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Pre-insulated pipe system Flexibility leads to improved cost-efficiency

Added value from Uponor

Flexibility means more costefficiency Based on the Uponor PE-Xa pipe, the pre-insulated range is a durable distribution system that allows liquid to be transfered both inside and outside a building with minimal temperature differentiation. The system also comprises a complete range of products for heating as well as hot and cold water supplies. Its material properties involve long service life. The pipes with its lowweight and high flexibility can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners. Uponor PE-Xa pipe material with outstanding features The main part of the system with pre-insulated pipes are Uponor PE-Xa pipes which are high-pressure crosslinked. Therefore they are flexible and have a good abrasion resistance to tought onsite conditions. Uponor PE-Xa pipes withstand high pressure and temperature changes. The pipe provides a maximum of safety and reliability and has been displayed for more than 30 years in a continously ongoing long-term test.

Your key benefits Easy to handle Excellent flexibility allows to install around any obstacles No need for special tools for assembly Up to 200m connection-free installation in one length Corrosion-resistant Incrustation-free medium pipe ensures 50 years service time Rapid on-site-construction progress Short assembly times

Easy handling thanks to excellent flexibility: not only when the pipe is rolled out into the trench but also when making house lead-ins - product advantages much welcomed by our customers.

District heating networks with Uponor preinsulated pipe systems

Ultimate design combines exibility and stability

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1 1 The Jacket pipe

Specially-developed uponor pipe geometry Special corrugated rib profile provides high flexibility as well as high degree of static load resistance (ring rigidity) Static evidence as per ATV-DVWK-A1 (SLW 0) (Heavy traffic load) major advantage: small bending radii material: high impact-proof HdPe


age-resistant closed cell structure, water absorption < 1 Vol % Permanently elastic (dimensional stability of more than 25 years has been verified under operating conditions) Flexibility in the form of multi-layer insulation, so-called onion skin design compensation of linear thermal expansion (no expansion joints or elbows required)
3 Two-coloured Dog Bone

registered design and available solely from uponor the two-colour dog Bone prevents the flow and return lines being confused when medium pipes are connected
 Medium pipe

material: Pe-Xa and Pe-100 (Supra) maximum safety and service life Free of deposits and incrustation Frost-proof and resistant against many aggressive media max. stress crack resistance

Uponor offers four intelligent products for a practically unlimited range of applications
Uponor Ecoflex pipes are used all over the world to handle a great variety of media - whether in heating network systems, cooling water systems, in hotel complexes or in industry for potable water, foodstuffs or chemicals. For each of these applications we have a special solution. Our pre-insulated pipes are available as Ecoflex Thermo, Aqua, Quattro and Supra pipes with the following performance: Range of medium temperatures: -50 C to +95 C (except Supra: -50 C to + 40 C) Range of medium pipes: da 25 110 mm Range of operating pressures: 6 to 16 bar Mediums: hot water, cooling water, cold and hot water, waste water, foodstuffs, chemicals. The flexible, pre-insulated Uponor pipes incorporating these properties have been used for more than 25 years in heat supply, housing developments, building tie-ins as well as in industry, for example, breweries, refineries, waste water treatment plants and hotel complexes. Uponor Ecoflex Thermo for heating water supply single or twin pipes flow and return included Heat supply networks Connections from house to house Uponor Ecoflex Aqua for warm potable water Single or twin pipes Warm potable water supply AquaTwin with integrated circulation pipe Uponor Ecoflex Quattro for all-in-one transportation Heating water and warm potable water in one pipe Flow and return Individual tie-ins between buildings Uponor Ecoflex Supra for cold and cooling water Cooling water networks Cold tap water For climatisation or industrial applications Anti-freeze cable optional

Complete Solutions include connections and accessories

Simple and time-saving processing uponor ecoflex pipes are easy to transport and are delivered to the site as space-saving coils. low weight and flexibility mean the pipes can be easily and quickly installed, even around corners and even obstacles. Pipes can be laid in continuous lengths of up to 200 metres. the self-compensating piping system requires no compensation for expansion at all as the thermal linear extent of the carrier pipe is absorbed by the insulation. Connections and accessories a comprehensive range of fittings with combinable components and accessories such as insulating shells, house lead-ins, seals are available to ensure that connections are perfect. no welding and no special tools are needed.

Your key benefits trouble-free installation around corners and obstacles up to 200 m connection-free installation in one length no need for expansion joints due to self-compensating pipe structure Short assembly times for rapid on-site construction progress Simple and safe connecting method including subsequent insulation of connections and outlets easy handling thanks to excellent flexibility when pipe is rolled out into the trench or for house lead-ins

We provide the quality you have the benefits

Handling and installation Up to 200 m connection-free installation in one piece Low-weight means easy handling Flexible, rapid installation around obstacles, corners, through house lead-ins and chambers Simple and safe connection method including subsequent insulation of connections and outlets Self-compensating system construction - no need for expansion joints Safety and service life High-grade HDPE and PE-Xa materials Corrosion-free, incrustation-free medium pipes Uponor Ecoflex geometry of jacket pipes provides maximum ring stiffness, impact resistance and compressive strength Excellent resistance against stress cracks, aggressive mediums, frost and micro-organisms Ageing-resistant, permanently flexible insulation made of closed-cell PE-X foam, water absorption < 1% We provide all-round services for our flexible, pre-insulated pipe systems Comprehensive support in planning and designing through our Uponor team On-site project support and product training Cut-to-any-length service including ready-for-installation delivery to site

Our service for your success

Service, Support and Success At Uponor, we are convinced that sharing our expertise with our partners is the best way to achieve our core purpose to create better human environments. Partnership is one of our key values, and our notion of cooperation is to jointly work at eye level. Thus, we assure that our success is your success, too. We offer our customers a wide range of superior solutions. But apart from that, it is this kind of partnership-approach that has already convinced installers and specifiers in more than 100 countries all over the world to work with us. Because Uponor is simply more.

Whether you are in the plumbingbusiness or a specifier in the status of a professional: Being a partner of Uponor will pay off for you reliably.

Customized delivery on site; installation straight off the coil.

Quickly and flexibly through brickwork to the main manifold.

Cooling network with Uponor Supra in Bahrain

Your benefits Use the benefits of our Cut-to-size service any length you need, individually cut for your construction site All-round support in planning and design by experienced engineers Advice on any technical aspects of your project On-site project support and product training

Uponor partnering with professional Uponor is a leading supplier of plumbing and heating systems for the residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America, and a market leader in municipal infrastructure pipe systems in the Nordic countries. Uponors key applications include indoor climate and plumbing systems. The Group employs 4,200 persons in 27 countries. In 2007, Uponors net sales totalled 1,050 million euros.

Uponor. Simply more.

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