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Gazette Date: 15/11/2013 Last Date: 18/12/2013 Category No: 393/2013 Applications must be submitted online through the

official website of the Commission after 'ONE TIME REGI TRATION'! Candidates who ha"e alread# registered can appl# through their profile!

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Department Name of Post Sca e of pay N"m#er of $acanc%es

$ $ $ $

%erala &ocational 'igher econdar# Education &ocational Teacher ( Maintenance and Repairs of )omestic Appliances `*+,-./01.,2// ** 3Ele"en4

The abo"e "acancies are now in e5istence! The ran6ed list published b# the Commission in pursuance of this notification shall remain in force for a minimum period of one #ear pro"ided that the said list will continue to be in force till the publication of a new list after the e5pir# of the minimum period of one #ear or till the e5pir# of three #ears whiche"er is earlier! Candidates will be ad"ised from the said list against the "acancies noted abo"e and also against the "acancies if an# reported to the Commission in writing during the currenc# of the list! Note: 17 of the "acancies shall be reser"ed for 8h#sicall# 'andicapped candidates 39ocomotor disabilit#, Cerebral 8als# , 9ow "ision, 'earing impairment4 for recruitment to the post as per GO384 No!:*;-/*-; <)! )ated *=!*/!-/*-!4 5 ) &et'o( of appo%ntment *ge %m%t $ $ )irect Recruitment -10./! Onl# candidates born between /-!/*!*+=1 and /*!/*!*++/ 3both dates included4 are eligible to appl# for this post! Other bac6ward communit# and C; T candidates are eligible for usual age rela5ation! 3>or conditions regarding the age rela5ation, please see para3-4 of the General Conditions4

+ ,"a %f%cat%ons :

)egree in Electrical;Electronics Engineering with not less than :/7 mar6s from an# of the ?ni"ersities in %erala or an e@ui"alent @ualification! ! Note:*4 In the appointment of &ocational Teacher preference will be gi"en to persons ha"ing additional @ualification of )iploma in computer application from a recogniAed institution! All the Educational Bualifications for teaching posts should be one ac@uired after a regular course of stud# from a recogniAed ?ni"ersit# in %erala or recogniAed as e@ui"alent thereto b# an# of the ?ni"ersities in %erala!


8. &et'o( of s"#m%tt%ng app %cat%ons :Cefore appl#ing for the post, candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGI TRATION ' s#stem through the Official <ebsite of %erala 8ublic er"ice Commission 'www!6eralapsc!go"!in' ! Those registered can appl# b# logging in to their profile using his;her ?ser0 I) and password! No application fee is re@uired! Candidates can "iew,rectif# defects and print the details in the registration card b# clic6ing the lin6 Registration Card after entering the home page! Candidates are responsible to ensure correctness of the personal information and secrec# of password and the# shall 6eep in mind the ?ser I) for further communication with the Commission! Applications which are submitted not in accordance with the instructions gi"en in the website will be summaril# reDected! )ocuments to pro"e Bualification, e5perience, communit#, age etc! ha"e to be produced as and when called for! 9. 10. Last (ate for rece%pt of app %cat%ons :- 18/12/2013 <ednesda# up to *- midnight *((ress to /'%c' app %cat%ons are to #e sent:www!6eralapsc!go"!in

3>or details including 8hoto, I) Card , etc! please also see the General Conditions gi"en in part II 4

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