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Title Description T!e le%rners !%)e to st%n& 'p if % st%tement w!ic! w%s re%& *" t!e te%c!er is tr'e in t!eir li)es+ T!e" %lso s!o'l& remem*er %s m%n" %s possi*le !is,!er left nei-!*o'r.s %nswers+ L%ter le%rners &isc'ss t!eir %nswers in p%irs+ T!e te%c!er wrote some f%cts of !er life on t!e *o%r& 3li/e n'm*ers n%mes of t!e pl%ces or 4'st p%ints somet!in-5 %n& t!e le%rners !%)e to -'ess w!%t t!ese f%cts st%n& for+ Aim T!is -%me !elps to le%rn more %*o't t!e cl%ssm%tes impro)es st'&ents. memor"+ Helps to &e)elop spe%/in- %n& listenin- s/ills+ It co'l& %lso *e 'se& in t!e *e-innin- of t!e first lesson %s % me%n to w%/e 'p t!e le%rners to m%/e t!em mo)e+ Helps t!e te%c!er to intro&'ce !imself+ Is 'sef'l in or&er to cre%te % connection *etween t!e le%rners %n& t!e te%c!er moti)%te t!e le%rners to %s/ 0'estions cre%tes % frien&l" %tmosp!ere+ T!e le%rners re)ise !ow to form'l%te 0'estions &e)elop spe%/in- s/ill+ To l%" &own i&e%s in cle%r w%" to form %n opinion on p%rtic'l%r topics re)ise % met!o& of re%sonin-+ De)elops le%rners. writin- s/ills re0'ires concentr%tion+ How I felt w!"# I felt 0'ite rel%1e&2 it w%s interestin- to le%rn new t!in-s %*o't m" cl%ssm%tes+ I w%s -l%& *ec%'se I !%& % c!%nce to t%l/ wit! m" cl%ssm%te+ Also felt rel%1e& trie& to i&entif" f%cts trie& to remem*er some t!in-s 3%s cit".s or mo'nt%ins. n%mes+ I &i& not %fr%i& to %s/ 0'estions *ec%'se t!e te%c!er enco'r%-e& 's t!e %tmosp!ere in t!e cl%ss w%s rel%1e&+ Sometimes I felt conf'se& *ec%'se &i& not /now !ow to %nswer !ow to e1press m"self+ Di& not 'n&erst%n& some 0'estions *ec%'se some of t!em were not concrete+ More rel%1e& t!%n in pre)io's one *ec%'se ir t w%s e%sier to %nswer to t!e 0'estions w!en "o' c%n &isc'ss wit! "o'r cl%ssm%tes it is e%sier to form'l%te i&e%s+ It w%s interestin- to see

$St%n& 'p if(

$F%cts on t!e *o%r&(

$6erson%l,in&i)i&'% l reflection(

T!e le%rners !%)e to %nswer % 0'estionn%ire w!ic! w%s -i)en *" % te%c!er l%" &own t!eir i&e%s,%nswers in t!e e1ercise *oo/+

$Ro'n& Ro*in(

Le%rners %re &i)i&e& into se)er%l -ro'ps+ E%c! -ro'p -ets % p%per wit! % 0'estion w!ic! is simil%r to t!e pre)io's in t!e person%l reflection %cti)it"+ A -ro'p writes &own t!eir %nswer on t!e p%per %n& p%sses it to t!e left nei-!*o'r -ro'p %n&

Enco'r%-es t!in/in- of new %nswers &e)elops cre%ti)eness+ Stim'l%te -ro'p wor/ &e)elops writin- -ener%tin- i&e%s listenin- re%&in- s/ills+ It co'l& *e 'se& in pre7 writin- %cti)it"+

$Colo'r s!eets(

$Domino c%r&s(

$A -'essin- -%me(

-ets % new p%per wit! % &ifferent 0'estion from t!e ri-!t nei-!*o'r.s -ro'p+ T!en %&&s t!eir %nswer to % new 0'estion %n& p%sses it to ne1t -ro'p+ All s!eets -o ro'n& 'ntil complete % circle %n& le%rners re%& lo'&l" t!e %nswers+ T!e le%rners s!o'l& -o %n& st%n& *" one of t!e colo're& p%per in t!e cl%ss+ T!e" c!oose t!e colo'r %ccor&in- to t!e %tmosp!ere w!ic! t!e" felt in t!e cl%ss &'rint!e lesson+ L%ter someone of % -ro'p s%"s w!" !e,s!e !%s c!osen % p%rtic'l%r colo'r+ A te%c!er &i)i&es le%rners into se)er%l -ro'ps2 e%c! -ro'p -ets s!eets of p%per+ T!ere %re % &efinition of one wor& %n& % &ifferent wor& on e%c! p%per+ A te%c!er s%"s % wor& %n& le%rners !%)e to fin& it in t!e pile of s!eets %n& st%rt to com*ine % stor"+ 8!en t!e" fo'n& t!e first s!eet t!e" !%)e % wor& %n& % &efinition of t!e ne1t necess%r" wor& t!e" p't s!eet 'ntil t!e l%st s!eet.s &efinition is %tt%c!e& to t!e first wor& w!ic! w%s -i)en *" t!e te%c!er+ One mem*er of % cl%ss -oes %w%" %n& ot!ers !%)e to t!in/ % stor" %*o't somet!in-+ L%ter t!e" will !%)e to %nswer to % 0'estion of % st'&ent w!o w%s -one

%n& !e%r cl%ssm%tes. %nswers to t!e s%me 0'estions+

To tr" to connect le%rners. feelin-s wit! t!e colo'rs+ Helps te%c!er to e)%l'%te !is,!er lesson pro)i&es some /in& of fee&*%c/+ St'&ents c%n rel%1 %fter pre)io's t%s/s+ St'&ents !%)e to re7t!in/ % lesson e)%l'%te it+ De)elops spe%/in- s/ills+ Helps to &e)elop -ro'p wor/ &e)elops spe%/in%n& listenins/ills *ec%'se le%rners !%)e to-et!er &eci&e w!ic! p%per is correct+ Enco'r%-es to re)ise % )oc%*'l%r" pro)o/es to &o t!e t%s/ %s 0'ic/ %s % -ro'p c%n+

Rel%1e& %fter t!e writin- t%s/s I co'l& e%s" &eci&e *" w!ic! colo'r I will -o %n& st%n& *" %n& I w%s -l%&+

It w%s interestin*ec%'se we !%)e ne)er &i& %n"t!insimil%r *efore I w%s not ner)o's *ec%'se I co'l& cons'lt wit! m" -ro'p mem*ers t!e wor&s were not too &iffic'lt so we co'l& e%sil" &o t!e t%s/+

De)elops spe%/in- %n& listenins/ills+ Enco'r%-es le%rners to cre%te somet!in-+ Is 'sef'l to fi1 some -r%mm%tic%l str'ct'res *" &rillin- it+ Le%rners

I felt in)ol)e& in t!is %cti)it" *ec%'se %t first I trie& !elp to cre%te % stor" %n& l%ter to t!in/ o)er of % -oo& cl'e for m"

$A c!%in -%me(

%n& -i)e some /in& of % cl'e %*o't t!eir in)ente& stor"+ T!e" will !%)e to s%" % cl'e *" 'sin- % p%rtic'l%r str'ct're of % sentence 'sin- % p%rtic'l%r r'le e1%mple secon& con&ition%l+ A st'&ent w!o w%s -one %lso %s/s 0'estions 'sin- secon& con&ition%l %n& tries to -'ess t!e stor"+ A te%c!er p'ts t!e first sentence on t!e *o%r& *" 'sin- % p%rtic'l%r -r%mm%tic%l str'ct're for e1%mple t!e first con&ition%l+ E%c! le%rner !%s to contin'e t!e stor" %n& s%" % new sentence 'sin- t!%t -r%mm%tic%l str'ct're+

%lso !%)e to remem*er % 0'estion sentence str'ct're+

cl%ssm%te+ It w%s -oo& t!%t % str'ct're w!ic! we !%& to 'se w%s written on t!e *o%r& %n& if we for-ot it we co'l& loo/ on it %n& remem*er+


A te%c!er &i)i&es le%rners into p%irs+ E%c! mem*er of % p%ir -ets t!e s%me crosswor&+ T!e first st'&ent !%s % crosswor& wit! t!e )ertic%ll" written %nswers %n& t!e secon& st'&ent !%s % crosswor& wit! !ori9ont%ll" written %nswers+ T!e" !%)e not to s!ow t!eir p%pers to p%rtner *'t tr" to e1pl%in t!eir crosswor&.s wor&s *" -i)in- &efinitions or some ot!er cl'es+ T!e p%rtner !%s to -'ess %n& fill t!e crosswor&+

De)elops spe%/in- %n& listenins/ills+ B" &rillin% p%rtic'l%r str'ct're le%rner co'l& e%sil" remem*er it+ In)ol)es %ll st'&ents *ec%'se e%c! of t!em !%s to t!in/ somet!in- new+ T!is %cti)it" c%n !elp to % te%c!er t!en t!e time of % lesson is finis!in- *'t still t!ere %re some min'tes left+ Do not nee& % lot of time %n& efforts to prep%re for t!is %cti)it"+ De)elop spe%/inlistenin- %n& writins/ills+ St'&ents !%)e to e1pl%in t!eir wor&s %s compre!ensi*le %s t!e" c%n+ De)elop wor/ in p%irs+ St'&ents !%)e to s!%re t!eir inform%tion %ll time t!e" !%)e to comm'nic%te wit! e%c! ot!er+

Rel%1e& en-%-e& *ec%'se I w%s e%-er to t!in/ somet!innew %n& f'nn"+

N%t'r%ll" *ec%'se I w%s spe%/inwit! m" cl%ssm%te I co'l& e%sil" 'n&erst%n& w!%t s!e w%s s%"in- %n& I co'l& e%sil" e1press w!%t I w%nte& to s%"+ Atmosp!ere w%s c%lm we !%)e eno'-! time+

$Re%&in- % stor" wit! p%'ses(

A te%c!er re%&s % stor" lo'&l"+ S!e re%&s % piece of it %n& t!en stops %s/s st'&ents tr" to pre&ict w!%t co'l& *e !%ppenin- ne1t+ If st'&ents &o not !%)e %n" i&e%s % te%c!er -i)es some possi*le )%ri%nts+ 8!en s!e listens some st'&ents contin'e to re%& % stor" 'ntil ne1t p%'se %n& t!en %-%in %s/s st'&ents to pre&ict % f't're e)ents+

De)elops listenin- %n& spe%/ins/ills+ All st'&ents %re in)ol)e& *ec%'se t!e" !%)e to follow % stor" %n& l%ter tr" to pre&ict t!e" !%)e to re%son t!eir %nswer+

I w%s in)ol)e& *ec%'se % stor" w%s interestin%n& in some w%"s it w%s 'npre&ict%*le I !%& no i&e%s w!%t co'l& *e !%ppenin- ne1t so it w%s -oo& t!%t % te%c!er !%& some %nswers %n& we co'l& c!ose one of t!em+

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