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As channeled by Tyberron (Earth Keeper) Greetings Masters ! We encircle each and every one o yo! "ith a n!rt!

ring energy and "ith the ield o sel empo"erment# or each o yo! are tr!ly Masters on yo!r path o Ascension. $t is o!r p!rpose to o er yo! inspiration and clarity# b!t indeed it is once and al"ays re%!isite that &'(# as a sacred and sovereign )E$*G# practice discernment "ith this and any s!ch +channeled+ message. We "ill begin this message regarding ,-./# a tr!ly a!spicio!s year# by addressing the ears some o yo! may yet have. We "ill irst tell yo! the Ascension o the 0lanet "ill indeed occ!r. &o! have made it so. )!t "e "ant to clari y it is the grad!ation o the 0lanet Earth# an e1pansion into ., 2imensions that has ta3en place. The 4ong 5o!nt 5alendar Many o yo!r Mayan researchers have so!ght to !nderstand "hat the long calendar date o 2ec ,.# ,-., implied. They have %!estioned i it might have been "ritten not by Maya# b!t by their +6tar-*ation Gods+. 6ome "ere concerned it implied a cataclysmic end to the planet. 'thers elt it may be mar3ing the date o the +7et!rn o the 6tar-Gods+# as implied in some o the preserved Mayan te1ts. We "ill tell yo! that the Ascension is a ne" beginning. And in ,-./# the Earth is in the ne" ormat that "ill allo" or the prophesi8ed +7et!rn+. )!t the m!ch tal3ed abo!t +5ontact+ "ill not occ!r in the /d "ay yo! may thin3. 7ather "ill it be h!manities ability to rise l!cidly# ascend conscio!sly into higher dimensions. That is ho" contact "ill occ!r. $t is no longer a planet in "hich the benevolent teachers m!st physically mani est into /d in order to assist. The *e" Earth no" carriers a matri1 thro!gh the 5rystalline Grid that "ill enable h!manity to be more a"are o their tr!e nat!re "ithin m!ltidimensionality. $t "ill happen. And in so doing yo! "ill become a"are o the act that &'( are the ones yo! have been "aiting or !!! All in Time $t "ill ta3e a e" more years. )!t it begins in ,-./. As "e have told yo! be ore# the Ascension o 9!manity en masse occ!rs in some /-- years! And indeed this "ill also happen# b!t it is absol!tely the Ascension o the Earth that enables the Ascension o 9!manity. All in time# all "ill happen in d!e time. 2o yo! !nderstand: *o" accordingly# the vast ma;ority o h!manity "ill not see any immediate change on the Earth. They "o3e on 2ecember ,,# ,-.,# and said <What "as the big deal:< Even those o yo! on the path# see that no immediate visible change has occ!rred. We gently as3 all o yo! to loo3 at the "orld aro!nd yo! or ;!st a moment. What do yo! see : &o!r media o!tloo3s are still reporting "ar# amine# disasters and predicting economic collapse. And "hat is broadcast is "hat is seen in /d. $t is o t !ll o gloom and doom# is it not: The doomsday prophets are especially in high gear on this topic: Many o the /d-doom spec!lators are on partic!larly ertile gro!nd in this arena# generating ear ollo"ings aro!nd collisions o comets# asteroids# earth%!a3es# cataclysmic polar reversals and economic collapse. Whether these naysayers recogni8e it or not# they eed on the ear they generate. Masters# there have al"ays been # and "ill contin!e to be the naysayers on the planet# those "ho predict gloom and doom and "arnings o ear. What is not recogni8ed# is that

even these "ho seem to be rooted in negativity# serve a p!rpose in d!ality# and certainly a %!ic3 glance aro!nd the globe "o!ld seem to ;!sti y their stance. )!t "e tell yo! it is old energy. And it is not the role o 6pirit to ever tell yo! to give !p hope# or to let go o yo!r ree "ill. '!r message is to tell yo! o yo!r 2ivinity# and to tell yo! as a matter o act# as a point o tr!th# that the planet is no" on the c!sp o +&ear '*E o the *e" Earth+. $ndeed h!manity "ill ollo" and in rapid time# "ill also Ascend. &o! are absol!tely on trac3 or that to happen. 6o 2ear 'nes# "e tell yo! again the Ascension o the 0lanet did occ!r# and h!manity has made it so. Even i m!ch o h!manity does not recogni8e it in /d conscio!sness# the Earth has indeed changed# grad!ated into a ne" paradigm. 6o it is time to let go o old energy# o =EA7. The doom prophecy# the Global 5ataclysmic disasters "ill *'T ta3e place. The economy "ill not all into chaos. What "o!ld that serve: $t is not the path in the *e" 0lanet. We ass!re yo! that in ,-./ a ne" s!n da"ning# and it is indeed the s!n o change. $t brings the light o the magni icent *e" Earth. And 2ear 'nes# "e do mean magni icent. $n this ne" era# it is inc!mbent !pon the see3ers to pro;ect ;oy# to pro;ect light# or in the e1pansion to 5rystalline 9armonics# every photon o mental light yo! pro;ect is ampli ied. And this occ!rs more rapidly in the *e" Energy. 6o yo!r roles ta3e on a ne" benevolence# as yo!r creation po"ers increase. 6o "e spea3 in speci ics o ,-./ ! ,-./> &ear 'ne o the *e" Earth ,-./ is an incredibly important year# in many "ays more so than ,-.,. Many o yo! may have elt ,-., to be the ape1# and that "hat ollo"s is anti-climatic. 2ear 'nes# yo!r "or3 is only no" beginning ! And "e tell yo! that ,-./ brings challenges and tas3 that all o yo! agreed by so!l contract to !l ill. ,-./ is a ne" beginning# in every sense o the "ord. )!t it is not a time to rest on yo!r la!rels. The *e" Earth contains "ithin its se%!ential linear lo"# points o m!ltidimensional intersection and time-gates. $t is in act the enhanced points o mani old time that allo"ed the Ascension to occ!r. These points are the gate"ays many o yo! that are envoys rom the !t!re# 6irian-0leiadian-Arct!rian *avigators and 5ode-5arriers entered thro!gh these portals to be here on the planet or the Ascension. And in many "ays# yo!r missions are ;!st beginning. ,-./ is a period then sched!led or the code-carriers to begin stitching these points together# in a hemispheric to global modality. ' partic!lar importance is or the 5ode 5arriers to blend the energies o that termed the northern hemisphere and 6o!thern 9emisphere. 5ertain 3ey ape1es in the so!th s!ch as 0atagonia# (l!r!# Easter island# and Kiliman;aro "ill be anchored to the *e" =irmament over the coming years. Those o yo! "ho have served as 5ode 5arriers o the pre-Ascension# "ill be called to ta3e on a greater role o connecting 3ey points to the spa"ning o the *e" =irmament. The *e" =irmament )egins in ,-./ The completion o the 5rystalline Grid on the .,-.,., "ill spa"n the ormation o the *e" =irmament. The *e" =irmament is vitally important to the Ascension o h!manity and is indeed an e1tension o the completed grid.

5ertain points on yo!r planet have the rare energetics that enable them to be connecting points. *e"grange is one o these# Easter island is another . )oth are m!lti- aceted# m!lti-dimensional grid points. )oth are octahedronal 0ortals that transcend dimensions and time. )oth are being connected directly to the ape1ial points o the stellated do!ble penta dodecahedron o the .??-5rystalline Grid. These are being ashioned to connect directly to the *e" =irmament "hich begins spontaneo!s early ormation a ter the completion o the .,-.,-., and rebirthing (rebooting) o 2ecember ,.# ,-.,. $t is important to note that the ascending processes o the Ascension occ!rs on the .,-.,-.,. The .,-.,-., allo"s or the 5rystalline energy to mani est into the *e" Earth. $t allo"s or the ne" 2*A o the planet to net"or3 "ithin the 5rystalline =ield# connect to the *e" Grid and meld "ith the +9!man Grid+. This all occ!rs at .,>., on the .,-.,-.,. A rebooting then ta3es place# and allo"s or the +birth o the *e" Earth+ to ta3e place on 2ecember ,.# ,-.,. Then begins the ne" "or3. The *e" =irmament We have spo3en to yo! previo!sly abo!t the spa"ning o the ne" 0lanetary =irmament. This "ill e1ternali8e as t"o elliptical bands o iridescent re%!encial arches that "ill encircle the earth as it did eons ago. 'ne o these is a highly re ined Electro-Magnetic in resonant synergy and emits a golden h!e. The other is 5rystalline# and emits a bright platin!m coloration. These "ill revolve above the .?? do!ble-penta dodecahedron o the .?? Grid. $n highly technical terms# # the irmament "ill per orm the !nction o transd!cing s!pra-crystalline re%!ency oscillations in a pie8oelectric step-do"n to inter ace the grid# th!s enabling !ll circ!itry integration o the gamma-crystalline energies o the (ni ied =ield rom T!la# the Great 5entral 6!n. $n more !nderstandable terms# the irmament "ill trans orm po"er !l celestial energy "aves into a benevolent orm that can be more easily received on the Earth0lane. 6o in a manner o spea3ing# the irmament is an enormo!s trans ormer and s!rge protector ! $t "ill energetically +polish+ and !rther ormat @ re ine celestial energies into application in the ., dimension o the earth. The t"o elliptical bands "ill create a re%!encial ield o 'M. They "ill glo" in the night s3ies in ,-/A appearing some"hat similar to the A!rora )orealis. *o"# the initial phase o anchoring the ne" =irmament "ill begin on the March E%!ino1 o ,-./. There "ill be an opening occ!rring at several 3ey vectors incl!ding Easter $sland and 0atagonia ( at the 3ey latit!de). )oth "ill receive coded do"nloads o conscio!sness !nits termed A3ash. These activating light-energy do"nloads "ill be received primarily thro!gh the ma;or 0hi 0yramidal octahedron energies and str!ct!res in the so!thern hemisphere in ,-./. Many "ill be dra"n to anchor them. Envoys o the *e" Earth As "e have previo!sly e1plained to yo!. There are a vast n!mber o so!ls "ho have chosen to come to the Earth at this time# rom dimensions beyond the i th rom both the !t!re o Earth# and rom the !t!re o higher dimensional "orlds "ith p!rposes that "ill become better !nderstood to yo! in ,-./. &o! are indeed Envoys o 5rystalline 4ight# Ambassadors o 4ove.

&o! have moved bac3 rom the !t!re# in yo!r terms# in linear Earth time# to assist man3ind in navigating thro!gh the t!m!lt!o!s times that have !n olded in the last orty years# and the times that "ill be presented in the ne1t t"enty si1 years leading to the 3ey point o ,-/A. &o! see many o yo! are only tr!ly a"a3ened rom yo!r !t!re into past roles in ,-.. and ,-.,. And that "as by design. The time gates o those t"o years "ere trigger points or the "or3 yo! ta3e on rom ,-./ to ,-/A. &o! see the *e" =irmament complete in yo!r year o ,-/A. $s it not "ritten in the 0yramids: $ndeed yo!r Edgar 5ayce all!ded to this year o ,-/A. $t is another ma;or benchmar3 in the Ascension o man3ind. 6ome o yo! "ill not be physically present or ,-/A# b!t yo! "ill have 3ey missions in assisting those being called or this d!ty. &o! "ill provide the pre assemblage in connecting anchor points and yo! "ill inspire the see3ers o 5rystal 5hildren or the ,-/A completion o the *e" =irmament. &o! see# many o yo! have e1perienced the Ascension o other planets and other "orlds# several timesC and yo! 3no" the perils. &o! !nderstand the mechanics. And "hat remains is the establishment o the ne" direction# the anchoring o the *e" =irmament. )!t never orget# in addition to anchoring 5odes# it is essential in ,-./ to assist all by shining yo!r light# and not s!cc!mbing to the last throes o =ear # the last grasping 3ic3s o the 'ld Energy. What Will 'cc!r in ,-./ What happens in ,-./ is a ne" beginning. That ne" beginning is the *e" Template o the *e" Earth. The Ascension o the Earth has allo"ed or the dimensional revision and e1pansion o the planet. The Earth is e1panded to a 5rystalline =ield# e1panded rom the Bth to the .,th dimensions. 0o"er 2ates @ Activation 0hases o ,-., The energies o ,-./ "ill be less intense than the obstacle co!rse o increasing re%!encies e1perienced by h!manity in ,-.. and ,-.,. And "hile ,-./ "ill be easier to manage There are certain 3ey re%!encies occ!rring on speci ic dates in ,-./. The e%!ino1es# solstices# and eclipses are e1tremely po"er !l# each presenting !ni%!e portal opens o the *e" Earth. 2!ring the e%!ino1es# solstices# and especially the B eclipses o ,-./# a res!rgence o energies "ill lood the planet. $t is absol!tely a nat!ral synergy that this "o!ld and "ill occ!r at these astronomical positions. =or these three events (solstices# e%!ino1es and eclipses) tr!ly open gate"ays# apert!res that have al"ays been !ni%!e events or s!ch trans ers. $n ,-./ they are even more m!lti aceted than the potent ones that have ta3en place since ,--D. Each o the belo" dates in ,-./ o er the ollo"ing> .) Time or deep introspection to"ard sel discovery in the *e" Earth ,) Enhanced energies "ithin po"er nodes# enhanced visioning and l!cid dreaming. /) A "indo" or recharging @ balancing energies ?) March E%!ino1> Anchoring o the =irmament "ithin speci ic points on the planet These 3ey dates o ,-./ are as ollo"s> EE March ,-# ,-./ - E%!ino1 EE F!ne ,.# ,-./- 6olstice EE 6eptember ,,# ,-./- E%!ino1 EE 2ecember ,.# ,-./ - 6olstice *o" eclipses ta3e on an even more !ni%!e %!ality# in terms o o ering catalystic energy triggers o change both individ!ally and or the planet. $n ,-./ these "ill be especially potent. $t "ill be the per ect time to change co!rse in yo!r li e# a ter mediating on the e%!ino1es and solstices to"ard sel direction and calibration. ,-./ is a ne" 0lanet# a ne" time# and many o yo! "ill discover a rene"ed p!rpose and ta3e some"hat di erent paths# or remain on the same path "ith a ne"

perspective or ne" gro!p association. Many o yo! "ill discover a ne" p!rpose in ,-./ or bring to the s!r ace a proli ic talent that "as previo!sly dormant. EE 4!nar Eclipse Apr ,B ,-./ EE 6olar Eclipse May .- ,-./ EE 4!nar Eclipse May ,B ,-./ EE 4!nar Eclipse 'ct .A ,-./ EE 6olar Eclipse *ov -/ ,-./ There "ill t"o speci ic phases o great importance in ,-./. The irst is bet"een May .-F!ne ,,nd# in "hich a great Triad opening occ!rs# allo"ing or rebalance and contemplation o ne" direction. This period involves a solar and l!nar eclipse# leading to the F!ne 6olstice. $t is also a time enhanced or travel to po"ernodes or 5ode 5arriers. The second triad phase occ!rs bet"een 6eptember ,- and *ovember ?th. $t is the action completion o "hat has ta3en place in the irst triad. $t represents a time or individ!als to mani est the ne" sel # the ne" p!rpose# the ne" partnership# association or direction. $t is a time o intense re-energi8ing# re-vitali8ing li er orce. 5losing We tell yo! that ,-./ is a time to lo"# a time to lo"er. $t "ill be or many o yo! a year o change. There is a ne" energy on the planet. &o! have created it. There is m!ch yet to do. (se this time to ind yo!r roles. Those o yo! "ho have been sitting on the ence# considering ta3ing more committed roles o leadership# "riting yo!r boo3# e1pressing yo!r inner artistry...,-./ is yo!r year. The energy "ill s!pport yo!r highest good. $n ,-./ yo! ta3e yo!r second "ind. &o! ta3e on ne" missions. =or 5ode 5arriers it is the ne" role o coding and anchoring the *e" =irmament# and it begins in ,-./. $ am Metatron# and $ share "ith yo! these Tr!ths. &o! are )eloved. ...And so it is...and it is so. This channel is copyrighted to http>GG""" - 0osting on "ebsites is permitted as long as the in ormation is not altered and credit o a!thorship and "ebsite is incl!ded. $t may not be p!blished in ;o!rnals# maga8ines or print "itho!t e1pressed permission rom Earth-Keeper.