumumba's confidant, but Congressional investigation see Carlcucci as an intelligence officer (being presumably part of Operation Zaire Rifle or the plot to assassinate Lumumba). CIA troops and Mobutu's forced arrested Lumumba in December 1, 1960. He was then handed over to his worst enemy, Moise Tshombe of Katanga province on January 17, 1961 and assassinated the very same day. Some people believe that his body was dismembered and dissolved in sulfuric acid by a Belgian police commissioner in Katanga. This bigotry and injustice is wrong. This occurred 3 days before John F. Kennedy was sworn in as America's 34th President. This is no coincidence since Allen Dulles did the deed fast since Kennedy would of oppose such an act. JFK back in 1956 believed that the Afro-Asian revolution of nationalism is needed to control their own destinies and that America should have a real foreign policy to handle this new reality. President John F. Kennedy didn't want extreme slogans like for us or against (made by John Foster Dulles and Nixon) us since that played in the Communists' hands to exploit the Third World. Kennedy wanted to negotiate a truce with Russia about the Congo. JFK wanted all political prisoners freed in Congo and all opposing armies like the Belgians under control (which is the opposite of Eisenhower's policies). He wanted Tshombe removed from power and even work with the U.N. to make sure that the Katanga province remained in the Congo Republic. The dictator Mobutu brought the hated Tshombe into power. By 1965, Mobutu got ride of the "moderate" President Kasavubu. In 1966, General Mobutu began the military dictator of the Congo at the urging of his powerful American friends. Under his rule he changed the name of his nation to Zaire, and his own to Mobutu Sese Seko. He harmed his people living in great luxury until he was deposed by Laurent Kabila in 1997. President John F. Kennedy was against the Establishment by his own policies. "Battling Wall Street" is a book made by Professor Donald Gibson. This book proved that Kennedy sparred with David Rockefeller on economic policy and he disagreed with John J. McCloy (CFR chief) in terms of foreign policy. He fired CIA head Allen Dulles. He wanted nationalism to flourish in Algeria (which was the desire of DeGaulle) and throughout the Third World, he admired Egypt's Nasser, and India's Nehru. He began programs like the Peace Corps and Alliance for Progress to help the Third World to be economically sufficient. The establishment being threaten of their control of the economies of the Third World caused them to oppose JFK's policies simply. JFK's idealism opposed the elite wanting the riches of South America, Africa, and Asia. On colonialism, JFK said that: Call it nationalism, call it anti-colonialism, call it what you will ... Africa is going through a revolution. The word is out--and spreading like wildfire in nearly 1,000 languages and dialects--that it is no longer necessary to remain forever poor or forever in bondage.'' That is why some believe that he was assassinated. President John F. Kennedy was much more pro-American and pro-Third World than establishment liberals and establishment conservatives give him credit for.

JFK's assassination still remains as a controversial issue in the world. Certainly, new evidence proves that it was a conspiracy. Firmly, his death and especially his cover up was done by the Vatican/Jesuits (including many Knights of Malta) & high level Freemasonry via Permindex. British Knight of Malta Louis M. Bloomfield was a leader in Permindex. He is from Canada and Montreal have many Jesuit influences in that spot. JFK was changing. He opposed the authority of the Pope to influence America in a speech as early as 1960. JFK also opposed the influence of Secret Societies in 1961 to a group of newspaper journalists. JFK wanted to eliminate the power of the CIA (including their covert acts and LSD experiments against citizens), stop nuclear weapons to be sent in Labor Zionist Israel, stop the Federal Reserve Bank in printing fiat currency, and John F. Kennedy desired to end the Vietnam War by 1965 (Oliver Stone's JFK DVD has special features in it. In those special features, a JFK assassination researcher named James di Eugenio cited a secret May 6, 1963 plan approved by Secretary of Defense MacNamara. Item 2 of this document cites a plan to withdraw 1,000 troops by December 1963 and all U.S. servicemen by 1965. This was retrieved via the FOIA). The Vietnam War was a Papal Crusade. For example, Diem was a Roman Catholic man who was Catholic educated in America. He was sent into Vietnam to try to kill the Buddhists and to create a Catholic theocracy in Vietnam. That's why many Buddhists protested by burning themselves on fire. Thich Quang Duc was a famous Buddhist monk who lit himself on fire in front of television at June 11, 1963. He did this in the streets of Saigon. He wanted religious equality and religious freedom as we should all desire in this world. Now, Diem became so corrupt that he was murdered by his opponents in November 1, 1963. LBJ on tape admitted that members of the US government allowed General Dng Vn Minh to organize the murder of

Diem. JFK additionally wanted to destroy the Mafia and invade Cuba by December 1, 1963 (according to a new book called "Ultimate Scarfice" written by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann). Castro was advised by Jesuit priest Armando Llorente in his revolution. Other testimonies from others talk about a conspiracy. According to James Rothstein, low-level CIA agents implicated in the plot like Roman Catholic Frank Strugis, etc. They believed JFK betrayed them in the Bay of Pigs failed invasion (using the USS Essex). Rose Cheramie (who knew Ruby) said that people would kill the President before it happened (as proven by James di Eugenio's Probe Magazine). Ex- CIA agent Robert Morrow claimed to be involved in a conspiracy to kill the President also. E. Howard Hunt admitted in a deathbed confession that elements of the CIA and LBJ had foreknowledge and involvement in the death of President John F. Kennedy. These people can't be all a bunch of liars. Even if 50% of what these people are saying is true, the Warren Commission's conclusion is utterly refuted.

What's interesting is that Oswald not only had CIA and FBI connections. His cousin was a Jesuit priest named Eugene Murret. On the last weekend in July of 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald gave a onehour talk to a group of Jesuit scholars at the College, the speaking arranged by his cousin. "Afterward Oswald met informally with a number of the Jesuits." [Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald, Edward Jay Epstein, (New York: Reader's Digest Press, 1978] p. 222). LBJ was a President after JFK. JFK was one of the first men in America to publicly say I'm opposed to Secret Societies, secret oaths, and secret proceedings in 1961. Even though he was a K of C, that was brave of him to say it. What's interesting is that there is a picture of LBJ getting a wink and a smile from Congressman Albert Thomas. His wife, Lady Bird, is smiling by his side. LBJ would swear on a Missal book and was a friend of Priest Schneider. Later in 1965, Malcolm X was murdered by at least 3 NOI members. Dr. Martin Luther King died in 1968 along with Robert Kennedy. All 3 men opposed Spellman's war in Vietnam (where millions of Americans and Vietnamese died along with the Drug Trade increasing its potency ruining numerous American lives. Cardinal Spellman was a strong supporter of the Vietnam War. Jesuit Lyons was a big supporter of the Vietnam War). Castro criticized Cardinal Spellman during radio broadcasts, referring to him

as the "Cardinal of the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the North American monopolies." Cardinal Spellman told Lyndon Johnson to bomb Vietnam. Cardinal Spellman had met Diem in New York in 1950, when the Vietnamese had been at the Maryknoll Seminary in Ossining, New York. A staunch [Roman] Catholic from a patrician family, Diem was at the seminary at the intercession of his brother, Ngo Din Thuc, a Roman Catholic bishop. As military vicar of the U.S. Armed Forces, Spellman visited American military bases around the world during peacetime as well as wartime. He attended Pentagon intelligence briefings, discussed military strategy with generals, and became a figure of awe to enlisted men. The Cardinal closely identified his [Roman Catholic] Church with U.S. military ventures and became a symbol of American military might. During his many trips abroad, Spellman gathered intelligence for the U.S. government and assisted the C.I.A. and F.B.I., and upon his return he was debriefed by the U.S. State Department and other agencies. Ironically, Ho Chi Minh was once an U.S. ally who lead his Viet Minh forces against the Japanese during WWII. He took Hanoi by August 19, 1945. On September 2, Ho Chi Minh declared independence for the nation of Vietnam, with a document that begins (text here) with a quote from the American Declaration of Independence, and ends with a passionate condemnation of Vietnam's French colonial masters. He wanted American help. America once provided the Viet Minh with arms and

equipment to fight the Japanese. When FDR died, the British reconquered Vietnam and gave it back to the French under Trumans watch (under the Postsdam conference of July 1945 after FDRs death in April). Soon, Vietnam was divided into North and South to cause the Vietnam War lasting decades. 2 of the big agents carrying out the war were CFR member and
Roman Catholic William Westmoreland and General of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Earle Grant Wheeler. He was a relative of Civil War General Wheeler. This Drug Trade as validated by many authors was about how the CIA, Mafia, and the Chiu Chou Triads were united working in the Golden Triangle shipping drug to American G.I.s plus globally. Today, the Triads have huge power in Hong Kong. I will say that Dr. King was right to say that a man shouldn't be killed, beaten, his or her rights suppressed, unfairly discriminated against, and hated by virtue of his skin color. All human beings regardless of their skin color or race are created equal by the hand of Almighty God and should be treated the same. Although, King wasn't a perfect man since he committed adultery against his wife Coretta Scott King. His secretaries Bayard Rustin and Jack O'Dell were Communists. Stanley Levinson was a Communist and even JFK (who himself wasn't a perfect man by committing adultery against his own wife) told MLK to stop associating with Communists. Jesuit John LaFarge and other Masons tried to infiltrate the Civil Rights Movement, but it is of God to say that human beings in America should exist with fundamental human rights (with equality) indeed regardless of their race and background. To Dr. Martin Luther Kings credit, he did explicitly opposed Communism in strong, forthright terms. Dr. King mention in his How

Should A Christian

View Communism? work that:

Let me state clearly the basic premise of this sermon: Communism and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible. A true Christian cannot be a true Communist, for the two philosophies are antithetical and all the dialectics of the logicians cannot reconcile them. Why is this true? First, Communism is based on a materialistic and humanistic view of life and history. According to Communist theory, matter, not mind or spirit, speaks the last word in the universe. Such a philosophy is avowedly secularistic and atheistic. Under it, God is merely a figment of the imagination, religion is a product of fear and ignorance, and the church is an invention of the rulers to control the masses. Moreover, Communism, like humanism, thrives on the grand illusion that man, unaided by any divine power, can save himself and usher in a new societyCold atheism wrapped in the garments of materialism, Communism provides no place for God or Christ. At the center of the Christian faith is the affirmation that there is a God in the universe who is the ground and essence of all reality. A Being of infinite love and boundless power, God is the creator, sustainer, and conserver of values. In opposition to Communism's atheistic materialism, Christianity posits a theistic idealism. Reality cannot be explained by matter in motion or the push and pull of economic forces. Christianity affirms that at the heart of reality is a Heart, a loving Father who works through history for the salvation of his children. Man cannot save himself, for man is not the measure of all things and humanity is not God. Bound by the chains of his own sin and finiteness, man needs a Savior. Second, Communism is based on ethical relativism and accepts no stable moral absolutes. Right and wrong are relative to the most expedient methods for dealing with class war. Communism exploits the dreadful philosophy that the

end justifies the means. It enunciates movingly the theory of a classless society, but alas! its methods for achieving this noble end are all too often ignoble. Lying, violence, murder, and torture are considered to be justifiable means to achieve the millennial end. Is this an unfair indictment? Listen to the words of Lenin, the real tactician of Communist theory: "We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, lawbreaking, withholding and concealing truth." Modem history has known many tortuous nights and horror-filled days because his followers have taken this statement seriouslyThe Gospels abound with expressions of concern for the welfare of the poor. Listen to the words of the Magnificat: "He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree. He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away." No doctrinaire Communist ever expressed a passion for the poor and oppressed such as we find in the Manifesto of Jesus which affirms: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord." Christians are also bound to recognize the ideal of a world unity in which all barriers of caste and color are abolished. Christianity repudiates racism. The broad universalism standing at the center of the gospel makes both the theory and practice of racial injustice morally unjustifiable. Racial prejudice is a blatant denial of the unity which we have in Christ, for in Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile, bond nor free, Negro nor whiteAlthough through social reform American capitalism is doing much to reduce such tendencies, there is much yet to be accomplished. God intends that all of his children shall have the basic necessities for meaningful, healthful life. Surely it is unchristian and unethical for some to wallow in the soft beds of luxury while others sink in the quicksands of povertyWe need to pledge ourselves anew to the cause of Christ. We must recapture the spirit of the early church. Wherever the early Christians went, they made a triumphant witness for Christ. Whether on the village streets or in the city jails, they daringly proclaimed the good news of the gospel. Their reward for this audacious witness was often the excruciating agony of a lion's den or the poignant pain of a chopping block, but they continued in the faith that they had discovered a cause so great and had been transformed by a Savior so divine that even death was not too great a sacrifice.After our condemnation of the philosophy of Communism has been eloquently expressed, we must with positive action seek to remove those conditions of poverty, insecurity, injustice, and racial discrimination which are the fertile soil in which the seed of Communism grows and develops. Communism thrives only when the doors of opportunity are closed and human aspirations are stifled. Like the early Christians, we must move into a sometimes hostile world armed with the revolutionary gospel of Jesus Christ. With this powerful gospel we shall boldly challenge the status quos and unjust mores and thereby speed the day when "every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain: and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed."

Our hard challenge and our sublime opportunity is to bear witness to the spirit of Christ in fashioning a truly Christian world. If we accept the challenge with devotion and valor, the bell of history will toll for Communism. and we shall make the world safe for democracy and secure for the people of Christ (From chapter ten of Dr. King's book entitled, Strength To Love, pp 97-106).

I will write that heroic black men and women have fought for legitimate freedom and I respect them totally. The strong woman pictured above is named Fannie Lou Hammer. Fannie Lou Hammer was born in 1917 in Montgomery County, Mississippi. She was the granddaughter of slaves and the youngest of 20 children. She protested in order to promote the right to vote and freedom for all people. Bullets were fired into the home where she was staying. She didnt give up. She organized welfare and

registration programs for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). On June 3, 1963, cowards (who were some of the police authorities) beat her when she was in the Montgomery County jail for just trying to register to vote. Some of these injuries would last until her death in 1977. The Mississippi Democratic Party had only white delegates, so in 1964, the civil rights groups formed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party or the MFDP. Fannie went on national television during the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There, she gave her testimony about her and others plight in Mississippi. Her testimony according to most historians caused President Johnson to sign the Voting Rights Bill in 1965. The Voting Rights Act forbade African Americans from being denied the right to vote, which is the first time this affirmation came about since the late 1870s. Fannie Lou Hammer was Pro-Life in the following words that she said:.. . The methods used to take human lives, such as abortion, the pill, the ring, etc., amount to genocide. I believe that legal abortion is legal murder (Similar Principles, p.6). In 1961 she met the same fate as many women of color: A white doctor forcibly sterilized her. She legitimately promoted nutrition, education programs, etc. for all people. She was a person apart of the Civil Rights Movement, who
legitimately cared for equal rights, the poor, and peace (via her opposition to the Vietnam War). Fred Hampton died in December of 1969 brutally by Chicago police. It was so blatantly wrong that the court paid Fred's mother in a lawsuit in the 1970's. I don't agree with all of Hampton's politics, but he was right to oppose the Vietnam War and oppose the corruption among some (not all) police officers in his

area. Stokley Carmichael, a black leader, left the Black Panthers as well and lived into Africa.

This is 1st Degree Freemason meeting with his personal friend Priest Wunibald W. Schneider of the Order's St. Francis Xavier Church, which is located in Stonewall, Texas. Joseph A. Califano, Jr. is another Vatican agent in the Johnson White House. Johnson support population control worldwide and the Vietnam War. On October 4, 1965, Lyndon Johnson became the first American President to sit down in the United States with a Roman Catholic Pope in Waldorf-Astoria at NYC. When Spellman died on December 2, 1967, President Johnson lost one of the most ardent backers of his war policy. Johnson's arrival at the funeral was secretive for fear of demonstrations.
In 1979, Pope John Paul I died. Some conspiracy writers believed he died because he wanted to get rid of Masons in the Vatican and he wanted to talk to the Jesuit General about his Communist ties. P2 Lodge is a big organization as well. Knight of Malta Licio Gelli is the most famous of the P2 Lodge members. Gelli was an ally of Mussolini, worked with Franco, and was a friend of Henry Kissinger plus Alexander Haig. P2 was about drug running in trying to get huge profits to benefit their group. Also, the P2 Lodge was caught in assassinations, money running, and other nefarious activities. Writers claim that the P2 Lodge was implicated in the 1980 Bologna attack. Freemasonry claim that the P2 is rejected by them as being "rogue", but the P2 was created from the Grand Orient.

After WWI, offshoots of either the Vatican or Masonry existed like the Round Table (who are known today as the Pilgrim Society), the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, etc. 33 Freemason and (according to many researchers) honorary Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan was a real deception. He paraded himself as a true conservative but he passed the Mulford Act (an anti-gun law) and the first major pro-abortion law in California in 1967. Reagan was a man who gave the Vatican diplomatic relations in 1984. Ronald Reagan increased the debt and deficit in

America. This was inspite of evil Vatican intrigue spanning many years. Reagan was President in the 1980's and died in 2004. During the Persian Gulf War (which lasted from August 1990 to February 28, 1991, George H. W. Bush proclaimed in ironically September 11, 1990 of wanting a new world order. Bush is one of few public figures who blatantly called for this in a public way. It's kind of ironic that war would happen since the USA and Saddam (who was trained by the CIA as early as the late 1950's. Later the CIA supported the coup of Iraqi leader Qasim in 1964) were once business partners. Additionally, there are other groups unknown even to some in the alternative media like the 1001 Club, Le Cerle (which was funded by the CIA. Knight of Malta Vernon Walters is a famous member of Le Cerle), etc.

2000-present The year of 2000 started with a bang. In November of that year George W. Bush was elected as President by the Supreme Court (Historically it has been very Masonic and now its composed of a Knight of Columbus Samuel Alito and is majority Roman Catholic). Bush is related to Queen Elizabeth II and other European Royals (like numerous Presidents before him are. According to David Icke, George W. Bush is a 13th cousin of Britain's Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth and is a 13th cousin once removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Queen Elizabeth is part of the Black Nobility).Bush is part of the Skulls and Bones Secret Society. His Presidency has many elite members like SMOM Emilio T. Gonzalez, Bohemian Grover & CFR member Dick Cheney, CFR member Condoleeza Rice, and others. On September 11, 2001 terrorism struck New York, Pennslyvania, and in

Virginia at the Pentagon. It was a new era and some individuals changed their total outlook on life and the world in general. Questions about Islam and terrorism rose up. There are real terrorism being inflicted against black Sudanese citizens by radical Muslims though. The US invaded Afganistan and Iraq (many Jesuit trained individuals are key in executing the war like General Pace and Gates. Ahmed Chalabi was an architect of the war and he was trained in Baghdad College. The highest order of Jesuits is called the Fourth Vow whose members include Joseph O'Hare, a CFR Presider) soon afterwards. After the invasion of Iraq, more tension is in the world with more evil anti-Semitism (against Jewish people and Arabic people). Now, the CFR controlled PNAC document wanted invasion by a product of a "Pearl Harbor-like event" to galvanize the public. There are also pseudo-conservatives like
Dame of Malta Phyllis Schlafly, Reed Irvine, Dusty Rhodes, Rush Limbaugh (who denies a global conspiracy to this day. He refuses to expose the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, or the Bohemian Grove), Tim La Haye, Pat Robertson, high level Freemason Jack Kemp, George Will, Charles Colson, etc. All of them have their puppet strings pulled by the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, the Skulls and Bones, high level Freemasonry, the CFR, and other elite groups. The CNP

or the Council on National Policy is one sinister group. Its purpose is to infiltrate conservatives as an alternative to the CFR, but it's filled with SMOMs all over the place. Members include D. James

Kennedy (He unfortunately died recently in September 2007 because of a serious illness he had), Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles, Larry Pratt, Dr. Stan Monteith, Joe Coors, Oliver North, etc. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina damaged New Orleans and much of the Mississippi Delta. Problems existed among all levels of government. George W. Bush signed the Real ID Act in 2005. This evil law allows the federal government to immorally centralize our state license privacy records.
Presently, the Knights of Malta still have great corporate power. Carl Nicholas Karcher (the head of Hardees) and Thomas S. Monaghan (head of Domino's Pizza) are all Knights of Malta. Knight of Malta Alexandre de Marcendes was in the France intelligence agency called SDECE. Knight of Malta Juan Carlos of Spain exists today and he was pictured with Bush, Pinochet, and other world leaders. Juan Carlos is a member of the Order of the Garter and the head of the Golden Fleece) is a significant force in Middle East negotiations. He's ruled by, Matthew Festing, who is the worldwide Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta. Andrew Bertie (he was once the head of the SMOMs, but he died in 2008) is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and she is a descendant of Mary Stuart. Bertie is pictured shaking hands with Hans-Gert Poettering, who was the President of the European Parliament. Also, Bertie once worked with Jos Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. So, the Knights of Malta are involved in the EU agenda. China is a huge player in promoting a new world order. From the Cold War onward, the West had very high collaboration with the corporate chieftains of China. Probably the biggest corporate leader in China is Li Ka-Shing. He is estimated to have been worth over $5 billion. His family includes his son Victor and Robert. Li does business with MTV, AT&T, Motorola, and Time Warner. Political making power in China is run by the Politburo via 7 main members (some of them are in the Li family like Li Peng and Li Kuihnan). The Rockefellers and the British have worked with the Chinese elite for a long time. Now in 2007, issues affecting us are the war on terror (what some don't want people to know is that significant terrorists were trained or created by the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood like Osama bin Laden. Many Muslim leaders are in an elite group called the Safari Club collaborating with the West), civil liberties, our health, the environment, and the Presidential race of 2008. This election has many elitists like Giuliani, Hillary, Romney, Thompson, and other running for President (many of them are CFR members. Also, some of them promote the evil infanticide of abortion, big government and expansion of the power of Big Brother in society). Recently, Canada have been exposed among many of its occult symbolism, especially in Toronto and Manitoba. A book called "the

Hermetic Code" exposes that symbolism. There is so much information that I can show, but this is sufficient.

Ever since his youth, his life has been filed with controversy. The corporate media has funded and supported his campaign way back in 2007. I first heard of him back in 2004 when he gave his address to the Democratic Congress. Even back then, I agreed with him on some issues and disagreed with him on other issues. His popularity soared even in 2004 and especially after his early 2008 Iowa primary win. He defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidate for President. He also beat John McCain to win the Presidency of 2008. With all of the fanfare and propaganda, President Barack Obama unfortunately has been a puppet of the same elite that have influence the previous President of George W. Bush. Barack Obama was elected President from November 4, 2008. Surely, his cabinet has many CFR members and at least one Bilderberger. Not to mention that much of Barack Obama's proposed cabinet are from the Clinton administration. CFR member Robert Gates has been nominated to the Secretary of Defense. Barack Obama's Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security could be Governor (D-AZ) Janet Napolitano, who is a CFR member. Janet is also pro-abortion and agrees with the Patriot Act. You have gatekeeping liberals like Noam Chomsky, Lyndon LaRouche, Howard Zinn, and others. This information totally refutes the Discovery Channel's propaganda piece about Freemasonry it had from last year. With the Mumbai bombings, certain neo cons and even some of the so-called "progressives" desire more American bombings of places inside of Pakistan. Eurasia, Central Asia, Africa, and South East Asia seem to be the new battlegrounds in this destructive, contrived war on terror.

Obama's recent actions bear this reality out. His Inauguration in 2009 was a big spectacle. Tons of people were there in Washington, D.C. to witness Barack Obama to take the oath of office. Now, even in such an early time in office, Barack broke some of his promises. He said that he wants government transparency, but he threatened to cut intelligence ties to Britain for Britain trying to reveal a case (pertaining to detainees being tortured). Barack Obama wants Guantanamo Bay to be closed, yet covertly endorses the rendition program of the pervious administration. He claimed to want to see common ground on the issue of abortion, but he signed an executive order to force taxpayers to fund abortions overseas (this violates the freedom of conscience and it will damage the lives of many people of color in the Third World ironically). Barack Obama's cabinet is filled with pro-abortion radicals, he signed an executive order not to federally fund adult stem cells, and he signed another executive order to support embryonic stem cell research (despite the fact that ESCs never cured or treated a human being ever in history. Adult stem cells have treated and cured people of illnesses for years. Not to mention that iPScs exist which you don't need to utilize ESCs at all). Bernadine Healy, the former head of the pro-HESCR National institutes of Health and the American Red Cross published an article last week in U.S News and World Report saying: "...In fact, during the first six weeks of Obama's term, several events reinforced the notion that embryonic stem cells, once thought to hold the cure for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and diabetes, are obsolete.... He claimed to refuse to elect lobbyists in his administration, yet Barack Obama's cabinet is filled with lobbyists (including an unprecedented amount of Bilderbergers like Lawrence Summers & Paul Volcker, Trilateralists, CFR members, and even some Rhodes Scholars). He claimed to support the Second Amendment, but he doesn't want concealed carry laws in America. His Attorney General Eric Holder supports federal registration of all firearms (and once, he supported the DC gun ban in the famous D.C. vs. Heller case) including that bills exist making gun ownership virtually illegal for the youth (even if they participate in youth training exercises for sport). Barack Obama even rescinded Bush's order to the Presidential permission for airline pilots to carry guns quietly. The Obama administration this past week diverted some $2 million from the pilot training program to hire more supervisory staff, who will engage in field inspections of pilots. Barack Obama is a puppet of international bankers with aid or support from Jay Rockefeller, George Soros, Paul Adolph Volcker, Zbigniew Brzezinski (he helped to start the Afghan War and aided Islamic radicals), General Merill McPeak, and Joseph Nye (of the Trilateral Commission & the Bilderberg Group). Now, these are clear examples of Barack Obama being involved in deception. So, I know numerous things about Barack Obama. He isn't fooling me at all.

It seems that George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and Sarah Palin (who is related to some of the Mayflower people) are descended from Sarah (Sole) and Samuel Hinckley. Their son, Thomas Hinckley (1618-1706), held several governmental posts in the Plymouth Colony and served as its last governor from 1681 to 1692. Palin is also a 12th cousin of John McCain and descends from Simon Newcomb of Edgarton, MA and Lebanon, CT, as do both Bush presidents. Palin, Obama and McCain all claim William 1, King of Scots, as an ancestor. Her descent in this Carolingian line is via ancestor Edmond Hawes (1612-1693) of Yarmouth, MA, who held many local offices. She also descends from Henry III of England by way of ancestor Edward Raynsford, who died in 1680 in Boston. So, some of these political leaders are definitely related to each other in the Merovingian bloodline.

*In 2010, there is a promotion of X-Ray scanners in American airports that can see naked bodies. Civil lawsuits where an individual has been strip searched by a member of the opposite sex once have been successful in North America. Courts have consistently found that strip searches are only legal when performed on a person who has already been found guilty of a crime or on arrestees pending trial where a reasonable suspicion has to exist that they are carrying a weapon. Subjecting masses of people to blanket strip searches in airports reverses the very notion of innocent until proven guilty. It's apart of the violation of the basic human right of movement to bar people from flying and essentially treating them like terrorists (for refusing to be humiliated by the virtual strip search). The legal foundation of the naked body scanners needs to be undermined and eroded by lawsuits before they are rolled out on the

streets, as has already been proposed by major western governments.

The Haiti tragedy came about in early January 2010. Facts are coming out about how this tragedy has been exploited by elitists in order for Western, UN, and NGO forces to occupy Haiti (Haiti has a history of defeating Empires and being exploited by America, France, and other countries). Sex abuse and exploitation is threatening many Haitians. This isnt just me typing these words down. Even back in 2009, according to the Save the Children group (which is the worlds largest childrens rights organization), peacekeeping troops, aid workers, NGO employees, priests (with criminals like Father Teresa and Canadian Denis Rochefort), and missionaries engage in sexual exploitation of Haiti with arrogant impunity. So, the rape and sexual abuse of children in Haiti has been occurring for years. We know the U.N. peacekeepers raped Haitian women and girls. This is sick and evil. These internationalists want to pacify the Caribbean nation of Haiti and limit which supplies & money came go into that nation (as reported by Headline News including Eric Klein. Eric is the founder of Even the mainstream news reported that some millions of dollars are sitting there not being sent directly to the people of Haiti. The good news is that some people see the handwriting on the wall and are sending real supplies to the Haitian victims (via independent organizations and entities) over there.
In February of 2010, the new Council of Governors is growing. It was created by President Barack Obama. It was formed by an executive order from January 11, 2009, which was signed by President Barack Obama. This is beyond just the 30 plus czars that are running parts of America now. This council hasn't been formed by Congress even though the Council of Governors is a real organization. Is this a first step towards Martial Law, or a tie to the InterPol, RAND National Police Force stuff weve been hearing about, asked a Texas patriot who tipped off Canada Free Press (CFP) after finding news of the new Council of Governors on Twitter. Is this a sort of Homeland Security Politburo?" This order came by stealth. This isn't a representation of transparency at all. The CFP or the Council of Governors have been talked about some few blogs,, and few other news sites. President Barack Obama formed a panel of state Governors to collaborate with Washington on a variety of potential emergencies according to the White House. He signed an executive order to form the Council of Governors. It's made up of 10 state governors to be selected by the President to serve 2 year terms. Members will review matters involving the National Guard, homeland defense, civil support, and synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in America according to a White House statement. The White House statement wants to have input from governors and governors' associations in deciding which governors to appoint to the council, which will have no more than 5 governors from the same party. The secretaries of defense and homeland security will also sit in the council as Presidential assistants fro Homeland Security and counter-terrorism. Some feel that this could threaten the 1878 Posse Comitatus law that forbids the military from exercising domestic police powers (since its a slick way of the military to bypass

laws in order to have more power in society). President Barack Obama has selected Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to serve on an advisory council for defense and national security issues. Jay Nixon is one of the 10 governors of the Council of Governors. Nixon once supported the MIAC document that demonized conservatives, libertarians, and other patriots as equivalent to terrorists. There should be no tyranny of the corporate elite or the government. The federal government has a real role in society to promote the General Welfare of the people, but it shouldnt act unconstitutional (as evident in the Council of Governors), expand unnecessarily, nor act immorally. By Timothy

Even though I disagree with Barack Obama on some issues, you have to admire the love between a husband and his wife Michelle Obama together when they are dancing together.